When Is Jupiter In Leo 2020

Jupiter Transit 2020 gives you comprehensive details on the transit and how it will affect each zodiac sign. Jupiter, the planet of expansion, is incredibly significant in Vedic astrology. It is considered as the Devtas’ teacher. Sagittarius and Pisces are two of the Zodiac Signs that the planet controls. In Capricorn, it is weakened and elevated in Cancer. A good Jupiter makes it easier for the native to pursue careers in law, publishing, education, jury service, Ayurveda, medicine, banking, etc. The influence of Jupiter on the psyche is quite important. Jupiter is referred to as the planet of wisdom for this reason.

Jupiter will be in its own sign of Sagittarius until March 29, 2020. Jupiter will begin its transit through Capricorn on March 29 and stay there through June 30, 2020. On June 30, 2020, the planet Jupiter will then turn retrograde and enter its own sign, Sagittarius. On November 20, 2020, Jupiter’s retrograde motion will come to a conclusion, marking its transition from Sagittarius to Capricorn. For the remainder of the year, Jupiter will remain in the same sign.

When did Jupiter last occupy Leo?

On July 16th, 2014, Jupiter moves into Leo, and it remains in this Fixed Fire sign until August 11th, 2015. Below, you can see how this transit affects each sign of the zodiac.

Our experiences, knowledge, and understanding will all grow as a result of Jupiter’s influence. Jupiter is a symbol for optimism, expansion, generosity, happiness, and plenty. Jupiter in Aries inspired us to seize our own opportunities, have confidence in our abilities, and take control of our life. Jupiter encouraged us to take time to savor and appreciate what we already have and to be patient in pursuing our goals while in Taurus. Jupiter pushed us to share and interact with others while in Gemini, as well as to learn as much as we could about the people around us. Jupiter encouraged us to respect our instincts, feelings, families, inner needs, and social networks while in Cancer.

A Fire sign is Leo. Jupiter in Fire sign strongly identifies with our own thoughts, perceptions, and opinions, and we may take it personally if others disagree. We create our own opportunities, and we perform best when we think broadly, take measured risks, and exhibit self-assurance. Jupiter in the Fire sign encourages us to embrace the more self-assured, courageous, and outgoing parts of ourselves. This is how we develop and grow. With Jupiter in Leo, specifically, we are more likely to draw good fortune when we demonstrate magnanimity, are generous with others, inspire others’ confidence, behave ourselves with dignity and sincerity, avoid the pitfalls of excessive egotism, and do these things. Areas involving creativity, entertainment, kids, and recreation are particularly lucrative.

We place a lot of weight on showing compassion, adoration, generosity, romance, and originality during this Jupiter in Leo cycle. We see chances to develop and thrive through creative self-expression, our individuality, sharing our joy and our time with others, being of service to others, and bettering ourselves.

Jupiter not only likes to grow, but it also enjoys learning, thus when Jupiter is coupled with Leo, we may be more eager to learn about the arts as well as how to enhance our personalities, connections with others, and interactions with children.

During this cycle, we might pay closer attention to cultivating our interests in hobbies and the arts. We might discover that we have a stronger need for pleasure and recreation, or for romantic expression, or new opportunities for pursuing our talents might present themselves. We could start to notice possibilities to “People enter our lives and introduce us to these channels, or we play and enjoy life more fully. A increase in confidence might allow us to go through doors that previously appeared to be closed to us in this sense. People who have given up on finding love, going after a dream, or honing a gift may now give it another thought.

Sometimes Jupiter’s enthusiasm overrides restraint. Both the more positive and less positive aspects of a sign may be expanded by it. Although it has good intentions, its fervor and excitement can make us unaware of our excesses. We might put too much emphasis on our appearance in Leo. We might boast, exalt ourselves, overspend, overgive, or indulge in other damaging extravagances.

Though, the “Jupiter’s greater vibration searches for context. Jupiter’s “perspective” is more of an overview than it is an objective, analytical, or in-depth examination of any specific circumstance. Jupiter should enable us to transcend little issues, unimportant worries, inconveniences, and the like. You are usually more likely to find your way where Jupiter is currently transiting in your own chart “joy at this point in your growth. You experience some growth and improvement in this area of your life. To advance these spheres of life, new instruments are also required. We must pursue our objectives with assurance and optimism, without going overboard, in order to expand.

Compared to its former transit through Cancer, Jupiter’s key aspects are a little more straightforward during its current transit through Leo. In particular, Jupiter trines Uranus in September 2014 and again from February to June 2015, opening us new energies, strategies, and attitudes as a result of our openness to the strange and our ability to think creatively.

Business/Career and Jupiter in Leo (July 2014 to August 2015) Be proud, self-assured, kind, and honest in your commercial transactions for more success in your work. Avoid being petty and always choose the right course of action. Offering special discounts, making consumers feel valued and different, and contributing to charities are all ways to demonstrate generosity. This is not about underselling yourself; rather, it is about giving morethrough charities, promotional sales, or free advice. Avoid criticizing the opposition Compete only by giving your best effort. Invest on your personality and distinctiveness in your career. Dare to be assured. This is a moment for standing out in a classy way, appealing to freedom and independence, selling items and images that are unabashedly self-serving, colorful, and daring because Jupiter in Leo is trine Uranus in Aries.

Relationships/Love under Jupiter in Leo (July 2014 to August 2015) Be attentive, amorous, loving, and proud while Jupiter is in Leo for greater success in relationships and in love, but also allow for freedom and don’t strangle it. Although admitting to having envious feelings is OK, acting jealously is not. Avoid being petty and undermining the “Simply put, compete by being your best. During this cycle, romance is prevalent, and overly sappy romantic gestures can still be appreciated. Dare to be assured.

Jupiter stays in Leo for more than a year. Jupiter last passed over Leo between August 2002 and August 2003. What we started during this period is now enjoying a Jupiter return, so that it can flower, increase, or requireadjustments in order to grow further. Prior to it, Jupiter was in Leo from September 1978 to September 1979 and from August 1990 to September 1991. (during this latter period, Jupiter dipped back into Cancer for almost 2 months).

Through the Signs with Jupiter:

Jupiter Transiting Leo Horoscopes: What it Means for Each Sign

The basic impact of Jupiter’s transit through Leo on the various Sun signs (or, more accurately, Ascendant signs) is as follows:


Jupiter, a planet of growth and expansion, moves into your solar fifth house, Aries, on July 16 when it enters Leo. You’re likely to profit from and experience growth between July 2014 and August 2015 in the areas of romance, enjoyment, creative expression, hobbies, entertainment, and children. You may expect to have plenty of enjoyment, romance, and good times.

Your willingness to have fun and express your creativity has opened up new prospects for you, or you may discover that you have more options for finding new methods to have fun. For instance, you might make a new friend who encourages you to socialize more, or you might be moved by someone else’s artistic endeavors and start a fun new activity. During this cycle, creative endeavors are likely to succeed and may even result in praise or compensation.

Love and romance may enter your life, or warmth and humor may improve an already-existing romance. You might discover that opportunities for casual romantic relationships arise today, and some of you might feel overpowered by options! There are numerous social events. Finding a special someone is very likely for single Aries, albeit it’s more likely to be a brief connection than a long-term marriage.

Stock investments and other speculative investments have the potential to be profitable. Healthy, prudent risks are probably going to pay off, but exercise caution while making speculative investments.

If you have kids, your relationships with them could be extremely gratifying right now. If applicable, pregnancy or childbirth may take place during this time. This is a great time to go on the vacation you’ve always wanted to go on, try out a new hobby or creative project or approach, discover new ways to have fun, appreciate being single, etc.

At this period, those with creative or athletic talent can prosper and succeed more than most. This year, you’re going to have a lot of opportunity to express yourself artistically and uniquely because your creativity and social life are both stimulated. Your artistic endeavors and hobbies may provide you a lot of happiness and satisfaction. There is an upsurge in amusement, recreation, and pleasure-seeking activities. You are much more entertaining to be around and have far less inhibition when it comes to creative expression! Your fifth and ninth houses are connected, which may indicate long-distance relationships, including romantic ones, as well as learning or developing a creative ability.

These fortunate events probably won’t just happen to you, and they probably won’t happen all at once either. You must be alert for opportunities in various spheres of life. Jupiter occasionally brings too much good, so it’s always advisable to adopt a carefree (but not careless) attitude. You are developing the confidence to express yourself freely, artistically, and without inhibition. You are also becoming more open to taking some personal risks. Excessive emphasis on or attention to having fun to the detriment of other life departments is a potential drawback of this transit.

However, throughout this roughly one-year cycle, you are likely to feel backed up and in control. There is wonderful energy for finding the courage to express oneself more freely, romantic attractions, interesting new hobbies or outlets of pleasure, and creative freedom, especially from September 2014 to June 2015. Your life will be more full of opportunities if you have an open mind and enjoy yourself. This is the time to take risks, start new endeavors, and try new things. The successful channel or outlet for creativity is found.

The fact that Jupiter is trine your Sun or Ascendant for at least a portion of the year also suggests that you have the chance to rise beyond trivial issues and find a more balanced way of living. Relationships with other people are typically laid-back, cordial, and optimistic. You naturally collaborate with others, and other people find it simple to collaborate with you! The positive things in life are appreciated at this time, and you rarely dwell on the more bothersome or inconvenient aspects of existence.

The best times for these matters are from July 16 to December 8 in 2014 and from April 9 to August 11 in 2015, when Jupiter is in direct motion in your solar fifth house.


Jupiter, a planet of growth and expansion, moves into your solar fourth house on July 16 when it enters Leo. From July 2014 to August 2015, your home, family, property, and domestic comfort matters are expected to improve. Your family relationships, experiences, and/or your home life can provide you a lot of happiness and pleasure throughout this cycle.

You might experience a greater sense of security and safety in your home. Your family, friends, and psychological underpinnings can all be improved. During this period, you might discover that your priorities are shifting toward inner and personal experiences over more external ones.

There may be chances to purchase or sell real estate for monetary gain. Home modifications and improvements are preferred, as well as moving to a new residence (more spacious or larger homes are likely now). Some of you might buy or sell a home, while others could be thrilled to have a new family member. You might upgrade your current home to make you happier, perhaps by decluttering your area, or you might move into a bigger or more comfortable home. Long-standing family issues might be resolved. Parental and other family relationships are good. Getting in touch with your ancestry or learning about family rituals could bring you a lot of delight. A family reunion, vacation, or some other occasion could strengthen your sense of familial ties. You might receive financial assistance from family, and some of you might inherit something. You enjoy nurturing other people more. If a distressing shift takes place in the household or family, it can very well turn out to be a blessing in disguise. Family may be encouraging and beneficial.

You may now experience a greater sense of psychological well-being as you lose interest in more worldly goals and pursuits. This could be an excellent opportunity to release any shame or resentment you may be holding from your upbringing. In general, this is a great moment to start a new business that you hope will be successful in the long run. Now, put your attention toward laying the groundwork and creating a secure inner environment.

These fortunate events probably won’t just happen to you, and they probably won’t happen all at once either. You must be alert for opportunities in various spheres of life.

Jupiter rules your eighth house and is currently located in your fourth house, thus some of you may receive assistance or support when purchasing, remodeling, or expanding a home.

Strong energy is accessible from late September onwards to take use of this transit’s most advantageous aspects. The most of the time during this cycle, you probably feel emotionally safe and supported. It is nest-feathering season right now. Additionally, it’s a time of good fortune and freedom from previous limitations, challenging situations, or negative mindsets that have been holding you back.

The best times for these matters are from July 16 to December 8 in 2014 and from April 9 to August 11 in 2015, when Jupiter is in direct motion in your solar fourth house.


Jupiter, a planet of growth and expansion, moves into your solar third house on July 16 when it enters Leo. Opportunities for education and communication are likely to arise between July 2014 and August 2015. You could like learning more and developing your skill set while doing so.

Neighbors or family members may be extremely helpful to you during this long-term tendency. You are more enthusiastic and upbeat when expressing your thoughts, and people respond favorably to them. Take advantage of your superior cognitive abilities! As a result of your increased understanding of difficult concepts and issues and your ability to clearly convey them to others, you may now find success in your endeavors to impart knowledge through writing, teaching, or other means. During this period, opportunities for higher education, courses, and perhaps even travel may present themselves. Many of you will gain from enrolling in classes if you aren’t already, and those who are already enrolled in studies will gain more during this time than normal.

It can be your choice to get a new vehicle, or you might encounter opportunities for transportation, making it much simpler for you to travel from point A to point B. Gifts, advantages, or other chances could come via contacts with siblings, classmates, and neighbors, as well as from short travels, letters, emails, and visits. Right now, it’s likely that there will be some form of good news or announcement.

You will have more options to enhance your career if you work in communications as an author, educator, or in another related field. Being a student is very advantageous. If you run a business, you probably notice that sales are particularly robust. You generally enjoy talking, learning, and socializing a lot. These fortunate events probably won’t just happen to you, and they probably won’t happen all at once either. You must be alert for opportunities in various spheres of life.

Always keep in mind that while possibilities may arise that have a favorable impact on your life, Jupiter grows and magnifies everything it comes into contact with. If you are experiencing problems in certain areas of your life, these issues may become more severe before they can be resolved. So, for instance, if you struggle with a sibling relationshipone of the things the solar third house rulesthis might be amplified now, allowing you to deal with it and find a solution. Taking on too many daily tasks, communications, new interests, and educational or academic initiatives can be problematic right now. Don’t stuff your plate too full. August and the first few days of September are when this transit’s more exaggerated inclinations are most likely to be felt. You might be a little more prone to accidents, you might put things off, or you might exaggerate when Jupiter is questioned. You may potentially take on too much and become overwhelmed, or you might learn a lot about a lot of topics but not enough about one specific area.

In general, though, you will probably benefit from more opportunities through your interactions and conversation with others in 2014 during this period. This year, you might meet new people and experience a stronger sense of community or belonging. You might discover that you travel less or hardly at all and are busier in your immediate area. You are more observant and possess more intuition, particularly when it comes to new individuals. Meetings, classes, teaching, contacts developed in the area, and relationships formed through siblings can all lead to opportunities. There may occasionally be issues with siblings or neighbors that can be resolved.

Networking, exchanging ideas, writing, pursuing a cause, and joining a cause are all wonderful activities from September onwards thanks to a lovely aspect between Jupiter and your third house. A new or unusual person or piece of information that enters your way can entirely alter your viewpoint in a favorable way. Some of you might meet your significant others through school, friends, or social groups. In your close relationships this year, communication is unquestionably essential.

The best times for these matters are from July 16 to December 8 in 2014 and from April 9 to August 11 in 2015, when Jupiter is in direct motion in your solar third house.


Jupiter, a planet of growth and expansion, will be in your solar second house, Cancer, on July 16 when it enters Leo. Your earning potential and value system are expected to improve between July 2014 and August 2015. A prosperous and productive era may very well result from Jupiter’s placement in this area of your chart. As long as you are realistic, you are likely to feel more excited and confident about your abilities to make a living, which can enable you to attract additional revenue. During this Jupiter cycle, you can decide to focus on honing your skills, which will increase your capacity for making money. Your salary might rise, and there might be a chance to make your financial status better in the future. However, you can also feel compelled to spend money on yourself, choosing to swell your nest or your collection of personal items in order to feel more safe.

If you use this time wisely, creating budgets and finding better ways to manage your resources, you might be able to solve prior financial issues. Adding to your goods, receiving a sizable present, or making a significant buy or sell are all possibilities right now. You might get a sizable bonus or gift. Working with financial institutions, aiming for a promotion, or submitting a loan application now are all wise moves. Trying to feel good could tempt you to shop more than you should, making you temporarily forget about the future.

The fortunate events outlined below won’t always come your way and aren’t likely to happen all at once. You must be alert for opportunities in various spheres of life.

You bring a new perspective to your practical issues, like as employment and profession, as well as a fresh, upbeat, and self-assured attitude throughout this period. Opportunities to attract better career conditions and a reputation boost may present themselves, especially from late September onward. You have a “can do” mentality. Especially successful company endeavors can be new ones.

The best times for these problems are from July 16 to December 8 in 2014 and from April 9 to August 11 in 2015, when Jupiter is in direct motion in your solar second house.