How Is Jesus A Pisces

We’ve been under the astrological sign of Pisces since February 20th, so everyone you know who is a Pisces will have (or has had) a birthday soon!

If you’re seeking for the ideal birthday present for a Pisces in your life, naming a star after them in the Pisces constellation could be the answer.

If you’re thinking about naming a star in the Pisces constellation, here are some science and mythology facts to help you out!


Pisces is symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions, one to the north and the other to the west. A cord connects the two of them.

The two fish are thought to be the Greek goddess Aphrodite and her son, Eros – though we’ll get to that later.

Pisces is a huge V-shaped constellation in the Northern Hemisphere, located in the first quadrant. Despite being a huge constellation, it is difficult to notice due to the large area it spans and the dim stars it contains. While the month of Pisces occurs in late winter/early spring in the Northern Hemisphere, it is only visible in the very early phases of autumn in the Northern Hemisphere.

The brightest star in Pisces is Eta Piscium, also known as Alpherg or Kullat Nunu. It is 294 light-years away from Earth and 316 times brighter than the sun.

‘Van Maanen’s’ Star is likewise in Pisces, named after Adrian van Maanen, a Dutch astronomer who discovered it in 1917. It is the 31st closest star system and the closest solitary white dwarf to the sun, at only 14.1 light-years distant. (The practice of naming a star appears to date back many years.)

Interestingly, the Hubble Space Telescope discovered a pair of dwarf galaxies dubbed Pisces A and Pisces B within the constellation. After monitoring the two, researchers discovered some intriguing information: they travelled to a nearby group of galaxies throughout time, speeding up the pace of star creation.

What the galaxies Pisces A and Pisces B can show us about what dwarf galaxies looked like in the past.

But why are two fish linked with Pisces? We must return to the ancient Greeks and an ancient mythology to comprehend this.


Legend has it that the mythological events surrounding this constellation occurred near the Euphrates River. This suggests that the story was modified from an even older story passed down from the Babylonians to the Greeks. But let’s get back to the story.

The Olympian Gods had won the battle. Even though the Titans had been defeated, there were still people plotting their demise while the Gods sat safely.

Typhon, son of the Titan Tartarus, and Gaia, enraged by the Olympians’ actions, set out to exact ultimate vengeance and finally overthrow the Olympians.

Typhon was the most terrifying creature the earth had ever seen; he was so dangerous and strong that even Gods were afraid to confront him.

Typhon came saw Aphrodite and Eros (Venus and Cupid in Roman mythology) as they were wandering along the Euphrates River.

Despite many other casualties during the Typhoon, the Olympians emerged victorious.

Zues set the fish among the stars to commemorate the victory, and they became the constellation of Pisces.

That is a fascinating story. However, there’s an intriguing tale about Pieces that suggests a 2000-year-old cover-up!

Some believe that the constellation Pieces may hold the answer to Jesus Christ’s identity!


According to one idea, the Christ image may not have arisen from a Jewish Rabbi speaking in Galilee, but rather from pagan astrology.

According to one theory, Jesus was born as an avatar of the Pisces constellation, a figure who was supposed to represent the movement of the sky at the commencement of the Age of Pisces. The activities of the early Christians, who utilized the fish as a symbol of Jesus, provide evidence for this.

It should be highlighted that, while intriguing (and divisive), this is highly unlikely to be the case. So, why does the fish figure appear so frequently in early Christian art?

Because early Christians were persecuted, they couldn’t openly declare their faith. As a result, a fish was utilized as a symbol for Jesus. This is because ICHTUS, the Greek word for fish, stands for Iesus CHristos Theou Uios Soter, which means ‘Jesus Christ Son Of God the Saviour.’

So there’s no big conspiracy here; just a misunderstanding of symbol origins and what they mean to different communities at different eras.

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Are Pisces and God linked?

Neptune, the planet of dreams, subconscious worlds, spirituality, and compassion, rules Pisces. This mutable water sign regulates the feet in astrology, and the feet are a symbol of our spiritual path and return to the divine, which is exactly what this astrological season is about.

This may seem weird, but the energy of Pisces brings with it a tremendous sense of selflessness. Pisces’ sign, which depicts two fish swimming in opposite directions, has numerous interpretations, but it is ultimately a reflection of its infinite duality. One fish depicts the spiritual dimension’s evolving spirit, while the other represents the physical world’s person. This astrological season is here to remind us that Pisces is a symbol of both god and humanity.

Remember, we are spiritual beings having a human experience, and we have no choice but to surrender to the cosmos, despite the ambiguity, haziness, uncertainty, and lack of physical evidence that comes with it. I’ve said it before, but just because we can’t see something doesn’t mean it isn’t there, and Pisces season is here to teach us that.

With that in mind, now is the time for you to relax, refuel, fantasize, connect with your intuition, and find spiritual closure. As I previously stated, this is our way back, but before you try to expedite the process, give yourself a pat on the back. I don’t know about you, but it’s been a long journey since last spring. Fortunately for you, Pisces season is a safe haven for us.

You are not better than anyone else, and no one else is better than you. We’ve all come from the same heavenly source, and it’s time for us to return home.

Pisces is a God sign.

In Greek mythology, Pisces is the fish. Aphrodite and Eros were traveling along the Euphrates River when Typhon approached in this story. They were afraid and unable to flee due to his immense size and strength. So they appealed to Zeus for assistance, requesting that he transform them into fish so that they might flee into the river. Zeus complied by transforming them both into fish. They then dove into the river, where they were able to swim away from Typhon and to safety.

What is Jesus’ horoscope sign?

“The zodiac sign of Jesus is Pisces. This is why, at the start of Christianity, the fish was a sign of Jesus Christ’s arrival. (In the Sea of Galilee, there is a place known as “Jesus fish” is a popular delicacy).

Despite the fact that December 25th is in Capricorn, Jesus is seen as the ideal Pisces man, the typical Pisces. It’s also unclear whether Jesus’ birthday is December 25th or not.

Is it true that Jesus began the Age of Pisces?

There is evidence that the precession of the equinoxes and astrological eras affected the modern calendar devised by Dionysius Exiguus in the 6th century AD, which began with the birth of Jesus Christ at AD 1. Dionysius wanted to replace Diocletian years (during which Christians were persecuted) with a calendar based on Christ’s incarnation in order to avoid people from believing in the impending end of the world. It was thought at the time that the Resurrection and the end of the world would come 500 years after Jesus’ birth. Based on information from the Old Testament, the current Anno Mundi calendar began with the creation of the world. According to the Anno Mundi calendar, Jesus was born in the year 5500 (or 5500 years after the world was formed), with the Anno Mundi calendar year 6000 signifying the end of the world.

Thus, Anno Mundi 6000 (about AD 500) was associated with Christ’s Second Coming and the end of the world. Dionysius searched for a new end of the world at a later date because this date had already passed in his time. Ancient cosmology, particularly the idea of the Great Year, which places a significant emphasis on planetary conjunctions, inspired him greatly. According to this philosophy, the end of the world would occur when all of the planets were in alignment. Dionysius predicted that this conjunction would occur in May of the year 2000. Dionysius then used a different astronomical timing technique based on equinox precession. Some eastern astronomers at the period believed that the precessional cycle was 24,000 years long, with twelve astrological eras of 2,000 years each. This was wrong. If the planetary alignment signified the conclusion of an age (i.e. the Pisces age), Dionysius felt that the birth of Jesus Christ signified the beginning of the Age of Pisces 2,000 years earlier. He subtracted 2,000 years from the May 2000 conjunction to get at AD 1 for Christ’s incarnation.

What abilities does Pisces possess?

The psychological features of mystic Pisces are often linked to their ruler Neptune, the spiritual planet. They’re the universe’ empaths, highly perceptive and psychic. Their power comes from their ability to feel deeply and connect with others in a manner that no one else can. “As a result, they make excellent chameleons who can get along with a wide range of individuals and find a way to flow with whatever life throws at them,” astrologer Rachel Lang explains. “They are gracefully flexible and resilient.”

“Pisces make excellent chameleons, able to get along with a wide range of people and adapt to whatever life throws at them.” Rachel Lang, astrologer

Pisces are regarded for being very selfless and nurturing, which adds another layer to their ability of connecting. On the other hand, if they don’t believe that the love they give is reciprocated, they may play the victim card. Pisces, despite their amazing intuition, has a hard time distinguishing between good and bad people because they prefer to see the best in everyone. This optimism can sometimes lead to partnerships that aren’t beneficial to them, which can lead to codependency issues.

Is Jesus a March baby?

According to research conducted by members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Jesus was born between early and mid-April, although theologian, biblical scholar, and author Ian Paul suggests September or late March.

What inspired God to create Pisces?

Pisces is the ruling constellation between February 19th and March 20th. We’ve already noted that Pisces, the zodiac sign that follows Aquarius, is a sign that is full of emotions, both good and terrible. We also informed you that Pisces are excellent buddies. The origins of Pisces, like the other 11 zodiac signs, may be traced back to prehistoric times. Ptolemy gave this star sign the name Pisces, which means fish in Latin. He lived around 1900 years ago and was the best astronomer in the Greco-Roman world. The names of the zodiac signs were not chosen at random by Ptolemy; they all have a legendary origin. The myth surrounding Pisces will be discussed in this post.

A monster on a killing spree

The story of Pisces begins with the Greek god Typhon. This god was the worst of the worst. The gods usually have imperfections, but they’re nice at heart. Typhon, not so. This god is dangerous and deadly in every way. He was referred to as a colossus. His upper body was human-like, while his legs were snake-like. His head was also a jumble of snake heads that had grown into flaming hair and screamed ceaselessly. And to top it off, this monster had wings! As a result, Typhon became a formidable foe to the gods.

Typhon was viewed as an outcast by the gods, who clearly did not like him. Typhon had had enough of it and resolved to climb Mount Olympus one awful day. All of the Greek gods and goddesses lived on this mountain. Typhon is enraged, and he has threatened all of the gods on that mountain. They are all well aware of Typhon’s abilities, so each god makes a hasty retreat. To avoid him, most of the gods transform into animals in order to achieve speed and agility. The gods of love, Aphrodite and Eros, are the only ones who do not change shape. Typhon is closing in on the two lovers, who are in serious danger. Two fish emerge at the last time and let Aphrodite and Eros jump on their backs. The two are able to avoid being captured by the monster Typhon in this manner. The two fish were placed in the heavens by the Greek gods as a way of celebrating this great gesture, and they became the constellation Pisces.

Different variations of the Pisces story

According to tradition, Aphrodite and Eros transformed themselves into fish and escaped this way. It appears improbable that this is the case because other gods changed into animals but did not have constellations named after them.

The myth we know today may have originated with Ptolemy, but Pisces’ origins are pre-Greco-Roman. The fish were known as Ichthyes in Syrian mythology. They assisted in the rescue of Ashtarte, the Syrian counterpart of Aphrodite, by transporting her down the Euphrates River. Overall, the story is similar, and the fish deserved to shine forever among the stars in the night sky.

Is Pisces the oldest zodiac sign?

You may not always express it in your words or emotions, but you’ve seen and done a lot in a short period of time. Experiences and growth are the foundations of who you are for you, and it all leads to the legacy you wish to leave.

Your notion that life is about much more than what happens on this planet makes you an old soul. When you offer your wisdom, not everyone will comprehend what you mean, but that’s the price of having a very old soul.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Your soul, Pisces, is much older than any other zodiac sign. You’re the polar opposite of Aries, whose soul is as youthful as an infant’s, because you’re the 12th zodiac sign.

What are the three different types of Pisces?

Three of the most common “types” of Pisces you’ll see are listed here.

Prepare to expand your understanding of the Fish sign.