How To Text Aquarius Woman

If you want to start a relationship with an Aquarius woman, you’ll need to learn how to text with this fascinating and unorthodox sign.

Make an effort to text an Aquarius woman with messages that are intriguing and unusual. She doesn’t like small talk on the phone, and she won’t reply to a dull text. Keep your messages lighthearted and undemanding; don’t be clingy, and don’t anticipate an immediate response.

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Let’s start by talking about your Aquarius woman and how to flirt with her via SMS.

How do you entice an Aquarius to pay attention to you?

Continue reading for five methods to get your Aquarius crush’s attention.

  • Begin an intellectual dialogue. Aquarius is an air sign, which indicates they are preoccupied with mental concerns.

Do you send good morning SMS to Aquarius?

This may seem a little dry, but Aquarius is much more likely to reply to a clear and plain communication than one that makes you appear clinging or needy. He wants to know that you don’t mind if he takes things slowly and that you’ll give him space when he needs it.

A simple text message like this gives him the option of responding or not if you expect an answer every time you text him, he’s not the right person to text. Allow him to warm up to you by giving him space (while still letting him know you’re thinking of him).