When Will The North Node Be In Taurus

On January 18, 2022, the transiting North Node reached Taurus. This sign will remain in place until July 2023. North and South Nodes are always 180 degrees apart and in opposite signs. So, for the next year and a half, the transiting South Node will be in Scorpio.

The transiting nodes show where we’re concentrating our efforts (North Node) and what we’re evaluating and correcting (South Node). Our attention is frequently drawn to the subjects represented by the transiting North Node, while the transiting South Node reveals what’s on hold. When the transiting North Node was in Cancer, the sign of home and family, this was an excellent illustration. We were on lockdown at the time, and stay-at-home orders meant that people were cultivating plants and preparing bread.

When will the North Node enter Taurus?

Welcome to the next 18 months of (even more) strange and chaotic transformation. The North Node enters Taurus on January 18th, the part of the chart that most closely depicts you. This includes your physicality, vitality, persona, and identities.

The North Node has been mythologized as the head of a hungry dragon in various civilizations. This year, you exemplify that hunger. Since 2018, Uranus, the solar system’s rabble-rouser, has been sowing tiny revolutions in Taurus. Internal coups and revolutions will be amplified by the North Node, especially near the end of July, when the two forms an exact conjunction.

This volatility may not always seem comfortable because Taurus is a sign noted for its rootedness. You, on the other hand, have been a lightning rod for this transition for several years. You’re getting your bearings in space. There are one hundred billion suns in our galaxy. This is the year to go for your dreams.

When your north node is in Taurus, what does that mean?

Money, power, and sensuality are ruled by the signs Taurus and Scorpio. Your future is learning to balance the spiritual and material worlds if you were born with a Taurus or Scorpio north node. Sexual prowess, earthy sensuality, and power emanate from these nodes. Because these lunar nodes are prone to extremes, channeling these dynamic impulses in a healthy, balanced fashion can be difficult. You’re frequently torn between practical and mystical, sensible and spiritual.

Instead of fixating on “what is,” Taurus south node/Scorpio north node people are learning to accept “what could be.” They’ve spent their lives as diligent, practical people immersed in the material world. They liked to spend money and could reappear as arbiters of luxury and good taste. Touch, taste, smell, sound, and sight are all ruled by Taurus. They could be talented artists and musicians (both Prince and Justin Bieber were born with the Scorpio north node) or have a good sense of style (like iconic fashion designer Coco Chanel).

Indulgence and hedonism may be their doom this lifetime. Their Scorpio north node pulls them away from the material world and into the realm of spirit. People with the Scorpio north node are learning about life beyond their senses and everyday routines (work, eat, sleep, drink, screw, repeat). Wealth and investments are also ruled by Scorpio. These people are learning to make their money work for them rather than the other way around.

Taurus north node/Scorpio south node people, on the other hand, have arrived to work! They were once powerful and aristocratic individuals who were frequently born into money. They could have worked as consultants to royalty or politicians, expertly operating behind the scenes. It’s now their turn to assume positions of public authority, to roll up their sleeves and learn to be providers, earners, and doers. Inherited riches or position is a burden, not a blessing, in this lifetime. They want to be self-starters, proving that they can make it on their own! Many of Scorpio’s south nodes need to break free from their binds “Golden chains.” They may, for example, have overprotective relatives that control them by emotional blackmail or, more commonly, by financing their life (thus lessening the threat of death) “need” to work). It can be difficult to achieve self-sufficiency. People born under the sign of Taurus should use their wealth, connections, and clout to aid those who lack their advantages.

Scorpio is a mysterious sign, and the goal for the Scorpio south node is to lift the curtain of secrecy. While anonymity formerly shielded them, too much privacy now causes problems. (Take, for example, Hillary Clinton’s private email account, which prompted a federal inquiry.) These individuals may develop a reputation for being calculating and untrustworthy. Some Scorpios born in the south node come from families with terrible secrets: addiction, abuse, corruption, and criminality. Their soul mission is to overcome shame. The throat chakra is ruled by Taurus, and the north nodes of Taurus are learning to speak out loud.

What is the duration of the north node in Taurus?

Simply defined, the North Node is a symbol for the energy we are entering. It’s a new site for us, expressing our hesitation in achieving our objectives. The South Node indicates former life feelings that we’re still struggling with, as well as behaviors and feelings that are simple to fall back on because they’re comfortable. Finding a balance between these two conflicting forces is difficult, yet it is required to fulfill both sides of our karmic destiny.

The South Node is in Scorpio, Taurus’s opposing sign, when the North Node is in Taurus. In reality, the lunar nodes function as a pair of opposites that move in lockstep. The North Node in Taurus permits us to work smarter, not harder, for the next 18 months, allowing us to achieve the financial riches we desire. It will take work to be confident in our bodies and live up to our own aspirations, but if we give it our best, we can walk into our own power. Beauty, luxury, indulgence, and decadence will reign supreme, with concerns of the heart and love commitments taking center stage. It’s time to offer everything we have to what and who we care about.

The disadvantage is that we may more easily express our disappointments and fury. Our emotions, like the bull’s, can go from zero to one hundred miles per hour in a couple of seconds. As a result, it’s critical to relax before retaliating. Using the South Node in Scorpio to access our intuition will allow us to make better decisions. Just be nice and don’t use those stingers when you’re angry.

When was the last time the nodes were in Taurus?

Find out which houses rule the Taurus-Scorpio Node cycle and what it represents for each sign by continuing reading.

You may see clues and recurring motifs if you recall the previous time the Nodes visited these signs. April 14, 2003 to December 26, 2004 was the last Taurus-Scorpio Node cycle.

What exactly is a nodal return?

Many clients inquire if there is such a thing as “Soul Purpose Astrology.” And I enthusiastically respond that (among other things!) it is the duty of the Lunar Nodes.

The Lunar Nodes, also known as our North and South Nodes, are mathematically calculated positions on our birth chart that are precisely opposite one other.

The nodes are points in space where two separate orbits intersect: the Moon’s orbit around the Earth and the Sun’s apparent orbit around the Earth. The north node and the south node are located where these two orbital paths intersect.

The ‘true’ node and the’mean’ node are two different types of nodes. The movements of the true nodes are the actual transits of the nodes, whereas the transits of the mean nodes are based on an average. The real node is what I use.

They go through each zodiac sign every 18 months and require 18.5 years to complete a full round. This means that every 18.5 years, we will have a ‘nodal return,’ in which the nodes will return to the same sign and degree as when we were born, and this can be a highly fortunate period.

The Lunar Nodes provide a wealth of information for us in terms of connecting with our soul purpose and living our best lives, as well as understanding our karmic lessons and why we might go back into old habits or be hesitant to step into our power.

Because the lunar nodes are based on the concepts of past lifetimes and karma, you’ll need to believe in these concepts to completely apply soul purpose astrology to your chart and life. However, I will not go into detail about analyzing past lives with your south node in this blog.

Taurus North Node belongs to which House?

You’re here to learn how to relax, establish self-esteem and financial worth while enjoying the pleasures of life, with your north node in Taurus or the second house. This is a fantastic north node location. It’s like giving yourself permission to relax and enjoy all of life’s sensuous pleasures.

You didn’t learn these things in a previous life since you were born under the sign of Scorpio or the 8th house South Node. In a previous life or early in this one, you had to deal with traumatic events. Trauma, abuse, and complicated psychological dynamics You struggled with dread and found it difficult to trust others. It was difficult for you to put your faith in life. You had never experienced a sense of security or stability. And you went down dangerous roads of addiction or other unhelpful reaction behaviors. Those same energetics were present when you entered this existence. However, you’ve come to this life to experience that sense of security. You’ll learn to cultivate calmness, as well as how to trust others, yourself, and the cosmos. How to achieve and sustain financial independence. Much of this will necessitate being fully present. Grounding in the present moment and resolving old issues that are preventing you from doing so. Taurus energy is also sensuous, which is one of its best qualities. It is regulated by Venus and understands how to enjoy all things that appeal to our senses. Candles, art, design, aesthetics, and music, to name a few. Your soul desires to absorb all of this in this lifetime while learning to be present and relax in simplicity.

Your South Node in Scorpio, or the 8th house, brings you gifts. Pluto, the deity of the underworld, is its ruler. Pluto is associated with metamorphosis, death, and rebirth. You are tuned in to an undercurrent of energy that others don’t pick up on with this south node. You have an unusual ability to read people and circumstances, and you are incredibly insightful. Pluto’s energy is associated with our psyche, depth, and shadow. You can also go there with other folks. To find out what they aren’t saying. Act as a therapist and provide insight into their emotional concerns. People feel comfortable sharing their darkest secrets and experiences with you because they know you understand. You know how to dig deep and see what’s going on beneath the surface. This is an extremely useful talent.

You won’t leave these Scorpio gifts behind while being more intentional about expressing your Taurus or 2nd house NN. They simply take on a new, healthier appearance. For example, if your SN is imbalanced, you can be a touch too intense in ways that don’t serve you. You may become engrossed in emotional dramas and find yourself in poisonous situations or relationships on a regular basis. You can live with a basic distrust of others and a paranoid and highly skeptical attitude based on fear. You can spend money on emotional whims without learning to handle your finances better. Stepping into Taurus energy will automatically bring those south node tendencies into equilibrium. You won’t lose your uncanny perception, insight, or intuition, though. While you’re learning to center yourself and trust that you’re secure and ok to fully rest in this world, you’ll always have that with you. Your Scorpio SN is emotionally, intuitively, and metaphysically sensitive. Taurus NN encourages you to stay grounded in the physical world. You’ll be able to manifest financial stability as you develop your sense of internal security and self-worth. The universe wants you to be able to let go of emotional baggage from a previous incarnation or from your early years in this one. Learning to calm your mind, body, and spirit will help you reach your full potential for growth and wellness. Find and emphasize healthy things that comfort and serve you. Nothing, of course, is more grounding than truly immersing oneself in the present moment. Perhaps when laying on the cold grass, gazing up at the skies and eating a piece of chocolate. Or any sweet treat you choose. Your Scorpio SN’s need for a life rich with passion and depth will take care of itself the more you can quiet your nervous system and live in a more relaxed manner.