Is Sailor Moon A Cancer

The show first appeared as a long-running original series in the 1990s and early 2000s, and since then, it has served as an inspiration for various original plays, video games, and specialized goods. It was the first anime that many people watched when they were young, and their affection for the program is still strong now. Each hero has a planet assigned to them that serves to characterize them as a whole. However, when we look more closely at the show, we can observe that their eccentric personalities go beyond only the planets that correspond to their zodiac signs.

Ever wonder which Sailor Moon character represents your astrological sign?

Aries: Sailor Mars

Aries loves to be in charge since they are the first sign in the zodiac cycle. They take the most difficult circumstances head-on because they are courageous and ambitious. Sailor Mars being the group’s Aries is therefore not surprising. Based on her psychic prophecies that result from studying flames, Sailor Mars possesses a fiery temper and keen perception. She is a warrior who makes decisions quickly and acts without hesitation. She is fast to defend her companions. Since Mars is also the ruling planet of the Aries sign, she is a wonderful fit.

Gemini: Chibi Moon

Geminis are particularly well suited to Chibi Moon’s disposition since they are playful, inquisitive, and outgoing. This adorable character first appears in the Sailor Moon R narrative arc. It makes sense that this tiny character would have the zodiac sign associated with twins since she is the time-traveling offspring of Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion. Geminis are renowned for their quick wit and incisive tongues, which explains why Chibi Moon teases Usagi so frequently throughout the anime.

Cancer: Sailor Moon

Of course, Sailor Moon would be a Cancer as that sign rules the emotions. Cancers are known to be moody and vengeful, yet they are also devoted, guarded, and caring. Usagi Tsukino is a Cancer in the program, which has previously been verified, but we already knew it without being told. She enjoys taking naps, uses tears as a superpower, and frequently uses her softer side to prevail in conflict. Given how quickly she falls in love, Usagi is a born romantic. She may seem relatively feeble in comparison to her peers, yet she is a force to be reckoned with.

Leo: Tuxedo Mask

Tuxedo Mask is difficult to put because he doesn’t appear as frequently as the other characters. When he does appear, he always manages to save the day at the very last second. Like Leo, he is enigmatic and enjoys keeping the Sailor Guardians wondering as to what he will do next. Leos are outspoken, hospitable, passionate, and dramatic. Wherever he goes, Tuxedo Mask knows how to enter. Expect to see him create a scene for showmanship’s sake even if there isn’t any genuine danger.

Virgo: Sailor Mercury

This Earth sign is a perfectionist at heart and is known for being rational, realistic, and systematic in their approach to life. From her battle strategy to her academic performance, Sailor Mercury epitomizes the Virgo concept. Sailor Mercury, the group’s technical expert, always assesses the opposition before acting. She is a competitor in the classroom, excels in her subject, and supports the academic success of her friends. Like Sailor Mercury, Virgos have a sharp mind and an attention to precision.

Libra: Sailor Venus

Sailor V, the protector of justice and love, is a Libra. Venus, the planet of love and beauty, rules Libras. These placards are endearing, lovely, and well-composed. Since Sailor Venus was the first of the Sailor Senshi to change, she took on the identity of Sailor V and operated independently. She was attractive and appealing, and she exerted every effort to thwart the powers of evil. Sailor Venus is one of the strongest crime fighters since they are happiest in a balanced environment.

Scorpio: Sailor Pluto

The space-time door’s protector, Sailor Pluto, has dark and void-related abilities. She is as enigmatic as her abilities and perfectly embodies the Scorpio sign. Given that Pluto is their ruling planet, Scorpios are exceptionally adept at navigating challenging life upheavals. Scorpios are intimately associated with death and transformations. Due of their intensity, these indicators are often misinterpreted, although they are actually quite emotional and want closeness. Despite the fact that she spends much of her time alone, she becomes Hotaru Tomoe’s adopted mother.

Sagittarius: Sailor Jupiter

Sagittarians typically lead liberated lifestyles. They are upbeat and gregarious, yet they also easily get bored and shy away from commitment. The girls are intimidated by Sailor Jupiter’s confrontational, independent demeanor when they first encounter her. She was able to easily become friends with the girls because to her laid-back nature, though. Sailor Jupiter uses thunder to his advantage and enjoys a challenge.

Capricorn: Sailor Saturn

Another enigmatic figure The most powerful Sailor Senshi is Sailor Saturn. She is the Guardian of Destruction and has the power to instantly destroy entire solar systems and change the history of the planets. Her character closely resembles that of a Capricorn. Although Capricorns are ambitious and have lofty goals, their overbearing demeanor occasionally causes unintentional harm to others. The ram acts like Sailor Saturn in the anime, charging through life with tremendous intensity and ambition.

Aquarius: Sailor Uranus

Sailor Uranus doesn’t follow anyone’s rules, and Aquarians are true individuals. She never wears the typical girls uniform and almost always rides a motorcycle or drives a convertible. Sailor Uranus, who is influenced by the planet Uranus, is logical, open-minded, and very smart. This autonomous fighter embodies the oddball Aquarian attitude to a tee.

Pisces: Sailor Neptune

Pisces are unhurried, amiable, and sympathetic individuals who are truly water spirits. They are passionate about romance and the arts. Sailor Neptune is a great musician in addition to being a great student. She is able to express both her intelligence and her romantic infatuation with the world through her work. In contrast to the other signs, Pisceans can be a touch cautious despite being elegant, refined dreamers.

This concludes our list of the Sailor Moon characters according to their horoscope signs. Some of the supporting characters can be a little tricky to pin, but I believe we succeeded this time. How did we fare? Which characters would you modify, if any? Please inform us and make sure to watch future Sailor Moon Crystal episodes.

What Zodiac sign belongs to Sailor Moon?

For starters, this is established fact and proves that she is a Cancer. However, let’s begin nonetheless. Usagi, a.k.a. Sailor Moon, is sensitive, enjoys napping, has a superpower of crying, and has an especially close bond with her cat. She makes use of the moon’s influence as Cancer’s ruling planet and frequently prevails in conflict by appealing to her sensitive side. She’s also innately romantic and lovely (ahem, fell in love with Tuxedo Mask at first sight). She presents as soft but is truly a formidable force to be feared, just like a Cancer!

What sign is Sailor Mars under?

Sailor Mars uses Aries’ aggressive and competitive energy for good by channeling it. She can be combative and hot-tempered, especially around Sailor Moon, but she also has a big heart and is fiercely loyal to her friendships with the other Sailor Scouts.

What sign is Sailor Mercury?

The planners of the zodiac, Virgos are resourceful and analytical. Whether their friends want them to or not, they have a reputation for generating lists and keeping their friends organized. Ami, whose birthday is on September 10, may definitely be characterized in that way. She is not only the Sailor Scout who researches the enemy to aid in war preparations, but she is also the friend who cares the most about setting up study sessions. While they’re saving the world, Ami is the one making sure everyone studies for their examinations.

A Leo Sailor is what?

Mamoru is the guardian of Earth, whilst the other Sailor Senshi derive their power from various planets in the solar system. He shares the same bond with the planet as Sailor Moon does.

Leos are frequently recognized for their propensity to demand attention. Mamoru is a natural charmer even if he doesn’t necessarily try to be the center of attention. He shares that Leo loyalty as well. When he first encounters the Sailor Senshi as Tuxedo Mask, he will stop at nothing to assist them in achieving their objectives.

What sign belongs to Sailor Mercury?

Ami Mizuno, a computer wiz and Sailor Mercury, is initially a bashful girl who struggles to make friends. She enjoys pop culture and romance novels in secret, but she avoids talking about them a lot out of embarrassment.

Ami more closely resembles the Gemini and Virgo zodiac signs, which are ruled by Mercury, than any other Sailor Guardian. Nervousness, indecision, concern, and critical self-talk are all Virgo and Gemini vulnerabilities. The analytical nature and excessive work ethic of earthbound Virgos are known to cause an unbalanced work-life balance. Ami’s desire to become a doctor and help people is an example of how Airy Geminis enjoy reading and are inquisitive about the outside world.

Who is Pisces in the Sailor Moon series?

Many people have likened the Sailor Moon heroines to the zodiac star signs according to the ruling planets. Sailor Neptune, for instance, was a Pisces, whereas Sailor Jupiter was a Sagittarius. On a deeper level, it is simple to see that judging the characters by their ruling planets isn’t always the best course of action. Here is a list of the characteristics and personality qualities that the Sailor Scouts and their pals would possess. Who are you, a hero?