Taurus Man Making Eye Contact? – 5 Proven Reasons Why He’s Into You

Why is that Taurus man watching me?

Is he just trying to be friendly

Or could he actually be into me?!

If these questions sound familiar, you’re not alone: many people just don’t know what to make of a Taurus man making eye contact…

In fact, when I first met my Taurus crush, I would always catch him staring at me time and time again…

Sometimes he would even suddenly glance in my direction and then quickly look away

Even though we didn’t really know each other, I just couldn’t stop thinking about how he might actually like me back!

But just when I started feeling hopeful…

The very next day, I saw him talking and flirting with another girl at the office!

Is he playing games with me? Are Taurus men just players?

At the time, I didn’t really know what to make of it…

But the truth is, Taurus men are the complete opposite of players

In fact, represented by the bull animal sign, they are some of the most dedicated and loyal creatures in the entire universe.

Here’s what you need to know:

Many astrologists believe that eye contact is actually something very significant under the Taurus constellation…

In fact, some celestial experts believe that if a Taurus man is observing you and looking at you constantly

It’s actually a huge sign that you’re probably one of the lucky ladies who has ever caught his attention!

(and believe me, getting the attention of a Taurus is NOT easy and is extremely rare)

So don’t lose hope just because you saw him talking to another girl; Taurus men are known for being easy going and friendly with everyone.

Because when a Taurus man makes eye contact with you, it could mean a whole lot more than just friendship

I’m about to let you in on 5 astrologically-proven reasons your Taurus crush likes you back and is deeply attracted to you.

If it weren’t for these reasons, not only would I have not known that my Taurus was actually into me

I probably would have given up on him early on and completely miss out on experiencing such strong, passionate love from him!

So what’s next? Scroll down and discover just how big of a crush he probably has for you

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REASON #1: He’s Always Careful With Who He Flirts With

When it comes to the Taurus sign, there’s one thing every astrologist can agree on:

Taurus men never mess around.

These bulls are the complete opposite of players and would never toy someone around

In fact, these creatures are extremely dedicated to the people they love…

And if they find someone they think is truly worthwhile, they would never settle for any less.

So when it comes to their eyes, a Taurus man would not go around making eye contact and trying to flirt with everyone

He would only be staring at you if he’s sure that he has feelings for you and wants to go out with you.

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REASON #2: He Thinks You Might Be His Soulmate

If you’ve ever caught your Taurus crush staring at you, you probably noticed how deep and intensely he looks into your eyes…

And if that’s the case, then he’s not just flirting with you and trying to get your attention

He’s probably convinced that you could soon become a very special person in his life.

What’s more? Chances are, he’s been thinking about you a lot and is beginning to consider if you might be the ONE he’s been waiting for

And if he believes that, then it’s very likely that he might even consider you his SOULMATE!

Celestial experts believe that when it comes to finding love, discovering his one true soulmate is one of the most important things to a Taurus man…

So if your Taurus crush has been making eye contact with you, you can be sure that he’s going to give it everything he’s got to make you his girlfriend

Maybe even his life-long partner! (if that’s what you’re looking for!)

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REASON #3: You Seem Familiar To Him

Remember how Taurus men are some of the most loyal and dedicated creatures in the entire universe?

Well, that said, the last thing these bulls will ever do is break up with their partners

Unless they’re forced to leave each other.

When a Taurus man finally finds the person he probably wants to spend the rest of his life with

He will do anything to keep their relationship together no matter what.

But sometimes life gets in the way and leaving their partners can be the most heart-breaking experience for these creatures.

That said, if you ever catch a Taurus man staring at you intensely, it might be because you’re reminding him of someone very special to him in the past…

Someone he held very close to his bull heart

Maybe even someone he once considered his one true soulmate.

But don’t be mistaken! He won’t look at you as just a replacement for a former partner…

In fact, you should feel very proud knowing that you’re able to spark a flame inside of him that has burned so brightly in the past

He’ll begin thinking that being with you will be nothing short of intimate and passionate

And before anything else, he’ll make up his mind and choose YOU as the one he wants to cuddle and make love to all night and day!

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REASON #4: He Senses A Spiritual Connection With You

When a Taurus man makes eye contact with you, not only is it a sign that he’s interested in you

It could also be a sign that he senses something much deeper with you.

He’s probably picking up on a spiritual connection with you that runs deep in his Taurus soul

An energy that resonates with the life and power of Venus, his ruling planet.

It’s almost like his mystical bull senses are telling him that you’re definitely “the one” for him

But the craziest part? Some astrologists believe that this sense of theirs is actually quite accurate

And chances are, if he trusts his senses, he’ll probably end up finding the one true love of his life.

So if you’re in for such a special and rare kind of relationship, trust your own senses as well!

And before you even know it, keeping your hopes up will finally pay off

Because in a blink of an eye, he’ll be dying to start a passionate, fulfilling relationship with you and you only!

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REASON #5: He Likes To Act Cool (Despite His True Feelings)

When a Taurus man has a crush on someone, he tends to hide it and just act cool

He doesn’t want to come off as desperate or impulsive

And he’s not the type of guy who would express his true feelings easily.

Instead, a Taurus would rather pretend that he doesn’t have feelings for you and is just making a new friend.

But ruled by Venus, the planet of love, he might actually be OBSESSED with you and is finding it hard resisting his deep desire for you

And the most obvious sign that gives this away is through his eye contact.

If you’re always catching your Taurus crush watching and staring at you, he probably just can’t help himself

Because his feelings for you are about to burst out

And he won’t be able to resist but to make his next move and ask you out!

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Now that you know why he’s staring at you, here comes the most important part

Knowing how to make him fall deeply in love with you!

Trust me, even though I knew for sure that my Taurus crush was into me

He just never got around to expressing his feelings and making his move.

After a long time waiting for him to ask me out, I started to doubt myself

Is something holding him back?

Am I doing something wrong? Or…

Is he actually just not interested in me?!

Well here’s the truth:

Celestial experts believe that these bull creatures tend to take their time and think carefully before doing anything…

That’s why Taurus men are often slow to admit their feelings and lots of women make the big mistake of thinking that he’s not interested

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He might have actually liked her back just as much!

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