What To Do On A Leo Full Moon

Take a long, hard look at yourself in the mirror, and then give yourself some compliments. This is your full-moon self-care ritual. A great technique to remind yourself of your value, self-assurance, and strength is through mirror magic.


This period can be somewhat exhausting because a full moon in Leo activates your 12th house of dreams, emotions, and the psyche. It denotes loss and endings as well as a greater spiritual insight. We can only understand the underlying workings of the universe via undoing and difficulty. We create more room for aligned action in our lives when we let go of individuals or habits that no longer benefit us.

Your full-moon self-care ritual: Set aside some extra time for sleep during the day if you anticipate having trouble getting enough rest on this particular night. It will assist you in regaining composure as you navigate the emotional ebb and flow.


Does your life sometimes resemble a reality TV show? Under this full moon, which illuminates your 11th house of community, network, and friendships, your social life receives additional emphasis. It’s crucial to diffuse tension if it appears to be rising among your friends or in your community. Additionally, you might get some assistance or a pleasant surprise from a member of your network today regarding a desire you’ve been trying to make come true.

Your self-care ritual for the full moon is to leave the house. Sometimes all you need is a little social interaction. You’ll feel at ease and blissful when you’re with your pals and closest confidants.


Your 10th house of success, career, and reputation is activated by this full moon, which may cause you to gravitate toward the spotlight even though you generally prefer privacy. It might be a good moment to celebrate your achievements now that people are starting to take notice of you and your work. You might finally succeed in a project you’ve been working on or achieve a goal you’ve been aiming for. Don’t be reluctant to take advantage of the subsequent attention.

Your self-care ritual for the full moon is to show gratitude in public. If you’ve attained a milestone or completed a task, let others know about it and express your gratitude to those who assisted you.


Your self-care routine for the full moon should include some breathing exercises or guided meditation. During this lunation, connecting with your spiritual side can help you get guidance from the cosmos on how to proceed.

You are invited to spend some time with your shadow during this full moon in Leo since it is influencing your eighth house of sex, death, and transformation. You’ll be able to transition into a more genuine version of yourself after processing past suffering. In addition to having to work with financial issues like inheritances, debt, and taxes, this could be a stressful or emotional time for you. It will be simpler if you are willing to yield more during this time and welcome the chance to work through your grief or trauma.

Your full-moon ritual for self-care: Take the time to journal if your mind is overflowing with emotions. Breakthroughs might occur when you write down your inner experiences.

As the full moon emphasizes your seventh house of intimate relationships, thoughts of your love lifeor lack thereofmay be on your mind at this time. You might have discussions and partnership climaxes, and you might transition to a more balanced mode of interaction with another person. This is a fantastic opportunity to confront codependent habits, if you’ve been having trouble with them. Additionally, this area of your chart governs contracts, so you might come to the end of a contract or find a new job opportunity.

Tell a partner or a close friend what you like about them as part of your full moon self-care ritual. At this moment, expressing thanks and recognizing the beauty inherent in your most intimate connection dynamics can be therapeutic.


This full moon serves as a cosmic reminder for you to prioritize your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. It stimulates the sixth house of health and wellbeing, which could highlight weaknesses in your self-care routines. If you feel like your work-life balance needs to be adjusted, keep in mind that success depends on your daily routines and habits. It is now possible for you to let go of a self-defeating pattern or behavior.

Your full-moon ritual for self-care: At this time, focus on staying hydrated to take care of your body on the inside and out.

How does Leo react to a full moon?

Leo is ruled by the blazing and fearless sun, whereas Cancer is ruled by the enigmatic silver moon. Leos enjoy being out and about, flaunting their gorgeous hair and booty, and soaking up the attention. Expect gatherings during this full moon since it awakens everyone’s primal nature. Forget about staying in; everyone wants to dance, make love, or at the very least make out with a stranger when the full moon is in Leo. However, if you go out partying like a primal queen, try to avoid getting into any conflicts because Leos are drama queens and full moons are often dramatic.

What should I do tonight, while the moon is full?

The full moon typically signifies a significant buildup of both dark and light energy. This makes it the ideal time to cleanse your home, body, and mind; get rid of any built-up energy you don’t feel like capturing, harnessing, or hanging onto; or otherwise release. If you want to decompress, take a relaxing bath, or rewatch Marie Kondo’s Netflix series. Follow the motto, “Let all that isn’t mine go, even if it’s just for tonight.”

When Leo is in the moon, what does that mean?

Due of the connection between the sun and

A Leo moon sign holder often has a conscious awareness of their own feelings and the capacity to express them. The moon is the planetary ruler of Leo.”

Astrologer Corina Crysler claims that the sun shines light on the moon “therefore Leo moons have the lovely capacity to bring their lunar energy into their solar awareness. In other words, they can focus their conscious efforts on realizing their aspirations because they are typically quite clear on what they want or desire.

Can a full moon change how you feel?

Uh oh. You might start to feel a little worse for wear around the time of the first quarter moon “First-quarter moons frequently signal the onset of resistance and frustration. If you’ve set some goals that haven’t exactly materialized yet, you can even start to feel impatient.” The first-quarter moon, according to Binding, is the ideal time for a little self-care. So, without apology, curl up in bed; this is not the week for major decisions.

Waxing Gibbous (typically lasts 5 days)

The themes of the waxing gibbous era are those of correction, refining, and editing, according to Binding, after the resistance and frustration of the first quarter. So now is a good moment to revise objectives that may have been a little too ambitious. You said you’d cut back on the caffeine. This is a fantastic opportunity to admit that, in fact, a latte every now and again might be just what you need.

Full Moon

A moment of BIG emotions is the full moon. You might experience stress and become a little more irritable than usual. You could discover that the full moon causes some alterations in your sleep patterns, keeping you up at night or preventing you from getting as deep a sleep as usual. And everyone is aware of the effects a restless night may have on us.

According to Binding, “This phase tests us because we have the choice of giving in to the sensations of rage and losing focus or working through them and keeping our focus on our goal.” Even though it can seem simpler to give up when you’re frustrated, keep in mind that these emotions will pass. Be kind with yourself and feel free to attribute the error to the moon.

Waning Gibbous (typically lasts 5 days)

OK. Breathe. The waning gibbous phase is what we’re at right now, and according to Binding, “after the tension of the full moon, during the waning gibbous phase you will find yourself beginning to relax up.” “You might also start to see the results of the efforts you have made to realize your aims.” She also mentions how the declining gibbous moon phase might increase our willingness to share. So text your friends; now is the perfect time to catch up.

What signs of the Zodiac are Empaths?

Pisces are exceedingly sensitive and practically unable to control their tendency to adopt other people’s emotions. They are some of the best buddies someone could ask for because they can always tell how a loved one is feeling. Unfortunately, because of their sensitive nature, they are susceptible to burnout or emotional tiredness. Pisces must make a concerted effort to avoid bearing the weight of the world. They must be careful to shield themselves from Debbie Downers, Brads with bad vibes, or anybody else who might sap their abilities.

What rituals are appropriate for a full moon?

Astrologer Natasha Weber advises that when it comes to full Moon ceremonies, you should concentrate on two particular factors.

“Run a warm bath and add some astrologically compatible aromatherapy oils. Tenth, construct a stunning temple in honor of that sign of the zodiac.

When the Moon is in an earth sign, such as Capricorn, decorate your sacred area with flowers, crystals, or rocks.

Additionally, Weber advises meditating. “Write down the things you need to manifest after doing some meditation in your journal.

Find a peaceful spot to sit still, breathe deeply, and consider your life’s successes as well as any objectives you haven’t yet accomplished. Spend as much time as necessary alone with your thoughts.

Incorporating additional full Moon rituals for manifestation and energy purification includes:

  • making a crystal charge
  • Energy release through dancing
  • putting a candle on
  • using sage to smudge
  • keeping a gratitude diary

A full moon is when you materialize something.

13 customs to test.

  • Your crystals need a charge.
  • Hold up a full moon symbol.
  • Perform a tarot card or oracle reading.
  • bathe under the full moon.
  • Mediate during the full moon.
  • Try a manifestation ritual with the full moon.
  • Release anything that isn’t helping you.

What goes into a bath during a full moon?

We’re dealing with a fruitful and even sexual vibe during the full moon. The moon is at its fullest and poised to give birth to something magnificent. This signifies that your ritual involves co-creating and bringing in a divine feminine energy, yet it isn’t always about gender. The feminine energy is solely concerned with introspection, clarity, and creativity. Keep in mind that astrological polarity comprises both feminine and masculine energy.

With this, we hope to clarify our aims and actually carry them out. You should turn up the sex and buy a mouthwatering jar of honey. This is the procedure.

In the tub add crystals and rose petals

According to Crysler, dried petals are excellent. Use luminous energy-friendly crystals, such as quartz, amethyst, moonstone, or citrine.

Give yourself a honey facial

Crysler advises washing and drying your face in the bathtub before applying the honey to your face and neck. Honey is a symbol of divine nectar, which is about creation, celebrates the sacred feminine, and it is fantastic for your skin.

Allow the honey to anoint you and do its magic. Use the crystal and water energy to create your vision in the interim. What do you perceive? What are you trying to make?

Crysler advises, “See if you receive any messages or clarity.” “If you need any assistance, ask the moon to show you.”

Embody the vision and let the water be the container to hold it

You’re prepared to wash off the honey and release the water when you feel confident and clear-headed (or when your hands begin to prune).

Carry your crystals with you and make your dreams concrete

Crysler advises using the crystals that were in your bathtub as miniature energy generators for your vision and carrying them around with you all day. “After your bath, write down your vision.”

Who ought a Leo Moon to wed?

Because they can use their intuition to better understand themselves, one another, and the outside world, these two make the best friends and lovers. Taurus, Scorpio, and Aquarius Moons are the most complementary. Leo Moons are devoted and compassionate people with a penchant for drama and passion.