How To Please An Aquarius Man In Bed

Aquarians are often skilled lovers and are quite open-minded, despite their cool and unconcerned demeanor in bed. They bury their emotion and do their best to keep their excitement in check, fearing that it will make them appear fragile.

They love sexting, as well as phone and cyber sex.

They are attracted to phone and cyber sex under the guise of creating a secure barrier between themselves and their messy desire.

The idea of separation appeals to Aquarians since they are quite heady (they are the Zodiac’s big thinkers).

How can Aquarius become activated?

Aquarians are the zodiac’s aliens; these eccentric nonconformists have their heads in the clouds at all times. This rebellious air sign, on the other hand, isn’t afraid to get down when it comes to sex. Aquarians are attracted to anything that defies social normsin other words, they’re into kink. They also enjoy mystery, so putting on a mask or blindfold will certainly add to the intrigue.

Also, because Aquarius is the zodiac sign most strongly involved with science and technology, your Aqua lover is likely to adore sex toys, virtual reality porn, and any/all kind of electronics. They may even have a separate sex-toy budget that you can share with them.

More typical techniques to sex may turn off your Aquarius loverthey’re simply not strange enough for this free-thinking air sign. They, like fellow air sign Gemini, enjoy variety and despise boredom.


Aquarius males are motivated by passion, self-discipline, and the search of truth and wisdom, which are ruled by Uranus and Saturn. An Aquarius man seeks a lady who appreciates independence as much as they do, because they thrive on it.

Aquarius men like a woman who is self-sufficient and knows what she wants in life. They want a lady who is self-sufficient and whose life does not revolve around them. Because Aquarius men value their independence, they are drawn to women who have their own lives and are not reliant on others for their happiness and survival.

Aquarius men desire a spouse who will enable them to do their own thing and pursue their own dreams since they demand a lot of space to concentrate on their own aims. Although they want it all, what an Aquarius guy really wants in a woman is someone who is self-sufficient in their thoughts, finances, and all parts of their existence.

Aquarius men seek a lady who values uniqueness and freedom as much as they do. They want someone who is self-sufficient, dependable, capable of independent thought, and who is not readily swayed by popular opinion. You don’t stand a chance with an Aquarius man if you’re clinging, needy, or codependent.

Quirky & Enigmatic

Aquarius men are drawn to intriguing and quirky women because they enjoy mysteries. They are drawn to a woman with an unusual point of view, distinct characteristics, and eccentric personality. They enjoy peeling back the layers of one’s personality and revealing their hidden secrets because they are naturally curious people.

Aquarius guys seek a partner who will not be turned off by their eccentric behavior. They’re looking for someone with whom they can connect, so they’re drawn to ladies who are interested in the same strange things they are.


Unlike most men, who are scared by ambitious women, Aquarius men are drawn to women who have lofty ambitions. They aren’t interested in any woman who has a pulse. They want a companion that is confident and comfortable in her own skin. Aquarius men are looking for a woman who knows what she’s worth and won’t settle for anything less.

Aquarius men don’t want to spent time reassuring insecure, overly self-conscious women because they want their relationship to be the least of their worries. Even though Aquarius men are generous, compassionate, and supportive of their loved ones, they don’t desire a spouse who is easily jealous and constantly looking for compliments.

Bold & Rebellious

What an Aquarius man seeks in a woman is the ability to think beyond categories and polarities, as he has a creative and innovative mind. They want someone who is passionate, driven, and has the bravery to defy the expectations of society.

Aquarius men are drawn to women that question the existing quo and are not hesitant to speak up for what they believe in. Aquarius men aren’t swayed by girls who treat themselves like a doormat. They’re looking for someone who is forthright, robust, and not prone to adorning her life with gilded illusions.

Aquarius men, by nature, are free spirits and outlaws, and they need someone to bounce their ideas off of. What an Aquarius guy seeks in a partner is a lady who is unconcerned about appearances, prestige, or even morals. He’s looking for someone who can help him see things from a fresh perspective.


Aquarius men are drawn to women who think in unique ways, as they are known as the zodiac’s philosopher. Women who are educated, humorous, and insightful attract them. They’re looking for someone with an unquenchable desire to learn.

A lady who can have deep and profound conversations is what an Aquarius guy seeks in a partner. He’s looking for someone with whom he can discuss bizarre topics.

Aquarius men are pragmatic and rational, therefore they don’t date women purely on the basis of their appearance. They want someone who is intelligent, well-organized, and with whom they can start a family.

Great Sense of Humor

Aside from the ability to hold highly interesting conversations, an Aquarius guy looks for a lady who has a fantastic sense of humor. He wants someone that is genuine, interesting to chat to, and shares his nerdiness. Because Aquarius men have a dark sense of humor, they desire someone who can respond with witty comebacks to this type of humor.

Aquarius males are looking for someone who isn’t too serious about life. They want someone who can turn their lives into a game and toss a few jokes here and there. What an Aquarius man seeks in a woman is not just a love partner with whom he can be physically intimate, but also a best friend with whom he enjoys spending time and who can make him laugh.


Aquarius men, like all other men, are attracted to women with attractive facial and body traits. They want someone who can look after their physical and emotional health as well as their finances.

A woman’s ability is another factor that attracts an Aquarius man. They don’t care about showy clothes or fake eyelashes, but having a natural knack for anything is definitely a bonus.


Women who like learning about diverse cultures and viewpoints captivate Aquarius guys. They like someone who does not blindly accept pre-packaged notions without interrogating them. Furthermore, because Aquarius men enjoy doing new things, they seek a partner who will support them in their most daring endeavors, such as skinny dipping or joining the circus.


Aquarius guys attempt to cram as many adventures into their life as possible. They’re courageous and bold. They aren’t hesitant to venture outside of their comfort zone and into the unknown. They desire to go to new places, learn amazing things, and widen their perspectives.

An Aquarius guy requires a lady who shares his desire to explore and wander, as he is an adventure-seeking soul. They’re looking for someone who isn’t afraid to take risks and wants to experience the world’s wonders.

Big Thinker

Because Aquarius men have a tendency to enjoy life on the fringes of what is considered normal, they require a partner who can think large. They require someone who understands them and recognizes that capacity is merely a mental condition.

What an Aquarius guy looks for in a woman is someone who believes that anything is possible, because if you feel you can, your mind will orient itself to find ways to get what you want.


Aquarius men, who are prone to despair and anxiety, require a woman with a positive attitude and effervescent personality. They require someone who can cheer them up when they are feeling existential dread or disappointments. They want someone with a good attitude, tenacity, and zeal to assist them in realizing their wild ideas.

Aquarius men, as previously stated, are quite selective in who they spend their time with. They’re conscious of the kind of energy they put into their mental and emotional bodies. If you emit bad energy, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to maintain a relationship with an Aquarius man.


Men born under the sign of Aquarius are attracted to women with pleasant characteristics. Someone who is nice, generous, and compassionate appeals to them. Most Aquarius men also tend to devote their lives to charitable endeavors, thus a lady who is caring, sympathetic, and adaptable to others around her is ideal for them.

Aquarius men are more likely to invest in their friendships than in love relationships because personal relationships are more fleeting. When it comes to finding a relationship, they want someone who will accept them for who they are and who will be a reliable companion when they need it.

An Aquarius man also desires that his spouse have a life outside of the partnership. They don’t want to be the sounding board for all your frustrations since they need freedom and space to work on their ambitions. They want you to have the same amount of freedom that they do.


Because Aquarius men are stubborn, they require someone who will confront them and ask probing questions. What an Aquarius man looks for in a woman is someone who has a strong personality and doesn’t always agree with him.

Aquarius men desire someone with whom they can discuss a variety of topics and who isn’t afraid to play devil’s advocate in order to assist them enhance their views.

Aquarius prefers to be touched in their favorite places.

If there’s one thing you should keep in mind when it comes to turning on an Aquarius, it’s that traditional seduction methods don’t always work. Aquarius is, after all, the zodiac’s most unusual sign. To get them in the mood, you’ll need more than just a make-out session. They’re cerebral air signs, for example, therefore activating their minds initially is a necessary. After you’ve succeeded to psychologically turn them on, you may physically arouse them by stimulating any of Aquarius’ erogenous zones. There are three areas in particular, according to astrologers, that you should be aware of.

The zodiac sign of a person can reveal a lot about how they like to be seduced and where you should focus your touches to offer them the most pleasure. Each zodiac sign has its own set of highly sensitive places or erogenous zones because each sign reigns over various areas of the body. That area for Aquarius is the lower legs, which includes the ankles, calves, and shins.

Tara Schulenberg is an astrologer and the cofounder of Elevate The Globe, a spiritual health community.

The Modern Spiritual Latina Oracle was created by Esoteric Esa, a professional astrologer.

What are some of Aquarius’ favorite pastimes?

Due to their unconventional and quirky personalities, Aquarius people are drawn to all forms of art. They’d want to pick up a paintbrush and begin drawing to demonstrate their artistic abilities. These folks are vehemently opposed to political matters and have strong feelings about them.

Confidence Comes From Inside

Because of their alluring lack of self-consciousness, global intellect, and popularity, crushing on Aquarius is easy. They’re the student in high school who makes friends with everyone and doesn’t give a damn what other people think of them. What’s not to like about that?

The 11th zodiac sign is careless and worried by other people’s opinions; all they have to do is figure out who they are and what they’re all about. It’s only logical that their proverbial front door be nearly slammed shut with interested parties.

These soft personalities have little ego or bombast, and they are uninterested in being idolized or placed on a pedestal. They simply want to be appreciated for their independence and to be able to do as they wish. Because they are a fixed sign air sign, their views and beliefs on particular topics are incredibly important to them, and they find it difficult to compromise when they are with other people, according to Lee.

Friendships Above All Else

Because Aquarius is ruled by Saturn, these people may go for extended periods of time without dating, intimacy, or even sex, but they can’t exist without a strong social outlet and a large group of friends. When you think about sex, romance, affection, and intimacy, it may be quite awkward in the realm of Saturn, Lee explains. To begin with, Saturn is a very non-sexual planet. Aquarians have an easier time making friends than other zodiac signs.

Because this sign has a hard time letting people in, being comfortable in a platonic relationship before adding the strains of romance will help an Aquarius feel safe enough to take the next step.

Theyre Generally Monogamous

You might assume that Aquarius’ affable, detached personality would lend itself to a lot of casual partnerships, but this isn’t always the case. Aquarius can undoubtedly be involved in a no-strings-attached relationship, but it stems from a fear of closeness and the belief that no one can supply what they seek, Lee explains.

It’s all about convenience, which for many Aquarians implies monogamy. It’s quite important for Aquarians to be noticed, so that may be more difficult in a multiple-partner relationship, Lee explains. They require a sense of centeredness, says the author. Because the sun is in its detriment in Aquarius, which is the polar opposite of the sun-ruled Leo, Aquarians have major challenges with visibility, identification, being centered, and being seen.

Social Issues Matter Most

Are you aware of all the humanitarian and social challenges that are afflicting the world? Aquarius’ number-one goal in life is to make the world a better place, therefore you should get to know what’s going on.

According to Lee, Aquarians are quite enthusiastic about what they believe in. They spend their entire lives trying to figure out who they are. Aquarians are not just interested in concerns in order to learn more about themselves, but Saturn also motivates them to participate. The sun is the king, and Saturn is the exiled one who is primarily attempting to protest against the monarch, Lee argues.

In fact, you’re more than likely to have met your Aquarius at a political rally, rally, or meeting. You’re there to save the planet, not fall in love, so don’t expect a date to take precedence over Aquarius’ mission to eradicate the world of corruption and evil. So, why don’t you join the fight?

They Like Variety In Their Company

Waterbearers are continuously surrounded by many various types of individuals as a sign of networking and social groupings, therefore jealous types aren’t really their cup of tea. You must be willing to share an Aquarius’ time and attention with their many, many friends, as you will rarely have them all to yourself.

Youll Know If They Like You Maybe

Observing their behavior and activities when you’re together is one sure-fire way to tell if an Aquarius is into you. Waterbearers are noted for their aloof, abrupt demeanor when they’re getting amorous vibes, entirely losing their social cool and becoming certifiably neurotic, even being adrift in a sea of friends. If Aquarius is interested in you, they may appear confused or unsure of where they should be, Lee explains. Aquarius, as attractive as he is, may not be your ideal date if you prefer the traditional, conformist type, despise weirdos, or are easily embarrassed.

Aquarius, on the other hand, may come out as indifferent or unemotional since they are unsure of how to act. Don’t be fooled by their detached, spacey demeanor. These people can be warm and affectionate, but they may not be ready to be around you just yet.

They Need An Intellectual Connection

When getting to know an Aquarius, expect to have many long chats about anything and everything. This sign like to gently into their emotional side rather than go headfirst into passion, and understanding your thoughts is an important aspect of creating attraction.

They need someone with a point of view, Lee explains. They care more about connecting with you on a mental level than they do about physical appeal, and they want to know if you can keep up.

They Easily Feel Misunderstood

Waterbearers are a personality-packed Pandora’s box. According to Lee, Aquarius is the sign of being misunderstood. Aquarius is a sign with infinite levels, even if persons born under it appear frivolous and even shallow at times.

Aquarians frequently believe that others do not understand them, and some Aquarians do it on purpose because they desire not to be understood by others, Lee explains. It offers them a feeling of security. They are free from the fear of being judged if they believe no one understands them.

Aquarius is frequently convinced that their eccentric personality prevents them from being fully understood by others. In the worst-case scenario, this misunderstanding may lead people to accept less solely to avoid being alone.