What Harry Potter House Is Aquarius

Do you still require proof? Earth signs (particularly Taurus) are the big foodies of the zodiac, hence Hufflepuff’s dorm is literally underground and right next to the school’s kitchens. Earth signs are also the ones most linked with nature, and Professor Sprout, Hufflepuff’s herbology teacherwho, by the way, is a Taurus in the booksis an earth sign. This also corresponds to my two personal hypotheses that earth signs are the zodiac’s stoners (again, Taurus) and that Hufflepuff is the house where Hogwarts’ potheads are most likely to wind up…think about it. Huff-le-puff, their rooms are very adjacent to the kitchen in case they become hungry, and their main professor is a herbology professor…. In any case, the proof is indisputable: Hufflepuff is the house of earth signs, period.

Ravenclaw is without a doubt the house with the most air signs. It has a raven as its mascot (hello! ), and its colors are sky blue and bronze. Then there are the house’s own characteristics: Ravenclaw is the house that appreciates wit, curiosity, and knowledge the most. Air signs are regarded for being extremely gregarious and intellectual. Their dorms are located high in a tower, and the only way to get access is to solve a random puzzle posed by the door knocker; otherwise, you will be locked out. In the books, Ravenclaw pupils are all generally well-liked, even if they are slightly odd, which is the most Libra attribute of all time. They enjoy learning and keeping their thoughts fresh at all times, as do all air signs.

Is Aquarius a member of the House of Slytherin?

Similarly, the Hogwarts houses have been likened to zodiac signs, particularly in terms of personality attributes. Aquariuses are frequently compared to Slytherins, yet they have significant variances.

Is Aquarius a member of the Gryffindor house?

Aquarians are among the most determined individuals you’ll ever encounter. They are obsessed with discovering who they are and attempting to comprehend themselves, yet they are also unafraid to explore new things. Despite their somewhat chaotic attitude, they are nonetheless able to make short- and long-term plans and work toward accomplishing them.

Gryffindors are also incredibly determined people. They are comparable to Slytherins in this regard, but Gryffindors’ drive is unrivaled, making them an ideal match for the sign of Aquarius.

Is it possible for an Aquarius to be a Ravenclaw?

Ravenclaws are a creative bunch. Aquarius people are among of the most creative, original, and inventive people on the planet. Their work is frequently unique and unlike anything else. Ravenclaws are also noted for their ability to think beyond the box.

Slytherin belongs to which zodiac sign?

The four Hogwarts houses and their different insignia correspond to the horoscope signs. Here’s a look at how the Harry Potter houses match up with the traits of each zodiac sign for fans who want to know which Hogwarts house they’d be in based on their birthday.

Svetlana Sterlin updated this page on June 12th, 2021: Zodiac signs would be an ideal approach to put Muggles into Harry Potter houses in the real world, because Hogwarts houses are established by pupils’ personality traits. Slytherins are recognized for their cunning, Ravenclaws are known for their brains, and Hufflepuffs are known for their benevolence. Similarly, the zodiac signs have a set of characteristics. For fans who are curious about which Hogwarts house they might belong to based on their zodiac sign, here is a complete guide.

Dumbledore is a Libra, right?

Harry Potter- These two words conjure up images of our childhood in our minds and hearts. Harry Potter is regarded as one of the most popular book series of all time. Potterheads are enthralled by the books, from the tiniest detail to a major character feature. One thing we may have overlooked during our fangirling/fanboying sessions, though, is their birthdays.

The birthday of a character reveals a lot about their personality. The key characters’ birthdates perfectly fit their zodiac personalities, thanks to J.K. Rowling, the author of the popular Harry Potter series of novels. The zodiac signs of 12 Harry Potter characters are listed here.

Harry is a Leo and was born on July 31st. He continually puts the well-being of others before his own, just like a traditional Leo.

Hermione is a Virgo, having been born on September 19th. She is extremely compassionate, devoted, analytical, and sensible, just like a true Virgo.

Ron, who was born on March 1st, is a Pisces. He has the loving and empathetic character of a classic Pisces. Pisces make excellent buddies since they are optimistic and well-behaved.

McGonagall, who was born on October 11th, is a Libra. She is open-minded and gentle, exactly like her zodiac sign of Libra.

Dumbledore is a Virgo and was born in late August. He is incredibly educated, hardworking, patient, and practical in character, just like a true Virgo. Virgos are known for their responsibility, and we have no doubt that the Headmaster of Hogwarts is one of them.

Hagrid is a Sagittarius, born on December 6th. He’s a generous and kind-hearted individual, much like a classic Sagittarius. He’s also a compassionate individual, which is why Harry, Hermione, and Ron like him.

Sirius was a Scorpio born on November 3rd. He is a brave and kind individual who has faced all life has thrown at him with a brave heart, just like a true Scorpio.

Fred and George were both Aries, having been born on April 1st. They were both wizarding pranksters, just like a typical Aries. They were a lot of fun and really lively.

Ginny is a Leo, having been born on August 11th. She is a really kind character, just like a traditional Leo. Like her zodiac sign, she is likewise fearless and protective.

Snape, who was born on January 9th, is a Capricorn. He is smart and serious, much like a traditional Capricorn. Capricorns are known for being cynical and aloof at times, but Snape thinks ahead for a brighter future.

Is Lily Evans a Water Bearer?

In interviews, J.K. Rowling has admitted to being influenced by astrological indications. While Jo shares the same birthday as her protagonist, July 31, making them both members of the Leo zodiac, her characters have a range of birthdays to emphasize their unique characteristics.


In Chamber of Secrets, Lockhart, like many Aquarius men, is a little cold when it comes to the ethics of his acts. He also has an independent personality, as evidenced by the fact that despite the large number of female fans, he is single (who would all be very pleased to date him).

The Aquarius sign is known for being highly witty and intelligent, and Lily is no exception (as evidenced by many of the Marauder flashbacks throughout the books). Deep chats or amusing debates excite the minds of people born under this sign; her childhood bond with Severus was built on communication, and her relationship with James grew out of witty back-and-forths during their competition in their first years at Hogwarts. This sign is very generous and prepared to defend friends and family. While they were friends, she plainly stood up to protect Harry from Lord Voldemort (which led to her death) and Severus from bullying.

Humanitarianism is another positive feature of the Aquarius zodiac sign. In some ways, he may be called a humanitarian because of his efforts in Muggle/wizard relations. He is also, like Lily, a family man who is willing to go to extremes to protect Molly and his children.


As shown in the books and movies, Ron’s zodiac sign of Pisces is a good fit for him. He is a slacker when it comes to schooling, and he appears to be too sensitive when it comes to ladies and being second best to Harry.

A typical Pisces has an escapist quality. Lupin is obliged to separate himself during his transformations into a werewolf, despite his wishes. Rowling may have considered this characteristic when choosing on his birthday.


As readers saw in flashbacks to the Marauders’ time at Hogwarts, Aries males are infamous for being self-absorbed. James, like most Aries males, is narcissistic, but he is also tremendously courageous and eager.

The majority of males born under the sign of Aries are known for being the life of the party. Fred and George are upbeat and fun-loving, yet they can be a little rash. Rowling’s decision to have their birthdays on April Fools’ Day is a fantastic touch.


The majority of Lavender’s time is spent pursuing Ron, especially during Half-Blood Prince; this demonstrates the Taurus attribute of tenacity, as she is unwilling to give up on their relationship even after he loses interest. She is very possessive of Ron, and she is envious of any relationship he has with Hermione. Tauruses are openly affectionate, hot-tempered, and highly sensitive in relationships; this sums up Lavender’s connection with Ron in a nutshell.


Because Gemini is the sign of “twins,” Draco’s sign is a good fit for him because he is made up of both light and evil components that impact his behavior throughout the books.

Sirius Black, like Draco, has two faces: he is a compassionate friend and Harry’s guardian, but he is also an on-the-run “convict” with a nasty past. This component of his personality, along with the fact that he had to spend much of his time as a dog, his second self, illustrates the “twins” nicely.


Cancers not only rely on many people, but they also rely on others. He was compelled to rely on the Malfoy family because he had been a slave for many years. However, after his release, he often comes to Harry’s aid, prompting the trio to rely on him as well.


Neville’s loyalty is one of the characteristics that distinguishes him as a Leo. Throughout the conflict, he sticks by his companions, risking his life on multiple occasions.

Harry is a well-known figure. Though Harry is occasionally annoyed by all of the attention he receives, a part of him appreciates his celebrity.

Ginny is another character that is devoted, but she is also very forthright. She takes action when she wants something. Most Leos, like Ginny, are unafraid to voice their minds.


Virgos are analytical, factual, and attentive, just like Hermione Granger. They’re also wise and know a lot of things. Isn’t that Hermione? Yes, I believe so.


The balancing scale is the Libra’s symbol. Libras have a balance of strictness and leniency in their personalities. When it comes to classes and behavior, Professor McGonagall is severe, but she is prepared to bend the rules when it comes to the safety of her students and friends.


Scorpios are noted not only for their intense feelings, but also for their resourcefulness. Molly’s love for her children and Harry rivals that of any of the other mothers in the series. Her use of magic around the house is also highly practical; she makes good use of it.


Men born under the sign of Sagittarius are noted for their independence. Hagrid appreciates being alone with his pets as much as he enjoys being with his pals. Kindness, optimism, and likability are all characteristics of a typical Sagittarius, and Rowling created him as one of the most likable characters in the series, thus he perfectly suits this sign.


Capricorn is the sign that most closely resembles Tom Riddle’s personality out of all the zodiac signs. Capricorns are ambitious by nature, as Riddle demonstrated throughout his time at Hogwarts, where he was assigned to the Slytherin house. Because of this, tyrants are most likely to be Capricorns; Voldemort’s attempts to take over the wizarding world are eerily similar to those of real-life dictators we’ve seen in the past.

These characters’ birthdays and personalities are not coincidental; they are linked. Although this is purely supposition, Rowling, who is noted for her symbolism and attention to detail (for example, the spacing of Tom Riddle’s and Harry’s birthdays), appears to have meticulously plotted out these coincidences. Rowling’s specificity fascinates followers and will continue to urge them to consider her works seriously in the future.

Is Luna Lovegood a Water Bearer?

Aquarius is the sign of Luna Lovegood. Luna’s zodiac sign is Aquarius, and her birthdate is February 13th. Luna, like many Aquarians, is a unique and imaginative character who is misunderstood but incredibly generous.

Snape’s zodiac sign is Capricorn.

Severus Snape belonged to which zodiac sign? Severus Snape was born under the Capricorn zodiac sign, which, along with Virgo and Capricorn, belongs to the Earth element of astrology.