Why Scorpio Is The Worst

Scorpios, unlike the majority of people, do not form and retain friendships to enrich their life. Friends serve as a social “beard” for them, allowing them to fit in with the rest of society without being noticed. Almost everything you say makes your Scorpio friend arrogant, self-centered, and bored.

Why do people dislike Scorpios?

Scorpios have a reputation for being obsessive, secretive, and downright malevolent. All three of these characteristics are undesirable in a relationship and cause individuals to avoid Scorpios. This is a Fixed, Water sign, which means they are firm in their beliefs, goals, and morals. Being a Water sign, however, implies they get along well with people because they seek for emotional connections first. Because it is how they connect and feel safe with people, they tend to be more passionate and intense during interactions with individuals with whom they are comfortable. They tend to be more reserved or closed off when speaking with individuals they don’t know well, which is why others assume they are incredibly secretive. Because not everyone wants to reveal personal information, their desire to get to know individuals on a deeper level is what pulls people away from them. Scorpios are thought to be malevolent since they have no guilt for betraying their trust and will most likely abandon you if you do. When you hear someone declare they despise Scorpios, it’s because they can’t match a Scorpio’s degree of passion.

Is Scorpio the most toxic sign?

2. Scorpio horoscope (October 23 – November 21)

In their relationships, Scorpios can be vindictive and envious. This sign has significant trust concerns, which can make a relationship extremely poisonous. Scorpios are also skilled at and enjoy playing mind games.

Virgo (the Virgin): (August 23 – September 22)

Virgos might be too critical, controlling, and fault-finding. They’ll obtain what they want, and your confidence will be harmed by their reactions and judgments. Expect continual animosity since they have incredibly high expectations and will never let go of anything.

Are Scorpios really evil?

MOST EVIL: Scorpio 02/13 Scorpio is a deadly monster that will not hesitate to sting someone if it feels like it. This is a very nasty, clever, and devious sign. They can devise the most intricate strategies to assassinate someone while remaining completely undetected.

Are Scorpios psychopaths?

09/13Scorpio Scorpions are expert manipulators and emotional psychopaths. They understand how to exploit your flaws and emotions. They may quickly rationalize their actions, and by doing so, they are simply being passionate towards themselves.

Are Scorpios perverts?

Libra has little backbone and is rarely able to make a decision due to their want to be accepted and liked, as well as their deep need to feel popular.

Going out to eat with them is impossible because they’ll look at the menu like they’re reading a Great American Novel, never deciding and trying to conduct field study on the waiter with all their questions, while you’re like, “JUST PICK SOMETHING, JANICE.”

They’ll eventually choose anything you do because they can’t accomplish anything on their own.

Scorpio: petty perverts

Scorpios are recognized as a sexual sign, but their sexuality has less to do with sensuous pleasure and more to do with a complete lack of control over their urges.

They take pleasure in watching others suffer because it helps them feel more powerful when others show evidence of weakness.

They wear a mask of mystery and secrecy to disguise the reality that they are unwanted, which makes them practically paranoid and causes them to treat their relationships as a series of political power maneuvers.

Are Scorpios toxic boyfriends?

To understand why Scorpios manipulate, we must first understand why they manipulate. Pluto and Mars are the rulers of this sign. Pluto, on the other hand, is a domineering and obsessive planet. As a result, Scorpio will try to keep track of everything, especially their relationships.

Scorpios want loyalty from their partners. They are afraid of being wounded and can’t stand being alone. As a result, they sting back when they feel ignored or heartbroken.

They might subject you to silent treatment, leaving you to wonder what went wrong. Alternatively, they could unearth details from your past and use them against you. Some Scorpios may also play the victim, forcing you to put them first.

It’s important to note that not all Scorpios are out to manipulate others. They aren’t always conscious of their harmful activities. Others, on the other hand, may portray Scorpios as possessive and jealous.

Are Scorpios bad friends?

Scorpios are the worst at getting people to return their calls. They enjoy socializing with others but dislike making an effort to do so. Even if they enjoy being with you and in your presence, this causes them to become distant. This may make you think they aren’t a good friend because they don’t seem to care.