What Does Taurus Think Of Scorpio

Taurus, being courageous and powerful, finds Scorpio irresistible, despite the fact that Scorpio tends to drive most people away due to their dark and magical appearance.

Taurus, instead of fleeing, will be unable to stop thinking about all of the danger that most others perceive in Scorpio, and will be drawn towards it.

Why do Taurus like Scorpios so much?

Taurus and Scorpio have a strong bond of friendship. Part of this is due to the relationship’s slow and steady progression.

Both signs have a strong sense of loyalty. Furthermore, both the bull and the spider are fiercely defensive. Finally, each is cautious by nature, and before making a commitment, they carefully consider emotional investments in one another.

Their physical links are sealed once they have decided to become exclusive. Again, this is a gradual process that does not occur immediately.

It’s worth noting that both signs enjoy flirting in this regard. When this happens, the bull will have to be careful not to jump to conclusions. Scorpio, on the other hand, must control his jealousy.

Do Taurus Scorpio get along?

However, amazing physical chemistry isn’t necessarily enough to keep a relationship together for the long haul. Taurus and Scorpio are both prideful signs, so expect a lot of conflict emotionally. “In terms of who is feeling what and when,” Williams adds, “there’s a propensity to assume telepathy or mind reading ability.” “They also have a tendency to display emotional unavailability and alienation to one another.” It’s a race between these two to see who can get the other to crack first.

These two have a lot of “roadblocks and no exit alleys” when it comes to communication. “This can happen because they’re both stubborn and unpleasant, and they’re unwilling to show repentance or simply say ‘I’m sorry,'” Williams explains. Scorpio has a proclivity for acting like a “know-it-all” in relationships, which can make Taurus defensive. They might form the kind of bond where they’re continually seeking for ways to push each other — but not in a healthy way that allows each partner to flourish.

Taurus and Scorpio, as a couple, are a difficult combination. However, no couple is doomed to fail, regardless of their zodiac sign. “A lot of work will be required to maintain a balance, as these are powerful indications that are diametrically opposed,” Fox adds. “Keep it in mind when attempting to achieve true balance in this relationship, as true balance is required for a successful long-term partnership.”

Why do Scorpios fall for Taurus?

Because they’ve found their match in the other, the Scorpio-Taurus combination works. Taurus does not back down when Scorpio gives him the evil eye. Both can be obstinate and “set” in their positions, yet their resistance to yield creates a deep link across the divide.

When neither party is prepared to compromise, things go wrong, and the disputes become more heated and entrenched. It works best when people have a single aim – a shared sense of purpose — and can immerse themselves in difficult tasks together.

They’re passionate and deep in the sack, Scorpio emotionally and Taurus sensually. They communicate with their eyes. This is a strong combo that can endure a lifetime as long as the personal barricades don’t get too high.

Positive aspects: Love bond is strong; ambitious and self-motivated; sensuality + sexuality Equals gratifying intimacy; equally guarded and self-controlled; shared urge to cocoon/go into a cave; deeply rooted emotionally; loyal; passionate

Downside: There’s a risk of stagnation; jealousy is a major; control and manipulation are off the charts; the Bull is docile and the Scorpion is secretive with an agenda; there’s a lot of negativity that goes unspoken.

Why are Taurus so hot?

Because Taureans are ruled by Venus, the planet of love and pleasure, they are inherently seductive. Taureans have a strong inner self-belief that doesn’t need to be proclaimed, and this attracts others since they can be trusted. Taureans are laid-back and easy to be around because they don’t sweat the minor stuff. Taurus also knows how to have a good time, making them entertaining and constantly willing to try new things.

  • They enjoy pleasure and indulgence, and will gladly indulge you as well.
  • They are calm, stoic, relaxed, and content in their own flesh. Their default state of mind or mood is devoid of drama or tension.
  • Taureans have come-to-bed doe eyes, and those come-hither eyes work wonders for them.

Who gets on best with Taurus?

Almost everyone admires them because they exude a relaxed, sensual demeanor that draws people in; perhaps we sense their desire to have a good time… But, like other elemental groups, the Earth signs (Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo) get along swimmingly. They can discuss money, shopping, home improvements, and meals before taking a quick snooze together. Bliss.

Are Taurus and Scorpio soulmates?

Scorpios are born in the fall season, between October 23 and November 21.

Based on your element, personality, and season of the year, astrology can help you figure out who your soulmate might be.

Scorpio’s personality, attitude, proclivities, and patterns are described by these astrological characteristics.

Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, and Pisces are all zodiac signs that are Scorpio soulmates.

Do Taurus and Scorpio hate each other?

Many people believe that Scorpio’s polar opposite, Taurus, would be a horrible match, although they share a strong sense of loyalty and a desire for security. No, a Taurus isn’t the one that causes havoc in a Scorpio’s life. Libras irritate Scorpios because they are noncommittal, indecisive, and flirty. Scorpios can flirt (in a secretive way), but they can’t stand it when their partners do. At first, Libra will be enthralled by Scorpio’s enthusiasm to do everything together, but after a while, Scorpios will dig in and want more time alone and less time at social gatherings.


Taurus and Cancer have one of the warmest zodiac friendships. It’s a sweet, dependable connection that will stand the test of time. Cancer is unconcerned by Taurus’ eccentricities, and Taurus, in response, will listen intently when Cancer talks nonstop.

Even in the middle of the night, Cancer will let their hearts out about whatever is bothering and enticing them. They may also rely on Taurus, their best friend, to listen to them and provide affirmation. This is a perfect friendship because friends are supposed to be there for you through thick and thin.

There are no ideal friendships. Cancerians are irritated by Taurus’s obstinacy. Taurus may feel compelled to lose their minds due to Cancer’s moodiness. However, because they love each other’s strengths more than their defects, these two best friends can ignore each other’s flaws.

Taurus and Cancer are on the same page when it comes to communication. Both signs are natural nurturers, so they may take care of one other. They both want a safe and comfortable life. These two best friends frequently get together, collaborate, and devise a strategy to attain their objectives.

Friendship advice: If the Bull shows to be too stubborn and fixed in his ways, the timid Crab may become demotivated. Taurus must understand that it must cater to the sensitivities of Cancer, or it will be forced to withdraw into its shell for the rest of its life.


Taurus is a fixed earth sign, whereas Virgo is a mutable earth sign, and both have Earth energy that makes them grounded and realistic. Both signs are dedicated workers, and their work ethic extends to all aspect of their lives. They’re the type of people who will go out of their way to help their pals when it comes to friendship. As a result, the Taurus-Virgo connection has plenty of room for warmth, affection, security, and forgiveness.

Virgo’s problem-solving abilities, honesty, and tranquility are valued by Taurus. While Virgo admires Taurus for their financial acumen, enjoyment of nature, maternal behavior, and commitment, Taurus despises Virgo. Walking in the park, dining outside, and camping on weekends are some of the activities these two best friends like doing together.

In certain movies, two people become instant best friends over the course of a weekend. Virgo and Taurus are the polar opposites. It normally takes a long time for the two to become best friends. Both signs are in the nurturing phase of their lives, and they want to grow their friendships carefully. They’ll soon realize that they’ve become best buddies after a millennium in Gemini time.

Because of Virgo’s skepticism and Taurus’s persistence, the Maiden and the Bull may come to a fork in the path. But this is swiftly rectified because the two are very practical and do not dwell on a single issue for long periods of time.


Capricorn and Taurus have a great deal of compatibility. Despite their cautious natures, these two rapidly build a strong connection. Many of their hopes and ambitions, as well as their daily lives and expectations of them, are identical.

Both signs are ambitious and desire a happy life. The Bull yearns for beauty and ease, while the Sea-Goat yearns for stature.

They can often help motivate and grow together because they share similar goals and aspirations for their lives. They know what each other wants and when they need it, whether it’s a little nudge when they’re feeling lethargic or a tirade when they’re fed up with the office drama. In other words, the two best buddies are made for each other.


The Bull and the Fish have a lovely bond. Pisces is as laid-back as a cucumber. They maintain a serene demeanor and are unconcerned about anything. They simply let Taurus be Taurus and do Taurus things. Taurus is enamored with Pisces’ ingenuity and sensitivity. And Pisces admires Taurus’ sense of humor, as well as their calm demeanor.

Pisces people are gifted and skilled in a variety of areas, the majority of which are artistic in nature. Personal finance and wealth planning, on the other hand, aren’t usually their strong suits. They’re grateful for the assistance of their reliable friend Taurus, the zodiac’s master of financial preparation.

Taurus may have to set aside their pride for this one buddy and never expect them to be on time, but Pisces also has to live with Taurus’ rigidity. During movie time or when they’re playing their favorite video games, the differences between the two best friends go away.


Taurus is Taurus’ best friend in every way, despite the fact that this may seem obvious. They complete each other in every aspect and are trustworthy to the end. You will never discover a more enduring friendship that is both profound and dependable. Your fellow Bull will give you just the right amount of stimulation at at the right time. The other Bull is drawn to you because of your laid-back attitude and demeanor.

This friend shares your desire to enjoy life to the fullest without reservation and would gladly spend every moment with you. After all, you’re both very obstinate, so you might collide now and then. However, as long as the two closest friends are aware of their own obstinacy, they can cooperate to resolve their disagreement and emerge stronger than before.

Should a Taurus marry a Scorpio?

Taurus and Scorpio share a strong desire for love and companionship, making them a good match. If the Scorpio does not value their own feelings, it may be challenging. When they form an emotional link, they may go to great lengths to find real love and bond in ways that other zodiac signs cannot.

Can Taurus physically fight?

Unless you threaten the bull, it isn’t a natural fighter. A Taurus isn’t likely to start a fight with you, but if you do, get comfortable because it’s going to drag on for a long time. Taurus personalities dislike admitting when they are wrong, and this is mostly due to the fact that they rarely feel they are wrong. Even if the evidence is against them, they are adamant in their convictions and eager to defend their conduct.

If you get into a quarrel with a Taurus, attempt to defuse the situation as soon as possible or be prepared to give up.