Is Taurus In Retrograde

From the best astrologers on call, learn about the effects of Mercury retrograde on your life.

When viewed from Earth, retrogression is a motion in which a planet appears to be travelling backward. It’s a simple optical illusion. During this time, the planet’s transit is moving backwards. The retrogression process is significant because to the speed, therefore the retrogradeplanet’s intensity and movement are considerable. During their transit, retrograde planets have a lot of impact and produce a lot of results. They are also effective in providing repetition throughout this time.

Mercury retrograde has a significant effect on communication. You’ll have to put forth extra effort to clarify and support your statements. It can also cause problems in your relationship, like betrayal, infidelity, and conspiracy. It can also cause unpleasant mood swings and feelings of insecurity. It can also have a financial consequence, especially when dealing with speculative markets.

Mercury will become retrograde in Taurus on May 10th, 2022 at 5.16 PM, and will turn progressive on June 3rd. Mercury’s location and placement in a chart are often dependant on the results of retrogression.


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Mercury Retrograde Effects on Aries

What happens when you can’t put your foot on the pedal and drive at warp speed toward your destination? When an Aries comes upon a “Road Closed” sign, their fury increases. You can become so frustrated that you want to hit something. During Mercury retrograde, however, violence is not the solution; patience is. This is one period when you can’t use sheer force to acquire what you desire since Mercury is retrograde. The harder you try, the more likely you are to fail.

Mercury Retrograde Effects on Taurus

Your sturdy attitude as a Taurus can be thrown for a loop during this time. Not only are things not going well, but your normally calm demeanor has also changed. Isn’t it aggravating? Normally cautious and deliberate, you make rash decisions during Mercury retrograde that contradict your sensible nature. One of the biggest disappointments? You miss having one-on-one conversations with the individuals you care about. When planned get-togethers go wrong, it’s easy to point the finger at the wrong people or things. Avoid irrational rage.

Mercury Retrograde Effects on Gemini

Mercury is your ruler, so when it goes retrograde, your entire world is turned upside down. On the plus side, you’re a changeable sign that sees change (even negative change) as an opportunity to progress. When Mercury retrograde creates a hurdle, you simply find another path to your destination. To be honest, when you’re not in a rush, you look forward to the task. However, expect your favorite social media apps to be unavailable. Ouch.

Mercury Retrograde Effects on Cancer

Prepare yourself for an emotional overload, Cancer. The more knowledge (or misinformation) you receive, the more tempted you will be to retreat into your shellbut this will just delay the inevitable. Moody is an understatement when it comes to how you’ll feel as you try to deal with the upheaval that Mercury retrograde may bring. When objects in your cherished home break down, you may become agitated. Attempts to protect oneself from the consequences may backfire. You want to be soft, nurturing, and loving, yet you’re going through a difficult moment.

Mercury Retrograde Effects on Leo

While it’s no secret that Leos enjoy being the center of attention, your worst dread is having anything go wrong in front of a bunch of people. Mercury is in retrograde. This can lead presentations to fall flat and meetings to stray off trackall because of factors outside your control. The teleconferencing signal goes off, or your phone reboots for no apparent reason. Contacts can also be lost, which can be embarrassing when you need to contact friends or coworkers. Back everything up and seriously consider your options.

Mercury Retrograde Effects on Virgo

You despise chaos, therefore this might be an unpleasant situation for you, Virgo. It feels like a betrayal from within when your ruler, Mercury, is retrograde. Chaos and uncertainty replace the things you can ordinarily bank on to get you through your dayorder, routine, etc. What are your options if you don’t have structure, dependability, and thorough analysis? Lean into the versatility of your mutable sign and the ability of your earth sign to stay grounded.

Mercury Retrograde Effects on Libra

Mercury retrograde can cut you off from the people who are your lifelines, which is why most Libras value their connections above all else. Now what?! You’ll have to find other means to communicate if the way you’re used to communicating (social media, text, phone, etc.) isn’t working. Because all types of talks can be thrown off, pay special attention to contracts and agreements. Depending on how you ended things the first time, all of your old acquaintances, former coworkers, and exes reappearing now either be good or bad news.

Mercury Retrograde Effects on Scorpio

As a fixed sign, you aren’t particularly fond of the ups and downs that life might bring. You won’t be the first to board the Mercury retrograde rollercoaster, but if you don’t have a choice, you’ll be resourceful enough to ride each curve as it comes. You’re also aware that, however awful it may be, it must come to an end at some point. Scorpio can put up with virtually anything (including losing their valued sense of control) if they know it will end eventually.

Mercury Retrograde Effects on Sagittarius

Sagittarius, this retrograde cycle hits you where it hurts the most: your ability to go, go, go. Mercury retrograde is known for causing havoc with anything that assists you in getting where you need (or really want) to go. Mechanical problems and other general troubles can occur on bicycles, buses, cars, planes, and trains, resulting in lost time and missed connections. Make backup plans and be prepared to slow down once in a while if you use public transportation, traffic, or travel applications.

Mercury Retrograde Effects on Capricorn

Your master plan has encountered a snag, and development has come to a halt. When there’s serious work to be done, you’d rather do almost anything than sit about twiddling your thumbs. It’s unpleasant to have to wait for other people (like the IT guy) to finish their work before you can resume yours. Plus, as a cardinal sign, you’re used to taking charge and making your own decisions, so not being in charge of your own success or failure drives you insane. Capricorn, relax as you push the reset button.

Mercury Retrograde Effects on Aquarius

This retrograde cycle is particularly irritating for you as the astrology’s high-tech junkie and gadget specialist. When your go-to devices break down, you may be compelled to *gasp* look for alternative sources of information. Fortunately, as an enthusiastic innovator who enjoys a challenge, Aquarius, you may emerge from Mercury retrograde with some wonderful new contacts or talents that will help you advance. Right now, making adjustments and adapting is everything, and you’re great at it.

Mercury Retrograde Effects on Pisces

Pisces, your intuition is typically spot-on, but during Mercury retrograde, your assumptions and “feelings” are all over the place. The mix-ups that can occur when your psychic and intuitive abilities are out of kilt can leave you feeling confused and out of sorts. After all, what can you trust if you can’t trust your gut? It won’t be easy to escape right now, whether to your happiest of daydreams, favorite remote beach, or gorgeously maintained Instagram feed. To find actual solutions during this trying moment, you’ll need to use all of your inventive abilities.

Is Saturn in Taurus retrograde?

Aries rises in the ascendant when retrograde Saturn is placed in the second house of a Taurus horoscope. The tenth and eleventh houses are ruled by Saturn. In the majority of cases, it is beneficial. In the book ‘Gemstones: Magic or Science?,’ the concept of particular planets having benefic or malefic tendencies based on the houses they dominate in a horoscope is explained.

In most circumstances, retrograde Saturn in Taurus’ second house is benefic, though it can turn malefic in some cases. When Saturn is impacted by one or more malefic planets, as well as an overall malefic horoscope, this can happen. In the book ‘Match Making and Manglik Dosh,’ the concept of a benefic planet turning malefic due to malefic planet influences is explained.

Retrograde Saturn in the second house of a Taurus horoscope, when benefic in nature, can bless the native with good results in the areas of family, wealth, speech, friends, profession, finances, reputation, authority, recognition, fame, and a variety of other areas, depending on his or her overall horoscope and running times.

A retrograde Saturn might bring various positive outcomes to the native, either directly or indirectly through his family. For example, the native may be born into a wealthy, powerful, resourceful, well-respected, politically powerful, royal, and/or spiritually evolved family, and he may reap a variety of benefits as a result of his membership. Such retrograde Saturn can bring the native various positive outcomes, either directly or indirectly through his companions. Some of his friends may achieve success, wealth, celebrity, and/or authority, and the native may reap numerous rewards as a result. They may stick by the native and assist him in resolving his troubles on numerous occasions during his life.

In terms of profession, such retrograde Saturn can assist the native in achieving success as a researcher, analyst, lawyer, astrologer, religious guru, teacher, preacher, consultant, police officer, army, air force, naval, revenue, administrative, foreign services officer, judge, doctor, scientist, engineer, politician, professional dealing in real estate, iron, steel, automobile, IT, health, pharma, fitness, media, finance, education, coaching, movie, television, music, movie, television, music, movie

A retrograde Saturn can assist the native in achieving success in a creative sector like as acting, singing, music, writing, dancing, sportsmanship, artistry, architecture, design, development, or any other similar vocation. Consider the case where benefic retrograde Saturn is located in the second house of a Taurus horoscope. Beneficial Venus is in Gemini’s third house with Mercury, benefic Sun is in Cancer’s fourth house, benevolent Rahu is in Leo’s fifth house, Ketu is in Aquarius’ twelfth house, and benefic Moon is in Libra’s seventh house. In this situation, the local may pursue a career as a singer and achieve considerable success, wealth, celebrity, and recognition.

The equation may improve if Mars is placed in the second house in Taurus with Saturn and retrograde Jupiter is placed in the fourth house in Cancer with the Sun. In this situation, the native may have exceptional singing ability and may achieve great success, wealth, fame, and recognition. He may have several hit songs and win numerous accolades. He might also act in several films and achieve popularity. He may establish a music production company after he becomes 40/45 and make a lot of money. If the finer points and running times work in his favor, he might become one of the most successful singers of all time, with a net worth in the billions.

Malefic retrograde Saturn in the second house of a Taurus horoscope, on the other hand, might cause issues with family, wealth, speech, friends, profession, finances, reputation, authority, recognition, and a variety of other issues, depending on the native’s overall horoscope and running times.

Saturn is in the second house and rules the tenth and eleventh houses. If such retrograde Saturn is afflicted by malefic planets and/or a malefic horoscope, the native may experience a variety of issues involving or involving his family. His family, for example, may have a history of genetic disease and/or anomalies, and the native may inherit these illnesses and/or abnormalities. Some of his relatives may be alcoholics, drug addicts, criminals, or have other undesirable characteristics. As a result, the native may face a number of difficulties in his life as a result of his family’s bad reputation and/or the terrible behavior of some family members.

Delays, financial losses, setbacks, failures, job loss, negative reputation, and a variety of other issues may be experienced by the native. He could also turn criminal. As an example, consider retrograde Saturn in the second house of a Taurus horoscope with malefic Mercury. Malefic exalted Ketu is positioned in Pisces’ twelfth house alongside exalted Venus, malefic exalted Rahu is positioned in Virgo’s sixth house, debilitated Jupiter is positioned in Capricorn’s tenth house, and Mars is positioned in Leo’s fifth house. In this situation, the native may turn criminal. He may mostly commit financial crimes such as robberies and thefts. He could be apprehended and sentenced to 5 years or more in prison.

If the Moon is in Virgo’s sixth house with Rahu, and the Sun is in Taurus’s second house with Saturn and Mercury, the equation may worsen. In the sixth house, Grahan Yoga is formed. In this situation, the native may become the leader of a criminal organization that engages in a variety of financial crimes, such as counterfeiting and money laundering. He may be apprehended after the age of 35/40 and sentenced to 10 years or more in prison. He may not marry till he is 40/45 years old, or perhaps later in life.

Which zodiac signs will be influenced by Mercury retrograde in 2022?

We’re at it again! We’re in for another fall just months after the first Mercury retrograde of 2022, which gave us an Omicron surge and Rock Goldenblatt’s “They Mitzvah.” Mercury will journey backwards through Gemini for the second of four retrogrades in 2022, commencing on May 10 and continuing into Taurus on May 22, before finally ending the nightmare on June 3. What does a springtime communication blackout mean for you, and how will the messenger god’s withdrawal through Gemini and Taurus effect the rest of the world? Stick to our Mercury Retrograde May 2022 survival guide below to make it to the sequel.


If you needed something done in the ancient world, you should contact Mercury. Mercury, known to the Greeks as Hermes, was the messenger god and guide for souls crossing into the underworld. He was the link between the mortal and divine realms. He could be anywhere at any time and code-switch to fit anyone’s needs, wing-footed and sharp-tongued. Mercury is in charge of all forms of connection, communication, and currency.

The swift-footed god’s planet rips through the galaxy at breakneck speed, destroying most indications in less than a month. The planet closest to the sun has the greatest impact on our personal, quotidian, and day-to-day lives: the emails we send, the people we talk to, and the bills we pay. Mercury is the planet of action.


Mercury, of course, was more than just a god’s runner. Mercury was coveted by alchemists as a metamorphic substance because of his fleeting character and ability to seamlessly cross over all planets 34 Olympus, Hades, and human soil (like the liquid metal T1000 in Terminator 2: Judgment Day). In her book The Astrology of Fate, astrologer Liz Greene describes him as a “arch-wizard and patron of magicians.” Mercury is a trickster, a force of humorous chaos who scrambles the static and is impossible to pin down. Mercury, like his fast-talking mythological relatives Loki and Othello’s betrayer Iago, examines everything that is taken for granted as serious, definite, or just. He points out the plan’s shortcomings.

Greene mentions Carl Jung, who says in his Collected Works that “the trickster theme” occurs in the naive modern man “whenever, in fact, he finds himself at the mercy of unpleasant “accidents” that impede his will and acts with apparent malevolent purpose.”

Mercury retrograde is a phenomena in which the earth appears to catch up to Mercury’s orbit, giving the impression that one planet is outpacing the other and leaving it to fall backwards in the dust. A planet’s essential elements are reversed, halted, or reviewed when it retrogrades. When Mercury goes retrograde, all kinds of daily correspondence and organization fall apart, and the shadow takes control of the situation. Chaos reigns supreme.

Of course, the universe is unconcerned if your phone dies during an audition or if your credit card is refused on a first date. Mercury is more interested in f*cking with the rituals and rigidities that define your moral cosmos, all for the sake of questioning everything. Observe what goes wrong during a Mercury retrograde and analyze what was so right in the first place.


Mercury retrogrades three times a year, each time in the sign of a different element. Retrogrades in 2021 occurred only in the air signs of Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra. Mercury, on the other hand, has devised a mixed strategy for 2022: All retrogrades will start in the air signs and end in the earth signs. Thematically, air transports sound, light, and information; its realm is discursive, dialogical, and conceptual. Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo, the earth signs, bring it back to the body, making us feel like grounded, entire individuals. What will be examined during this retrograde is how we interact with others and how secure we feel in ourselves.

Mercury will retrograde in Gemini from May 1022, precisely as it did in early June 2021. Gemini is a sign of duality and conversation, and it ushers in the summer partying and craziness. The retreat last year coincided with vaccination rollouts and large-scale reopenings. We needed a retrograde to slow down and review after so much rapid growth and social reintegration. Where and with whom did we want to be? As mask mandates fall away and new social realities are negotiated, expect similar issues in this round. How do you interact with the world around you, as opposed to the digital world you’ve been immersed in for so long? What are you sending into the world, and who are you sending it to? What exactly is being communicated?

Mercury will continue to march rearward in Taurus from May 22 to June 3. If Gemini is all about duality, Taurus is all about the self: Gemini is concerned with others, whereas Taurus is entirely concerned with you. Whatever concerns or shocks arise in conversations with others professionally, personally, or socially you now have the opportunity to address them at their source. Taurus is the sign of self-worth and ownership, so a retrograde in its sign calls for a rethinking of what you think you’re entitled to and how you’re displaying your power.

Mercury will resume its direct course in Taurus on June 3 and move into Gemini on June 13. Consider this a second chance to properly articulate your wants and desires, as well as to curate your social environment.


First and foremost, don’t take it personally. When accidents happen, pay attention to how you react and what causes mania or martyrdom. Note which aspects of your life, from your Dropbox to your savings account, are already on the verge of disappearing, and where you might improve your organization or security. Mercury rules Gemini, therefore pay special attention to correspondence, even the most insignificant text, so you don’t feel duped. Mercury rules money, and Taurus rules money, so now is a good time to think about the recent tax season and see where you can save or make more productive changes. It’s no fun having a trickster deity harass your finances or social life! On the plus side, whatever crashes were most likely not built to last. You can tap into Gemini season’s genuine versatility and Mercury’s liquid adaptability if you can laugh with the shadow master and ride with the pivots. If you continue on your current path, you will be punked.

In the year 2021, which planet is retrograde?

Venus is retrograde, and it’s asking us to confront the chaos of 2021. Venus will station retrograde in Capricorn, the practical and ambitious sign, beginning December 19 and lasting until January 29. The world looked a little different the last time Venus went retrograde.

Ex-lovers resurface during Mercury retrograde?

During this period, new connections aren’t the only thing on your mind. Mercury in Retrograde, Liz adds, may make you want to reconnect with an ex, which you may later regret. If you’re wondering why you keep dreaming about your ex or whether you should maintain your ex as a backup during this period, the answer is simple: no.

What is the meaning of Saturn Taurus?

Understanding that true happiness does not depend simply on wealth or material stuff is one of your most important life lessons. When you don’t have as much as you think you should, it might hurt your self-esteem and cause you to be concerned about your future. Remind yourself that money is important, but it is not everything. You have a lot of other positive characteristics and things in your life to be proud of!

You are humble, grounded, and unaffected by notoriety or social standing since Saturn is in Taurus. Unlike other zodiac signs, you are more concerned with what money can do for you than with what it can do for others. Even after you’ve reached great success, you manage to keep your relatability.

When Saturn is in Taurus, what happens?

When Saturn is in Taurus, the person is too careful when it comes to money. Such folks are usually frugal, only purchasing what they truly require. These people are disciplined and patient, and they can withstand life’s challenges. They strive for excellence.

Saturn in Taurus rules which house?

Saturn is set to function in Taurus’ second house and establish firm roots. Success is achieved by determination and a willingness to make sacrifices and endure.

In the year 2022, which planet is retrograde?

Mercury will be in apparent retrograde motion in 2022 between the dates of January 13 and February 3. 10th to 2nd of June Between September 9 and October 1,