Who Plays Mac Scorpio On General Hospital

York, John Joseph Robert (born December 10, 1958), is an actor from the United States. York has appeared on television shows such as Dynasty, Family Ties, and 21 Jump Street, but he is most known for his role as Malcolm “Mac” Scorpio on the daytime serial opera General Hospital.

How are Robert and Mac Scorpio related?

Mac Scorpio is a fictitious character from the ABC network’s American serial series General Hospital. In February 1991, John J. York was cast in the role. He was introduced as Robert Scorpio’s brother, and after Robert and his wife Anna Devane were assumed dead, he became the guardian of Robert’s daughter, Robin Scorpio. Felicia Scorpio-Jones is his wife, while Maxie and Georgie Jones are his stepchildren.

What happened to Mac Scorpio on General Hospital?

Robert was later lured into a trap, when he met up with his brother in upstate New York, where they discovered they had been set up. Mac donated blood to save his brother’s life when he was shot, and they buried the hatchet. While on the run, Mac fell in love with a deaf woman named Dominique Taub and attempted to assist her in faking her death in order to flee her violent husband. Mac assisted Robert and Anna Devane in bringing down the Cartel, which included Dominique’s husband, allowing her to be with Mac. Mac became the legal guardian of Robert and Anna’s daughter, Robin Scorpio, after they were assumed dead in a boat explosion. Mac and Dominique’s relationship eventually fell apart, and they divorced.

When Felicia Jones returned to Port Charles with amnesia, Mac utilized his private investigator abilities to help her solve the mystery surrounding her memories. They started dating after he recruited her to work at his restaurant, The Outback. When Mac recalled witnessing Ryan Chamberlain murdering a lady in Texas, she shielded her from the serial murderer and pretended to die to fool him. Ryan was eventually apprehended, but he managed to flee with a bomb to Mac and Felicia’s wedding! Despite the fact that Ryan was restrained, the wedding never took place, and when Frisco Jones returned to Port Charles to see a sick Maxie Jones, Mac could tell Felicia was still in love with her former and backed off. Mac treated both of her girls, Maxie and Georgie, as if they were his own children, and they remained good friends.

Because of his involvement with local mobster Sonny Corinthos, Mac didn’t approve of Robin’s new boyfriend, Stone Cates. Mac was terrified and enraged when Robin disclosed that Stone had AIDS and that they’d had unprotected sex, but he soon warmed up to Stone. Mac was supportive when Robin was diagnosed with HIV, and after Stone died, he had an AIDS quilt made in his honor.

Despite the fact that Mac had been dating Katherine Bell, she was envious of his increased time with Felicia and turned down his marriage proposal. Mac rose to the position of police commissioner before being kidnapped by a lady named Tess, who resembled Mac’s missing husband. After Tess and James were caught, everyone expected Mac and Felicia to marry. They were about to call it off when Lucy and Kevin decided to cancel their double wedding, so Felicia told everyone the real story and became Mrs. Mac Scorpio!

For a while, their marriage was well, but Mac became envious when Felicia began working closely with Luke Spencer. Cesar Faison kidnapped Felicia as he returned for vengeance, and Luke was captured trying to save her. Faison texted Mac a video of the captives almost making love after Mac liberated them. Mac was distraught, and Luke was eventually railroaded on charges of Stefan’s murder. Mac resigned as police commissioner after Felicia testified that she and Luke were together the night of the murder and Stefan was found alive.

Mac and Felicia teamed up once more to investigate Joseph Sorel’s murder, and he tried to warn her about dating Roy DiLucca. Mac and Felicia also worked together to solve the murder of Luis Alcazar. Mac had his hands full dealing with Maxie and Georgie’s teenage problems when Felicia went to Texas to care for her grandmother. However, Mac’s condemnation of Georgie’s connection with Dillon Quartermaine paled in comparison to Maxie’s sex tape being exposed on the internet and her near-fatal drug overdose! Meanwhile, he was still trying to keep the criminal element in control, and Mac was critically burned in a fire during a shootout between the cops and the mob at the hotel. Felicia returned to look after her girls and assist Mac in his recovery.

Georgie’s death broke Mac’s heart, and while he was relieved when Robin returned to Port Charles, he didn’t approve of her seeing Patrick Drake. Later, Mac had an affair with Alexis Davis and was shot by Warren Bauer, who was seeking vengeance for the loss of his son, Keifer. When Maxie was in legal problems, Felicia returned home and rekindled her romance with Mac. Frisco, on the other hand, showed up and demanded her return. When it came down to it, Felicia selected Mac, and they remarried at his restaurant, which is now known as The Floating Rib.

Mac largely just ran his business, but he did help Jordan and Curtis Ashford with their investigation into the killings, which turned out to be committed by a not-so-dead Ryan. Laura asked Mac to fill in as interim police commissioner after Jordan was injured and needed time to recover from a kidney transplant. And while Jordan’s investigation into Cyrus Renault progressed, Mac was still in charge when the drug lord detonated a bomb at the Floating Rib! And when Maxie found herself at the center of Peter August’s terror, he stepped in to protect her.

How is Robert Scorpio related to Maxie Jones?

Scorpio’s elder brother. Robert arrived in town as an international spy for the WSB, and he and his wife, Holly Sutton, and friend Luke Spencer were embroiled in numerous adventures. After a boat explosion in 1992, he and his ex-wife, Anna Devane, were both assumed dead. In 2006, Robert made it back to town alive. Robert and Anna have a daughter, Robin Scorpio.

Scorpio’s younger brother. When Mac first arrived in town in 1991, he was presented. Due to years of estrangement, he had a tumultuous connection with his brother. As they set aside their differences, the relationship thawed and improved over time. The Floating Rib is owned by Mac. Despite the fact that Mac never had his own children, he married Felicia Jones and raised her two daughters, Maxie and Georgie, as well as his niece, Robin, after her parents were assumed dead.

Andrew’s older brother is Cindy’s older son. While working as a neurologist at General Hospital, he moved to Port Charles in 1984, hoping to heal relations with his brother. Tony and Tania Roskov had a daughter, B.J., and adopted a son, Lucas, from Bobbie Spencer. During the encephalitis epidemic at General Hospital in February 2006, Tony died.

Frisco, Andrew and Cindy’s younger son, debuted as the lead singer for the band Blackie and the Riff-Raff in January 1984. He went on to work as an agent and is currently the head of the WSB. The following year, he goes missing and is assumed dead, but he reappears alive, having fled the Bulgarian prison where he had been tortured. Frisco and Felicia Cummings have two daughters, Maxie and Georgie.

Prunella is Mac and Robert Scorpio’s cousin. In 1988, she made a brief appearance as a con artist.

What happened to Felicia Jones on General Hospital?

On September 7, 1984, Wagner, then known as Kristina Malandro, made her debut in the role. Wagner announced her departure from the show in March 2003, and her final episode aired on February 13, 2003, to little notice.

Wagner was said to be returning to the program as Felicia in January 2004, nearly a year after her initial leave.

In May 2005, it was revealed that Wagner would be departing the program once more, with Sandra Ferguson, a former Another World actress, taking over the role. Ferguson only lasted 13 episodes in the character of Felicia, with her final episode airing on November 15, 2005, after being sacked from the show.

Wagner returned to the program for a brief cameo in December 2007 to help ease the departure of Lindze Letherman, who played Felicia’s daughter, Georgie Jones. From December 20, 2007 through January 22, 2008, Wagner aired on PBS.

Wagner’s return to the soap was announced in March 2012 by Daytime Confidential, and she began airing on April 27, 2012.

After production on new episodes resumed during the COVID outbreak, Wagner did not return right away. Wagner was last seen on May 6, 2020, and reappeared a year later on May 21, 2021, for John Reilly’s tribute program.

Wagner announced on Twitter on November 30, 2021 that she’ll be returning to the GH studio on Wednesday, December 1 to film new scenes.

Wagner said that she is back on contract on December 4, 2021. On January 3, 2022, she was rehired on a contract basis.

What happened to Mac and Felicia on General Hospital?

After Felicia’s divorce from Frisco Jones, Mac and Felicia met. Dr. Ryan Chamberlain developed a crush on Felicia and began following her. He eventually kidnapped her as a result of his passion. Felicia eluded Ryan and joined Mac on the run. Mac and Felicia’s friendship blossomed into romance throughout their time on the run. They planned to marry when they got engaged. When Ryan interrupted the couple’s wedding, they made it all the way to the altar. Despite the setback, Felicia remained undeterred and wanted to schedule another wedding until Frisco returned to town.

Maxie, Frisco and Felicia’s daughter, had developed Kawasaki syndrome and was in in need of a heart transplant. Felicia was driven back into Frisco’s arms by the stress and intense emotions of the scenario. Maxie’s cousin, B.J. Jones, was eventually identified to be a heart donor for her. Felicia called off her engagement to Mac and rekindled her relationship with Frisco, leaving Mac heartbroken. Frisco and Felicia’s reconnection resulted in the birth of Georgie, their second daughter.

Frisco eventually left town again while Felicia was still expecting Georgie. During Felicia’s pregnancy, Mac stepped up and supported her, rekindling their bond. Georgie’s paternity was questioned for a long, with Mac assuming she was his, until a DNA test revealed she was Frisco’s kid. Mac and Felicia are still friends after a few years and are in separate relationships. They both worked as private detectives for a period, and one of their investigations in 1998 required them to masquerade as a married couple. Maxie and Georgie were ecstatic with the ploy, believing Mac and Felicia had reconciled. This prompted the couple to carry on their ruse all the way to the wedding, where they finally realized they were in love and married for real.

Felicia’s relationship with Luke Spencer put a strain on Mac and Felicia’s marriage. Felicia was kidnapped when Felicia and Luke got into a fight with Cesar Faison. Luke went looking for her and ended up in the same cell as her. Felicia and Luke were on the verge of dying and were about to sleep together when Mac rushed in and saved them. Mac began to have questions about Felicia’s loyalty, putting their relationship under strain. Mac’s affection for Felicia, on the other hand, led him to believe she had been faithful. Felicia fled off to help Luke look for his son, Lucky, only weeks after returning home after the kidnapping, and Mac was willing to try to work on their marriage.

Mac was furious, and he sent Maxie and Georgie to their great-residence grandmother’s in Texas, as well as leaving his family home with Felicia and the girls. Felicia was equally enraged when she arrived home and saw everyone had vanished. She traveled down to Texas right away, only to discover that her daughters despised her. Felicia chose to spend a month with her family on a dude ranch to try to repair some of the harm she had done, and Mac eventually agreed to give her another chance.

Felicia could not stay away from Luke, despite Mac’s readiness to give them another shot. Luke and Felicia stayed in the same hotel room one night. Luke assured Felicia that no one would ever know, but when Luke was accused of murdering Stefan Cassadine and Felicia was his only alibi, the truth came out. Felicia was compelled to testify that she slept with Luke that night on the witness stand. Mac was devastated and enraged. Although Luke was let free, Mac and Felicia’s marriage had come to an end.

Despite the fact that they still had affections for each other, Mac and Felicia separated in 2001. They both tried to put their feelings for each other behind them and move on. Felicia’s grandma became ill and required round-the-clock care, so she left her daughters with Mac and moved to Texas. Felicia came to town a year later and moved in with Mac and the girls. Felicia returned to town after another year in order to care for her grandma and reconnect with Frisco. Maxie and Georgie were left in the care of Mac.

After Georgie was murdered by the Text Message Killer in 2008, Felicia came to town. She lingered in town long enough to assist the police in their search for Georgie’s killer before Frisco summoned her. She returned in 2012 to assist Maxie, who was facing legal issues. She began reconnecting with Mac while she was in town. She apologized to Mac for going away and leaving him to raise her girls, stating that her greatest regret was missing out on their lives. Mac forgave her and consoled her.

Mac and Felicia rejoiced together and grew closer after Maxie was exonerated of the charges against her. Felicia rediscovered her feelings for Mac and wondered if he shared them. After he kissed her and they resumed dating, her question was answered. Frisco returned to town just as Mac and Felicia were rekindling their romance. Frisco made it clear that he desired Felicia’s return. He did everything he could to reclaim her, leaving Mac feeling insecure. Felicia had to make a decision, and she selected Mac. Frisco left town, heartbroken, and Mac and Felicia got engaged. Mac joyfully accepted Felicia’s proposal for marriage.

Mac and Felicia married at The Floating Rib a few months later. Maxie went into labor during their wedding reception and gave birth to Georgie Spinelli, a healthy grandchild. As a married pair, Mac and Felicia support each other through the ups and downs in their own life as well as Maxie’s.

Who raised Robin Scorpio?

Robin, who is seven years old, has been raised to believe that her mother, Anna Devane, is her aunt. Her father, Robert Scorpio, is unaware that he and his wife Holly Sutton had a daughter together, but he quickly names three of his closest friends as Robin’s godfathers: Sean Donely, Frisco Jones, and Dr. Buzz Stryker. While Tania is pregnant, Robin is asked to be BJ Jones’ godsister. When Robert arrives to Port Charles, he discovers Anna has married Duke Lavery. Robin’s grandmother was murdered when she was a toddler, and she went through a difficult period after her parents were allegedly killed in an explosion. Her uncle Mac Scorpio, who marries Felicia Jones, adopts her. Maxie and Georgie Jones, Robin’s step-cousins, were born as a result of this marriage.

Robin met Michael ‘Stone’ Cates in 1993, and although not getting along at first, they began dating in 1994, against her uncle Mac’s objections. Stone had been a homeless boy who had been taken in by Sonny Corinthos and worked for him. After making love to Robin in 1995, Stone discovered he was HIV-positive and later developed full-blown AIDS as a result of not asking questions of the girls he was with on the streets. Stone is accompanied by Robin at all times. Before Stone dies, Robin learns that she is HIV-positive. He dies in her company after a few months. Robin has had to cope with Stone’s death and her HIV, but she has received a lot of help from her friends and family.

What happened to the Commissioner on General Hospital?

The part of Jordan Ashford was first played by actress Vinessa Antoine on March 14, 2014. On July 16, 2018, Antoine announced her retirement from the show after four years. After being cast in the lead role of the upcoming Canadian drama Diggstown, Antoine decided to leave the series.

According to an ABC representative who spoke to Soap Opera Digest about Antoine’s departure, “Vinessa Antoine has decided to quit the show after completing her pilot. While we are heartbroken to lose an actress of her quality, we believe Jordan Ashford is too vital a character to lose, and we will be recasting the role.”

Soap Opera Digest reported on August 10, 2018 that the role of Jordan had been recast with actress Briana Nicole Henry.

The last episode of Antoine aired on September 7, 2018. On September 13, 2018, Henry made her debut.

Henry announced her departure from the show on September 14, 2021, stating that it was “time to move on.” On September 13, 2021, she made her final appearance.

Who plays Scorpio?

Tristan Rogers is an Australian-American actor who was born on June 3, 1946. He’s best known for his roles as Robert Scorpio on ABC’s General Hospital and Jake in Walt Disney Pictures’ The Rescuers Down Under. On General Hospital, he currently plays Robert Scorpio.

Rogers was born in the Australian city of Melbourne. His early acting appearances were on Australian television, and he appeared in the soap operas Bellbird, Number 96 (in 1974), and The Box for short periods of time (in 1975). He starred in the 13-episode police drama series The Link Men (1970), and he also appeared in guest parts on shows including Barrier Reef, Division 4, and the 1976 miniseries Power Without Glory. In the early 1970s, he also acted in a few British films, including Four Dimensions of Greta (1972), The Flesh and Blood Show (1972), and Sex Farm (1972). (1973).

Who is Maxie dating on General Hospital?

Despite Mac’s objections and her own reservations, Maxie gets acquainted with Spinelli and begins to develop feelings for him. She flirts with Johnny as well, but the two never form a relationship. Maxie finally falls in love with Spinelli. He proposes just as they are about to become exclusive, and despite her reservations, Maxie agrees. When Spinelli learns of Maxie’s feelings, he announces that he will not marry her during their wedding. The couple decides to take their relationship slowly and postpone their wedding. On behalf of Crimson, Maxie assists in the organization of an art show for the artist Franco (James Franco). Maxie is immediately remorseful after the two sleep together. She begins to shun her family and Spinelli, unable to cope with her feelings of guilt. When Spinelli discovers the truth, he apologizes and claims he forgives Maxie, but their relationship remains tense. Spinelli sets up a bogus case for Maxie to help him with in the hopes of reigniting their passion, but the plot backfires, and they end up imprisoned, with Spinelli injured and Maxie suffering from hypothermia. Maxie discovers she has pneumonia, which is putting a strain on her heart, when they are finally taken to the hospital. Fortunately, she recovers, but Spinelli is still haunted by remorse. Maxie seeks to reclaim Spinelli’s attention by simulating a kiss with Matt Hunter (Jason Cook) in the hopes that he will fight for her. Instead, he ends his relationship with Maxie. Matt and Maxie start dating on the side, opting not to be exclusive.

Is there a family tree for General Hospital?

The GH Family Trees are a collection of family trees created by GH. Welcome to the General Hospital Family Tree section of Soap Central. Each Family Tree includes a complete history of each family member’s marriages, relatives, and children.