When Does Venus Enter Aquarius 2020

The transit of Venus in Aquarius, which will occur on the 9th of January, 2020, is one such big celestial event. Venus, also known in Hindi as ‘Shukra,’ is often referred to as Earth’s twin planet. Harmony, unity, and love amongst people are associated with this feminine planet. It is regarded as a fortunate planet that, based on its position in the kundali, has a favorable effect on a person’s horoscope. It also has a significant impact on worldly pleasures, luxury, and all other forms of material comfort that we enjoy in our daily lives.

When does Venus enter the sign of Aquarius?

Venus, as previously stated, is a feminine planet, and when it is located in an exalted sign, it bestows a lovely personality on the natives. This planet gives sweetness to a person’s voice when it is in the speech house. In terms of body parts, the planet represents the sexual organs, eyes, kidneys, bladder, and throat. These body organs can be troubled by a weak Venus.

At 8:54 a.m. on March 31, 2022 (Thursday), Venus will pass Aquarius. Venus in Aquarius has a variety of effects on the zodiac signs. Let’s look at how the Venus transit in Aquarius 2022 will affect the various zodiac signs. This post will also teach you about medicines that can help you throughout this time.

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Impact of Venus Transit in Aquarius on Aries

Venus is the 2nd lord and 7th lord for Aries residents, and is located in the 11th house with Jupiter. This indicates that the Venus transit will be advantageous in terms of business, marriage, and the fulfillment of desires. Because Aries is a fiery sign and Venus is an airy sign, the natives will use a lot of energy to achieve their goals.

Education – Students will have a suitable time for their education. At this time, they will achieve all of their objectives. Those who wish to pursue further education may apply. If natives of Aries choose to study abroad, they will be able to apply at this time.

Job – For Aries residents working in the private sector, the Venus transit in Aquarius will be beneficial. This is a period for advancement and financial prosperity.

Business – The Venus transit will be beneficial to businesspeople. It will be advantageous to their financial development. During this time, the company will also grow. You will be required to travel for business purposes, which will be helpful to you.

Venus’s transit will allow persons who are in a romantic connection to turn their partnership into a love marriage.

Impact of Venus Transit in Aquarius on Taurus

Venus is the lord of the rising sign and the 6th lord of money. It’s in the Karma house, which is the tenth house. You will put in a lot of effort and strengthen your financial strength during this time. In your profession, you will fulfill your objectives. In your professional life, you will seek out new opportunities. Your family’s spending may grow at this time, but you will have a good time with them.

Education – You will confront rivalry and success when it comes to education and academics. Concentrate on your academics and give it your all throughout this period.

Job – People in private jobs will experience workplace politics, and as a result, they will try to change jobs. During this period, you may feel insecure about your career or a future transfer.

Business – There will be some issues in the workplace for businesspeople. During that moment, their personnel will not support them. As a result, businesspeople will not reap the benefits of their efforts.

Love – When it comes to romantic relationships, patience is required. There may be some squabbles between you and your companion. This could be the result of a third party’s misunderstandings.

Impact of Venus Transit in Aquarius on Gemini

Venus rules the 12th and 5th houses in the Gemini Zodiac. The opulent living expenditures and losses are represented by the 12th house. The 5th house, on the other hand, governs our education, love, and children. And Venus will be transiting the 9th house, which represents advanced education and religion, in the destiny house. You will have the support of your siblings and will collaborate with them. It’s also possible to go on a brief spiritual journey with your family.

Education – Your studies will go well, and you will achieve your goals. You can apply for higher education opportunities in other countries.

Job – You’ll have to deal with some politics at work. You, on the other hand, will deal with the matter in a courteous manner.

Business – You can expand your company internationally. A business trip will help you to expand your business.

Love – You will be content in your relationship. You must comprehend your partner’s sentiments in order to have a happy love life.

Impact of Venus Transit in Aquarius on Cancer

In the Cancer moon sign, Venus is the lord of the 4th and 11th houses. Our luxuries, properties, vehicles, and happiness are all represented in the 4th house. Venus is currently transiting the 8th house. Sudden events, litigation, unexpected riches, and unexpected losses are all associated with the 8th house. You may be able to acquire some ancestral property during this period.

Education – During this period, students should focus on their studies. However, their emotions will prevent them from concentrating on their studies.

People with jobs may experience a sudden shift in their position or work. They may be able to find new possibilities in other countries.

Business – You can form a new partnership in business. However, you should not make any investments at this time.

Love – You’ll have a good love life, but the timing won’t be ideal for committing or persuading your parents.

On Monday or Friday, donate white clothing to a priest and offer rice to a Shivling.

Impact of Venus Transit in Aquarius on Leo

Venus, the planet of love, rules the 3rd and 10th houses in the Leo horoscope. Your efforts and confidence are represented by the 3rd house, while your Karma is represented by the 10th house. Venus is in the 7th house, which represents the marriage house and the spouse. This planet is also the 7th house’s Karaka. You will be unhappy in your marriage as a result of this. Your partnership will have some difficulties. Your expenses will rise during this time, and your hard-earned money may be squandered.

Education – This is an excellent time to study. However, you may realize that you are not putting up sufficient effort to reach your objectives. As a result, you will have certain difficulties. During this period, students should be engaged in some sort of activity.

Job – You will need to alter your work environment. You will put up the effort, but the end result will not be satisfactory. You will feel trapped in your circumstances.

Business – During this period, businesspeople should use caution. Consider your options before investing in your company. You will profit from international ventures.

Love – During this moment, your lover will not make any commitments. Arguments or clashes may occur, so be cautious because they may have an impact on your life.

Impact of Venus Transit in Aquarius on Virgo

Venus is the 2nd lord and the lord of destiny in the Virgo sign, transiting in the 6th house. The second house governs money and family, while the destiny lord governs your Bhagya (destiny), further education, and long voyage. The 6th house governs your career, finances, and debts. In the Kalpurush Kundli, the planet Venus is in a weakened condition in the 6th house. Venus is not in a positive position in the 6th house during this transit; as a result, your enemies will become stronger, and you may suffer financial losses.

Education – During this time, students will encounter stiff competition. They will achieve achievement once they have overcome their feelings. During this period, students should concentrate on their schoolwork. They will only succeed if they put forth the effort.

Job – Some opportunities will present themselves in terms of their career, but they will miss out on them owing to ignorance or overthinking.

Business – During this time, business owners should not increase their investment in their company. During this time, certain payments may become stuck, so be cautious.

Love – You’ll have a smooth love life. Avoid any miscommunications or disagreements. Also, don’t expect committment during this time.

Impact of Venus Transit in Aquarius on Libra

Venus is the Moon sign lord and the 8th lord for the Libra sign, which represents insecurity. Venus will transit the 5th house in the Libra moon sign. Love relationships, academic speculations, amusement, and children are all represented in the fifth house. You will make money from your property at this period. Libra natives will also benefit from the current period. The Venus transit in Aquarius will be beneficial to Libra locals in general.

You may concentrate on your schoolwork. If you want to pursue further education, you’ll run into certain difficulties. Students that participate in creative activities such as singing, dancing, or other arts will benefit from this time.

Job – Those who have jobs will be given new opportunities and may be required to change jobs. This is a good time for folks in the public sector to work.

Business – Those who own enterprises will benefit from the timing. Financial expansion is a distinct possibility. During this time, they will earn money from a variety of ways.

Love – Libra moon sign locals will have a happy love life. If you want to love, someone will come into your life.

Impact of Venus Transit in Aquarius on Scorpio

Venus is the 7th and 12th lord of the Scorpio sign. The 7th lord is associated with marriage and companionship, but the 12th lord is associated with spending, losses, travel, pleasure, and a lavish lifestyle. This is an excellent moment to put money into your home. You can have a good time with your family. Moreover, you will be provided with all necessary amenities during this period.

Education – The timing is ideal for students studying for government sector competitive exams. You will reach your goal if you concentrate on your academics.

Job – This is a favorable moment for your job because there will be no changes. You will have several opportunity to travel overseas during this period.

People who operate their own businesses will grow their operations internationally. There will be some traveling involved. This period will be beneficial to your finances, career, and family.

Libra natives will have an easy time in love. You’ll have a good time with your spouse.

Impact of Venus Transit in Aquarius on Sagittarius

Venus is the 6th and 11th lord of the Sagittarius sign. Jobs, debts, and sicknesses are all represented in the 6th house. The 11th house, on the other hand, represents gains, advancements, friendships, and the realization of desires. The transit of Venus in the third house is beneficial to your willpower, journey, communication, and interviews. Your siblings will also live in the third house. Your parents and siblings will be there for you. The transit of Venus in the 3rd house may provide you with the opportunity to travel for a brief period of time, or you may decide to relocate.

During this time, you will apply for higher education outside of your state. You will do well at school, but you will have stiff competition during this time.

Job – Your efforts will result in you getting a job or a fresh opportunity. During this time, certain people may be transferred. Work hard in your workplace during this period. You’ll also be given credit for your efforts.

Business – Your company will prosper. During this period, you might take a brief business trip. You will prosper financially during this time as a result of your efforts.

Love – Everything will be OK in your love life. Your actions will determine the outcome. The timing is ideal for your romantic life.

Impact of Venus Transit in Aquarius on Capricorn

Venus is the 5th lord and 10th lord in Capricorn, transiting in the 2nd house. Children, relationships, careers, education, love, and creativity are all represented in the fifth house. The 2nd house, on the other hand, governs money, family, and speech, while the 10th governs Karma. The transit of Venus in the 2nd house will affect the Capricorn lunar sign. People will prosper financially during this time. Venus will be in a friendly sign, making her powerful. In Kalpurush Kundli, Venus is also the planet of the second house. During this time, you will be saving money. The timing is ideal for your career’s financial growth. During this time, you are free to travel abroad.

Education – Your family will help you with anything relevant to your academics. During this time, you will be able to excel in your studies and apply for competitive exams.

Job – Those who have jobs will achieve achievement at work during this period. They will grow financially at this time. It’s also possible that you’ll be transferred or relocated.

Business – For businesspeople’s finances, the time will be neutral. They will prosper financially, but there will be some costs. In a partnership business, there may be some issues at this time.

Love – You’ll have a smooth love life. You’ll have a good time with your spouse.

Impact of Venus Transit in Aquarius on Aquarius

Venus is the 4th and 9th lord in the Aquarius zodiac sign. It is currently traveling through the first house. The self, name, and fame are represented by the first house, whilst the comfort, property, automobiles, and finances are represented by the fourth lord. Your destiny, spirituality, and long journey are all represented by the 9th Lord. During this time, you can invest in real estate. There will be financial gains. You will also have the support of your family.

Education – You will succeed in your studies if you work hard and put out the effort required. During this time, you should avoid feeling any emotions.

Job – People with stable occupations will experience a career shift. They will be given new opportunities that will benefit you. This period will be beneficial to you. You will have some opportunity to work in other countries.

Business – For those in the business world, this is a good time. During this time, your company will expand. During this period, you can also extend your firm internationally.

Love – You may be drawn to someone in your love life at this time. A friendship can be developed, but not a relationship. So, when it comes to your love life, be cautious.

Impact of Venus Transit in Aquarius on Pisces

In the Pisces sign, Venus, the planet of love, is the lord of the 3rd house and the lord of the 8th house. Venus is currently transiting Pisces’ 12th house. Efforts, willpower, communication, and strength are all represented in the third house. The 12th house governs spending, international travel, and losses. The 8th house, on the other hand, is for unexpected events, such as losses or gains. In the Kalpurush Kundli, Venus is exalted in the 12th house. You will prosper financially during this time, and you will be able to realize your dreams. You will also be able to enjoy your life throughout this time.

Education – You have the option of pursuing a foreign education. Your studies will go swimmingly. You will be able to pass competitive tests throughout this time.

Job – People in the private sector will have the possibility to work in other countries. Your career will allow you to advance financially.

Business – Your expenses will rise during this time. There will be a steady flow of money, but you will not be able to save any. You can put your money into your company.

Love – Your love life will be fantastic, but your partnership will be unstable. As a result, be patient and maintain contact with your partner.

The arrival of Venus in Aquarius will bring both positive and negative changes to people’s lives. However, you should be aware that the effect of Venus in Aquarius will vary depending on the individual.

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Is Venus currently in Aquarius?

Do you have a strange feeling about things right now? You might blame the current stellium in Aquarius for your troubles.

You might be wondering what a stellium is. A stellium occurs when three or more celestial bodies occupy the same place in the sky beneath one sign in astrology. This energy is motivating us to accept ourselves in new ways because Venus, Mars, and Saturn are all in Aquarius right now. This stellium started on March 6, when Venus and Mars entered Aquarius, and will end on April 5, when Venus left Aquarius and enters Pisces. Vesta, an asteroid, is currently in Aquarius, bringing us even more Aquarius energy. Indeed, this is the most planetary activity we’ll witness all year in Aquarius!

When Venus reaches Aquarius, what happens?

We are more drawn to minds than bodies when Venus is in Aquarius. “Romantic interest might emerge during the course of intellectual dialogue with an amazing individual, frequently equipped with some unusual qualities or working in an unusual career,” explains Yana Yanovich, an astrologer at Nebula.

What does Venus’s position in Aquarius imply?

The influence of Venus in Aquarius inspires people to seek for the maximum level of intellectual connection with others. While this may make one appear disconnected or aloof at first, it is just because they are seeking a genuine mental connection with another. These people aren’t particularly affectionate or intimate, but they might be very open-minded about sex, courting, experimenting, and dating. Nontraditional relationships, as well as new experiences and travel, may pique their interest. Communication will be a primary concern for these individuals as well.

What is the duration of Venus and Mars in Aquarius?

Mars enters Aquarius on March 6 at 01:23 a.m. ET, leaving Capricorn. Venus enters the sign a few minutes later, at 01:30 a.m. ET, and the two planets complete their conjunction shortly after. Venus will be in Aquarius until April 5, while Mars will be there until April 14. Their transit will heighten our desire for development and may result in significant shifts in our relationships and values.

What will happen to Aquarius in 2022?

Throughout the year, you will be surrounded by harmony. When you are in the company of others, you must follow the road of peace and spread joy to all. On the other hand, you will require some time. In other words, you must reflect on your life and identify the necessities and non-essentials. In addition, according to the Aquarius yearly horoscope 2022, realizing the essential must be your top objective for the year.

Also, according to the Aquarius horoscope 2022, you should value what you already have. Yes, wants matter, as does aiming for huge goals. However, being grateful for what you currently have is far more essential than anything else! Keep your patience if you aren’t seeing outcomes of your sort, and don’t give up on your attempts.

Aquarius Finance Horoscope 2022 Predictions

The Aquarius zodiac sign’s economic situation in 2022 will yield more lucrative outcomes than normal. You would make a good amount of money right at the start of the year. There may be moments when you must rely on your luck and good fortune and take a chance. There may also be some financial difficulties. However, the problems would be more transient than permanent. By the end of the year, every investment you make this year will be profitable. According to the Aquarius financial horoscope 2022, there may be a lot of expenses in the middle months, but requesting aid from an exceptional person will help you manage and organize them. Before you do anything, talk to some of your elders and keep their strategy in mind.

If you own a business, Jupiter’s transit in the first quarter will keep you interested in expenses and income on and off. In a word, don’t anticipate any gains or be concerned about losses during this time. The greatest thing to do is to simply let things happen while doing your finest work. According to your Aquarius Finance Horoscope 2022, the best moment for Aquarius in terms of finances will begin in April when Jupiter transits through the house of wealth. During this time, you will see profit from the property in addition to any business or work profits. If you’re in a partnership business, you’ll make a lot of money. During this time, both investments and income will increase dramatically. You may also be joined by new partners who will bring new capital to the table.

Furthermore, according to the Aquarius financial horoscope for 2022, the transit of Saturn at the end of April will add to your relief. The lord of wealth’s placement in the house of income and profits till the month of July will assist you in attracting good fortune. You have the option to change jobs during this time if you are unhappy with your current wage package. If you intend to do so, you will have an easier time finding possibilities. Maintaining positive relationships with your superiors, including supervisors, coworkers, and juniors, will assist you in gaining more during this time.

Things may not be as favorable to you after the month of July until the month of November. During this time, avoid making any additional investments. If you want to shift occupations, you should consider all aspects of the situation or wait until November 2022 to see if your fortune has stabilized. If you want to, you can make long-term investments during this time. Venus will transit from the house of riches to the house of abundance in November, bringing financial abundance. You could receive a good incentive from a variety of sources, boosting your revenue. Those that run their own firm will generate more money during this time. This year will bring changes to your finances; any home acquisition or purchase of any type is not recommended as you will end up in a difficult situation.