How Will Mercury Retrograde Affect Taurus

From the best astrologers on call, learn about the effects of Mercury retrograde on your life.

When viewed from Earth, retrogression is a motion in which a planet appears to be travelling backward. It’s a simple optical illusion. During this time, the planet’s transit is moving backwards. The retrogression process is significant because to the speed, therefore the retrogradeplanet’s intensity and movement are considerable. During their transit, retrograde planets have a lot of impact and produce a lot of results. They are also effective in providing repetition throughout this time.

Mercury retrograde has a significant effect on communication. You’ll have to put forth extra effort to clarify and support your statements. It can also cause problems in your relationship, like betrayal, infidelity, and conspiracy. It can also cause unpleasant mood swings and feelings of insecurity. It can also have a financial consequence, especially when dealing with speculative markets.

Mercury will become retrograde in Taurus on May 10th, 2022 at 5.16 PM, and will turn progressive on June 3rd. Mercury’s location and placement in a chart are often dependant on the results of retrogression.


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Is Taurus affected by Mercury’s retrograde in 2022?

Mercury is about to become retrograde once more. From May 10 to June 3, the celestial body is generating some intergalactic mayhem, marking the second of four backspins in 2022. Expect misunderstandings, technical errors, and travel delays, as usual. Mercury is making a cameo appearance in talkative Gemini for the first part of its backpedal this spring. The second part of this annoying transit will be spent in Taurus, bringing with it a bit of stubbornness in love and work. While everyone will be influenced by these changes, the zodiac signs most affected by the Mercury retrograde in spring 2022 will bear the brunt of the celestial mayhem.

Mercury is related with intellectual processes, communication, travel, and technology, and it rules profound thinker Gemini and ultra-organized Virgo. The heavenly body is in charge of keeping these everyday necessities working efficiently while it is direct. It causes delays to your planning process, communication breakdowns, and uncertainty at every point throughout its periodic replay. Spending time in Gemini’s natural chatty gabby sign brings extra mischief in the communication department, as well as cloudy thoughts and social media gaffes. You might expect an insatiable desire to splurge and romantic rear-enders when Mercury enters overindulgent Taurus (yes, including those texts from that ex). Mercury retrograde may bring back exes, but it may also bring irritating late fines, office drama, or arguments with partners to those who are most affected.

If you happen to be one among the unlucky passengers on this trip, you might want to belt up. Read on to find out if you’re one of the zodiac signs most affected by the Mercury retrograde in spring 2022, as well as advice on how to cope with the cosmic upheaval.

Mercury retrograde affects which zodiac sign?

In 2022, there will be three Mercury retrograde cycles to watch out for, according to Ridout. The first is when it retrogrades in Capricorn from January 13 to February 3. The second is in Taurus from May 10 to June 2, and the third is in Virgo from September 9 to October 1. See how those dates correspond to your zodiac sign’s luckiest (and unluckiest) months in 2022.

What signs will Mercury retrograde 2022 affect?

We’re at it again! We’re in for another fall just months after the first Mercury retrograde of 2022, which gave us an Omicron surge and Rock Goldenblatt’s “They Mitzvah.” Mercury will journey backwards through Gemini for the second of four retrogrades in 2022, commencing on May 10 and continuing into Taurus on May 22, before finally ending the nightmare on June 3. What does a springtime communication blackout mean for you, and how will the messenger god’s withdrawal through Gemini and Taurus effect the rest of the world? Stick to our Mercury Retrograde May 2022 survival guide below to make it to the sequel.


If you needed something done in the ancient world, you should contact Mercury. Mercury, known to the Greeks as Hermes, was the messenger god and guide for souls crossing into the underworld. He was the link between the mortal and divine realms. He could be anywhere at any time and code-switch to fit anyone’s needs, wing-footed and sharp-tongued. Mercury is in charge of all forms of connection, communication, and currency.

The swift-footed god’s planet rips through the galaxy at breakneck speed, destroying most indications in less than a month. The planet closest to the sun has the greatest impact on our personal, quotidian, and day-to-day lives: the emails we send, the people we talk to, and the bills we pay. Mercury is the planet of action.


Mercury, of course, was more than just a god’s runner. Mercury was coveted by alchemists as a metamorphic substance because of his fleeting character and ability to seamlessly cross over all planets 34 Olympus, Hades, and human soil (like the liquid metal T1000 in Terminator 2: Judgment Day). In her book The Astrology of Fate, astrologer Liz Greene describes him as a “arch-wizard and patron of magicians.” Mercury is a trickster, a force of humorous chaos who scrambles the static and is impossible to pin down. Mercury, like his fast-talking mythological relatives Loki and Othello’s betrayer Iago, examines everything that is taken for granted as serious, definite, or just. He points out the plan’s shortcomings.

Greene mentions Carl Jung, who says in his Collected Works that “the trickster theme” occurs in the naive modern man “whenever, in fact, he finds himself at the mercy of unpleasant “accidents” that impede his will and acts with apparent malevolent purpose.”

Mercury retrograde is a phenomena in which the earth appears to catch up to Mercury’s orbit, giving the impression that one planet is outpacing the other and leaving it to fall backwards in the dust. A planet’s essential elements are reversed, halted, or reviewed when it retrogrades. When Mercury goes retrograde, all kinds of daily correspondence and organization fall apart, and the shadow takes control of the situation. Chaos reigns supreme.

Of course, the universe is unconcerned if your phone dies during an audition or if your credit card is refused on a first date. Mercury is more interested in f*cking with the rituals and rigidities that define your moral cosmos, all for the sake of questioning everything. Observe what goes wrong during a Mercury retrograde and analyze what was so right in the first place.


Mercury retrogrades three times a year, each time in the sign of a different element. Retrogrades in 2021 occurred only in the air signs of Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra. Mercury, on the other hand, has devised a mixed strategy for 2022: All retrogrades will start in the air signs and end in the earth signs. Thematically, air transports sound, light, and information; its realm is discursive, dialogical, and conceptual. Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo, the earth signs, bring it back to the body, making us feel like grounded, entire individuals. What will be examined during this retrograde is how we interact with others and how secure we feel in ourselves.

Mercury will retrograde in Gemini from May 1022, precisely as it did in early June 2021. Gemini is a sign of duality and conversation, and it ushers in the summer partying and craziness. The retreat last year coincided with vaccination rollouts and large-scale reopenings. We needed a retrograde to slow down and review after so much rapid growth and social reintegration. Where and with whom did we want to be? As mask mandates fall away and new social realities are negotiated, expect similar issues in this round. How do you interact with the world around you, as opposed to the digital world you’ve been immersed in for so long? What are you sending into the world, and who are you sending it to? What exactly is being communicated?

Mercury will continue to march rearward in Taurus from May 22 to June 3. If Gemini is all about duality, Taurus is all about the self: Gemini is concerned with others, whereas Taurus is entirely concerned with you. Whatever concerns or shocks arise in conversations with others professionally, personally, or socially you now have the opportunity to address them at their source. Taurus is the sign of self-worth and ownership, so a retrograde in its sign calls for a rethinking of what you think you’re entitled to and how you’re displaying your power.

Mercury will resume its direct course in Taurus on June 3 and move into Gemini on June 13. Consider this a second chance to properly articulate your wants and desires, as well as to curate your social environment.


First and foremost, don’t take it personally. When accidents happen, pay attention to how you react and what causes mania or martyrdom. Note which aspects of your life, from your Dropbox to your savings account, are already on the verge of disappearing, and where you might improve your organization or security. Mercury rules Gemini, therefore pay special attention to correspondence, even the most insignificant text, so you don’t feel duped. Mercury rules money, and Taurus rules money, so now is a good time to think about the recent tax season and see where you can save or make more productive changes. It’s no fun having a trickster deity harass your finances or social life! On the plus side, whatever crashes were most likely not built to last. You can tap into Gemini season’s genuine versatility and Mercury’s liquid adaptability if you can laugh with the shadow master and ride with the pivots. If you continue on your current path, you will be punked.

Is Mercury in Taurus beneficial?

Venus rules Taurus, which has a cordial relationship with Mercury. As a result, the indigenous benefit from this placement. They have lives that are quite stable. They are very realistic and believe in logic, and they have a high level of attention.

What effect does this retrograde have on Taurus?

Mercury is retrograde in Taurus, which means your professional network may feel more tense than usual. If you’re anxious about public approval, now is the time to assess rather than impress.

Workplace friendships are likely to suffer during this retrograde, Taurus. During this time, sidebar Gchats and private Zoom messages may go unnoticed, resulting in more misunderstandings (or mistake respond alls!) than you’d like. Keep your head down and focus on your task until Mercury is back on track, says Adler.

What signs are immune to Mercury retrograde?

Mercury retrograde is already making its dramatic entrance in 2022, and it is only mid-January. That, however, does not have to be a terrible thing. In fact, the zodiac signs Taurus, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Pisces will be the least affected by Mercury retrograde in winter 2022, and it may not be a major concern for them.

Misfires and crossed wires are common when Mercury is retrograde. Mercury, after all, is the planet of communication, thus it has an impact on everything from how a discussion is conducted to how information is conveyed. Mercury has an impact on equipment, travel, arithmetic, and how you consider an idea. All of these things tend to have technical difficulties while Mercury is retrograde.

Mercury’s usual journey around the zodiac wheel is disrupted whenever this happens. Instead of moving forward, Mercury appears to be moving backward, retracing the degrees it has already passed. Mercury will sometimes return to the zodiac sign it was in previously, as it will during the first of the four retrogrades it will experience in 2022.

Mercury will station retrograde on Jan. 14 at 26 degrees Aquarius, just two weeks into the new year. On January 25, it will re-enter Capricorn, the previous zodiac sign. It will ultimately station direct at 11 degrees Capricorn on February 3rd.

If your sun or rising sign is Taurus, Scorpio, Sagittarius, or Pisces, here’s why this retrograde might not be as perplexing as it is:

What should you avoid doing in 2021 when Mercury is retrograde?

“We can have technical or mechanical troubles, and our wires in all forms of communication can feel crossed,” says Ellen Bowles, an astrologer and co-author of Astrology SOS. “Planetary retrogrades are periods of communal thought and rest. When Mercury goes retrograde, we are advised to slow down and double-check our work.” The desire to go over every last detail persists beyond the retrograde period of three to four weeks. Mercury’s shadow period, sometimes known as “retroshade,” lasts for a week or two before and after the retrograde, and the same restrictions apply as they do during Mercury retrograde.

What are the effects of Mercury retrograde on relationships?

Mercury retrograde can wreak havoc on romantic relationships, family dynamics, and emotions in general, as communication goes crazy. You can say the wrong thing at the wrong time, send an uncomfortable text, or make two reservations at the same time. It’s more difficult to make decisions, so if you’re single, now isn’t the time to swipe left or right all the time.

If you’re on the fence about someone, whether it’s a present relationship or a hookup from last night, Mercury retrograde may not be the greatest moment to make a decision.

It’s risky to sign legal documents like prenups and divorce papers during this period since you’re more likely to miss anything vital (especially if you ignore the fine print).

Ex-lovers resurface during Mercury retrograde?

During this period, new connections aren’t the only thing on your mind. Mercury in Retrograde, Liz adds, may make you want to reconnect with an ex, which you may later regret. If you’re wondering why you keep dreaming about your ex or whether you should maintain your ex as a backup during this period, the answer is simple: no.

In the year 2022, which planet is retrograde?

Mercury will be in apparent retrograde motion in 2022 between the dates of January 13 and February 3. 10th to 2nd of June Between September 9 and October 1,