What A Taurus Man Likes To Hear

Here’s how to maintain a Taurus man’s attention and attraction to you.

What do Taurus men value the most?

The Taurus Male is attracted to sensuality. Taurus males are recognized for their exquisite taste in food. He’ll adore the olfactory aphrodisiac of freshly baked items straight from the oven. A well-prepared meal will also leave a lasting impression on him. That involves taking your time and doing things correctly.

Let him do the chasing.

Taurus men adore what they think they can’t have because of their obstinacy. Playing hard to get will drive him insane in the greatest manner possible, forcing him to work even harder for your attention and devotion.

Keep your availability low and your identity a mystery. To avoid coming across as overly eager, try to resist the impulse to text him back right away. He’ll be desperate to figure out who or what is diverting your focus from him.

You can even go one step further and share your good times on social media. He’ll notice that you know how to have a good time and will try his hardest to fit into your hectic schedule.

What is the love language of Taurus?

Taurus, physical touch is your love language. Getting a good embrace or simply holding hands with someone you care about is both necessary and romantic (and crave). You already can’t keep your hands off your lover, but your love language makes it extra harder. You’re a tactile and sensual zodiac sign.