What Should You Never Say To A Scorpio

Many people are apprehensive about revealing their genuine self to others, but none more so than the Scorpio. “Scorpio is afraid of being entirely exposed, because “within every Scorpio lies a certain darkness that overwhelms even them,” according to Perrakis. “Scorpio is the zodiac’s darkest sign because it is unafraid to explore the dark tunnels of the soul, whether it is theirs or someone else’s.” While Scorpios have a wide range of emotions, they are wary of communicating their deepest feelings with others for fear of being labeled as strange or sad. Scorpios frequently fear that no one will completely understand them, so they isolate themselves. However, no one’s life is flawless. When a Scorpio realizes that they can relate to the experiences of others, they will blossom as individuals. (According to your zodiac sign, this is the ideal pastime for you.)

Why you should never lie to a Scorpio?

If you’re dating (or have been dating) a Scorpio, you should know the following. And don’t say we didn’t warn you if you’re thinking of dating a Scorpio.

1. Scorpios are more seductive than anyone you’ve ever met. Don’t even try to fight it. You can’t do it. If you’re attracted to that strange guy with the beard who sleeps on newspapers in the subway and likes to warn you the end of the world is approaching, chances are he was born in November and is fantastic in bed.

2. Scorpios are constantly assertive and in command. Your Scorpio companion is always wearing the pants, even when you don’t believe she is. She’s only going along with it until the time comes to put you back in your place. Make sure you don’t become too comfortable.

3. The Scorpios are unstoppable. They’re tenacious to the point of obstinacy, occasionally manipulative, and far more powerful than anyone you know. You want us on your squad because you know you’ll win if we’re on it. Unless your team is the New York Jets, in which case I’m sorry, but I’m not sure how I can assist you.

4. We’re a very private bunch. When someone you’re seeing refuses to become a Facebook official, it’s not always because they’re cheating. It’s because they don’t want the rest of the world to know what they’re up to. If you’re dating a Scorpio, this is especially true. It’s a safe bet that your spouse is a Scorpio if she doesn’t use social media and keeps a diary in a lockbox in a hidden safe within a hidden crawlspace of her apartment. Please don’t pry.

5. However, we still want to know about your company. We’re all born detectives. We’re intrigued. Please let us in. Otherwise, we’ll give you the side-eye for the rest of our lives and wonder what you’re hiding.

6. We’re drawn to the dark. My partner frequently finds me watching Forensic Files and smirking like Norman Bates when he returns home. That doesn’t imply I’m a serial killer (you can’t prove it, and no jury will ever condemn me), but it does mean I’m drawn to the darker side of life. Scorpios are well-known for their fascination with death, horror, noir, the strange, and even the occult. Let her be as long as she isn’t using a Ouija board to invite Captain Howdy home.

7. Scorpios’ dark side is reflected in their sardonic sense of humour. Seriously, the things that make us laugh can turn us into awful people. Don’t pass judgment on us because of it. Instead, be grateful for our ability to find humor in otherwise dreadful situations, because it makes life so much easier.

8. You know how people like to say they don’t give a damn what other people think? Scorpios are serious about their work.

9. Scorpios are ruthless in their honesty. If you don’t want to hear the truth, don’t ask us if that clothing makes you seem obese.

10. We have a psychic side to us. Depending on how cynical you are, it may be psycho. Scorpios have an uncanny ability to foresee the future and know what you’re thinking before you say anything. This is due to their great observational abilities and recall, as well as the fact that they are all fans of The Shining. Just accept it, but don’t expect them to perform parlor tricks with it.

11. We’re fiercely loyal and protective of those we love. If you tell us about someone who pushed you on the subway, screwed you over at work, or bullied you in third grade, we’ll want to hold you close, then track out the person who wounded you and kill everything they care about.

12. We’re resourceful and have a high level of secrecy. Call someone born between late October and the third week of November if you ever need to make one phone call from jail, especially if you need help burying a body or even planning a surprise party. They will not only be extremely helpful in whatever you require, but they will also refrain from passing judgment and keep their lips quiet about it. Jodi Arias was in need of a Scorpio companion.

13. Scorpios are equipped with built-in bulls*it detectors. Because Scorpios have an exceptional recall and an intuitive capacity to identify the truth in every scenario, you should avoid sugarcoating or lying to them. You’ll only make them angry, and you don’t want to be around them when they’re angry. As a result, I’ve come to…

14. Scorpios are shrewd, vengeful, and have no qualms about annihilating you. Do you know what Gone Girl is about? That’s insignificant.

Scorpios say mean things.

Scorpio men are aware of your emotional vulnerabilities, therefore they will go after you where you are most vulnerable (permanently).

Scorpios are astute observers who don’t mince words when it comes to getting to know others.

As a result, they know just what buttons to press when someone irritates them.

If a Scorpio man gets triggered, he will verbally assault you without hesitation.

Their observations are stored in their memory until they are needed; let’s hope they are put to good use.

What body part do Scorpios like?

Scorpio is the sign of the genitals, so most people equate it with, well, sex! Scorpio, on the other hand, represents creation and transformation because it regulates the entire reproductive system as well as the blood system. Scorpios think that love is ultimately responsible for the creation of all life. Scorpios, however, are sexual beings, as their name suggests. Simply exhibit your passionate side for romance, and this will be quite appealing!

Who is the enemy of Scorpio?

Taurus is the most tenacious of all the zodiac signs, and Aquarius and Scorpio are their worst foes. They are all adamant about getting what they desire. As a result, they become agitated when they notice someone disagreeing with their point of view.

Is Scorpio evil?

MOST EVIL: Scorpio 02/13 Scorpio is a deadly monster that will not hesitate to sting someone if it feels like it. This is a very nasty, clever, and devious sign. They can devise the most intricate strategies to assassinate someone while remaining completely undetected.

What does a Scorpio hate?

They despise being told no and frequently act as if they haven’t heard it. Unfortunately, many Scorpios are obsessed with destructive relationships as a result of this characteristic. Their pride prevents them from gracefully backing out or letting go. Unless they are the ones who are ending a relationship – in which case it’s acceptable, but they should not be the ones receiving a no!

Why are Scorpios liars?

Watch out for their poisonous tails: Scorpios are excellent liars because they have a natural affinity for the dark side (Read: the spooky and the occult). The planet Pluto, named after the Roman equivalent of Hades, the deity of the underworld, rules the sign of Scorpio. If she hasn’t already come out of the “broom closet,” at least one of your closest Scorpio friends is likely to be a witch. A stinging scorpion is just as emotional as a Cancer or Pisces, but because they’re a fixed water element sign (rather than changeable or cardinal), they’re as stubborn as oxen and know how to channel their emotions into genuine change. When individuals need someone to conceal a secret or tell a lie, a scorpio is a good choice because they are recognized for getting things done while keeping it under wraps.

How do Scorpio apologize?

Scorpio thrives in arguments that rapidly become heated and impassioned. She despises secrets, so if you’re having a dispute with her – or even if you’re apologizing – she’d rather you be honest with her than be nice to make things better.

It’s better than lying to her face, even if it means you’ll be upset at each other for a little longer.

A Scorpio’s apologies may appear deceptive at first, but that’s only because she’s attempting to be truthful (however brutal that may be).

But, being the ride or die chick that she is, she will never, ever let a small quarrel come between her and her buddies.