What Is The Cusp Of Aries

The material of this page is based on Gary Goldschneider and Thomas Rezek’s book The Secret Language of Birthdays.

If you were born between April 17 and April 23, on the Aries-Taurus cusp, you are a fireball and a force to be reckoned with! It’s no wonder that you’re authoritative, resilient, and dedicated to your passions and aspirations because you were born on the Cusp of Power.

You are affected by both aggressive Mars and sensuous Venus, the ruling planets of Aries and Taurus, if you were born on this cusp. Mars is the planet of drive and determination, whereas Venus is the planet of persuasion. This synergy of energies is an unstoppable force that propels you to the top of the corporate ladder!

On this cusp, the elements of Fire (Aries’ element) and Earth (Taurus’ element) combine to give you a brave yet grounded attitude. You have the drive to push yourself forward in tasks or situations, as well as the stamina to see them through to completion. Just remember to consider your options before acting! You don’t want to become caught up in something that your obstinate personality won’t let you leave, even if it’s not appropriate for you…

Being born on the Cusp of Power endows you with enormous power and influence. You were born to lead, and you’re destined for success both at home and at work. Others will look to you for advice and inspiration on a regular basis, so be kind when they do! You have a propensity to be rather assertive, and your strong opinions can irritate people at times. Nothing can stop you if you lead with a smile on your face.

People born on the cusp of Aries and Taurus are fiercely independent and have a tart sense of humour. You enjoy spending time with friends and family, but you don’t require their assistance. While this distinguishes you as a unique individual, it can be perplexing to your loved ones and perhaps push them away. When you’re among those who are more sensitive than you which is nearly everyone keep your harsh, abrupt, or caustic comments to a minimum. Allow your fun-loving, understanding side to shine more frequently, and your fan base and following will grow.

What does it mean to be born on the cusp of Pisces and Aries?

The Pisces Aries cusp represents rest and rebirth; Pisces, the twin-fish sign, concludes the astrological year, while Aries begins the next. The transition from winter to spring is also marked by the movement between these two signs, which can be a perplexing but sometimes lyrical moment. As a result, it’s worth emphasizing that this excellent partnership is the series’ final pairing (but you can check out all the others here).

In today’s war, we have two quite distinct figures: Pisces is the river’s mystic, serene, compassionate, and psychic. Aries is the action-oriented knight, someone who doesn’t feel, rarely thinks, and simply acts. Is their combined energy going to be explosive? “It’s a little difficult to sense the Piscean want to unite with the Arian need to joust,” Weiss adds, “but there’s a way to balance it out and accept all aspects of yourself.”

“It’s a little perplexing to sense the Piscean drive to integrate and the Arian urge to joust at the same time, but there’s a way to balance it out and accept both aspects of yourself.” Astrologer Stefanie Iris Weiss

But first, a reminder that even if you’re born on the cusp of your solar sign’s cutoff, you’re always one of the signs, albeit with qualities impacted by your cosmic neighbor. Check out Weiss’s explanation of what it means to be born on the Pisces-Aries axis.

What is the difference between an Aries and a Taurus cusp?

“The key to being ‘born on the cusp’ is that you’re always one sign or the other.” Weiss explains. “The only distinction is that you’re a Taurus-flavored Aries if you were born near the conclusion of the sign. You’re an Aries-flavored Taurus if you were born during the start of Taurus season. But you’re either one of the signs or the other.”

“To use a cocktail comparison, an Aries-flavored Taurus could prefer a floral note in her generally hot Bloody Mary, whereas an Aries-flavored Taurus might want a bit of spice in her more flowery beverage.” Astrologer Stefanie Iris Weiss

If you were born between April 17 and 23, you might be an Aries-Taurus mix, and Weiss breaks down what that means for you below.

Dates: April 16 – 22

THE ARIES-TAURUS CORNER is home to some of the zodiac’s most powerful individuals. We’re talking about complete dominance here. If you put an Aries-Taurus in a position of power, they will rise to the occasion. Then there’s the next one. Then the next, until they’ve mastered whatever game they’re working on. It’s all about King of the Mountain here.

What are the dates of the cusps?

There is just one solution, regardless of your birth date: no one has two signs. However, if you were born within a few days of the Sun’s transition from one zodiac sign to the next, you were born on the cusp, and you may experience the effects of two separate signs.

What are the zodiac cusps?

In general, if you were born three days before or after the change in signs, you are “on the cusp.” Each cusp phase is given a name that represents the unique energy that it bears.

How does being on the cusp affect you?

If you were born on the cusp, you may find that you have personality qualities from the sign next to you. People born under the sign of Aries but on the cusp of Aries and Taurus, for example, are frequently exceptional leaders. Normally, Aries impatience can lead to hasty decisions and reactions, but if you’re an Aries born on the cusp of Taurus, these tendencies may be mitigated by Taurean energy, which is more grounded and rational. This isn’t to say that being a cusper is always sunshine and rainbows; your two signs’ energies may clash!

In any case, being born on the cusp can endow you with a wide range of talents that can blend and shine in a variety of ways. Learning about the benefits and drawbacks of your cusp might help you accept your unique and sometimes confusing personality!

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How uncommon is the Pisces-Aries cusp?

People born on the verge of Aries and Pisces have characteristics of both zodiac signs, making them extremely rare. In Vedic astrology, the zodiac signs of Aries and Pisces are diametrically opposed. Pisces is a water sign, while Aries is a fire sign.

Is the 21st of March a Pisces or an Aries?

You’re a dreamer and a doer if you were born between March 17 and March 23 on the Pisces-Aries Cusp! You were born on the Cusp of Rebirth because Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and Aries is the first. This gives you the ability to be both imaginative and impulsive, and you’re likely to know exactly what you want and when you want it.

You are affected by fanciful Neptune, the ruling planet of Pisces, and Mars, the ruling planet of Aries, if you were born on this cusp. Neptune will inspire you to be more imaginative, while Mars will energize you to take action. As a result, you’ll be a creative person who can put your ideas into action. You have the ability to make your dreams come true!

You have the intuition and empathy of a Water sign (Pisces) as well as the bravery and eagerness of a Fire sign (Aries). This is a sultry combination of ingredients! You’re bursting at the seams with strong feelings and convictions that you can’t wait to share with the rest of the world. Many people enjoy hearing about your unique perspective on things, but don’t take it personally if others disagree with you; not everyone is capable of thinking in the same way you are.

You’re instinctive, strong, and ready to go if you were born on the Pisces-Aries axis. This combination of energies enables you to blend your fearlessness with compassion for others, making you a powerful leader! You are devoted to your friends and coworkers, and you are eager to bring particular people along on your journey to the top.

You can be a lot of fun, smart, and quirky, but you can also be a lot of impatient. Your intuitive awareness is joined by an impulsive and sometimes immature drive to act if you were born on this juncture. Because you don’t always give your ideas time to marinate, you have a tendency to act on them as soon as they occur to you. Others may not be comfortable accompanying you on your journey, yet you may luck out and find success this way.

Is April 21 a Taurus or an Aries?

Aries-Taurus cusp people are those born between April 17 and April 23. These people are born on the verge of becoming powerful. They have a fiery attitude and are extremely committed to their passions and objectives. At the same time, these individuals are highly authoritative.

Is the 20th of April a Taurus or an Aries?

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac and the second month of the year. Is it bothering them that they are the second sign? Nah. Not at all. Taurus is a materialistic and realistic sign, although they are unconcerned about minor details like this.

You are a Taurus (also known as a Taurean) if you were born between April 20 and May 20. It is known as the Minor April Sign since it only lasts for ten days in April (from April 20 to April 30), which is less than Aries (20 days).

Taureans thrive in activities that bring them closer to nature, and they excel at gardening, handwork, cooking, music, and romance. The harvest of the fruits of work is symbolized by the zodiac sign.

Quick Taurus Facts

  • Reliability, patience, practicality, loyalty, responsibility, and stability are some of her strengths.
  • Taurus is the most romantically compatible sign with the following signs: Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, and Pisces are the signs of the zodiac.

Facts about Taurus

completed. They are excellent at executing plans, and their presence on a team motivates others.

Their strong will can be apparent in their interactions with friends and family. They’re fantastic employees, long-term friends, and dependable partners.

Taurus isn’t the most attention-seeking sign in the zodiac. This prize is most likely given to a Gemini or a Leo. Taurus, however, has a strong desire to be noticed and appreciated beneath his calm exterior.

The bulls are dedicated to their work and continue to do so day after day. Taurus believes in gradual improvement through repetition. They use it in all aspects of their lives. Family, relationships, and work, for example.

They do, however, crave validation in order to keep going. They are not the type to seek validation because they are a quiet, introverted, fixed earth sign. To them, if youre really worth their time, you should have noticed and shown them appreciation that they deserve.

The Taurus sign has an inherent understanding of the importance of money. This understanding mostly stems from their need to feel secure. Its hard for them to live a stable life if there are constant money problems.

They understand the importance of money and enjoy all the material things that they can afford. This coupled with their strong work ethics means that they usually work hard in pursuit of money. Not only do they work hard, but they also have a good habit of organizing their finances. Dont be surprised if they do double-entry accounting for their personal account.

Typically, a Taurus person hardly lives above her means. But influenced by Venus, Taurus can sometimes get addicted to splurging on indulgence. They just love that feeling of being able to own nice things.

Is the 19th of April a Taurus or an Aries?

Taurus is the second of the twelve zodiac signs, with the Bull as its symbol. Taurus natives are those who were born between April 19th and May 20th. Taurus is ruled by the element ‘Earth.’ The properties of each zodiac are determined by its element.