How To Use Leo

Leo can assist you in sending money to any UBA bank account, UBA prepaid card, other banks, and financial organizations so that banking doesn’t have to be monotonous. To send money to yourself and your loved ones, just type “Send money” on any of the Leo platforms. Simply by speaking with Leo, you can make your transactions straightforward, quick, and effortless.

How do I turn on UBA Leo?

First and foremost, you need to confirm that WhatsApp is installed on your phone. Additionally, you need to be connected to the internet. We can start after both conditions have been satisfied.

  • The UBA WhatsApp Banking Number is +232 79 919 919; add it to your contacts list.
  • You can save it with whatever you like, however I suggest using Leo or Leo UBA.
  • the contact has been saved after that. Go to your contact list in the WhatsApp app by opening it. Find the contact by refreshing the list.
  • To start a chat, tap on it.
  • By typing 1 and clicking Send, you agree to the UBA WhatsApp Banking terms and conditions.
  • A link will be provided to you once you approve.
  • Use any browser you like to access the link, then log in with your UBA account number.
  • An OTP (One Time Password) will be provided to your phone number following a successful registration.
  • Open the conversation between you and Leo on your WhatsApp application. Enter the received OTP now and send it.
  • You are ready to go once that is completed. You can now conduct banking transactions via UBA WhatsApp Banking.

Can I send how much with Leo?

Use Leo because it might be more affordable and convenient than USSD. Additionally, it is more approachable and engaging than USSD.

fast math

You’ll need at least 20 naira to use UBA USSD banking (*919#). Your Telco operator will then typically charge you (see DCB below) for using their network at the time a transaction is initiated (such as MTN, Glo, 9Mobile, and Airtel). Why not utilize Leo, which does not time out like USSD, instead of saving your money to buy data?

Timing out indicates that you will need to make a fresh payment to start a new transaction. Additionally, many folks I know who always have access to mobile data or the internet may not have airtime credit. Should they therefore be denied access to banking services?

Similarities and differences between Leo and UBA USSD (“USSD)

  • Leo is a session-less technology, whereas USSD is a session-based technology. As a result, you can resume where you left off after a long time. similar to how you respond to Facebook messages from others days later.
  • Users can open UBA accounts, transfer money to UBA and other banks, purchase airtime, pay bills, and obtain a mini statement using Leo and UBA USSD, respectively. Leo allows you to carry out higher-order transactions, such sending more than 20,000 naira to another account. Because Leo uses additional security measures like OTP (One-Time-Password) for user authentication rather than USSD, which does not, this is made possible (however, they usually ask for the PIN).
  • Leo and USSD are both interactive systems.
  • Whether a customer utilizes Leo or USSD, bank fees and charges still apply to transactions.
  • Leo, on the other hand, is an internet-based program that can run on any source of internet (such Wifi and Mobile Data) without any Telco charging you extra for using Leo, unlike USSD uses Direct Carrier Billing for transfer charges.
  • Leo requires the installation of Messenger, whereas USSD doesn’t.
  • Leo requires smartphones to function because, for phones, Messenger operates on Android, iOS, and Windows while USSD works on all GSM mobile phones (feature and smart) (although, it is pulling support from Windows Phone 8 and 8.1).

Other things to note

P.S. You can visit the menu tab at the bottom of the chat at any moment while having a conversation with Leo. This gives you immediate access to “My Account” and “My services” menu options.

“My profile

There are three dropdown list options under “My Account”: “Balance Enquiry,” “Transaction Alerts,” and “Link new UBA account” (to a Messenger account)

Similar to that, “My services offers three dropdown list options: Transfer money, Airtime Topup, and Mini statement.”

The “recommended responses to Leo’s already pre-programmed inquiries” are also presented for some of those menu selections that remain at the bottom of the page. Therefore, you can either manually type in what you want to do or just click on it (which will show up in your chat history as a message from you).

Since I had a UBA Bank account, which was fortunate for me, it then asked for the account number, which I provided, and continued the dialogue till I succeeded in my goal (send money).

It would have offered to make one for me right away if I didn’t have one, saving me the trouble of going to a branch. I am aware because I have used it!

You might find this strangely exciting if this is your first time interacting with a chatbot (like Siri, Google Assistant, or Alexa). However, because Siri, Google Assistant, and similar systems are more capable, they frequently provide responses that are more intelligent, especially when it comes to NLP (NLP). Given that Leo is only a chatBot and not a fully-fledged AI personal assistant, this is understandable. Leo to Siri is not an Apple to Apple comparison, therefore.

Perhaps evaluating the effectiveness of one of the 100,000 active bots on Messenger each month might produce a more accurate comparison.

In conclusion, using Leo saves money and avoids the fee that many Telcos often charge for USSD transfers. And if this is a success, we might even see other banks adopt this strategy and create ChatBots to communicate with their (present and potential) clients.

Why should I utilize UBA chat banking?

Go to your Google Business Chat, Apple Business Chat, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp accounts. Look up “UBA Chat Banking.” Start a conversation with Leo right away to discover a whole new universe of banking solutions without having to visit a bank.

How effective is Uba Leo?

Data and Airtime Leo Banking can help you send money to any UBA bank account, UBA prepaid card, other banks, and financial institutions, so topping up doesn’t have to be monotonous. To send money to yourself and your loved ones, just type “Send money” on any of the Leo platforms.

How can I WhatsApp message a Leo?

Well, adding Leo to WhatsApp and starting a conversation is not too difficult.

Adding UBA Leo’s WhatsApp Number

  • the contacts on your phone.
  • Enter +234 903 000 2455.
  • Add a new contact or click on save.
  • The contact name should therefore be “UBA Leo.”
  • Congratulations, Leo’s WhatsApp number has been added to your contacts.

What exactly does User ID in Uba Secure Pass mean?

In order to uniquely identify UBA clients in Nigeria, consumers are issued a UBA user ID, which is a set of digits. Within the bank systems, people may share names, but they cannot have a common user ID.

I need to create a UBA secure pass.

setting up UBA Secure Pass on a mobile device

  • Visit the app store on your smartphone. (such as the Microsoft Store, Blackberry World, Google Play Store, Apple Store, etc.)
  • Find “UBA Secure Pass” by searching.
  • Simply download the app, then wait for your phone to recognize it and begin the installation process.

What is the UBA code for money transfers?

You must first register using a registered phone connected to your bank account in order to access the UBA bank mobile banking.

  • On your cell phone, simply dial *919#. After getting your PIN, follow the on-screen instructions to begin using UBA mobile USSD banking.
  • Simply dial *919*3# and follow the on-screen instructions to send money to a UBAAccount.
  • Simply dial *919*4# and follow the on-screen instructions if you wish to send money to other Nigerian banks.

Please be aware that a Secure Pass is required for transfers over N20,000 (in form of a token). However, you can receive the token and complete additional transactions from the comfort of your home by downloading the app for Android and iOS or by going to any UBA branch nearby.

To UBA bank, who is Leo?

Leo, which the bank said has established itself as the most formidable artificial intelligence chat bot to date, is currently accessible on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Apple Business Chat, serving a growing customer base who now have less transaction problems to worry about.

UBA has decided to provide Leo services on Instagram and Google Business, two platforms that none of its competitors can claim, in order to broaden its reach even further.

Changing the Face of Banking

Mr. Kennedy Uzoka, Group Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of UBA, confirmed that UBA customers do concur that Leo is one of the bank’s largest investments in cutting-edge technology and has been steadily altering the face of banking on the continent.