Who Owns Libra Tampons

The maker of personal care and hygiene goods, Asaleo Care, has blamed a 4.9 percent drop in earnings on price undercutting of their Libra tampons.

For the year ended December 31, the company earned $124.3 million, down from $130.7 million in 2016, in line with a December revision to previous guidance for low-single-digit growth. The company’s net profit after taxes fell by 8% to $59.4 million.

According to chief executive Peter Diplaris, a 17.7% drop in personal care earnings to $55.1 million was partly due to Libra tampons being locked on “daily price” contracts for the majority of the year.

“Everyday price had been working for us; it’s lot less unpredictable than going on sale every other week,” he explained, “but it then allowed a number of competitors to seriously undercut us, and there was nothing we could do to respond.”

Mr Diplaris said market share had returned after the end of the everyday price contracts in November, but that the projected pay-off from investment in a “discreet disposal” innovation for Libra tampons would now take place in the medium term.

What company owns Libra?

The Libra Group is a global commercial conglomerate controlled by the Logothetis family, with subsidiaries operating on six continents. Aviation, renewable energy, shipping, hospitality, real estate, and diversified investments are the six industries on which it is focused. The Group is committed to advancing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) values in everything we do as part of its commitment to responsible business.

Is Libra Australian owned?

Made in Melbourne, Australia. Libra has been manufacturing pads, tampons, and liners in Australia for over 30 years. Our items meet Australian Standards, so you can rest confident that you’re getting the greatest quality and comfort possible.

What is Libra brand?

Libra, an Australian period care brand, has launched #LiveLiberated, an integrated campaign aimed at empowering women to escape the cycle of expectation while also addressing period stigmas and taboos.

The #LiveLiberated campaign, created by Cummins&Partners, which was appointed by Libra after a proposal earlier this year, features a group of women and girls confronting the assumptions that are holding them back.

According to Caitlin Patterson, executive general manager of Libra’s parent business Asaleo Care’s Retail Business Unit, the brand conducted research among 1,000 Australians and discovered that 91 percent of women believe society puts pressure on them, and 26 percent feel suffocated as a result.

“With four out of every five women (78%) still believing that periods are stigmatized, #LiveLiberated challenges the established norm and welcomes everyone to share their own experiences,” Patterson says.

“Libra seeks to assist individuals in feeling liberated from cultural expectations and without feeling obligated to comply to unreachable perfection standards.”

The #LiveLiberated campaign film was made in Melbourne, directed by a female-only crew, and shot on location in Sydney.

It’s set to SayGrace’s remastered version of the famous song You Don’t Own Me.

This song was picked for its “inspiring spirit,” powerful message, and historical context, as it was first released in the early 1960s, at a period of groundbreaking social movement and progress toward achieving more equal rights across society.

In Australia, the 30-second TVCs are now airing during Network 10 shows like The Bachelor, The Project, and Gogglebox.

Libra’s Instagram feed encourages followers to ‘Ask Gem’ any questions they’re hesitant to ask others, and the website contains a number of resources to help women Live Liberated while on their period.

“As the only period care brand created in Australia, Libra is dedicated to overcoming the taboos and pressures that hold women back,” Patterson adds.

“We hire local creative talent to help us convey this message to Australians since it is so essential to us.”

“The Libra #LiveLiberated campaign will serve as a daily reminder that by sharing, we can question expectations, and that periods can be cherished as a healthy function of life and reproduction rather than stigmatized.”

Last year, the brand launched the #BloodNormal campaign, which intended to normalize periods in popular media. The work was created in the UK by AMV BBDO and then transported to Australia and localized for the Libra brand.

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What are Libra pads made from?

Cotton that will be remembered Libra Cotton Pads are now available! What’s not to like about that? These soft, absorbent pads have an FSC-certified plant-based core, a plant-based packaging bag composed of 51% sugarcane, and are packaged in 100% recyclable packaging. They’re also free of any dyes or fragrances.

Do Libra pads have chemicals?

Yes. We’re spritz-happy ladies who enjoy perfume. When it comes to our pads, tampons, and liners, however, we don’t use any fragrances. Why? Our products are designed to make your period easier to manage, more pleasant, and doable.

Nobody has time for irritated skin caused by fragrance. Instead, we concentrate on breathability to keep you cool down there.

Are Libra pads cotton?

Periods necessitate extra attention, thus Libra Cotton products were created with you in mind, so you may feel wonderful on the inside and out, especially during your period. They’re made with a topsheet made of 100 percent organic cotton and a plant-based FSC certified core that’s gentle on your skin without losing comfort or protection.

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