What Birth Month Is Most Likely To Get Cancer

The new study finds that persons born in May had the lowest overall risk for disease, while people born in October have the highest risk. It was published in the Journal of American Medical Informatics Association.

Do birth months have an impact on health?

The month you were born affects your likelihood of developing asthma, ADHD, heart disease, and many other common medical conditions, according to the largest study of its sort ever undertaken by a team of data scientists from Columbia University. Researchers now have critical new information that will help them better understand how prenatal and infant health can affect a person’s lifetime risk of illness. The study compared the birth dates and medical histories of 1.7 million patients treated at New York Presbyterian Hospital and Columbia University Medical Center between 1985 and 2013. It identifies sixteen more conditions in which such a relationship exists while confirming the association between birth month and thirty-nine medical disorders already found in smaller research.

Are people born in July smart?

July babies are independent and tenacious, and they rarely ask for assistance. They enjoy working independently. They frequently have a strong sense of organization and are endowed with great managerial abilities, which can make them effective managers or team leaders. Their work ethic is also very high, and they frequently serve as an example for others. Your young child will put forth a lot of effort and seize any chance available to get what he wants. He will succeed in life, so do not worry about him!

Does it matter what month you were born?

People born in October and November were more susceptible to respiratory, reproductive, and neurological diseases. People born in the fall (September through December) were better protected from cardiovascular disease than people born in the winter and spring (January to June).

What does science have to say about February baby births?

In general, February newborns are happy. One study indicated that kids born in the winter are happier and behave better despite the fact that they are born in the heart of winter and may have to contend with the gloomy skies and chilly weather.

What does science say regarding children born in November?

Believe it or not, having a November birthday can have advantages, particularly in terms of specific qualities and features. In reality, there are certain benefits to being born in November (via Motherly). For instance, newborns born in November often weigh more than those born in the summer. Children born in the cooler months, such as November, tend to be longer at birth and typically grow to be taller and heavier by the time they are seven years old, according to Harvard University research.

Can your future be predicted by your birthday?

My horoscope predicts that because I was born in the first week of October, I should be fair-minded, balanced, brave, but indecisive. It might even be a description of my physical features. I should have a “quite attractive in person, a round lovely face, reddish in youth, but very plain features and subject to eruptions, that disfigure the face when old,” according to one 19th-century astrologer named Raphael. I would be offended till I realized that Gwen Stefani and Zac Effron are said to share certain characteristics.

Naturally, scientific research has long refuted such claims. Even while a psychology study conducted in the 1970s discovered a correlation between some personality qualities and specific star signs, later researchers came to the conclusion that this almost definitely reflected the influence of expectations. If we are taught to be fair and just, obstinate or passionate as children, we will act accordingly. Importantly, the researchers discovered that predictions made by horoscopes do not hold true for persons who are unaware of them.

While horoscope predictions for specific events may be inaccurate, there is some truth to them; during the past several years, researchers have started to realize that your birth month might actually foretell your future.

A Moody birth month?

July has officially begun. This month is a popular time for birthdays for many people. According to astrology, a person’s birth month reveals a lot about them, including their temperament, virtues, and vices. July babies are naturally erratic by nature. They contain a wide variety of other traits. Tell us in specifics what other qualities they have.

People born in July tend to be highly moody by nature. Within a few seconds, their mood can change. People born this month, for instance, can suddenly feel both delighted and angry. Due to their nature, they frequently spark arguments and provoke hostility.

Journalism, movies, and sports are more appealing to people born in July. You might experience greater success if you choose to work in these industries. On the other hand, if you operate any form of business, you have the power to expand it. Your understanding of your objective is crystal clear.

People who were born in July frequently have beautiful, straightforward speech. With this capacity, you may make an impression on others and contribute to the development of positive identities in society. But frequently, people will try to take advantage of you, and you will suffer.

People from July are loved by everyone and are respected in society because they believe in the happiness of everyone and in progress. Their generosity to others sets them apart from others.

The people who were born in the month of July are incredibly versatile; they have perfected the art of getting things done, even with the aid of diplomacy, and they can effortlessly complete even the most difficult tasks. The children born in this month will make every effort to finish any tasks they chose to undertake as soon as feasible.

Why is July so unique?

India and other nations throughout the world appear to be celebrating freedom, independence, and culture around this time. Fun fact: Since July is the month in which Julius Caesar was born (100 BC44 BC), the Roman Senate named the month in his honor.

Are those born in July lucky?

Summer infants are already incredibly fortunate. They don’t have to worry about important holidays overshadowing their birthday celebrations, plus they get to enjoy the wonderful weather! But July newborns are particularly fortunate. According to some research, newborns born in July may have an advantage over the rest of us because of the increased sunlight that helps them produce vitamin D during their vulnerable first months, which promotes healthier and taller development. Here are some more interesting details about your July baby: