What Is The Leo Diamond

The only diamond that has been independently verified to be noticeably brighter is THE LEO Diamond. Using patented technique, extra facets are selectively added to the diamond to maximize light reflection and produce distant brilliance.

What makes the Leo Diamond so unique?

Each revolutionary 82-facet The Leo Diamond is carved using precise lathing and meticulous calculations to unleash its unrivaled brightness. LEO is noticeably brighter than ordinary round diamonds of comparable carat, color, and purity thanks to the exceptional “Return of Light” provided by the unique faceting arrangement.

What features distinguish a Leo Diamond?

According to Leo Schachter, Leo diamonds are noticeably brighter than other comparable diamonds. Due to the patented faceting, diamonds have outstanding brightness due to the many ways that light can pass through them.

This shine is the light that the facets reflect and is frequently referred to as return light. Depending on how the facets are placed, the light return can be increased or decreased.

However, it gets brighter the more light it reflects. According to Schachter, gemologists who have examined the return light over the years have verified the brightness.

What is the cost of a Leo Diamond?

Owning a Leo cut diamond has given you firsthand knowledge of how expensive they are. A 1 carat round Leo Artisan diamond, for instance, may cost over $8,000 whereas a comparable round diamond from an online diamond merchant may cost between $3,000 and $4,000 in price.

What distinguishes a Leo Diamond from a typical diamond?

Leo Schachter Diamonds founded The Leo Diamond, one of the most popular diamond brands in the world. The Leo Diamond features a distinctive, patented 66 facet structure as opposed to the conventional 57 facets round brilliant cut diamond that you typically see.

Do all Leo diamonds come from labs?

All of our diamonds meet the standards for brightness, fire, and sparkle that LEO is known for, whether they were mined or produced in a lab. Integrity and compassion are the two values we prioritize above all else, and this includes ethically sourcing only conflict-free diamonds.

Do Leo diamonds come from a lab?

GemEx, the industry leader in diamond light performance certification, has also accredited THE LEO Diamond and THE LEO Legacy Lab-Created Diamond.

Have Leo diamonds been serialized?

A distinctive LEO identifying number is inscribed into the girdle of every certified diamond. Bring your LEO to any licensed jeweler, and they will examine your diamond under a magnification scope and provide you with the specific LEO ID number for your diamond.

Does Leo make a decent proposal ring?

Being born leaders, lions place a high priority on toughness and endurance. As evidenced by this traditional platinum engagement ring, people prefer platinum because it is the strongest metal.

Leo diamonds are they ethical?

Every mined diamond in the LEO series is ethically sourced; it comes from top-tier mines without any conflicts that follow the strictest social, environmental, and quality requirements set out by the Kimberley Process.

Which diamond is the best?

FL (or Flawless) is the highest grade for clarity. Even when an expert magnifies a diamond 10 times, a FL diamond is flawless. The highest grade for color is D, or a diamond that is entirely colorless. Although perfect and colorless diamonds are incredibly rare, a diamond’s ultimate worth is determined by its cut.