Is Uranus In Taurus Now

Uranus is the astrology world’s unusual innovator. This rebellious cosmic character is known for disturbing the status quo and delivering surprises into our lives as the planet of rapid shifts, shocks, and inventions. Uranus will transit over Taurus between May 2018 and April 2026, influencing Taurean matters like money, beauty, sustainability, values, and even our responsibility over the world. Knowing what Uranus in Taurus signifies may help you better grasp the present astrological vibe, as well as some of the financial ups and downs that have occurred in recent years.

Uranus is one of the distant outer planets that are frequently referred to as “generational planets” because of their slow-moving orbits and widespread influence. Uranus spends around seven years in each sign and takes 84 years to complete a full cycle through the zodiac. Uranus, also known as the Great Awakener, zaps things like a fire bolt, sending an electric shock of creativity, inspiration, and change through everything it touches. Its vibe is around originality, inventiveness, and revolution.

Uranus, with its maverick traits, tends to bring technological improvements and drastic changes to the areas controlled by whatever sign it is transiting, and it is currently transiting Taurus, the fixed earth sign. With the exception of a brief dip into Gemini from July to November 2025, Uranus entered Taurus on May 15, 2018, and will remain there until April 27, 2026. Uranus last passed over Taurus in 1934 and 1941.

Uranus in Taurus is currently shaking up our most steadfast principles, shattering the most impregnable money systems, and altering our relationship with the land. These Taurus-ruled areas of our lives are likely to change for the better at the end of this transit.

For how long will Uranus be in Taurus?

It’s that time of year when Uranus becomes retrograde. The Planet of Rebellion will be moving backwards for five months. It will begin on August 19 and end on January 18, 2022. Uranus is a planet that is notorious for bringing about unexpected changes, and its retrograde has been seen before. The heavenly body will remain in Taurus for the duration of this transit. According to Madi Murphy, co-founder of The Cosmic RX and The Cosmic Revolution, an outer planet like Uranus deals with the unseen and subconscious.

Because Uranus does not change signs for seven years, the emphasis is on long-term aims. The tracking provides adequate opportunity to focus on aspects of life that require release. “Like a super-loud and unpleasant alarm bell, this planet jolts you awake and forces you to return to reality,” Murphy explains.

The present Saturn-Uranus squares have been dubbed the defining transit of 2021 by astrologers, and properly so because this phenomenon occurs just once every 22 years.

When Uranus is in Taurus, what does it mean?

The sun and Mercury both enter Taurus on Monday, signaling the end of the Aries season. Taurus is a fixed Earth sign that helps to keep the seasons in check. Venus entered Taurus last week, indicating that we are already warming to the goddess of love in her native sign.

Spring is in full bloom in the northern hemisphere, when the season of fertility gives birth to luscious abundance. However, there is a catch to all of this expansion. And in order to understand it, I need to draw your attention to one of the most significant transits of 2021: Uranus’ square to Saturn.

With Venus, the sun, and Mercury all soon to conjunct Uranus in Taurus, we will likely receive more clues and signals in the next week about how our lives need to transform both personally and collectively.

The first of these two squares appeared in mid-February (during which there were widespread power outages across the country due to record-low temperatures), and the second will appear in mid-June. With Venus, the sun, and Mercury all soon to conjunct Uranus in Taurus, we will likely receive more clues and signals in the next week about how our lives need to transform both personally and collectively. (Uranus is a transpersonal planet that has an impact on the world’s major trends and topics of awareness.) We are seeing significant shifts in how we relate to the Earth and each other during Uranus in Taurus (Uranus first entered Taurus in 2018 and will not leave the sign until 2026). With Uranus square Saturn this year, we’re putting in new infrastructure.

What does Uranus in Taurus indicate for the year 2021?

As the planet cycles back through your sign in 2021, the Uranus retrograde could reverberate through your core identity. With that in mind, Taurus, it’s a good idea to loosen up your fixed-sign energy, which is resistant to change.

“Work through your concerns of letting go during this retrograde,” advises Lang. Consider how you can let go of any aspects of your life that aren’t in line with your actual self, whether at work, at home, or in your social life.

Where can I catch a glimpse of Uranus tonight?

Uranus will still appear as a little blue-green dot because it is 1.74 billion miles away.

Although you can see the planet with your naked eye, you’ll get a better picture if you use binoculars.

When will Uranus leave Taurus in 2020?

This imaginative planet is notorious for shocks and surprises, no matter how you pronounce it (Ur-uh-nus or Ur-ay-nus). Uranus Retrograde begins on August 15 in Taurus, the fixed earth sign, and will last until January 14 of the following year. This transit is all about testing your self-worth and value system, as well as wondering what will bring you true abundance.

This travel might be liberating, but it can also lead to transforming experiences, so it’s crucial to focus on yourself. So, what exactly does this imply? During this time, pay attention to your thoughts, feelings, and reactions. You can experience positive progress by practicing mindfulness.

Will Taurus have a successful year in 2022?

According to AstroTalk’s astrologers, Taurus inhabitants will have a memorable year in 2022. According to Taurus horoscope 2022, you will be involved in new adventures and efforts from the start of the year. Many Taurus locals will establish fresh plans, which they will, surprisingly, stick to.

What Taurus house is Uranus in?

You may now appear to have clarity on urgent concerns relating to your job, how you present yourself in public (online), in your vocation, or the course and direction you’re taking. There’s the possibility to make a difference, to shake up established or traditional organizations, to leave a liberated, unique, brilliant, or imaginative imprint.

Welcome breakthroughs and new perspectives on how you present yourself. Allow yourself to be open to new, alternative directions or ways of working, and be aware of what could benefit from a more current touch whether technologically or in terms of diversifying and modernizing attitudes!

Make sure your profession is evolving. Because Uranus is in the professional/outer realms and the energy is spontaneous, for better or worse, be more conscious of your image and standing.


Your worldly ninth house of journeys, searching, encounters, and education is activated by Uranus in Taurus.

This is the realm of broadcasting, wisdom, and international connections; be cautious of what is shared, published, and distributed in bulk! Make a note of what you feel obliged to investigate, discuss, pursue, or convey as a message. Be aware of what you’re drawn to follow, subscribe to, or sign up for a course, a trip excursion, a seminar, or a cult! It’s an electrifying, game-changing day among the stars, and it may happen to you as part of your quest for the truth and the way you learn, grow, expand, and find your way.

You may gain insight into a topic or experience a substantial download, moral code, dream, inspiration, or vision. Digital channels, applications, and websites offer opportunities to be heard online or to introduce brilliant ideas.

Accept new ideas that may change but enhance your understanding of the world, diverse cultures, and unknown terrain, and be open to breakthroughs and innovative thinking about how you travel.


Your eighth house of shared interests, resources, pooled assets, trust, and unique bonds is ruled by Uranus in Taurus.

It may now look that you have clarity about how to maintain relationships, develop your alliance, and show you’re there for others as well as determine if they’re serious about you. This could be in the form of a contract, marriage certificate, mortgage, or other ‘evidence’ today and in the future, with your romantic or business relationship status appearing to have shifted 180o. Today, there’s an opportunity to apply new thinking to partnership issues and how you work with people for mutual benefit and security.

Consider new and innovative ways to pool (wealth and resources), such as digitally, online, or through an app. Perhaps you’re managing a joint account with a new payment system, or you’ve devised a novel method of co-parenting.

For better or worse, the energy currently is spontaneous, and since Uranus rules significant partnerships, be extra careful about what you promise someone.


Uranus in Taurus activates the seventh house of intimate relationships and your opposite sign.

Marriages or partnerships have an exciting (and potentially chaotic) future. For better or worse, the energy is now spontaneous, and with Uranus in your home of partners, be cautious of all one-on-ones, whether a spouse, therapist, coach, or business buddy.

Take note of what’s on your mind and what you feel compelled to say, text, or convey. It’s an exhilarating, game-changing time in the stars, and it might be felt among your closest relationships and modes of communication.

It could be a period when you appear to have clarity or an opinion on pressing or essential issues in your community, as well as issues involving siblings, classmates, and how you interact. There’s a chance to be heard online or to connect in creative or innovative ways (technological channels, apps and websites).

Welcome breakthroughs and new ideas about how you navigate, and be open to suggestions that could change but improve your relationship.


Your sixth house of health, wellbeing, and everyday acts of service and ritual is activated by Uranus in Taurus.

It could be that you’re getting insights or perspective on what benefits you in your day-to-day life, from eating a plant-based diet or participating in healthy food choices to holistic approaches to treating diseases and unpleasant circumstances… You might want to work in an area that focuses on sustainability or even plant-based solutions!

Make a list of urgent or essential issues relating to your health, food, and work environment; are you overburdened with harmful chores or working conditions? Do you require assistance or better scheduling equipment in order to improve your quality of life?

Be open to alternative ideas – apps, systems, goods, or cutting your workload because there’s potential to improve your lifestyle in brilliant, imaginative ways.

Welcome new ideas and breakthroughs in how you care for your body, mind, and spirit on a daily basis, mindful of what makes you feel good – stopping smoking, drinking coffee, and engaging in particular activities could all be part of it.

For better or worse, the energy is now spontaneous, and because Uranus is in the realms of your body, you may sense it in the most physical way!


Your fifth house of conception, passion, love, and personal interests is activated by Uranus in Taurus…

It might be time to shake up your romantic life, your amorous nature, who you might date, and what makes you tick and your heart race faster!

You might have a change of heart about a love interest, having a kid, artistic undertakings, or doing a 180o in ways that ignite joy with this untamed, radical planet in your joyful, fertile fifth house!

Accept new ideas and breakthroughs in your evolving likes and dislikes, tastes, interests, and pleasures, and even employ brilliant, imaginative ways to enhance and shift towards happiness. Consider many options, such as applications for meeting people (or having sex), digital solutions or websites for exploring your interests, IVF, or more progressive methods of connecting with your children.

For better or worse, the energy is now spontaneous, and you may encounter something unexpected pregnancy, turmoil, or a romantic relationship!


With Uranus in Taurus activating your security-conscious, sensitive fourth house, you may be noticing changes at home, such as changes to your property, changes to your household, or changes in the way you view the ways and means you intend to settle, nest, and root yourself.

It’s a good moment to think about your family and whether you’re ready to shift emotional matter in a flash, figuratively, psychically, or literally.

Under these astrological circumstances, it’s possible to relocate across the country or to the other side of the globe, and while this won’t happen all at once, quick sweeping shifts may be easier to imagine…

For nutrition or eating, online approaches, digital solutions, and technological improvements in domestic settings may be preferred. Alternative means of returning home to roost may be in the stars perhaps living in a commune or finding alternative accommodation. After all, Aquarius, you are a whiz child who can tap into the property market in a variety of ways.

Welcome new perspectives and ideas on parenting, boundaries, ancestry, and even your health and how you feed yourself and others.

The energy in the fourth house of land and property is now more spontaneous, so be especially careful with your decorating and DIY projects.


Your chatty third house of kindred spirits, neighbors, and discourse is boosted by Uranus in Taurus.

This transit could affect your closest relationships and communication methods – perhaps in the digital domains or in what you’re trying to communicate!

There’s a chance for thrilling (and sometimes erratic) skill improvement, as well as a sense of spontaneity in your sense of connection. Keep an eye on what comes out of your mouth!

Take note of what’s on your mind and what you feel compelled to say, text, or convey.

It could be a period when you appear to have clarity or an opinion on pressing or essential issues in your community, as well as issues involving siblings, classmates, and how you interact. There’s a chance to be heard online or to connect in creative or innovative ways (technological channels, a podcast, app, or websites).

Is Taurus a lucky sign in 2020?

The ruling planet Venus will be in the 9th house at the start of the year, promising a bright and successful year for you, according to Taurus horoscope 2020 predictions. Five planets in the eighth house will provide you with benefits throughout the year. The position of Mars in the 7th house will bring you marital joy. Saturn will be in the 12th house at the start of 2020, which may decrease your luck factor and cause unexpected business delays. You will also be affected by Saturn’s migration, which will remain until January 24th. After this time has passed, you will see that things are moving in your favor.

Saturn will turn retrograde on the 11th of May, causing problems at work and in your personal life. If you’re stuck at work, take a step back and relax, then give yourself some time to ponder before returning to your task. Try not to start anything new or take on any major undertakings at this time, as it may not be the best moment for you. When dealing with problems, keep your cool.

If anything urgent needs to be done, it is best to contact with an astrologer for advice on how to proceed. You will find success and be rewarded for your patience and hard effort as soon as Saturns turns progressive again. Jupiter will be in the 8th house, indicating health difficulties, particularly in relation to your weight. However, Jupiter’s position in the 9th house will greatly benefit you, and you may decide to purchase a new automobile or a property. Your mother’s health will significantly improve.

Jupiter will move to the 9th house, where Saturn will be, on March 30th, creating good circumstances and ensuring your success. Saturn is also the ruler of your workplace, and its conjunction with Jupiter will bring you the best outcomes in all areas of your life.

According to Astroyogi, you should keep a regular check on your daily life and plan how you will spend your day to get the most out of it.

Jupiter will go retrograde on the 14th of May, ensuring favorable times for you. During this time, any unfinished business in terms of your health, house, career, finances, and so on will be resolved. Jupiter will return to Sagittarius by the end of June, allowing you to accomplish all of your unfinished duties.

On September 13th, Jupiter will turn progressive, filling you with optimistic energy. With luck, you’ll be able to finish everything that was pending or required your attention.

Rahu will enter your ruling sign on September 23rd, which will help you refine your skills and put them to good use. You can also buy property at this time, especially if it has a paternal component. The yearly horoscope for 2020 predicts very excellent and profitable times ahead if everything goes your way.