Was Neptune In Pisces When Rome Fell

The following is a chronology of dates and significant events that occurred during Neptune’s transit through Pisces.

  • From 395 to 395, Theodosius the Great was Emperor of the East. From 379 to 395, he was Emperor of Rome. Theodosius was the last emperor of both the Eastern and Western Roman Empires, reuniting the eastern and western parts of the empire. After his death, the two halves were permanently separated. He is also credited with making Nicene Christianity the Roman Empire’s official state religion. Theodosius was tolerant of the pagans during his early reign because he needed the backing of the powerful pagan governing class. However, he would eventually put a stop to the final traces of paganism. In 381 he made his first attempt to combat paganism by reiterating Constantine’s ban on sacrifice. On pain of execution, he outlawed haruspicy (entrail-reading) in 384.
  • A delegation sent by a Korean prince came at the court of the Emperor of Japan in the 6th century either 538 or 552 CE, depending on which historian one consults. The Koreans carried Buddhist sutras, a Buddha image, and a letter from a Korean prince praising the dharma with them. This was the first time Buddhism was officially introduced to Japan.
  • Muslim expansion – Tangier, Ceuta, Roderic, the Last Visigothic King in Spain, reigned from 711 to 711.
  • Invasion of Spain by the Moors in 711. In modern Pakistan, a Muslim state has been founded. 712.
  • After being set free by Arabs, Spanish Jews began to create their culture. Sugar was first grown in Egypt around the year 710.
  • Alfred the Great was born in the year 871. At Edington 878, he beats the Danes. From 899 to 899, he was King of England.
  • In combat at Elgin in 1040, MacBeth, Mormaer of Moray, kills Duncan and becomes King of the Scots.
  • The Fourth Crusade (12021204) was conceived as an invasion through Egypt to seize Muslim-controlled Jerusalem. Instead, in April 1204, the Crusaders of Western Europe invaded and seized Constantinople, the Byzantine Empire’s Christian (Eastern Orthodox) capital. One of the final acts in the Great Schism between the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church is this.
  • In 1190, Temujin (later Ghenghis Khan) attempts to build an empire in eastern Asia…proclaimed G.K. in 1206.
  • In 1363, Tamerlaine begins his conquest of Asia. Tamerland (Timur; Timur the Lame) (1335-1405) was a Mongol ruler and one of history’s great conquerors, centered in Samarkand (modern-day Uzbekistan). Tamerlane claimed descent from Genghis Khan and went out to establish a new Mongol empire. Persia, Armenia, and Mesopotamia were all subdued by him. Between the Caspian and Black Seas, India, Syria, and Ottoman Turk land, he defeated the “Golden Horde” in 1395. He was assassinated while attempting to conquer China.
  • Diet of Worms, 1521: Martin Luther is denounced as a heretic and excommunicated. Tenochtlan is conquered by Cortes in 1521. The city of Rome is sacked by Spanish and German armies, and Pope Clement VII is kidnapped. 1529 Henry VIII convenes the Reformation Parliament and begins the process of severing relations with the Catholic Church. Chas V formed the Knights of St John in Malta in 1530. Religious reforms were implemented in 1532.

The Nuremburg Peace allows Prots to freely follow their religion. In France, Calvin starts the Prot movement.

  • Pizarro captures the Inca capital of Cuzco in 1533. Henry 8th is declared supreme head of the Church of England in an act of Supremacy.

Chocolate was brought to Spain from Mexico in 1520! 1527 was the first year that sugar was cultivated in Cuba. The term “Protestant” is first used in 1527. The 18 survivors of the Magellan expedition completed the first circumnavigation of the globe in 1522.

  • 1685 All religions except R.C. are outlawed in France by Louis 14th. Over 50,000 Huguenot families are forced to flee France. James 2 of the United Kingdom issues the Dec of Liberty of Conscience…tolerance for all in 1687. The Bill of Rights was passed by the English parliament in 1689, establishing constitutional monarchy.

When was the last time Neptune was in the zodiac sign of Pisces?

Neptune was one of the first celestial worlds discovered by telescope in 1846, despite its distance of 2.865 billion miles from Earth. Interestingly, despite the fact that Neptune was invisible to the naked eye in the early 1600s, there is evidence that Galileo was able to observe it. Jupiter looked to glow a little brighter on two exceptional days in December 1612 and January 1613, according to Galileo. Although Galileo initially attributed the light to a star, it was eventually discovered that he had witnessed the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction. Yes, absolutely.

Neptune is named after the Greek god of the sea (Poseidon), and is hence associated with the mystical, enigmatic immensity of the spiritual unknown. Neptune is the astrological ruler of the subconscious, dreams, art, entertainment, and psychic abilities.

Neptune’s orbit is extraordinarily long; it takes 165 years to travel around the zodiac, with 14-year excursions through each of the 12 signs. Neptune entered Pisces in 2011, and will remain there until 2026.

When did Neptune go into the sign of Pisces?

The 12th of April 2022 is a Tuesday, and it also happens to be a once-in-a-lifetime astrological event. The planets Jupiter and Neptune will align in the sign of Pisces on that day.

Every 13 years, these planets will align. Jupiter travels around the Sun for about 12 years, spending about a year in each zodiac sign. Neptune spends around 14 years in each sign, taking 165 years to travel around the zodiac.

When Neptune is in Pisces, what happens?

This Neptune shift might be the great herald of change if the 2012 prophecies genuinely mean “the end of the world AS WE KNOW IT” (sorry, we’re not into the Armageddon hoopla). Neptune and Pisces are both rulers of the subconscious mind. We can no longer separate ourselves from our higher goals on this earth, as well as our own’shadow selves.’ The universal vibration of love begins to pulsate at a faster rate, summoning humanity to unite with its energy. However, in order to do so, we must also acknowledge the aspects of ourselves that we keep hidden. Under the influence of Neptune, buried shame may surface. Accept it, learn from it, and use what you’ve learned.

Despite the fact that we live in a three-dimensional world, scientists ranging from Einstein to string theorists have long sought to show the existence of other dimensions. A fourth dimension, for example, would allow for time travel. Will Neptune in Pisces allow us to break through that barrier and travel back in time? We can look back on the remarkable technological advancements that occurred between 1998 and 2012, while Neptune was in Aquarius. Neptune is the ruler of the invisible realm, while Aquarius oversees all things science fiction. Wi-Fi signals, Bluetooth devices, and lightning fast Internet connections sped up time and allowed us to virtually converse with individuals all around the world while Neptune was in the sign of the Water Bearer.

With Neptune in Pisces dragging us into the occult depths, what’s next? Virtual reality simulations could allow us to communicate with other life forms, see into the future, and have sensory out-of-body experiences. (In 2017, scientists began a contentious trial using stem cells to bring brain-dead individuals back to life.) It’s fascinating, if not a little strange.

This journey is marked by a search for mindfulness and significance. Neptune’s position in Pisces has ushered in a new era of mass-market spirituality. The zeitgeist has embraced yoga, juice bars, full moon circles, and urban shamans. Hypnosis, meditation, and shamanistic traveling already provide us with some access to other dimensions, and they may become increasingly popular and efficient forms of self-healing in the coming years.

This Neptune transit will be beneficial to the arts, and we may see the rise of some true masters. Legendary Pisces Michelangelo and Alexander McQueen (both of whom died during this passage) exhibit the planet’s and sign’s inventive vitality. Dancers, musicians, mystics, energy healers, shamans, and other magical practitioners will feel compelled to take a more active role in shaping the world after 2012.

What divine gift do you have? Now is the time to allow it to show itself. Creativity and compassion are powers that can heal the world while Neptune is in Pisces.

Why is Neptune related with Pisces?

We’re here to chat Neptune, so polish your rose-colored glasses and take a sip of nectar, my lovelies.

Neptune is the psychic planet of ideals, intuition, spirituality, and compassion in astrology, as well as the realm of dreams and delusions.

The zodiac sign in which Neptune is born, as well as the astrological house it resides in, determine its effect on the birth chart. Neptune displays our imagination, psychic sensitivity, and mystic connection all that is invisible and unknown. Neptune’s position in the birth chart corresponds to the areas of our lives where we refuse to be constrained by beliefs or tradition.

The planetary ruler of Pisces and the 12th House of the Unconscious is Neptune, the doe-eyed, poetry-spouting, self-destructive water sign.

Neptune is a slow-moving outer planet, unlike Mercury, Mars, and Venus, which means its energy is felt over generations and beyond the sphere of the person. The planet takes 165 years to travel through the zodiac, spending roughly 14 years in each sign. Neptune, who is currently in Pisces, will move into Aries in 2026.

Neptune is a planet that represents heavenly potential, universal love, and cosmic awareness. It demonstrates what is possible when we collapse borders and seek the source at its highest swell. Sounds cool, and it’s not unlike to a water birth at home, right? Yes, in an ideal world, but deception, disappointment, misinformation, escapism through addiction, and absolute forgetfulness lurk on Neptune’s evil side or ocean floor.

When was the last time Jupiter and Neptune met in Pisces?

However, on April 12, Jupiter and Neptune will both be transiting through Pisces and will collide at the same degree in the sky. The fact that both of these planets are in Pisces, the psychic and sensitive water sign, adds to their rarity. The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction will be created by Neptune, the planet of spirituality, intuition, dreams, and illusions. This is a once-in-a-lifetime event, as these two planets haven’t collided in the sign of Pisces since 1856, and it won’t happen again until 2188.

Why is Pisces such a spiritual sign?

On the zodiac wheel, Pisceans are the most spiritual. They are enigmatic and enjoy living in their own dream world. They are always on the lookout for a higher meaning and purpose in their lives. They believe in forming strong bonds with others.

What is Neptune’s degree in Pisces?

Neptune stations retrograde at 23 degrees Pisces on June 25. Neptune will remain in retrograde until December 1, when it will station direct at 20 degrees of the sign. As a result, Neptune will be retrograde until the end of 2021. Take it in stride!

Spiritual Gifts: Compassionate, Sensitive, Creative

Because the Pisces zodiac sign is associated with the water element, you will first experience everything emotionally. So, while some indications are absolutely governed by logic, you rely on your intuition to get through life.

This isn’t to suggest that you’re illogical. However, because you are inherently empathic, your psychic senses pick up information before your brain has a chance to process it.

In fact, merely by sharing space with someone, you can detect their emotions. Are you aware of this fact about yourself? It’s a priceless and potent present!

These empathic qualities are accompanied by a desire for isolation. You require more time and space than any other zodiac sign to unplug, unwind, and disentangle other people’s energy from your own. Of course, you, like everyone else, require social interaction to maintain your mental health. However, finding you alone, with the doors shut and the ‘do not disturb’ sign up would not surprise us.

It can be exhausting to absorb everyone’s energy! It’s no surprise that you have such a close bond with animals and environment; you value the simple, uncomplicated feel they provide.

You also like your alone time because you have extraterrestrial interests. As a Pisces, you’re entirely at ease stepping outside of the physical realm to explore new realms of consciousness. You are a highly active individual who enjoys music, art, fantasy novels, and other activities that allow you to escape.

Check out the following if you enjoy your alone time: Quotes About Solitude To Make Your Alone Time Sacred

What does it imply for Neptune to be retrograde in Pisces?

Pisces. Because Neptune is your ruling planet and this retrograde happens in your zodiac sign, Pisces, you will be impacted more than others. Use this opportunity to say no to self-limiting beliefs, unhealthy relationships, and any negative internal voice that tells you you can’t have what you deserve.