What Does This Full Moon Mean For Gemini

There’s a sense that it’s time for a change with the Full Moon in Gemini on December 7th, 2022. Gemini energy is vibrant and spontaneous, according to astrology, thus this Moon tends to bring a desire for change on the spur of the moment, without any planning.

What signs are affected by the Gemini Full Moon?

Full moons all have one thing in common: they’re emotional roller coasters. When there’s a full moon, it can feel like a million dramatic things are occurring all at once, and the pressure is rushing down on you like a wave. The moon is, after all, the ruler of your subconscious, emotions, instincts, and inner world. It tends to exaggerate what everyone is feeling when it’s at its brightest and fullest, forcing everyone to make some impulsive judgments. Fortunately, this isn’t the case for every full moon. If you’re one of the zodiac signs that will be least affected by the December 2021 full moon in Gemini Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn you might think it won’t be as significant as you had hoped.

Every full moon has its own unique energy, influence, and overall effect. Because this full moon is in Gemini, the analytical, communicative, and playful sign, you may find that it makes you think more than feel. Let’s not forget that Gemini is a sensible air sign that prefers to think about things rather than feel them. However, because this full moon will also form a trine with expansive Jupiter, you may feel as though it is exaggerating everything. After all, Jupiter has a tendency to magnify whatever it comes into contact with. Even though a full moon in Gemini may bring forth more thoughts than feelings, it may also spark some ground-breaking discussions and ideas.

Cardinal signs may not experience the full moon’s impact as strongly as other signs when it occurs on Dec. 18 at 11:35 p.m. ET. This is why:

What effect does the full moon in Gemini have on Gemini?

We’ve reached the end of 2021, and what a year it’s been. From the recent upheaval of eclipse season, a Mercury retrograde for the books, and the present Venus Retrograde in Capricorn, it’s reasonable to say that we as a culture have been through it all. But astrology isn’t all doom and gloom, and the transits in December 2021 provide some much-needed cosmic levity. There are a few fortunate occurrences in the sky, including a lovely full moon in Gemini on December 18. Here’s everything you need to know about taking advantage of the full moon’s enchantment.

It’s the first lunation since eclipse season

Since early November, this is the first cosmically safe moment to resume your manifestation techniques. What exactly is the reason for this? We’ve just finished the eclipse season of fall 2021, which saw the end of eclipses on the variable Gemini-Sagittarius axis and the beginning of a new cycle of eclipses on the fixed Taurus-Scorpio axis. Due to their volatile character, eclipses are known to be a poor period for manifesting.

As a result, the full moon in Gemini on December 18 is totally eclipse-free, making it a perfect time to invest in daily routines that give purpose to your life, keep you embodied, and guide you to your highest values.

The full moon in Gemini is trining Jupiter

Jupiter, as a benevolent planet, is all about expansion and bestowing blessings. As Jupiter completes its final degrees in Aquarius, a trine when two planets are 120 degrees apart and operating in harmony pulls the full moon in Gemini in December into Jupiter’s good graces. As it stands, the two air signs complement each other well, and the full moon in Gemini will assist illuminate the risk worth taking, with Jupiter possibly ensuring a large payout.

Bonus: Jupiter is going to enter Pisces, which will usher in a new year of good fortune. There’s more on that here.

It’s also called the Cold Moon

The Cold Moon is a full moon that occurs in December, according to the Farmer’s Almanac. The name is quite literal: December is a frigid month in the northern hemisphere, and the full moon generally coincides with the winter solstice, which marks the end of the Sagittarius season and the beginning of winter. (That’s right, winter hasn’t officially started yet!) The full moon in Gemini in December, filled with Jupiter’s luck, inspires us to find the light in the dark, the warmth in the cold, and the connections within the muck, and the full moon in Gemini in December, imbued with Jupiter’s luck, may make it all happen.

What are the characteristics of Gemini moons?

In social situations, the Moon in Gemini individual has a light touch and a natural ability to put others at ease. Moons born under the sign of the Air have a spacious manner of communicating, with plenty of room for new ideas. Those born with the Moon in Gemini have highly illuminated minds that are constantly churning.

Is it true that Gemini moons are emotionless?

Those with the moon in Gemini can better comprehend their inner feelings by talking them out. They are emotionally intelligent because they can rationalize their sentiments (after a long discussion to achieve clarity). Gemini moons are relationship-oriented, as they are the only zodiac sign with a life partner (the twins Castor and Pollux in Greek mythology) in the sky. They desire to sort out issues to keep relationships intact.

What is Gemini’s moon phase?

Because the Moon is always shifting, we are all honorary Geminis once a month, even if we were born with the Moon in another sign. We may feel a little more scattered during the Moon’s transit through Gemini, regardless of how we generally feel. The Gemini Moon mentality is classified as easily distracted by astrologers since it’s difficult to focus when there’s always something else vying for our attention.

Every single event appears to be the most important, yet each one has its moment in the spotlight and then goes away. Use the changeable environment of the Gemini Moon to change your mind about something or see another side of an issue you’ve been stuck on.

New Moon in Gemini

The New Moon is always a cosmic turning point, signaling the end of one cycle and the beginning of the next. The Sun and the Moon will both be in the sign of Gemini at the conclusion of the spring, around May, making it a New Moon. Now is the moment to sow your metaphorical seeds. The New Moon in Gemini encourages us to plant a specific type of seed a notion or an idea and it’s fine if we don’t know how things will turn out.

Geminis can be restless when their ideas are too specific, and they have a hard time following through. This is an excellent moment to start anything new that will allow you to experiment as it develops.

Full Moon in Gemini

The Sun will be in Sagittarius six months later, at the end of fall, while the Moon will be in Gemini. We have a Full Moon because the Sun and the Moon are on opposing sides of the Earth. This is when the seeds we sowed during the New Moon begin to bear fruit. In contrast to the philosophical perspective of the Sagittarius Sun, the hyperactive Gemini Full Moon is easily sidetracked by a million tiny details.

What does it imply when the moon is full?

The Sun symbolizes spirit on a symbolic level (or insert your preferred word of choice, whether divinity or universe or fill-in-the-blank). The Moon represents both the physical and emotional bodies. The full Moon is a moment to be receptive, to allow spirit’s light and awareness to enter your emotional and physical body.

On an energetic level, what is going on during the new Moon is typically happening unknowingly, in the shadows, and is not yet ready to be illuminated. The full Moon improves your awareness and ability to receive insights that have been approaching you by the time you reach it. This occurs at the same moment when the Moon is about to reach fullness. This awareness can help you get clarityand aweabout what is going on in your life and when it is happening.

The full Moon isn’t a single-day event or a snapshot in time. It is a Moon phase that is active for at least three days. Allowing oneself to truly be with the Moon during its full phase and whatever comes up for you can become an emotional mastery practice, especially in the days leading up to the lunar event.

Take note of what arises in your emotional body for you. What exactly is it that is being illuminated? What actions or thoughts are no longer able to remain hidden in the shadows? What darkness can’t hold up to the light any longer? What unhelpful mental patterns, self-destructive habits, or unhealthy communication styles need to be addressed specifically? Perhaps you can get the courage to make a change or seek assistance at this time.

Know that you are being spoken to in your dreams, whether you sob, discover inspiration, or have revelatory insights. You’re being shown the emotional and psychological aspects of a reality that wasn’t completely obvious during the New Moon but is now within your grasp. It’s a never-ending process.

In astrology, what do new moons mean?

The new Moon is widely seen as a time for new beginnings. It’s also worth noting that when the new Moon occurs, it not only starts a new cycle, but it also finishes the previous one. We are reminded to consider reality’s cyclical nature, how every beginning leads to an end, and how we are in a perpetual relationship with the filling up and pouring out that life requires.

The Sun represents soul in astrology, whereas the Moon represents the physical and emotional body. When these two come together, what does it mean? One of my professors refers to the new Moon as a period of gestation. There is a deep and felt sense of connectedness while we are in the dark, an experience of the two being one. It is a period when the physical and emotional bodies can rest and reset in the spiritual womb. During this phase, there is no separation.

Any form of conjunction, which occurs when two or more elements come together to continue on their path to completion, has meaning. One sort of conjunction is alchemy, which involves the fusion of different metals. Another is the New Moon. The Sun and the Moon, who were recently in union throughout the full lunar cycle and subsequently parted, reunite to continue on their path to perfection. Knowing that the Sun and Moon merge and split only to recombine in the never-ending process of perfection has always given me calm. It’s a never-ending cycle for them.

If we pay attention to the magic of the new and full Moon cycles, we can become aware of this relationshipthe alchemybetween spirit and matter.

From a psychological standpoint, the Sun signifies awareness and consciousness, which is the manifestation of Source’s light. The Moon is a symbol for our feelings in response to that light. The new Moon can prompt us to examine how our emotions continue to ebb and flow within the constant light of awareness. The new Moon occurs when we lose our ability to see the reflected light that illuminates what has to be seen, which is highlighted by darkness. We will only be able to progress if we establish a relationship with the darkness. Allow your awareness to cleanse and restore your emotional body during the new Moon.