What Does An Aries Man Need In A Relationship

Remember that an Aries guy seeks a mate who is on level with him, that is, someone who is not afraid to dispute or challenge a decision. They are looking for someone who can share their wit and wisdom rather than someone who is inert. So don’t lose sight of your own personality.

What qualities does an Aries guy look for in a woman?

The Aries man enjoys playing the hero and will go out of his way to protect his partner or crush. However, (straight) Aries males also want their female counterpart to be able to compete with them. They scream at you and expect you to do the same! They enjoy fighting, arguing, and teasing each other.

How does an Aries express his or her love?

You’re a natural leader as an Aries parent. You’re a high-energy person who is enthusiastic about your hobbies. Your kids see you as inspiring, exciting, courageous, and a good role model to emulate. They do believe you’re a touch insensitive and overpowering at times, though. Cuddling is a frequent technique for them to express affection to their children because they are recognized as wonderful cuddlers. A lively war of words is one unexpected way Aries expresses devotion. They enjoy joking around, which they do with their children as well. Aries are their children’s strongest supporters, and they are well aware of it. They will always support them on sports days and when they win a writing competition at school.

What is the love language of an Aries man?

“Physical touch and affirming words are really important to Aries,” adds Kavanagh. “This Mars-ruled sign is passionate and need physical touch as well as words of affirmation to sooth their love ego.”

What are the flaws of the sign of Aries?

Aries is a stubborn sign, which can produce problems in relationships if their spouse can no longer bear their intransigence. Because Aries is an independent sign, they dislike being told what to do or bossed around.

However, one of their major flaws is their proclivity to respond rapidly with anger and fury, then quickly cool down and forget what set them off in the first place.

What qualities do Aries look for in a woman?

Women born under the sign of Aries are drawn to passion and activity. She admires self-starters, therefore the self-made man (or woman) appeals to her greatly. You might arouse her curiosity by telling her stories about your most memorable experiences.

How do you tell if an Aries man is telling the truth?

Aries has a telltale indication that comes with every lie he tells, no matter how minor. If you try to question him about his lying, he always tries to be casual about it and shrugs it off.

“Isn’t that where I said I was?” “I must have screwed up the dates then.”