When Is The Leo New Moon

Full moons are also points of culmination. Every person has continuous “plots” in their lives, and whatever story begins around the same new moon (the opposite of a full moon) in the same sign may achieve its logical conclusion or climax. For instance, the August 8, 2021 new moon in Leo and the current February 16, 2022 full moon in Leo are connected. (BTW, The Old Farmer’s Almanac claims that it has also been called the snow moon due to the typical substantial snowfall that happens in February.)

When is the 2021 Leo New Moon?

Hello there, Earthlings! On August 8th, at 6:50am PDT, the Leo New Moon makes its grand arrival on GIANT puddy tat paws! In order for us to assert our authority, the roar of this New Moon is rattling our bones and bringing out all of our self-worth concerns. Be brave, for when you choose your strength, you choose life.

Our magnificent, potent Sun, which unapologetically radiates light for all of us, rules Leo. The Sun simply beams, with no reservations about how huge, broad, and bright it is. The adage for Leo is to simply show up and shine. The urge to show up is increased by the fact that the new moon in the sign of the jungle king is trine to Saturn, the planet of stability and boundaries, and square Uranus, the planet of the unexpected.

Many of us have been hiding like scared kittens over the past few years due to more than typical amounts of turbulence, fear, and uncertainty. This New Moon is come to ask our lion hearts to guide us.

During this New Moon window, ask yourself these questions and provide a brave response;

What do you do out of obligation that you don’t enjoy?

2) What limiting fear are you allowing to repeatedly play in your head?

What area of your life has grown way too serious and could use some humor?

Your New Moon homework is to show up with your written responses to these questions. Get out of tasks that aren’t bringing you light with grace. Of course, you must perform the daily responsibilities necessary to sustain life; otherwise, Saturn might have something to say about it. But what commitment do you have that would put out your fire? Adjust that.

Put your huge, courageous lion on your fears and make him or her hold them there for a few days so you can experience what it’s like not to think about them. Start exercising mental self-control to stop repeatedly pondering your fears. Finally, try to loosen up a little. Get playful, go on a joyous frolic, or engage in creative play, especially in a region where you’ve grown excessively heavy.

During this New Moon, it’s also a strong time to question yourself where you need to have more self-confidence. Do you have a dream that you would like to pursue but it is being held hostage by self-doubt in a box? Bring it to light and dream greater with curiosity and a spark. What if you somewhat encouraged this dream? This weekend, just take a pussycat paw step in its direction while acting like the Sun! By doing this, you will learn how to stand up for yourself, shed a light on yourself, and in turn, do the same for those around you. Tiger, charge them!

Times Around The World…

  • Sunday, August 8, 2021, 9.50 p.m. in Hong Kong
  • Sunday, August 8, 2021, at 1.50 p.m. in London
  • Sunday, August 8, 2021, at 9.50 a.m. in New York

Embrace inspiration for your aspirations and objectives, and be ready to start fresh creative endeavors or fan the flames of love.

Plant positive intentions in your thoughts, prayers, and actions; let your inner child play; and fill your cup with noble goals.

At 16o14, the Sun is blazing brightly in Leo and Mercury is moving quickly through the sky.

The Sun rules the Moon, which brings us back to Sol on this splendid Sunday.

A opposition to Uranus can add erraticness, surprises, and a startling quality to the tone, possibly even eccentricity or something to think about out of the ordinary.

Mercury, which is currently at the top of a Yod with Pluto, Neptune, and astute Pallas, might be our beloved guide. If you capture your inspiration, it can be given to you as a crown by the divine.

When is the August 2021 new moon?

The lunar phase on August 8, 2021, a Sunday, is a new moon. The disc’s surface is not lighted. The Moon is in Leo and is 1 day old. This New Moon phase will occur precisely on August 8, 2021, at 13:50 UTC.

How is Leo’s tomorrow going?

Improve your mental toughness for a happy life. Today, married couples could have to fork up a sizable sum of cash for their kids’ schooling. Do not allow your kids to profit from your kind nature.

What is the current phase of the new moon?

Today’s Moon Phase: May 31, 2022 Waxing Crescent Phase is the Moon’s current phase for today and tonight. The first Phase following the New Moon is a Waxing Crescent, which is a fantastic period to observe the moon’s surface details.

What occurs during the Leo New Moon?

Other suggestions for a Leo new moon ceremony: Establish a private throne, such as a cozy chair or a stack of pillows, where you may unwind and relax while reading, journaling, or daydreaming. Brew a big pot of sun tea. Dahlias and roses are perfect for the summer, especially in Leo’s signature sunshine-yellow color.

In August, what happens to Leos?

Most Leos who are born in August are either second or third decan Leos, which indicates that Jupiter (the planet of growth) and Mars are both co-rulers of them (planet of action). Both of these planets give Leo’s regal energy a more ardent and opinionated quality, so August Leos may find themselves taking a stronger stand on issues or engaging in philosophical discussions with friends more frequently than July Leos.

The Moon will be in Leo for how long?

Leo (July 23-August 22) As a result of the full moon falling in your sign, this will be a very dramatic, intense, and passionate time when you finally close one chapter and start a new one.

How do we react to the Moon in Leo?

The energy is generally upbeat because this full moon in Leo avoids having difficult dialogues with other planets. Its opposition to the Aquarian sun, though, still leaves room for conflict. Consider it like this: Leo’s ruling planet, the sun, symbolizes the unique self and life force. Therefore, when the sun is in Aquarius, a sign that is more concerned with the group than the individual, it may find it difficult to express itself. The fact that this Leo full moon is directly opposed to that force just emphasizes how crucial it is for us to prioritize our needs as individuals and our freedom of speech.

This full moon serves as a reminder that you are worthy of occupying space and that you are entitled to your deepest wishes.

Generally speaking, this full moon is not a time to avoid the spotlight. It serves as a reminder that you deserve to occupy the space and that you are worthy of your deepest dreams. Venus (the planet of beauty, creativity, and love) and Mars (the planet of drive and determination) will conjoin on the same day at the same degree of Capricorn, ushering in a new cycle centered on our individual creativity, lessons in love, and learning to pursue our heart’s desires. This is a force that is active and calls for development. And under the influence of Capricorn, we’ll develop the fortitude and tenacity required to follow our aspirations.

Leo moon: What is it?

One more day, one more Full Moon. The Full Moon of February occurs on February 16 in the capital of Leo. The Moon in Leo encourages us to take action with confidence in ourselves as it is surrounded by glittering gold and crystal-clear desires.

Your goal is to be proud of both yourself and the people you are surrounded by at this time, with the Sun in Aquarius and the Full Moon in Leo. You know, a pride of lions is a group of them! You are reminded by the Moon in Leo that your people are worth fighting for, regardless of how you personally feel. Another important aspect of this transit is humility: If you know your worth, you won’t need to show it to anyone.

Spend your energies cultivating your relationships and community during this Full Moon. Which lions from your pride are you bringing to the watering hole with you?