Does No Contact Work On Aquarius Man

If an Aquarius guy develops a love or other interest in you, it can be difficult for them to let go of their feelings and let you go.

Aquarians are naturally reserved, but not when it comes to matters of the heart, such as love and relationships.

As a result, treating him coldly may make him feel compelled to talk to you more in order to get to the heart of the problem and address it.

It’s preferable to be upfront and create a boundary if you truly don’t want to be in an Aquarius man’s life, because ignoring them won’t make them go away.

How can you re-engage an Aquarius man after a long period of no contact?

How to Recover an Aquarius Man in 5 Easy Steps

  • You must reinvent yourself. Men born under the sign of Aquarius enjoy novelty, so if you want to catch his interest, develop a “new version” of yourself.

After a breakup, how does an Aquarius man act?

They’ve recently lost a friend and must now determine whether or not to express their grief. After breaking up with an Aquarius, it’s possible that you’ll never see those actual emotions again.

They may also require some alone time to recoup and collect their thoughts. They do, however, require room in both cases. Sure, Aquarius dislikes being alone, but they require that alone in order to figure out what their next steps should be.

Is Aquarius willing to put up a struggle in order to save the relationship? Is it finally over? Perhaps they simply need to take a pause and assess their feelings. They have a lot going on inside of them, but they must do it on their own.

On the one hand, they appreciate being in a relationship; they enjoy being the one person you can love completely. Aquarius, on the other hand, is known for desiring the wonderful independence of being single AND not being tied down to someone in particular.

How do Aquarius men deal with being treated in a silent manner?

If they believe you aren’t listening to them, it could be because you haven’t given them your undivided attention or because they are pondering their next step in the relationship. Here are some suggestions for dealing with this situation:

– Rather than trying to fix their problems for them, focus on assisting them in doing so.

– Give them time to consider their options before making an offer that will please both sides.

– Be aware of your own feelings and ideas so you don’t become frustrated when they respond by giving you the silent treatment.

Would it make sense for you to remain silent if you were subjected to this kind of treatment?

Almost certainly not! When coping with an Aquarius man’s silent treatment, it’s critical not to take it personally or become frustrated.

He’s Afraid to Let You In

Aquarius males, despite being one of the zodiac’s most smart, charming, and intelligent signs, have a hard time managing strong emotions like love, sorrow, and grief. When an Aquarius guy suddenly changes his mind about you, it’s most likely because he’s overwhelmed by the strength of his emotions and isn’t ready to be emotionally exposed.

Aquarius males, as an air sign, might be extremely analytical and realistic. They’re usually led by logic, and they don’t let their emotions take control of their lives. Vulnerability might be frightening for an Aquarius man, so if he realizes he’s falling for you, he may withdraw.

He’s Dealing with Personal Issues

Another reason an Aquarius man pulls away from you when you’re in love is that he’s worried out about something unrelated to you. When Aquarius men are furious about something, they have a tendency to shut down.

Even if an Aquarius man loves you, he will not seek for your assistance. They prefer to solve their issues on their own. Men born under the sign of Aquarius are highly cautious. They may find it difficult to open up and express their difficulties with others. Unless their personal issue is resolved, you may not hear from them for a while.

He’s Scared of Falling Madly in Love

Aquarius males are likewise prone to withdrawing when they believe they are becoming overly emotionally involved. When they are overwhelmed by the maelstrom of feelings that comes with being in love, they tend to walk away.

If an Aquarius guy has been betrayed before, he may be wary of anyone he allows into his life. When an Aquarius guy draws away, he may be hesitant to expose himself, fearful that his love will not be returned.

He’s Afraid of Losing Himself in the Relationship

Aquarius men are intimidated by unexpected emotions because they are one of the most cerebral signs. When an Aquarius guy falls in love, he’ll likely need to take a step back to explore his feelings and decide whether or not this connection is worth engaging in.

Aquarians are visionaries with a clear aim in mind. They have huge dreams for themselves and prefer to devote their lives to helping others. For fear of being distracted from his personal objectives and humanitarian mission, an Aquarius guy may be hesitant to embark into a meaningful relationship.

He Values His Freedom More

Men born under the sign of Aquarius are ambitious. They believe they have the power to change the world, and they work tirelessly to do so. They plan their life to achieve their objectives. As a result, they can be highly picky about how they spend their time. Solitude is crucial for Aquarians to rejuvenate their souls and come up with novel ideas.

When an Aquarius man believes he is losing his originality, he will withdraw and withdraw. Aquarius men, like any other human being, want for connection. However, they are hesitant to begin a meaningful relationship since they believe it will limit their movement and thinking.

He’s Not Ready for a Serious Commitment

Another reason an Aquarius guy withdraws when in love is that he isn’t ready for a long-term commitment. Aquarians dislike being tied down and having their life intertwined with a single person. They have souls yearning for thrilling adventures, personal fulfillment, and all the wonderful things life has to offer.

The independence of Aquarius guys is really important to them. For the most part, being in a committed relationship isn’t worth sacrificing their liberty and the seemingly endless possibilities that come with being single. It’s unlikely that an Aquarius man will stay with you unless you share the same ideals and are on the same page.

Your Friendship Is More Important to Him

Friendships are more essential to Aquarians than romantic partnerships. If you’re already friends with an Aquarius man and he falls in love with you, he’ll be more inclined to keep his feelings to himself rather than pursue a romantic engagement with you. He wants to retain you in his life as long as possible, and being in a romantic relationship could make that difficult.

He Feels Unappreciated

When an Aquarius man feels undervalued, he may withdraw. He may take a step back and review the whole relationship if he feels like he’s given too much of himself in a relationship but isn’t being appreciated for it.

He will not waste his time in a one-sided relationship, no matter how enthralled he is by you. He’ll stop trying and gradually distance himself from you. If someone does not recognize his worth, he will just leave.

He Has Different Priorities

People born under the sign of the water bearer are brave in their pursuit of their dreams. They’re a group of men on a mission. Another reason why an Aquarius man, even when in love, pulls away is because of this. They tend to avoid sexual connections out of worry that they will be distracted from their ambitions.

Aquarius men seek to avoid the drama and continual demands of partnerships in order to maximize their productivity and give more to society. Even if you’re perfect, the cost of losing his liberty is too much to bear. They desire to live a solitary existence with no one to answer to except themselves.

The Relationship is Going Too Fast

In the beginning of any relationship, butterflies in the stomach and an overflowing chemical surge are common. However, if an Aquarius guy believes that the relationship is progressing too quickly for him, he may become overwhelmed and withdraw.

This is especially true if he’s dating a needy and clingy woman. If an Aquarius man feels suffocated, he will withdraw and separate himself from you. Before making a major commitment, Aquarius men prefer to get to know their mate thoroughly. They love their independence, therefore they need to know if the benefits of being single outweigh the expense of being with you.

He Might Be Playing with You

Aquarius guys might be the smoothest players because to their stunning charm and wit. It’s likely that when an Aquarius man pulls away, he’s only trying to see whether he can make you fall in love with him. He may grow distant or vanish off the face of the Earth once you’ve succumbed to his methods and received what he wants from you.

He’s Afraid That He’s Not Good Enough For You

Another reason an Aquarius man withdraws from you while you’re in love is because he feels uncertain, inadequate, and undeserving of your adoration. If he doesn’t think he’s good enough for you, he’ll let you go and find someone who is. It’s likely that he’s just taking a break to work on himself and will return after he’s gotten his life in order.

Unresolved Issues with His Ex

If he still has feelings for his ex, an Aquarius man may likewise withdraw. Even if you appear to be getting along, if an Aquarius man hasn’t moved on from his ex, he’ll most likely come crawling back to her if the opportunity arises. His feelings for his ex may be reviving if you observe a sudden change in his manner and he becomes cold and aloof.

It’s also likely that his previous relationship left him feeling deceived and abandoned, and as a result, he’s having problems allowing himself be vulnerable to others and opening his heart again. If an Aquarius guy believes he isn’t ready for a new relationship, he may simply walk away and allow you to find someone who will love you the way you deserve.

Your Values Are Incompatible

It’s probable that if you’ve been dating an Aquarius man and he suddenly pulls away, he doesn’t think you’re compatible. Even when they’re in love, Aquarius guys don’t sacrifice their beliefs. Your relationship is unlikely to succeed if you don’t share the same values, ambitions, or sense of humor.

If an Aquarius man doesn’t believe you and he are on the same page, he may withdraw and reconsider the relationship. He might stick around for a time, but he’s not likely to stay with you for the long haul.

He Needs to Reclaim His Masculinity

When Aquarius men feel that they’re losing themselves in a relationship, they tend to withdraw. When an Aquarius guy withdraws, it’s conceivable that he simply wants some alone time to do the things he actually enjoys and reconnect with his male side.

To conform to society’s standards, most men tend to hide certain aspects of themselves. An Aquarius guy, like any other human being, may need to prioritize his own needs and reconnect with his most authentic self.

Will a breakup make an Aquarius man regret it?

Aquarius, the zodiac’s ultimate freedom seeker, usually recovers quickly after a breakup. This forward-thinking symbol is always looking ahead. You’ll rarely see them cry over an ex because they’re more logical than emotional. Even in a partnership, the water bearer of the zodiac can come across as a little too chilly and aloof for someone who seeks intimacy. This fixed sign, on the other hand, is a true believer. Although Aquarius may not appear to be the kind to worry about an ex after a breakup, there are three zodiac signs with whom Aquarius would most likely regret their split.

It’s worth noting, though, that Aquarius is one of the zodiac’s most erratic and inconsistent signs. As a result, you can expect the unexpected from them. “By pressing their aloof button, the ex may simply vanish, or Aquarius may find a cause to forgive and forget,” Robyn speculates.

Aquarius is an all-or-nothing sign when it comes to love, and it rarely enters into relationships. Few people know how to maintain their interest over time. One of the main reasons why the following three zodiac signs will always hold a special place in Aquarius’ heart is because of this. Aquarius, according to Robyn, will be the one who regrets breaking up with them the most.

Is it easy for Aquarius to move on?

Moving on isn’t as simple for Aquarius as their calm demeanor suggests, but staying focused on the future is critical for the zodiac’s visionary. That means they find things to look forward to after a breakup, such as new projects, trips, and quality time with friends. They may even relish reconnecting with their alone after being so entangled in someone else as an indication that they play well alone. They may even begin to believe that being single is preferable because it frees up their intellectual capacities and allows them to devote more time to their lofty aspirations.

With Aquarius, there’s always the risk that they aren’t being totally honest with themselves about their feelings. This is a symptom that will argue their way out of any emotion, even rage and depression, leading to resentment in the long run. Even if an Aquarius moves on swiftly from a relationship, the consequences of the breakup linger. I wish them luck, as I do every sign going through a split right now. From here, things only get better.

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