What Does The Lunar Eclipse Mean For Libra

People born under the sign of Libra are usually quite stable. They’re used to keeping their emotions bottled up, and despite their dislike of suppressing their emotions, they manage to be models of stoicism and a laid-back attitude.

That is, until the Full Moon rises in the sky, at which point they must raise their Libra freak flag high.

It takes energy to be balanced, and when the moon’s pull begins to act on a Libra man or woman, it’s as if the floodgates open up for them. Tears, wild thoughts, sexy times, and a little bit of self-hatred are all to be expected. The self-hatred portion isn’t my favorite, but it happens.

Which zodiac sign will be affected by lunar eclipse?

The lunar eclipse will also effect anyone born under the signs of Aries, Virgo, Libra, and Sagittarius. Virgos and those with weak moons would be negatively affected by the eclipse.


In relation to a major professional contract or deal, the new moon in Libra in 2021 is a time for you to reclaim your control. This could be a long-standing relationship that is now reappearing as an opportunity for change. In order to renegotiate, remember to explain your wants honestly. This will be a longer-term and more expansive position for you.

What does lunar eclipse mean astrology?

Eclipses, by their very nature, bring a crisis into our lives. These are frequently “predestined” or “karmic” events that were meant to occur. You will often notice a significant difference in an area of your life depending on where they fall in your birth chart or for your zodiac sign. Solar eclipses, as previously said, usher in fated new beginnings and chances, whereas lunar eclipses usher in fated endings, breakdowns, or breakthroughs.

When we are confronted with a crisis eclipse, we are often pushed out of our comfort zones and feel as if our lives are changing right before our eyes. Eclipses, according to astrology, open and end chapters, ensuring that we never stay in the same location for too long.

Eclipses appear in a pair of zodiac signs for around 18 to 24 months until they have finished their cycle, according to astrology. Eclipses, for example, will always occur in the following polarities: Aries-Libra, Taurus-Scorpio, Gemini-Sagittarius, Cancer-Capricorn, Leo-Aquarius, and Virgo-Pisces are the signs that correspond to each other. When a cycle in a pair of signs is complete, it will repeat in seven to eight years. A complete cycle, on the other hand, takes 19 years, and the eclipses will return to the same degree and sign roughly 19 years apart. That’s why it’s useful to look back 19 years (if you’re old enough) and you’ll probably notice the same themes and patterns.

Themes for the next six months are established by eclipses. We can also sense them approaching in the month leading up to their arrivaland they can continue deliver their news in the weeks following their arrival. The majority of people, on the other hand, learn about an eclipse within the week leading up to it. The eclipse will always be tinted by the planetary aspects it makes at the time of the lunation, so you can’t tell if it’s a “good eclipse” or “poor eclipse” without visiting an astrologer and observing how it interacts with the sky at the moment. (Call me or follow me on social media!)

What planet is Libra ruled by?

Another diplomatic partner, your ruling planet, Venus, is shared with Taurus. Venus shines through in your deep commitment to harmony and partnership, Libra. The influence of Venus causes you to value harmony in both your personal life and your relationships. You’re a natural mediator who values fairness and honesty while putting in long hours to safeguard those you care about. Your relationships are really important to you. You take pride in being a good friend and partner, and you seek out others who share those qualities.

If you’ve been intending to reconnect with an old buddy or repair a strained connection, Libra season is an excellent time to do so. During this time, we may all be more likely to put ourselves in another’s shoes. Encourage yourself to broaden your horizons and go deeper into your relationships. Allow the power of the planet of love to inspire you to develop your relationships with those you care about and to keep an open mind while dealing with those with whom you disagree. You’ll probably feel better balanced as a result.

What does Libra moon look like?

Libra is an impartial, sociable sign when it is at its finest. You are likely to have an intrinsic desire to maintain justice in all matters if your Moon is in Libra. In social situations, your sense of equilibrium implies you can easily relate to people by finding the middle ground. You need others in your life since you have a strong feeling of teamwork, and nothing will work as effectively for you if you do it alone. This desire also extends to the realm of aesthetics. When you are surrounded by harmony in your environment, you will have a natural sense of beauty and thrive. When you focus on finding the beautiful in life, you will always find what you need with natural elegance and charm.

What is Libra’s horoscope today?

It is suggested that you remain calm and cheerful today. Don’t overthink things and put forth more effort. Don’t be overly stern with them. You must remain calm while increasing your body temperature. Stay away from anyone who is trying to bring negativity into your life or demotivate you. Today, your karma is quite strong, so use it to your advantage. Maintain a cheerful attitude and remain cool. Wait for an opportunity that will assist you in achieving greater results. Spend time with your children at home because they will assist you in maintaining a positive mindset. Gemini and Virgo are lucky zodiac signs for you.

It will be a lovely day for Libras working in the fields of architecture and civil engineering.

Yesterday LibraHoroscope

Today is going to be a great day for you, and you can do anything you want. Just remember to stay calm and in control of your life. You must be brave and have the best of intentions. Concentrate on your secret strength and develop it. You will be able to acquire better opportunities if you speak up for yourself. Getting the appropriate one will help you develop a better future. Don’t be too rigid in your approach to life, and think logically. Even if you’re in the midst of a major crisis, good thinking will assist you. Aquarius and Cancer are lucky zodiac signs for you.

The Libra in the fields of agriculture, finance, and computing will have a lucky day.

Weekly LibraHoroscope

This will be a memorable day for you, and you will be in a better mood. It would be ideal if you spent less time at work today, as this will make you feel better. Spend time with your parents and come up with a gift for them. Make them feel fortunate and joyful, and the greatest way to do so is to thank them for everything they’ve done for you. Be open and honest, and meet new people, old friends, or siblings who can assist you in maintaining a happy outlook. Because life is brief, don’t be afraid to express your emotions. Sagittarius and Pisces are lucky signs for you.

For Libras in the fields of management, business, and finance, today will be a lucky day.

The LibraHoroscope advises you to think before you speak, since expressing something strange or incorrect could destroy a beautiful moment in your life. If you have a disagreement with your boss, simply listen to his point of view and try to express yours. It will assist you in making the world a better place. Aside from that, everything is in your favor. Simply maintain your composure and joy. Everything will become easier for you if you are motivated about your life. Some individuals may try to harm you, but if you are prepared for anything, no one will be able to take away your happiness. Pisces and Gemini are lucky zodiac signs for you.

Today, you will experience some challenges while working on significant projects, and some people may try to discourage you, but remember that whatever you do is better for you, and don’t believe anyone. Simply retain a positive mindset and continue to improve your life. Today, your excellence will assist you in achieving higher results. Don’t respond too quickly to anything because it will exacerbate the situation. Just stay cool and let time take care of the rest. If you find yourself in a disagreement with a manager, simply convey your case gently and move on. Gemini and Leo are lucky zodiac signs for you.

It will be a charming day for Libras working in the fields of architecture and civil engineering.

According to your Libra horoscope, you should not be overworked at work and try to spend time with your family. It will assist you in strengthening your relationship with them. Maintain a healthy balance between your personal and professional lives. This is exactly what you require right now. It will be a nice day for students who have been perplexed by their academics. They will also receive more attention and affection at home. Today, the gentlemen can relax and enjoy some alone time. If you find yourself alone during the day, remember that you can enjoy your own company. You will be attracted to the sun signs Virgo and Taurus.

The Libra sign from the Trades and Transportation area will have a charming day.

Today, someone may try to harm you. So be on the lookout. If you find yourself caught in a trap, simply fight your way out. Keep your distance from such people. Simply try to communicate your idea, and if someone doesn’t get it, don’t worry about it. Allow your karma to take care of everything. Have faith in yourself. It will help if you do something special for someone close to you. You’ll feel closer to them as a result of it. Don’t get caught up in what’s going on around you; instead, concentrate on your own life. You will be attracted to the sun signs Scorpio and Aries.

According to the Libra horoscope, you will feel fresh and happy today, and no one will be able to take your positive mood away from you. It will be an excellent day to find love in the form of a friend, parent, or life partner. Single folks may find true love today that will last a lifetime. Don’t forget to smile and spread joy to others around you. Participate in the activities that bring you joy. Everything around you will improve if you appreciate every moment of the day. In a nutshell, today will be a great day for you. Just remember to keep away from anything that could make you depressed. You will be attracted to the sun signs Aries and Taurus.

It will be a lucky day for Libras working in the fields of architecture and civil engineering.


According to your horoscope, you may not feel well at the start of the day, but things will improve as you progress toward the finish. People might pass judgment on you for something you haven’t done. As a result, it is suggested that you remain mute and let karma take its course. There is no need to justify yourself because it will only bring negativity into your life and possibly lead to an unwelcome conflict. Get involved with the people that bring you joy. Don’t waste your time on things that aren’t vital. It will be a better day for kids who have been looking for a way to make a difference in their lives. You will be blessed by the sun signs Sagittarius and Libra.

How will lunar eclipse affect me?

(Skip to the following section if you think you already know the basics.) I’m going to talk about eclipse families here.)

Solar and lunar eclipses always occur in pairs, corresponding with the new and full moons, respectively. They’re part of a group of signs that are all connected on the same axis. To put it another way, eclipse families occur in pairs of signs on the horoscope wheel that are exactly opposite each other (six months apart).

In 2015, for example, there were eclipses in the Pisces-Virgo constellation. A solar new moon eclipse occurred on March 20, 2015, at 29 degrees in Pisces, while a solar eclipse occurred on September 12, 2015, at 20 degrees in Virgo. There were two eclipses in the Aries-Libra family this year, with a lunar eclipse in Libra on April 4 at 14 degrees and a lunar eclipse full moon on September 27 at 5 degrees, both in the Aries-Libra family. As you can see, we have two eclipse families in the same year, which happens from time to time.

The same thing happened in 2016. Solar eclipses on March 8 at 19 degrees in Pisces, a solar new moon eclipse on September 1 at 9 degrees in Virgo, and a lunar eclipse on September 16 in Pisces are among the three eclipses in the Pisces-Virgo constellation. On March 23, 2016, at 3 degrees, we saw a lunar full moon eclipse in Libra, which marked the end of two years of eclipses in the Libra-Aries family.

A total of six eclipses will have occurred in the Libra-Aries family by March 23, 2016. The Pisces-Virgo family will end on February 26, 2017, with a total of six eclipses, which is enough to produce a transition in either situation.

If you have planets in your natal chart that correlate to the eclipse’s mathematical degree, you will be struck by the news of the eclipse. An eclipse will work backwards in time, beginning with a high mathematical degree and working forward to early degrees. Most individuals are only aware of eclipses that affect planets, the Sun, moon, or ascendant in their natal chart. Because eclipses are so strong, you won’t need to feel them all. Because the degrees are random, a large proportion of people will experience them in their natal chart at some point.

A family of signs will appear in pairs every five and a half months for 18 to 24 months, aligning with new moons and full moons, until they are finished. Your change will be complete at that point. It will take roughly seven or eight years for a family of signs to be completed.

If you are a Pisces, Virgo, Aries, or Libra, the years with eclipses in your sign or rising sign will be crucial for you and spark exciting turning points, therefore 2015 and 2016 will be pivotal years for you.

With a solar eclipse in Gemini on June 1, a lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on June 15, and a third a solar eclipse in Cancer on July 1, we had a dramatic example of how two families of eclipses can overlap in 2011. Three eclipses in a succession, each two weeks apart, are unusual. The eclipse in Cancer-Capricorn on July 1, 2011, marked the end of a two-year cycle. That was a difficult time because we were all required to make numerous modifications in a short period of time.

What is the Difference between a Solar and Lunar Eclipse

A solar eclipse happens when the moon passes between the Sun and the Earth, blocking the Sun’s light. When we hear the word “eclipse,” we usually think of the moon obscuring the Sun.

The earth sits between the moon and the Sun during a lunar eclipse, blocking the Sun’s light from reaching the moon. The moon does not have her own light; she only reflects the Sun’s light. The moon practically vanishes at this point. A lunar eclipse always occurs on a full moon and usually signals the end or culmination of something.

In the skies, any eclipse is an important occurrence. In reality, a solar eclipse is like a new moon on steroids, and a lunar eclipse is like a full moon on steroids, with the power of three new moons or full moons.

I have a lot of advice, so make sure you read all I’ve written. I’ll start with the most interesting issues to ponder, but keep reading because I want you to know everything there is to know.

Let’s go over the key factors to remember about eclipses so you’re prepared for any unexpected changes they may bring.

Eclipses bring news of life’s big events.

An eclipse can herald the birth of a child, an engagement or marriage, a promotion or career breakthrough, major travel, the signing of a crucial business contract, or the launch of one’s own company. An eclipse can signal the sale or purchase of a home, a cross-country move, the acquisition (or loss) of a family pet, surgery, or a significant health change. It could be the start of your course of study, or it could be the end of your academic career. Eclipses can bring about a divorce, a newly released book, or anything else you might think of. Monumental events, meetings and partings, or career transformations may all occur during an eclipse these are times we normally remember for a long time.

Whatever happens, it will become clear that the universe is working to propel you ahead. Eclipses frequently signal a crucial turning point in a person’s life.

Depending on the precise degrees of the planets in your chart, it may happen to friends and family around you if nothing occurs to you. (I’ll get to that later.)

With all eclipses, something ends and something else begins.

It’s like though you’re walking across a shaky old bridge during an eclipse. You might be a little nervous as you travel across this bridge, which spans a deep, steep, and treacherous valley. When you get to the other side, the bridge will crumble and the parts will fall far into the water, making you nervous. The bridge collapses just as you reach safe ground, but you quickly understand that you could have been on the bridge when it collapsed (though you weren’t), and that you would never be able to cross to the other side again. Once we’ve seen an eclipse, we’ll never be able to return to our previous circumstances since the universe wants us to progress, not go back to the good old days. That option is no longer available. When there’s an eclipse, there’s only one way to go: forward. If you subsequently decide you don’t like where you end up, you may always make modifications ahead of time, but they must be future decisions, not ones that take you back in time.

The changes could start right away, or they could take months to manifest with each subsequent eclipse. Even still, the news of those developments is typically unexpected.

They are usually thrilling, typically quite good, and deliver unexpected news. To determine if an eclipse is totally friendly or not, we must observe the type of conversations a moon or the Sun has with the other planets. Your own natal chart will be important as well – I can’t see your natal chart from where I’m sitting, so make a note on your calendar after the eclipse.

They frequently remind us of the passing of time and make us feel melancholy. A lunar eclipse with a full moon is almost always an emotional event. Memories and dreams rise to the surface, and we become nostalgic at times.

Each eclipse in a series is united in theme and is strung together like pearls on a necklace.

Each eclipse in a single sign’s family will raise the degree of conversation that the eclipse initiates to a higher, more sophisticated level, and will continue to do so as each eclipse in that sign’s family occurs until the issue is resolved. You’d also progressed by that time. It’s as if the universe recognizes that humanity won’t be able to digest all of the knowledge and tremendous change it requires all at once, so each eclipse will usher in a new development, related to the previous ones, until the matter is resolved over an 18 or 24 month period. Only eclipses that are statistically significant to your natal chart not those that are too far away from contacting planets in your chart will effect you, as previously stated. It’s possible that they’ll have a minor or no effect. This is why your horoscope chart is so important.

I’ll always provide you the degrees and exact birthdays of the signs that will be impacted by eclipses. There are additional ways you could be harmed, and I’ll discuss those later in this chapter.

Eclipses will bring a random event you do not expect, didn’t know about. It will be triggered by an event happening elsewhere, and that is completely outside your control, but at eclipse time bring vast changes will come straight to your doorstep.

I think I’ll be able to explain this concept better if I give you an example. Let’s pretend you’re a top recording artist’s agent. You’ve been a good client for years, putting in long hours for him. No one else would even meet with him when you hired him, but you recognized potential in him and, despite the fact that he was virtually unknown at the time, you turned him into a superstar. His brilliance, combined with your dedication, has catapulted him to the top of the industry rankings.

Your artist has been poached by another agent, who has offered him a lucrative contract that you will never be able to match. Your competition believes that by acquiring this artist, he will be able to get the services of additional well-known artists. You’ve always been faithful to one another, and this artist is your main source of money. You had the impression that you were both content.

You receive an email in error on the day of the eclipse. It’s an email that you weren’t supposed to receive, but you did on that particular day. It discloses the back-channel discussions your artist has had with the other agent. You had no idea these discussions were going on behind your back until the eclipse. You’ll need to speak with your talent as soon as possible to try to persuade him not to leave he’s ready to sign the other agent’s offer.

To be honest, your efforts may be pointless because this is an eclipse, and after an eclipse passes, the outcomes are usually final. Of course, you should try but make sure you do so in a dramatic manner. You’ll have to fight fire with fire in this case!

As you can see, outside events or actions of people that you were unaware of and over which you had no influence can cause huge forces of change in your own life. As a result, you may need to reconsider your assumptions, business strategy, and business practices. Allowing this one artist to account for such a huge portion of your money may make you feel like you put too many eggs in one basket. You may believe that you were too trusting or that you were not competitive enough. You’ll almost certainly need to devise a swift strategy for attracting new talent to your stable – eclipses frequently serve as a period of thorough reflection, as they have the capacity to alter everything linked to the aspect of your life that the eclipse is accentuating.

It’s hard to think that events in the outside world over which you have no awareness or influence can cause conditions of such huge change during eclipse time, but it can. It might be a major or minor incident that has a significant impact. It could be something as simple as finding a shredded ticket stub in your mate’s pocket while doing laundry that finally uncovers a secret affair in the latter situation. Indeed, a vital piece of knowledge is frequently delivered to you by accident at eclipse time. Regardless of how the knowledge is delivered, it has the potential to start off a series of events that will compel you to see things in a new perspective.

Eclipses speed your sense of time and change the timetables.

Eclipses bring events that you thought would happen months or years from now right to your front door. Assume you and your fiance planned to marry in two years, after you had saved enough money for a down payment on a home. Let’s imagine you or your partner get a major promotion that requires one of you to relocate to London. You’d have to accept the offer right away to take advantage of the new opportunity. Your marriage plans may alter in an instant, and you and your fiance could marry in your home country before moving to England to start your new life together. In the blink of an eye, schedules change.

There is always a sense that life is moving at a breakneck pace that life is on fast-forward, or that life is accelerating rapidly. At eclipse time, we are acutely aware of the passage of time, thus an event may make us sentimental.

The job of an eclipse is to shine a glaring ray of truth to the part of your life that is being touched, and truth will likely arrive in a startling way.

Eclipses are brilliant illuminators, illuminating a truth about a condition you had no idea existed in the first place. The news can work as a trigger for a crucial decision or action you will take once you have been provided the knowledge. The information we receive is often shocking or surprising, as the eclipse is one of the most dramatic techniques the universe employs to urge you to sit up, pay attention, and take action. Eclipses are always your allies, as they are there to assist you stay safe. Be grateful for the truth at all times.

Another way to think about eclipses is as follows: Imagine a puzzle piece falling from the sky and landing in your hands. This new piece provides information, and when combined with the rest of your jigsaw, it will transform the tone of the scenario and provide you with a flash of understanding. “For the first time, I understand!” you might exclaim. Now that you have a complete understanding of the issue, you can make a more accurate and realistic assessment of what it means to you. You’ll also understand what you need to do next. This is what it’s like to be in the middle of an eclipse!

An eclipse, especially a full moon lunar eclipse, will help you to see the true character of someone close brace yourself, you may not like what you see.

It’s difficult to see someone’s genuine colors, but if you do, appreciate it. You may have been operating in the dark for far too long, endangering yourself. You can make proper plans once you know.

Take any message you hear from an eclipse as non-negotiable and firm, so accept it, and then move on.

Recognize that there is a slim to none probability of things turning around. Eclipses force us to look forward, rather than backward, to the past. Save your dignity by not pleading eclipses are irreversible. If you break up with someone, don’t beg them to return.

If you are truly heartbroken, the earliest you could try to reconcile would be four months after the eclipse (creating a “trine” aspect to the eclipse). That would be your only alternative, but keep in mind that finding a long-term solution to the problem is unlikely. Keep your eyes peeled for what’s next, since the eclipse wants you to have new experiences.

Take notice of all news and signals you get near an eclipse, and take them seriously, even if news comes as subjective and ambiguous as gossip.

While some news will be conveyed in a spectacular and visible manner during eclipse time, other times the news will be delivered much more softly, as a secret or a piece of gossip. Nonetheless, it will herald major changes in the future. Because you are hearing this near an eclipse, you must listen and investigate – do not dismiss it, or the issue may have worsened by the time the next eclipse passes by in five and a half months from the date you receive this piece of information. Paying attention to the signs you pick up during eclipse time might sometimes help you avoid problems.

It’s vital you guard your health if an eclipse falls within five days of your birthday, or if the eclipse falls almost exactly opposite your birthday.

If your birthday is February 1 and the eclipse is six months later, on August 1, it will still be noteworthy because the eclipse will be 180 degrees away and aimed directly at you.

Also, take note if the eclipse occurs on or near your rising sign degree or any planets in your first house, as this will have a big impact on your health. Eclipses can occasionally reveal underlying health flaws that can be remedied swiftly so you can get back to feeling fantastic.

Occasionally, an important person to you will be “eclipsed out of your life.

A solar eclipse usually indicates a powerful guy in your life, thus a man may decide to depart. If you are affected, you may end a relationship with a man or discover that your boss has resigned and is going, to name a few examples. When trying to figure out which man it is, astrologers usually utilize the following pecking order: father, spouse, grandfather, major boss or business associate/client, or male friend.

Lunar eclipses are usually female in nature. You may not see a female friend as often in the future if she announces that she is moving away or getting married. Your relationship is likely to undergo significant changes. Or you could have a falling out and never see or talk to each other again (let’s hope not)! Mother, wife, grandmother, important female employer, client or business colleague, or female friend is the customary sequence for a lunar eclipse.

Most of the time, this is the case, however there are times when these genders switch, and I’m not sure why!

Events brought on by an eclipse always have much more weight than events brought on by a normal new or full moon.

Even though eclipses occur around new and full moons, they are significantly more powerful than a normal new or full moon. Eclipses are similar to a new or full moon on steroids. They have a lot more vitality and punch than a regular Sun or Moon lunation. In reality, they appear to be three full or new moons rolled into one. An eclipse may even bring about an occurrence that appears to be “destined” in some way.

Try not to issue ultimatums or make big actions under an eclipse.

Wait a few weeks after the eclipse to act, when there will be less static in the air. It’s advisable to respond to other people’s messages rather than start your own. To put it another way, listening and responding is preferable to making statements and issuing ultimatums. Wait until after the eclipse to start new projects. If you need to sign a contract, attempt to do it a few days after the eclipse, when your judgment will be sharper and stronger.

Let’s imagine you find a fantastic new apartment, but the only day you can move in is the first of the month, which also happens to be the day of a complete lunar eclipse (full moon). You didn’t pick that day to move; your landlord did, or everything just fell into place. You are responding in this scenario, thus acting is OK.

Let’s pretend that instead of that example, we have a different one. Let’s imagine you want to have a serious chat with your sweetie about anything that’s bothering you in your relationship. Do it after the eclipse, when the atmosphere will be less charged, rather than during the eclipse.

However, eclipses have a tendency to bring truth to the surface quickly, like a geyser of water violently coming to the surface. Even if you intended to, you may not be able to keep things inside!

The first example describes an activity that someone else has asked you to take (if your landlord fine, you can reply to any modifications the landlord brings up), whereas the second example shows an action that you chose to take during the eclipse (a discussion with your sweetheart not so good). The ancient astrologers always predicted that if you act during an eclipse, your plan would not go as planned, and it will most likely not be to your benefit. Of course, each eclipse is unique, and some are beneficial to your planets while others are not. That’s why it’s best to think about other people’s ideas during eclipses, rather than making your own proposals or decisions.

Finally, if you are a manager or own a business, do not recruit anyone during the eclipse! After the eclipse, give yourself ten days to add to your team.

Another aspect to consider is that if you must act during an eclipse, make it a solar, new moon eclipse, as this will open new doors and present fresh opportunities. If you know an astrologer, check to see if the eclipse will be beneficial to your natal planets.

If an eclipse falls on your birthday, or within five days of your birthday, the year that follows that particular birthday will be a critical one for you.

You may notice a significant change in your lifestyle or a significant alteration in one aspect of your life. If the eclipse falls on your rising sign the first house of your horoscope the same thing will happen. As a new existence emerges, your old one may fall into obscurity.

Eclipses that are in the same element (fire, air, water, or earth) as your birth sign are generally friendly and helpful.

Let me give you an illustration. If you are a Pisces (water sign), an eclipse in Scorpio (water sign) will generally be beneficial to you. Of fact, the better and more significant the eclipse is for you, the closer the eclipse’s mathematical degrees match your Sun.

I must add the caveat that we must always look at all of the planets in your chart and see how they are aspected at birth, but this guideline will generally hold true. Eclipses in the same element are frequently amicable.

Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are the fire signs. Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are the earth signs. Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are the air signs. Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are the water signs.

Once a family of signs is finished, it will not be back for seven or eight years.

For example, once the Pisces-Virgo eclipse series concludes on February 26, 2017, it will not return until September 17, 2024.

Gold Star Point: Eclipses repeat in nearly exact degree and sign every 19 years.

While the family of signals will reoccur sooner, in around seven or eight years, they will do so in different mathematical degrees than they did previously. However, if you look back 19 years and examine the series of eclipses that occurred that year, you’ll notice that they’re all essentially identical in terms of sign family, mathematical degree, and specific date of arrival. Keep in mind that the other planets in the sky will have moved since then, so no year is ever exactly the same as the one before it. Even so, you might be able to come up with a theme that will teach you anything by looking back 19 years.

One of the most striking examples I can provide is one that personally affected me. On the 30th of August, my daughter, Diana, was to start college for the first time. It was her father’s day to drive her to Boston College, and I was nervous because there was an eclipse that day. I was expecting everything would go smoothly, that the travel would go smoothly, and that Diana would enjoy her dorm room.

I reasoned to myself, “Well, I can look back 19 years.” But, I reasoned, I couldn’t because Diana was just 18. How could the previous eclipse, which occurred 19 years earlier in the same sign and degree, have affected her or me? I performed the arithmetic and discovered, much to my surprise, that I had found out I was pregnant with her exactly 19 years before. The first eclipse, which happened 19 years ago, taught me how to be a mother. I was relearning how to be a mother in a new way by allowing my tiny bird to fly away on its own. I got goose bumps all over as I discovered this. The universe is both a source of immense wisdom and a source of time. The minute I realized this, I’ll never forget!

The four eclipses coming up each year will arrive in the same degree, sign, and precise day as those that came by nineteen years earlier.

As previously stated, looking back at those years to see what themes appeared at the time can help you predict what will come up for you now. Take 19 years from now and glance up to see what happened during eclipse season (from the table below).

1) An eclipse’s message is usually given on the day of the eclipse, or within a week of the eclipse’s actual date – but not always.

2) If nothing happens, remember back to one month ago plus or minus five days and one month later plus or minus five days.

So, let’s say your birthday is February 26th. An eclipse will occur on February 26, 2017, or six months later if you were born on August 26. Watch for the 26th of January (one month earlier), plus or minus five days, and the 26th of March (one month later), plus or minus five days.

3) If neither time yields results, keep an eye out for days when Mars or Saturn pass through the eclipse’s exact degrees, oppose it, or challenge it. In that regard, I will inform you in my column when it is scheduled to occur.

Let me give you a graphic representation of what I’m talking about. Let’s assume that when an eclipse appears, it burns a hole in the sky, as if it were a cigarette (it doesn’t, but for our purposes it does). Following that, the sky creates a scab over the “pierced” and “wounded” region of the sky.

Something could happen later, when Mars, the warrior planet, travels the same path as the eclipse and reaches that scab at the same mathematical degree and sign as the eclipse. Mars, being the rough and tumble character that he is, will rip that scab open, allowing the news of the eclipse to be broadcast. This can also happen if Mars is in the same degree as the eclipse but in the opposite sign.

Saturn, being a karmic planet, has the ability to accomplish the same if he is close enough and on the same route, sign, and degree. (Either of these planets might alternatively be in opposition to the eclipse degree by 180 degrees.)

You don’t have to keep an eye out for any of this; I’ll let you know when or if it happens in my monthly Astrology Zone? column. I figured you’d be interested in how I figure things out for you!

You may be feeling more emotional than usual under an eclipse, especially if the eclipse is lunar (full moon).

Negotiate for extra time to consider your decision or next step if your judgment is affected or pieces of information are lacking. It’s ideal to wait seven days before making a decision, but this isn’t always achievable. If someone makes a suggestion to you, think about it carefully. If you like it after looking at it from all angles, go ahead and buy it, but plead for a little more time.

Do not have an over-packed schedule at eclipse time.

Keep your schedule light during eclipse season since unexpected events may arise that require your rapid response. As a result, your life might change. If you need additional hands on deck, employ experts or hire helpers from your own personal life.

Don’t be too quick to pronounce an eclipse “good or “bad. All eclipses have a second act.

An eclipse may provide unexpected news, but deciphering its true meaning can take weeks. Consider that if you are experiencing difficulties during an eclipse, it is possible that the circumstance is being swept away so that the universe can offer you with something better. Keep an open mind and be patient. You can find ways to gain from the fluid scenario it produces.

Here’s an illustration. Mary has been with the same company for 15 years and performs an excellent job. Her raises were so small that they were practically non-existent, but she was so devoted to her employer that she would never consider quitting. The eclipse has arrived, and she has been downsized. Mary is distraught, anxious about how she will pay her rent, and if you questioned her, she would declare that the eclipse has had a devastating effect on her. The cosmos, in its wisdom, recognizes that Mary’s experience and talents can be used to a much

What does the lunar eclipse mean spiritually?

Eclipses are heralds of change, heralding the arrival of evolution. The shadow of the Earth falls across the face of the Moon during a lunar eclipse, bringing unconscious feelings to the surface and grounding them in reality. Lunar eclipses are the climax of completed emotional cycles, and they push us to let go of feelings and attachments that are no longer helping us.

Because the lunar eclipse’s energetic cycles tend to persist for three months after its occurrence, it will be an especially powerful moment for clearing our emotional waters and establishing purpose for rebirth and rejuvenation in the coming months.

The sun blocks the illumination that makes a full moon during a lunar eclipse, resetting the current emotional cycle and allowing the shadow to show what is concealed in our subconscious or blocking us from seeing more clearly. Because the spiritual parts of the moon mirror our deep emotional tides, there is an opportunity to uncover and transform our current emotional state when the shadow passes over the moon, briefly interrupting the illumination of our emotional being.

Lunar Eclipses are said to be deeply transforming periods in astrology, bringing rapid and startling change. While this is true, it is also crucial to note that eclipses have another side. Eclipses are like the Universe’s cosmic helping hand.

Imagine an eclipse’s energy as a Universal hand reaching down from the heavens and placing you exactly where you need to be. This can be a time when you have to let go of what is familiar and safe in order to fully develop yourself.

The benefit of eclipses is that you can usually trust the direction they are pointing you in. Events that are part of the cosmic plan are triggered by eclipses. These are critical moments to reflect on your life, to forgive whom you need to forgive, and to let go of and move on from whatever it is you need to let go of and move on from.

Eclipses are rare because they can only happen when the Sun, the Earth, and the Moon are all at the same spot at the same time. They always occur in two or three-person groups. When the Moon and the Sun are on opposing sides of the Earth, a lunar eclipse occurs. Every calendar year, there are four to seven eclipses. There are two eclipse seasons on average.

In the year 2021, there will be four eclipses: two solar eclipses and two lunar eclipses. On May 26, 2021, a Super Full Blood Moon Eclipse will kick off the upcoming eclipse season. Because of the reddish-orange glow that the moon takes on during total lunar eclipses, they are also referred to as Blood Moons. The Full Moon will be closest to the Earth on the day of the eclipse, thus it will appear larger in the sky, making it a Blood Super Moon eclipse.

A partial solar eclipse will occur on June 10, 2021, followed by a penumbral lunar eclipse on November 18-19, 2021, and finally a total solar eclipse on December 4, 2021.

A Full Moon’s energy is always that of the cycle’s influence and essence reaching a crescendo or culmination. The full moon is an excellent moment to let go of a component of your emotional experience that you have outgrown, as well as to anchor in new maturity or wisdom obtained over the previous cycle; it is also an excellent time to let go of anything that no longer serves you.

A Lunar Eclipse is like the ultimate purge or cleaning of an emotional cycle, allowing room for the new. An eclipse can assist you in setting the purpose of completion in concrete in the external world if anything needs to be removed from your life or brought to a close.

Every full moon offers an opportunity to embrace change, let go, and strengthen your connection to the Divine. I feel that merely being mindful and present to the natural cycles, seasons, and life all around us can help us connect with the Divine.

We can live in better peace and harmony in our daily lives by building a spiritual practice based on earth-based wisdom and acknowledging lunar and seasonal cycles of change and growth.

The full moon is an excellent moment to let go of any attachments, obstacles, or impediments to our worthiness, and to open ourselves up to more receiving and inspiration. A full moon’s energy is always that of a cycle reaching the peak of its current resonance. An eclipse on the full moon can assist you in releasing and letting go of whatever you need to let go of in order to open to the new.

On the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, you can embrace the energies of release and usher in new changes by performing a little personal ceremony, such as lighting a candle or writing an intention down on paper and burning it.

The energy of this Lunar Eclipse will linger till the start of the new year, ushering in a new era of industrious, energetic, and happy energy.

Change is unavoidable. With optimism, we discuss growth and change, as well as letting go of things that no longer serve us. However, change is inherently unsettling and can elicit a great deal of fear of the unknown.

We choose known and comfy things, and even our worst habits can serve us in some way by keeping us tiny and comfortable. True change necessitates a deliberate awareness of our emotions and sensations. By honoring and recognizing oneself as well as the natural rhythms of existence, we can enter a new way of being.

Trust that whatever is happening in your life is part of the natural cycle of transformation and change, and that it is all for a greater good.

What is Libra moon attracted to?

Libra moons enjoy being in the company of others, and they usually have a large network of friends whom they can call at any time. Your Libra moon sign indicates that you are very concerned about others, which makes you an excellent friend. Even if you are more introverted, people warm up to you after they get to know you.