What Hogwarts House Would An Aries Be In

When it comes to choosing the ultimate Hogwarts house, Aries has just one choice: Gryffindor. They’re born leaders who thrive on taking on new challenges, which perfectly describes Harry and his fellow Gryffindors.

An Aries would find himself in Gryffindor surrounded by like-minded people who are tough, fiery, outgoing, and ready to take on the world.

Which Hogwarts house does Aries belong to?

Aries. Aries belongs in Gryffindor because they are independent, competitive, and above all, fearless. Your adventurous attitude and self-assurance are ideal partners for Gryffindor’s tradition of brave and true members of the house, and you’d fit right in with a group of tough and outgoing witches and wizards.

Is it possible for an Aries to be a Slytherin?

There are many distinctions and parallels between those born under the sign of Aries and those placed into Slytherin, but what are they? The sign of Aries and the house of Slytherin, like any other zodiac sign or Hogwarts house, share a lot of similarities while also having a lot of distinctions.

Who is an Aries in Harry Potter?

On April Fool’s Day, identical twins are born?! These wizards were destined to be pranksters from the beginning; they even made a living off of it at Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes, the notorious joke shop in Diagon Alley. Given their love of laughter, it’s tempting to think the twins are Sagittarius, but there’s a critical distinction to be made here. Sagittarius’ wit stems from ego, whilst Aries revels in the thrill of it all. Aries is the Zodiac’s baby sign, and it’s their sense of wonder that drives them to embark on big, daring, and often explosive adventures.

Professor Horace Slughorn: Taurus

Taurus signs do not aspire to the throne in the same manner as Leos do. They don’t want to be in such a position because it introduces them to a world of stress. They do, however, have exceptional taste, which can put them in a difficult situation. Tauruses have a high regard for the finer things in life, both in terms of number and quality. All of this arises from a hedonistic desire to retain mental calm and enjoy all of life’s worldly pleasures. Horace Slughorn enjoys being in the company of successful, famous, and powerful people, but he does not want to be the center of attention. That’s how we know he’s a Taurus sun sign.

Draco Malfoy: Gemini

Draco Malfoy has a conscience somewhere in his Slytherin heart, despite being a straight-up jerk for the majority of the novel. Geminis can’t help but see both sides of a situation, thus they often get lost in their own thoughts. Draco wishes to placate Voldemort by performing his bidding, but as he is lured more into the Dark Lord’s circle, he has major doubts. Malfoy shrinks every time he is forced to do something truly nasty. Fans of astrology, take note. Geminis aren’t completely evil. Sure, they’ll speak a great game about ruining you, betraying you, and setting you up for murder, but as they watch it all unfold, they’ll think twice.

Dobby the Elf: Cancer

“What a lovely spot to be with friends.” Dobby is delighted to be with his pal Harry Potter.” Dobby the House Elf not only died to save his pals, but he also spoke about them in his dying words. That is exactly what it means to be a Cancer. Cancer is a sign that enjoys spending time with their loved ones at home, and it’s not uncommon for them to treat their pals like family. Dobby’s empathy and commitment make him a heartbreaking Cancer sun, with his cheerful demeanor and protective disposition.

Is it possible for an Aries to be a Hufflepuff?

Although Aries has a reputation for being temperamental, most people don’t have to see the more fiery side of Aries because they are the type of individuals who see the bright side of things. In this way, they are similar to Hufflepuffs.

Even if things go wrong for an Aries or a Hufflepuff, they are quick to bounce back and do not internalize their failures or bad luck.

Is Aries a Ravenclaw or a Taurus?

Aries is a fire sign and a cardinal sign, which implies they have a strong will and are intense in their own way. One of the reasons why so many Aries are high achievers is that they will tenaciously pursue anything they desire while blocking out everything that does not.

Of course, this implies that they aren’t extremely open-minded, which is a fairly typical Ravenclaw quality.


Dream big, and you’ll be able to avoid reality even more. The habitat of Pisces is known as “escapism” is a term used to describe a state of mind in They have a tendency to shoot for the heavens, which is admirable, but their dreams can alter far too frequently… like on a daily basis. Gryffindor, too, prefers passion to logic. They may be the bravest family, but Voldermort is not one of them.

Pisces attain greatness because they are passionate about all they do. Their faith, like that of Gryffindor, aids them in achieving their objectives. Their intent, on the other hand, must be real; else, they would lose interest far too quickly. In order for them to achieve it, it must be worth it to them.

Pisces despises being alone, therefore it’s no surprise that they belong to Gryffindor, the more gregarious house. Gryffindor is proud of their achievements, but they also know how to share them as a group. Pisces has a tendency to be overly trusting, which can be a Gryffindor flaw. Their idealism has far too much power over their logic. Keep in mind “The distinction between bravery and stupidity is razor-thin.” Risks do not arise from your head; rather, they arise from your emotions.

In Harry Potter, what house does Leo belong to?

Given that the noble lion is the symbol of Gryffindor, you might suppose Leo fits there. The natural Slytherins are those born between July 23 and August 22. Fans with keen eyes will notice that Harry, who was born on July 31, is in the house of the serpent. Is this blasphemy? Hardly. Harry may have done well in Slytherin, as the Sorting Hat points out. He and other Leos are bold, but they’re also intelligent, competent, and ambitious, qualities that Salazar Slytherin valued in his students.

What is the zodiac sign of Draco Malfoy?

Please forgive us for getting all Professor Trelawney on you, but if Draco is a Gemini, he should have been pals with Harry. Draco was born on the 5th of June, making him a Gemini. Geminis and Leos are supposed to get along swimmingly, and Harry was one of them. Furthermore, Gemini is diametrically opposed to Virgo and Pisces. Who are the people who have such zodiac signs? That’s correct, Ron and Hermione! Let’s not forget that on their first meeting, Malfoy attempted to befriend Harry.