Is Maddy An Aquarius

Maddy understands that every story has two sides, that there is a thing called justice, and that it doesn’t always look the way people expect it to. It’s easy to believe that a character like Maddy has a misunderstanding of what love is and how it should feel. However, Maddy, our Libra, understands that Real Love is a story that everyone buys, and if she buys it, she’s all ineven if “all in” means in over her head. When she’s angry, she’ll battle to make a point, but if Nate just concedes she’s right, she’ll compromise and go Nate’s way. Maddy has a contingency plan that incorporates information, plenty of it, because she has a folder of material she’s saving for a rainy day, in classic Libra manner. And, in classic Libra flair, Maddy can’t help but indulge in a little gossip now and then.

What is Maddy’s zodiac sign?

Maddy (Alexa Demie) is wearing a Scorpio necklace in season one (a point made by my bestie), which indicates that she is intense like the fixed water sign. She’s also possessive and obsessive over Nate, which is the Scorpio love language. This zodiac sign is easily absorbed by individuals they care about, and they aren’t hesitant to go into the deep end of relationships they relish the euphoria.

In Euphoria, who is an Aquarius?

Jules is the Aquarius of Euphoria because of her pleasant yet reserved demeanor. Jules, like Aquarius, maintains a close group as she prepares to enter high school. From being the new kid on the block to her fashion sense, she stands out. Jules, like Aquarius, stands out because of her differences. However, after spending time in the insane unit and being blackmailed by Nate, this Aquarius finds it difficult to open up.

Maddy Perez is a Leo, right?

These energetic fire signs, represented by the lion, control the heavenly universe. Leos are theatrical, passionate, and enjoy being the center of attention. They are self-assured individuals who are quick to congratulate themselves on a job well done.

Maddy Perez from Euphoria portrays the aura of confidence that comes with a dazzling cosmetics look if you are a Leo. You’ll need a metallic eye shadow, rhinestones, and bold lashes to try it for this Halloween season.

Cassie’s horoscope sign is Capricorn.

Cassie, as a Libra, is a very gregarious person. Libras are one of the zodiac signs that enjoys socializing and meeting new people the most.

Is Jules a Pisces?

She’s one of the series’ most endearing characters, but that doesn’t imply she’s looking for love and approval. Some fans on social media dubbed Jules the show’s resident Aquarius because he was Rue’s love interest and one of the heroes of Euphoria.

“Independent, free-spirited personality, unconventional attire and makeup, nonconformist disposition, non-traditional, one-night affairs with little connection.” One Reddit member commented, “Aquarians may be identified in a throng of people, this one was almost too easy.”

Maddie, do you think she’s a Scorpio?

Maddy is a straight shooter. She doesn’t engage in small talk and tells it how it is. Tell them, “Your whole family is so fucking odd.” This aspect of Maddy’s personality, as a Scorpio, can make people uncomfortable, especially if they have something to hide, but for others, such as Kat and Lexi, it is a source of comfort and allows them to feel seen. She leans into her sexual energy in her element, and this is reflected in her style, which includes Dion Lee and Blumarine. She places a high value on trust. Without trust, especially when Maddy is in a bad place, as she was in her relationship with Nate, she can be vengeful, manipulative, and dominating, as we witness in Euphoria. Cancers and Scorpios, like Cassie and Maddy, are natural best friends as water signs, which is why when Cassie betrayed her trust, we wanted to kick her out.

Jules from Euphoria belongs to which zodiac sign?

Jules is a typical Libra who values her connections and is always on the lookout for love. Jules’ character resonates best with the zodiac sign Libra because of her unconditional love for others, which causes her to give more than she receives.

Maddy Perez is a Virgo, right?

Maddy represents the unabashed and chaotic Aries energy, which is fiery, passionate, and opinionated. Indeed, Maddy’s Euphoria statements alone demonstrate that she is straightforward, but perhaps a little irresponsible. She’s not the type to consider things through before acting.

Maddy did not turn the other cheek when Nate brought another girl to the dance to antagonize her; instead, she chose to dance with another guy right in front of him. Aries natives, like Maddy, express love in strong and contradictory ways.