Why Cancer Men Cheat

the telltale signs a Cancer man is having an affair

What behaviors do cheating Cancers exhibit?

Cancer frequently stalks and grooms its victim; they seek for the weak or naive who are in need of assistance and care on an emotional level. They frequently entice their lovers with a series of lies, making both the people they cheat on and the people they cheat with into equal victims.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Cancer is faithful as long as their emotional demands are addressed and they feel secure in their relationship.

All cancers care about is settling down and meeting their soul mate. When it comes to relationships, they are serious. They wouldn’t even think about leaving their lover as long as they feel appreciated by them.

How likely is it that a Cancer will lie?

Aries kids act impulsively and are most likely to leave a relationship for a fling because they are a competitive and dynamic fire sign. 34 percent of Aries have cheated on a significant partner or have nearly cheated on one, according to a survey by EduBirdie. Yikes!

Aries is quite impulsive because it is a fire sign and the first sign of the zodiac. While they can undoubtedly get past this, they do have a propensity to sit and think instead of doing.


Oh, that sensual and useful earth sign. Because Taurus people tend to be grounded and dependable, just 17% of them have cheated or have nearly cheated, yet a sizable majority of them believe in monogamy.

Taurus is an earth sign that is all about enjoyment.

Good meals, fine wine, opulent bed linens, and yes, sex. Okay, sometimes their hedonism simply gets the best of them.


Gemini is a very sociable sign of the zodiac and is quickly bored. The twins are a representation of them, and even though one of their personalities is very into monogamy, the other one might not be. They have enough interests and activities for two people.


“Sensitive and kind, this water sign is motivated by how they take care of those around them. Only 13 percent of people who are in touch with their emotions and loyal to their commitments have cheated or nearly cheated, with the majority remaining faithful.

When injured, cancers have a tendency to use their crab claws as a kind of conflict resolution. And although doing so might entail insulting you with some witty one-liners, it could also entail them going nuclear in retaliation.

Male tumors are they devoted?

For the proper woman, a Cancerian guy can be a superb long-term companion. He is not guided by his mind; rather, he is led by emotion and things of the heart. He consequently tends to be highly caring, attentive, and perceptive to other people’s emotions, especially those of the people he cares about. A crab places great value on his home and family, and he can be passionately protective of them. Cancer enjoys consistency, comfort, and security. With a Cancer companion, you’ll always feel cherished, secure, and well-cared-for. Most Cancerian men make loving, devoted spouses and patient, compassionate fathers. His relationships are well-maintained, and he frequently exhibits extreme romance in addition to having a fantastic sense of humor.

Does he sound like the ideal man? You should hear the entirety of the story before dragging out your crab pot. Men with cancer are sensitive. As the moon undergoes numerous changes, so do the emotions of those born under the sign of Cancer. He will expect your whole attention, and he will demand your entire and total adoration. You might discover that Cancer is possessive and envious. He puts in a lot of effort, therefore you can expect the same from him. He also prefers to stay at home, so if you’re a party girl, a Cancerian is not the man for you. Cancer might be too needy, clinging, moody, and dull for some signs.

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Do cancers overlook dishonesty?

You are regarded to be a very forgiving sign, Cancer. So much so that it would be preferable to overlook adultery and make an effort to move on than to continue to dwell on the past. You might like to believe that you are beyond the petty emotions that can arise when dealing with infidelity, but that is not the case at all.

What’s actually going on in your head is the notion that, if you believe you’ve discovered The One, you’ll go to any lengths to hold onto them. For the sake of the partnership, you will do whatever it takes to avoid breaking things up by refusing to pardon adultery.

Can a relationship with a Cancer man be trusted?

There are a few important things to understand before continuing a relationship with a Cancer. They’ll require a lot of alone time. They are highly independent. They are also excellent with money management and anticipate their partner to be equally so. You won’t ever need to be concerned that he won’t have enough money saved for the fantasy trip you two planned or for the deposit on your first apartment.

Although they may not always express it, Cancers yearn for love. Be genuinely present with him when you’re with him. It’s acceptable to occasionally let your defenses down and let him know that you need him because he is a protector by nature.

Cancer men consider their house to be their castle. The pictures, shot glasses, posters, and other miscellaneous stuff he has amassed and proudly placed on the shelves and walls of his room or house serve as a physical representation of all of his memories. Query him with these issues. Contribute to his collection as you become a part of his tale.

Don’t be surprised if a Cancerian asks you where you see your relationship heading in the future because they enjoy making future plans with their partners. They surely want to make sure that the feelings are shared before investing in someone. You never have to worry about a Cancer man leaving you high and dry because of the way that he behaves in love. At the end of the day, people want to return home to a spouse who has shown them love and appreciation despite any difficulties you may be through, and they will always make sure to reciprocate.

Last but not least, he has a great passion for his family, which is something you may have admired in him from the start. Who knows if you’re fortunate enough to hold onto a Cancer man’s heart? One day, you might even join his family.

Whenever a Cancer man is sincere with you?

When people enter a romantic partnership, Cancerians typically give their all to it. There is a good possibility that he is in love with you if he freely admits that he is only looking for a serious relationship and spends time with you or flirts with you.

Are Cancers faithful or dishonest?

The least probable sign in the zodiac to cheat on their spouses is Cancer. Along with being protective of their physical settings (Cancers prefer to get their homes just right for maximum grounded-ness), they are also extremely protective of their relationships. Fidelity is practically etched into their moral code.