Should You Tell An Aries Man How You Feel

Women, pay attention. Even if an Aries guy tries to hide his feelings for you, his eyes will always reveal his true feelings! Aries men are shy by nature, and they will not communicate their sentiments until you have done so. But trust us when we say that if you’ve caught him glancing at you out of the corner of his eye or noticing what you’re doing with a charming smile on his face, he’s given you the key to his heart.

They aren’t going to initiate contact, but they do send out a lot of body language indicators that indicate how interested they are. An Aries may be unable to express their feelings for you because they are frightened you will reject them, but “the eyes don’t lie Chico”! So don’t be surprised if you catch him flirting with his eyes a little.

How can you tell whether an Aries man is interested in you?

It’s possible that saying he doesn’t want or need to share physical intimacy isn’t entirely accurate. When it comes to these things, an Aries man is reserved and bashful, so he will wait for you to initiate or give him an indication that it is something you want. Once you’ve given him the green light, you’ll notice his passionate side and warmth, as he expresses his affections for you.

Is it necessary for an Aries man to have his own space?

Aries men, like the other fire signs, will need separation from time to time. Aries requires quiet time to clear his mind, though not to the same extent as Sagittarius men.

The explanation for this is simple: their minds are always racing. As a result, their mental energy is quickly depleted. They require silence in order to restore.

Don’t be insulted if your man “needs space.” Give it to him with the confidence that he will return fully charged.

What is the love language of an Aries man?

“Physical touch and affirming words are really important to Aries,” adds Kavanagh. “This Mars-ruled sign is passionate and need physical touch as well as words of affirmation to sooth their love ego.”