What Happens When You Hurt A Leo Woman

When she is hurt, a Leo lady unquestionably experiences her ice queen moment. She won’t call or text you, and she won’t engage in conversation.

She will also appear to be suddenly revved up from ten cups of coffee and like her body is just waiting to strike out at you at any second.

She really is prepared to lash out, to be honest, which leads us to the next issue.

What transpires when a Leo is displeased?

Leos are a more flared version of Aries since they are the feistiest of the fire signs. They’ll yell the loudest, throw tantrums, call you names, and say things that they know will hurt you the most when they’re angry. Leos can be shocking in their fighting style and incredibly hurtful, but it’s important to understand that when they’re upset, they don’t mean what they say. As soon as it starts to boil over, their rage subsides.

Is it okay to mistreat a Leo?

Now, I admit that I may be a little prejudiced, but I think that I truly embody what a Leo should be, just as everyone else somehow connects to his or her sign.

But I was actually living a lie for the most of my youth, through the awkward prepubescent years, and into my teenage years. My sign has always been looked of as a Cancer.

So I surrounded myself with Cancerian trinkets, as most people do with their astrological signs.

I was trying to blend in with the other moon children by buying items like stickers, t-shirts, thongs, and coffee mugs.

My inner Leo always seemed to come through in my astrology readings, and I was never able to relate to them. So when I realized I wasn’t a Cancer and unleashed my actual Leo self, it wasn’t a surprise or a letdown.

Leos, you see, have a strong personality to match their strong astrological sign. I have discovered that I am both my sister’s best friend and worst nightmare.

Leos are the ideal type of companion for you since they are:

Confident (Or Cocky)

When a Leo buddy is confident in who they are, you tend to admire them more and wish you had half their self-assurance. (Just to be clear, it’s confidence rather than cockiness.

Leos are incredibly outgoing individuals. They can always act the role, even when they don’t feel like it. By starting a conversation and then removing themselves, they can be excellent wingmen.

And even if they find it difficult to step away from the spotlight, they will for you, bestie.

You could notice that you exude this elegance around a Leo, and for that, my friend, you are welcome.


Because of their strong sense of determination and confidence, they are able to pursue their goals. You can discover that your Leo companion motivates you to take risks or pursue your goals.

You’ll believe that anything is possible for you if you witness someone in your life succeeding.


Leos enjoy getting notice. There is no question about that, but they also enjoy giving as much as they enjoy taking (and we do take!).

Leos are caring individuals, despite what their tenacious faade might make you believe. Although they have a negative reputation for being very self-absorbed and self-centered, one thing is for certain: They are never too self-absorbed to assist someone who is in need.

When it comes down to it, they are incredibly kind and will never leave you.


There are many reasons why she is your best friend, but none compares to her commitment to you. You can say anything to your Leo friend and be confident that it won’t escape her lips.

Whatever the circumstance, a Leo will always have your back. Beware of a Leo’s strength because, like lions, they are devoted to and fiercely protective of the ones they love.


Leos want to live intensely and are bursting with energy. With their contagious personality, they are a blast to be around and will drag you along for the trip.

They are replete with uplifting phrases and inspirational maxims. It’s just not as much fun to succeed alone, therefore they want their best friend to succeed in addition to themselves.

Leos can, however, also be your greatest nightmare due to their:


They always seek to outdo anyone, even their closest friends, because they adore the spotlight! (Sorry, we’re just powerless to stop.)

It’s probably best to let them handle it or, better yet, just leave them behind if you must go out in public with them because you can be sure they will be the center of attention.


Although Leos are fiercely independent, they enjoy being around others and prefer not to be by themselves.

You may grow frustrated with their constant need to be in charge and their tendency to become very dictatorial. You didn’t agree to participate in their lives like a puppet in a play.


When it comes to Leos, everything is often extravagant. If her lover left her, she would be unable to continue living alone. She won’t be going out tonight if she can’t choose an attire.

It might become tiresome for Leos to make the most mundane circumstances into the most dramatic ones. They appear to believe that the entire world is their stage, and they are always putting on a show.


They are founded on pride and are as obstinate as they come, much like a lion. Don’t mess with Leos because they will always forgive but never forget, just as you wouldn’t mess with a lion.


Leo, you’re such a conceited jerk that I bet you think this post is all about you. Well, it is, so keep reading.

You may frequently see your best friend tuning you out as she became absorbed in her own contemplation (so rude.)

Leos will not attempt to disguise who they are since it is just who they are. They are self-assured, and they frequently repeat the phrase “I love me, who do you love?

Why would you want to mistreat a Leo?

If you are a Leo, you won’t disagree with us when we say that Leos are the happiest, most creative people in the world. Leo is one to keep. They are filled with a wide range of emotions, including love, happiness, hate, and anger.

You will be valued, given top priority, and deeply adored if you are with a Leo. If, however, you choose not to do the same, there is a potential that you will be on their blacklist for a considerable amount of time.

According to astrology, there are a few reasons why one shouldn’t or wouldn’t want to mess with a Leo.

You must be prepared to leave a Leo’s life if you have disabused them of their faith in you. A Leo is unlikely to pardon you for betraying their trust or being dishonest. Even if you are given a second chance, you would never be able to win back their total faith. They are gone after one more error. Therefore, the next time you plan to commit to a Leo, keep your end of the bargain.

You can never get hurt by a Leo. But if you abandon them in a heartbreaking way, there’s a good chance they won’t ever see your face again. They are sympathetic, but not in a way that makes someone take them for granted. A Leo is likely lost for good once they are lost.

Leos might occasionally come off as brash, direct, and haughty. However, they have big hearts. You will feel guilty for not being with them because of how sweet they are. Leos will always aid you for free and without any expectations, even if you never have the chance to be friends with them again. You could even wonder why you lost a Leo after reading this. Not to mention the fact that you will never, under any circumstances, get them back.

Disclaimer: Although these qualities are general, they are mostly centered on your zodiacal characteristics; hence, not all of the features listed above may apply to you.

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How much time can a Leo be irate?

07/13Leo. Leos have a very long memory. You can be sure that they will make it clear that they do not want you in their lives. They will, however, immediately eject you from their lives if you don’t get the hint or damage them severely.

What does a Leo’s dark side entail?

While Leos are renowned for their generosity, they are also fierce competitors. Schadenfreude, the tendency to smile internally when others are having bad luck, is a dark side Leo attribute. When they make overtly sincere excuses, it makes the situation worse. Leos have tantrums, particularly if they feel disrespected.

How does Leo make amends?

When you have a huge personality like a Leo, not everyone will appreciate how flamboyant, outspoken, and dramatic you are. Leos are renowned for being larger than life, therefore they frequently step on toes or disregard other people’s feelings. But a Leo thinks it’s unjust to demand an apology from them for being who they are. You can either adore them or despise them in their eyes. You have the choice. Even if they might not say “I’m sorry,” you can anticipate receiving a fruit bouquet or concert tickets soon. They apologize in this manner.

How do you know whether a Leo is already taken?

Always consult your Leo before making decisions, as everyone has a distinctive personality shaped by a variety of factors. Additionally, the entirety of our natal chart influences our unique personality tendencies in the field of astrology.

Concerned about the future of your romance? Here are ten warning signals that your Leo man is about to dump you.

1. He gets grumpy.

Are Leos vindictive?

Leos will enlist every assistance they can to create the ideal retaliation. They are quite determined, so if they have made up their mind to exact retribution, it is difficult to change their decision.

Is a Leo woman trustworthy?

Male or female, Leos make dedicated, thoughtful friends. Even though they seem menacing at first, they turn out to be sweethearts. Anything would be done to keep their friends and family safe. Additionally, they have a significant fan base. A Leo woman will make anyone feel better when they are down. Anyone can laugh at a Leo. They are quite humorous.

Despite having enormous egos, Leo women always have the best interests of others at heart. Anybody in need is assisted as best they can. When they see someone doing something incorrectly, they correct them to help enlighten them. If you make a Leo your enemy, they might be frightening, but once you make them your friend, they are warm and trustworthy. Overall, a Leo lady makes a fantastic boss, companion, or girlfriend.