How To Beat A Libra At His Own Game

This symbol, which is both fixed and flaming, will both explode up and shut down. You won’t win an argument with a Leo if you get too heated up about something. They are passionate and inventive, so they have no trouble coming up with rebuttals on the fly. Learning how to say less and get them to talk more is the greatest method to debate with a Leo. Inquire of them and observe their responses. You can tell they’re losing steam when their fire dims.


The wonderful thing about Virgo is that they aren’t about to go around looking like boo-boo the fool. This zodiac sign is known for keeping their mouths shut and their ideas to themselves. It’s unusual that you can catch Virgo off guard, but when you do, pay attention to what they haven’t said. When Virgo speaks out, it can sound a lot like a rehearsed speech, so make them think as they speak and keep an eye out for stutters.


You can win an argument with a Libra by recognizing that they don’t want to argue. Libra is controlled by Venus, therefore when they argue, it’s because they sincerely hope that everyone could get along. You don’t have to do anything with a Libra besides argue with them. They’ll eventually feel compelled to at least try to comprehend your point of view. It’s a different story getting them to agree, but you don’t need them to agree to win an argument.


Scorpio, like Aries, has traditionally been ruled by the planet Mars. Scorpio, on the other hand, is currently controlled by the planet Pluto. So you need to figure out whether you’re dealing with an old school Scorpio or one who is trying to stay up with the times. You may undermine an old school Scorpio’s argument by pressing their buttons and asking challenging questions. If you’re having a disagreement with a Scorpio who’s trying to be “cool,” point out what they don’t know and make them understand that their argument sounds like it came straight from the bunker.

How do you beat a man at his own game?

How to Beat the Player at His Own Game: 9 Ways to Outplay Him

  • The Best Way to Outplay the Player is to Pay Attention. Play a little hot-and-cold game!

Do Libra men play mindgames?

Librans enjoy being in relationships and are capable of hopping from one lover to the next after each split. They are people pleasers and diplomatic, and they occasionally turn to mind games, which makes their sensitive spouse feel uncomfortable and creates unnecessary tension.

Can you manipulate a Libra?

Others’ Attraction Libras are more people-pleasers and highly tuned in to others than any other Zodiac sign. They’re known for being manipulative since they know how to use their charm to acquire what they want.

What happens when a Libra is mad at you?

A Libra man is often laid-back, peaceful, and forgiving. They aren’t readily irritated, but when they are, they are like a ticking time bomb!

They erupt, and instead of trying to calm them down, you should let them vent their frustrations. Don’t be alarmed by his strong reaction; instead, see it as a good.

If the Libra man stops speaking to you and becomes silent and aloof while upset, this is a red flag!

When the Libra guy gets furious, he will most likely raise his voice.

That indicates that he despises arguments and confrontations and feels compelled to express his frustrations as quickly as feasible.

Despite the fact that the Libra guy does not hold grudges or harbor resentment, you can always count on him approaching you to discuss the issue.

How do you outsmart someone who plays mind games?

When you notice someone is playing mind games with you, the greatest thing you can do is shower them with love, stop speaking with them, and go on with your life. Manipulators have a lack of personal boundaries and aren’t looking out for your best interests. They’ve acquired unfavorable coping techniques that are unlikely to alter in the future.

How do you win the heart of a player?

She may not defrost under a player’s spell, but it doesn’t mean she’s freezing. No, no, no – quite the opposite. In fact, she can do something no other woman has done before her: she can warm him up by challenging him to a little brain-teasing bachata, which will get his heart pumping and his head working.

“I know what you’re doing,” she’d say, winking, “and it’s not going to work on me.”

As she dodges and swerves all of his plots, all of the techniques that have worked on every other lady before her, the player will attempt every trick in the book on her – flick, flick, flick.

When he’s on the verge of losing, he’ll understand that the lack of game his true nature is what keeps his control over her alive. After a long period of darkness, a ray of light emerges from his palm, strikes her, and she submits to his will. But, unlike his past victims, she is a willing marionette this time.

He’ll fall in love knowing that he’ll be adored for who he truly is, rather than his “superhero” persona.

As a result, the only way to win a player’s heart is to be the one and only person who can beat him in his own game. But then you have to rebuild them, electrifying his mind, body, and soul by being the challenger who is always one step ahead of them.

What makes a Libra angry?

Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, and they are enraged by jealousy that leads to bitter criticism.

Libras are natural goal-setters who don’t let obstacles stand in their way.

They are extremely successful in all aspects of their lives because they work so hard to avoid failure.

People in Libra’s life are often secretly, if not subconsciously, envious of them.