Does Aquarius Like Me

If he looks at you with awe everytime you’re in his presence, it’s a safe bet that he likes you more than a buddy. He’ll concentrate on how nice your hair smells or how nice your hairstyle is. Although this may appear to be disturbing, the Aquarius man is not being creepy. He’s simply being a typical Aquarius and displaying his interest in you. If the man merely likes you as a friend, he will not be enthralled by anything about you. You are not his primary priority, just as none of his other buddies are.

Someone Who Shares Their Passions

Aquarius is focused with finding a closest friend who will keep their curious minds busy and buzzing while having similar views on making the planet a better, safer place for all beings.

I don’t believe an Aquarius can be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t share their outlook, adds Lee. They can’t be with someone who is clearly a counter or an opponent, says the narrator. Aquarius is drawn to people who share their outlook on humanity’s destiny. Nothing seals the deal with an Aquarius like someone who genuinely cares about hot-button issues (especially the ones that matter to them) and is willing to put their money where their mouth is.

An Independent Thinker

Aquarius is an air sign that values communication above all else, and intelligent dialogue is aphrodisiac. Aquarius is drawn to those who are well-read and politically as well as culturally aware, and they show an almost immediate interest in individuals who can freely flex their mental muscles. Aquarius natives, on the other hand, despise know-it-alls, feeling that one should never stop learning throughout one’s life.

An Adventure Buddy

These people enjoy traveling, therefore you’ll have to be willing to go on an overseas trip with them. Sagittarius, a sign associated with travel, is also a sign on the wheel that makes a sextile with Aquarius, Lee notes. So it’s understandable that Aquarius would like to go on adventures. Aquarius is all about knowing things that are out of reach and require you to move and hunt for.

Waterbearers seek someone who understands the boundless nature of the universe and is willing to explore all of its wonders with them.

A Witty And Friendly Mind

Even being the zodiac’s most advanced sign, an Aquarian will tell you that life is brief, therefore you should make the most of every moment. Waterbearers are drawn to persons who are upbeat, conversational, and have a sharp, engaging wit. They want someone who is a touch cheesy, too, says Lee. Aquarians must laugh because they are dominated by Saturn and can be quite serious. These people like a bright smile and a sense of humour.

Someone Who Respects Their Individuality

Aquarians are very protective of their freedom and value a companion who can think for themselves. Anyone who is serious about securing this sign must have a life of their own.

Aquarians desire someone who understands boundaries since they are already independent, Lee argues. If there is someone that needs to be in their place 24 hours a day, every day, that may be a problem. They require a spouse who understands that being given space does not imply punishment.

What is an Aquarius’ flirting style?

As an Aquarius and a lousy flirt, I am enthralled by this subject. Aquarians are excellent accidental flirts and awful intended flirts they flirt with everyone, but when they tell themselves to turn on the charm, they become noticeably less charming due to their cerebral nature. This means that holding the flirting door open for an Aquarius and letting them stroll through it as if it were their idea in the first place is one of the greatest methods to flirt with them.

What are some of Aquarius’ favorite pastimes?

Due to their unconventional and quirky personalities, Aquarius people are drawn to all forms of art. They’d want to pick up a paintbrush and begin drawing to demonstrate their artistic abilities. These folks are vehemently opposed to political matters and have strong feelings about them.

What are some ways for an Aquarius man to express that he likes you?

Aquarius is a charming, timid, amusing, good communicator, and intelligently smart figure who is born between 20 January and 18 February.

However, when it comes to love, the Aquarius guy is unable to express himself. He hides his sentiments because he is frightened of falling in love. He needs to believe in love every now and again.

Yes, he treats everyone well, and everyone who sees him admires him. But he’s a thorn in my side since he’s so complicated and finicky.

If you have a crush on an Aquarius man, here are some telltale signals that he is more than just a friend:

He looks happier

When people are near someone they like, they appear to be happier. And that’s also true for an Aquarius man, who, while not having the female yet, is already surrounded by excitement.

Something about the girl he adores makes him want to grin all the time and spread some good vibes. Even if he can’t communicate his feelings explicitly, just thinking about the female in his life makes him feel better.

You’re his best friend now

An Aquarius man finds it difficult to commit in a relationship. He wants to get to know a female better before making her his lover, so he makes her his good friend first.

He will learn more about you, create trust, and strengthen bonding if you have a good friendship. So, I assume it was a wise decision when an Aquarius now considers you his best buddy.

He wants to explore new things with you

Aquarius is a character type who is quickly bored, hence he enjoys trying new things. If he likes you, he’ll take you along on his trips and introduce you to new things that you’ll both enjoy.

He also wants to share his positive experience with the person he likes, so you can learn more about him today. You will not be bored with an Aquarius man since he will also reveal you your wildest side.

Sure he wants to know you better

You can tell he’s attracted to you by the way he talks to you and looks at you. He enjoys asking you questions, sharing with you, making you laugh, and spending time with you. He’s doing so because he wants to learn more.

He doesn’t want small talk or a one-night stand if he likes you; he wants a lengthy, nice conversation and company. He wants to know your thoughts on a certain topic, and he will remember every detail about you as he determines whether you are the ideal match for him in the future.

He respects you

He asks for your viewpoint, is fine with arguing or discussing, doesn’t lie, opens up to you, and lets you be who you are are all signs he respects you.

He admires you for being honest and real, which is what an Aquarius guy values most in a woman.

He knows your boundaries

He is considerate of your personal space. He inquires and listens to your preferences. He won’t make you do things, and he won’t make you go through the process.

He will make an effort to communicate in order to get things straight and understand your point of view.

Yes, deep talks

Signs The Aquarius man considers you more than a buddy since he enjoys having in-depth conversations with you whenever he has the opportunity. The Aquarius man prefers a lady who makes him think, express himself, laugh, and feel completely alive.

Both of you will have a greater understanding of each other as a result of this, and you will become closer.

He cares about you

He is more than simply a friend to you. He may recall every detail about you, remind you of something, support you, offer assistance, and remain at your side throughout. You know in your heart that the way he cares for you makes you feel better as well. Aquarius also enjoys fighting for what he wants and what his heart craves.

He’s daydreaming about you

We daydream about all the loveliest things possible, just like everyone else who is in love. So, yes, an Aquarius man will fantasize about the girl he adores.

If it’s you, you might catch him smiling while staring at you in the middle of a serious talk.

Flirts with you a little

Although the Aquarius man is inherently lighthearted and laid-back, he does not flirt with every girl he encounters. He only flirts with the women he is interested in.

That isn’t a dumb joke, false hope, or sleazy flirtation. To catch your sentiments, the Aquarius man will communicate his love and desire through his words and actions.

He will test your love

It’s difficult to fall in love with an Aquarius man. He has turned down love far too many times. He may be hesitant to commit to a relationship or wish to be completely prepared before doing so.

As a result, when he falls in love, he will make an effort to be closer to her, but he may conduct too many love tests.

He wants to make sure you’re his, that he can trust you, that you understand him, and that the two of you can get along well.

He wants to get close to you

Of course, one of the telltale signals that an Aquarius man likes you is that he wants to be near you mentally, emotionally, and physically. And, as you may be aware, Aquarius people do not get along with everyone; they will form close bonds with only a few people, but they will maintain them at their best.

He starts sharing secrets, thoughts, hopes, and everything when he likes you. That will be your strong bond and sense of belonging with him.

He’ll chat about anything, including your favorite music, movies, family problems, your childhood, his dreams, and everything else.

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Aquarius man kinda like physical touch

In public, the Aquarius guy can be a touch reserved, but with his closest friends and family, he expresses himself more openly.

When it comes to love, he prefers to be close to his partner. He communicates his affection for her through physical contact. He’ll be safe and warm as a result of this.

He listens to your things

A profound connection from each other is the ideal form of partnership for Aquarius men. He is a terrific listener because of this. Listening to your stories can assist you out and strengthen your bond with your partner.

He will not criticize you or play games with you; he is content if you can trust him enough to share stories or even secrets with him.

Now you see it, he shows his love to you

After a period of time, when he has fully figured out his sentiments and is ready to commit to a relationship, he will express them openly, with no concealed feelings. He will declare his love for you and claim you as his own.

When an Aquarius man falls in love, he will entirely open up to you. Go across the ridges. However, in partnerships, the Aquarius man craves freedom and independence.

There are some minor clues there. You are more than a friend to the Aquarius man. When he isn’t ready, he may hide his feelings. If someone secretly likes you, though, you can always sense it in your heart. They will make an effort to get close to you and show concern for your well-being.

Who is Aquarius attracted to?

Geminis, like Aquarius, are air signs with comparable interests and ways of dealing with life events. According to DashaSpeaks, both signs are noted for their quest for knowledge.

In an interview with Bustle, astrologer Lupe Terrones believes that people born under the sign of Aquarius put friendship above everything else in a relationship.

“They won’t have any trouble committing as long as the connection has platonic value,” Terrones added.

“Breaking up with a friend is more difficult for an Aquarius than ghosting a relationship.”


Aquarius males are motivated by passion, self-discipline, and the search of truth and wisdom, which are ruled by Uranus and Saturn. An Aquarius man seeks a lady who appreciates independence as much as they do, because they thrive on it.

Aquarius men like a woman who is self-sufficient and knows what she wants in life. They want a lady who is self-sufficient and whose life does not revolve around them. Because Aquarius men value their independence, they are drawn to women who have their own lives and are not reliant on others for their happiness and survival.

Aquarius men desire a spouse who will enable them to do their own thing and pursue their own dreams since they demand a lot of space to concentrate on their own aims. Although they want it all, what an Aquarius guy really wants in a woman is someone who is self-sufficient in their thoughts, finances, and all parts of their existence.

Aquarius men seek a lady who values uniqueness and freedom as much as they do. They want someone who is self-sufficient, dependable, capable of independent thought, and who is not readily swayed by popular opinion. You don’t stand a chance with an Aquarius man if you’re clinging, needy, or codependent.

Quirky & Enigmatic

Aquarius men are drawn to intriguing and quirky women because they enjoy mysteries. They are drawn to a woman with an unusual point of view, distinct characteristics, and eccentric personality. They enjoy peeling back the layers of one’s personality and revealing their hidden secrets because they are naturally curious people.

Aquarius guys seek a partner who will not be turned off by their eccentric behavior. They’re looking for someone with whom they can connect, so they’re drawn to ladies who are interested in the same strange things they are.


Unlike most men, who are scared by ambitious women, Aquarius men are drawn to women who have lofty ambitions. They aren’t interested in any woman who has a pulse. They want a companion that is confident and comfortable in her own skin. Aquarius men are looking for a woman who knows what she’s worth and won’t settle for anything less.

Aquarius men don’t want to spent time reassuring insecure, overly self-conscious women because they want their relationship to be the least of their worries. Even though Aquarius men are generous, compassionate, and supportive of their loved ones, they don’t desire a spouse who is easily jealous and constantly looking for compliments.

Bold & Rebellious

What an Aquarius man seeks in a woman is the ability to think beyond categories and polarities, as he has a creative and innovative mind. They want someone who is passionate, driven, and has the bravery to defy the expectations of society.

Aquarius men are drawn to women that question the existing quo and are not hesitant to speak up for what they believe in. Aquarius men aren’t swayed by girls who treat themselves like a doormat. They’re looking for someone who is forthright, robust, and not prone to adorning her life with gilded illusions.

Aquarius men, by nature, are free spirits and outlaws, and they need someone to bounce their ideas off of. What an Aquarius guy seeks in a partner is a lady who is unconcerned about appearances, prestige, or even morals. He’s looking for someone who can help him see things from a fresh perspective.


Aquarius men are drawn to women who think in unique ways, as they are known as the zodiac’s philosopher. Women who are educated, humorous, and insightful attract them. They’re looking for someone with an unquenchable desire to learn.

A lady who can have deep and profound conversations is what an Aquarius guy seeks in a partner. He’s looking for someone with whom he can discuss bizarre topics.

Aquarius men are pragmatic and rational, therefore they don’t date women purely on the basis of their appearance. They want someone who is intelligent, well-organized, and with whom they can start a family.

Great Sense of Humor

Aside from the ability to hold highly interesting conversations, an Aquarius guy looks for a lady who has a fantastic sense of humor. He wants someone that is genuine, interesting to chat to, and shares his nerdiness. Because Aquarius men have a dark sense of humor, they desire someone who can respond with witty comebacks to this type of humor.

Aquarius males are looking for someone who isn’t too serious about life. They want someone who can turn their lives into a game and toss a few jokes here and there. What an Aquarius man seeks in a woman is not just a love partner with whom he can be physically intimate, but also a best friend with whom he enjoys spending time and who can make him laugh.


Aquarius men, like all other men, are attracted to women with attractive facial and body traits. They want someone who can look after their physical and emotional health as well as their finances.

A woman’s ability is another factor that attracts an Aquarius man. They don’t care about showy clothes or fake eyelashes, but having a natural knack for anything is definitely a bonus.


Women who like learning about diverse cultures and viewpoints captivate Aquarius guys. They like someone who does not blindly accept pre-packaged notions without interrogating them. Furthermore, because Aquarius men enjoy doing new things, they seek a partner who will support them in their most daring endeavors, such as skinny dipping or joining the circus.


Aquarius guys attempt to cram as many adventures into their life as possible. They’re courageous and bold. They aren’t hesitant to venture outside of their comfort zone and into the unknown. They desire to go to new places, learn amazing things, and widen their perspectives.

An Aquarius guy requires a lady who shares his desire to explore and wander, as he is an adventure-seeking soul. They’re looking for someone who isn’t afraid to take risks and wants to experience the world’s wonders.

Big Thinker

Because Aquarius men have a tendency to enjoy life on the fringes of what is considered normal, they require a partner who can think large. They require someone who understands them and recognizes that capacity is merely a mental condition.

What an Aquarius guy looks for in a woman is someone who believes that anything is possible, because if you feel you can, your mind will orient itself to find ways to get what you want.


Aquarius men, who are prone to despair and anxiety, require a woman with a positive attitude and effervescent personality. They require someone who can cheer them up when they are feeling existential dread or disappointments. They want someone with a good attitude, tenacity, and zeal to assist them in realizing their wild ideas.

Aquarius men, as previously stated, are quite selective in who they spend their time with. They’re conscious of the kind of energy they put into their mental and emotional bodies. If you emit bad energy, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to maintain a relationship with an Aquarius man.


Men born under the sign of Aquarius are attracted to women with pleasant characteristics. Someone who is nice, generous, and compassionate appeals to them. Most Aquarius men also tend to devote their lives to charitable endeavors, thus a lady who is caring, sympathetic, and adaptable to others around her is ideal for them.

Aquarius men are more likely to invest in their friendships than in love relationships because personal relationships are more fleeting. When it comes to finding a relationship, they want someone who will accept them for who they are and who will be a reliable companion when they need it.

An Aquarius man also desires that his spouse have a life outside of the partnership. They don’t want to be the sounding board for all your frustrations since they need freedom and space to work on their ambitions. They want you to have the same amount of freedom that they do.


Because Aquarius men are stubborn, they require someone who will confront them and ask probing questions. What an Aquarius man looks for in a woman is someone who has a strong personality and doesn’t always agree with him.

Aquarius men desire someone with whom they can discuss a variety of topics and who isn’t afraid to play devil’s advocate in order to assist them enhance their views.