Is Mercury Retrograde Worse For Gemini

Mercury will be travelling backward through your sign, Gemini, when it first begins its retrograde, from May 10 to 22. Because it is also your ruler, you may feel slowed down and off-track, especially when it comes to achieving personal goals. However, when your sun sign season approaches, you’ll no likely have a lot of social and travel commitments that you’ll want to stick to, as you should. Just remember to leave enough time to make it to happy hour or the airport. From May 22 to June 3, the planet of communication will pass through your twelfth house of spirituality, so think back to where you were in mid-April. You may have felt drowsier and dreamier, pondering what you want to accomplish in the coming weeks. This is the moment to channel that energy towards becoming even more aware of what you want to achieve and how you may best care for your mental and emotional well-being while doing so.


“Aries is at a moment in their lives where they need to reflect about their principles and clarify what they believe in,” Holmes explains. Mercury’s retrograde in Gemini and Taurus is activating Aries’ third house of communication, so it’ll be important to think about how you speak and communicate during this time. “They’ll definitely start doing some subconscious deep digging and displaying one genuine self-expression,” Holmes predicts.

Mercury retrograde affects which zodiac signs?

Nothing in astrology is more infamous than the dreadful Mercury retrograde. After all, Mercury is the planet that rules communication and cognitive function, so it has a lot of influence in your day-to-day life. When this fast-moving, very intelligent inner planet goes retrograde, it can cause confusion and miscalculations, causing all of your plans to fall apart. Fortunately, if you belong to one of the zodiac signs that will be least affected by Mercury retrograde in spring 2022 Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn you won’t have to prepare for absolute chaos.

The next Mercury retrograde begins on May 10th, when Mercury is at 4 degrees Gemini. Miscommunication is a prominent topic of this flighty and fickle retrograde, as this mutable air sign has a tendency to think faster than its lips can keep up with. Mercury won’t remain in Gemini for long, as it will retrograde back into Taurus on May 22, returning to its stubborn and slow-moving zone once more. You may find yourself overthinking each decision and struggling to see past your loyalties to particular attitudes and ideas as Mercury returns to this fixed earth sign. Keep an open mind and double-check that you know what you’re talking about.

Mercury retrograde might throw your life into a loop, but it’s crucial to remember that it only lasts about three weeks. This retrograde, which ends on June 3 at 26 degrees Taurus, may lead you back in time, bringing up unfinished business that has to be addressed. Let this retrograde give you another chance to try again if there are any things left unsaid or decisions that have yet to be taken.

Cardinal signs, on the other hand, may be spared the brunt of this retrograde’s effects. This is why:

When Mercury goes retrograde in 2021, what signs will be affected?

Because the retrograde is in cardinal Libra, the other cardinal signs in the other elements will be the most affected by this backward turn. This contains the signs of Aries (cardinal fire), Cancer (cardinal water), and Capricorn (cardinal earth) (cardinal earth). It will be felt in your seventh house of partnership, Cancer’s fourth house of domestic life, and Cap’s tenth house of career, Aries.

What should you avoid doing when Mercury is in retrograde?

“We can have technical or mechanical troubles, and our wires in all forms of communication can feel crossed,” says Ellen Bowles, an astrologer and co-author of Astrology SOS. “Planetary retrogrades are periods of communal thought and rest. When Mercury goes retrograde, we are advised to slow down and double-check our work.” The desire to go over every last detail extends beyond the retrograde period itself, which lasts three to four weeks. Mercury’s shadow phase, sometimes known as “retroshade,” lasts for a week or two before and after the retrograde, and the same restrictions apply during this time as they do during Mercury retrograde.

What should you avoid doing in 2022 when Mercury is retrograde?

Mercury’s retrograde motion, or appearance of moving ‘backwards,’ is an optical illusion. The world is not traveling backwards; rather, it is slowing down. Mercury’s orbit around the sun is normally faster than the earth’s. Mercury takes only 88 days to complete a trip around the sun, whereas the earth takes 365 days. As a result, it appears to be traveling ‘backwards’ from west to east, rather than east to west.

According to astrologers, this unusual cosmic event has ramifications down here on Earth as well. When Mercury slows down or appears to ‘dance backwards,’ the domains that Mercury normally rules appear to be disrupted.

Mercury retrograde 2022: The things to expect

Given that it occurs smack in the heart of eclipse season, this Mercury retrograde could be a bit bumpy. Prepare for minor hiccups, as well as long delays in receiving vital information or documents linked to your job. If you plan to travel during this time, you may encounter issues such as money loss, double billing, or damage to your digital gadgets. An undesirable former acquaintance or opponent, or even an ex-partner, may reappearance, causing tensions and fights.

You must plan for disruptions in travel, communication, news, and other aspects of your life. When it comes to travel, the retrograde may even invite false gossip, meltdowns, miscommunications at work, technical failures, and missed flights and delays.

Because Mercury enjoys being in Gemini, the first phase of the Mercury retrograde, which is in Gemini from 10 May to 22 May, is a more favorable period than the second phase, which is in Taurus, because Mercury prefers being in Gemini. According to astrologers, it is advisable to take care of your mental well-being during the first 12 days, meditate, and practice yoga to calm yourself, acquire clarity, and avoid getting overwhelmed. This time will allow you to alter your life as you go through painful but significant adjustments.

Mercury enters Taurus, a sign associated with intransigence, diplomacy, and indulgence, on the 22nd of May, signaling a profound shift in mood. Because Mercury dislikes being in Taurus due to their opposing natures, you may feel compelled to go against Mercury’s wishes and relax and slow down even more. You may feel as if something is physically weighing you down and causing you to become irritable.

During this time of the retrograde, make sure you are not postponing your pending responsibilities to your cost. Make good use of your time and don’t let pleasure evolve into laziness.

Mercury retrograde 2022: The ways to cope

This is an excellent moment to realign yourself to your center, ponder, and relax in your personal life, taking a cue from Mercury’s slowing. Avoid doing things that will overwhelm you and instead focus on what is truly important to you. Because accidents, mistakes, and misunderstandings are more common during Mercury retrograde, you should be cautious and take your time commuting and talking.

During this time, it is possible that emails and text messages will not be delivered, or that the GPS will malfunction. As a result, double-check your work emails and all other technology-related items. Editing is critical, and in this case, less is absolutely more. Instead of leaping into a discussion without thinking, take a big breath and think about what you will say. Misunderstandings will be avoided as a result of this.

Mercury retrograde 2022: Ways to avoid failure

Mercury retrograde is difficult, but it is not insurmountable. You will go through the entire period with little hiccups if you arm yourself with the correct mental tools. Avoid rushing through projects or chores, and pay attention to the details.

Driving to work shouldn’t be rushed, and you should be especially cautious when traveling. Make sure you have your passports and other important paperwork with you, and that your electronics are properly charged. It is preferable to move at a slower speed so that essential nuances are not overlooked.

Make the most of this opportunity to heal and transform old wounds, relationships, and friendships. Allow yourself to let go of old hurt sentiments and negative energies. If you have a dispute with someone, try to put yourself in their shoes before jumping to conclusions and getting into a fight. As the retrograde urges you to edit, reassess, and concentrate, practice patience on a regular basis.

Last but not least, the retrograde is nothing to be terrified of. This heavenly shift is here to point you in the proper direction and provide you with new views and clarity in your existing situation. If you accept this incident in stride and see it as an opportunity to develop a higher level of consciousness and a better understanding of yourself, others, and new situations, you will be unaffected.

Is it true that Mercury in Retrograde has an impact on relationships?

Mercury’s retrograde, according to Daisy, could lead to major relationship issues such as adultery, betrayal, or a lack of closeness. “As this planet looks to retreat, it may feel like everything in your love relationship is going wrong, as you bring up old difficulties and disagreements,” she explains.

“Communication is crucial, and with Mercury, the planet of communication, appearing to be in reverse, you’ll have to work even harder!” Concentrate on strengthening your relationship through chatting, being honest, and being open-hearted.”

Is Mercury retrograde bad for your mood?

Expect to feel more or less energized than usual, especially if you’re frightened. can either deplete your typical vigor and leave you drowsy, or will infuse you with chaotic, scattered energy, making you feel restless, distracted, and nervous.

What’s the best way to get through a Mercury retrograde?

(Hi! I’m not an astrologer.) My name is Lisa Levine, and I own Maha Rose, a center for holistic healing sessions, seminars, and training), but I was born during a Mercury retrograde phase, and rather of fighting it, I’ve devised some strategies to take use of the obstacles and opportunities it presents. See the list below for all the ways you can thrive during and after Mercury’s retrograde.

In the year 2022, which planet is retrograde?

Mercury will be in apparent retrograde motion in 2022 between the dates of January 13 and February 3. The dates are May 10 to June 2. The dates are September 9 through October 1.