When Is The Next Full Moon In Leo

The energy is generally upbeat because this full moon in Leo avoids having difficult dialogues with other planets. Its opposition to the Aquarian sun, though, still leaves room for conflict. Consider it like this: Leo’s ruling planet, the sun, symbolizes the unique self and life force. Therefore, when the sun is in Aquarius, a sign that is more concerned with the group than the individual, it may find it difficult to express itself. The fact that this Leo full moon is directly opposed to that force just emphasizes how crucial it is for us to prioritize our needs as individuals and our freedom of speech.

This full moon serves as a reminder that you are worthy of occupying space and that you are entitled to your deepest wishes.

Generally speaking, this full moon is not a time to avoid the spotlight. It serves as a reminder that you deserve to occupy the space and that you are worthy of your deepest dreams. Venus (the planet of beauty, creativity, and love) and Mars (the planet of drive and determination) will conjoin on the same day at the same degree of Capricorn, ushering in a new cycle centered on our individual creativity, lessons in love, and learning to pursue our heart’s desires. This is a force that is active and calls for development. And under the influence of Capricorn, we’ll develop the fortitude and tenacity required to follow our aspirations.

When is the Full Moon in Leo?

This coming Full Moon, which occurs in the early morning hours of February 17 (3:56am AEDT), has a very distinct energy. It will take place in Sun-ruled Leo, a fiery and joyful sign. This Full Moon should be more about fire, play, fun, antics, sunbathing, celebration, and sun worship if previous month’s Full Moon was all about Cancerian watering and nurturing.

How to make the most of your Leo Full Moon this Aquarius season.

First things first, if only for the lunacy, become more Leo. The Lion is a kingly, regal, large, entertaining, theatrical, noisy, and egotistical sign. This vitality contrasts sharply with the Aquarius season, which is cooler, dominated by Saturn, more constrained, and more concerned with group dynamics. Consequently, consider this passage as an opportunity to be more “me-oriented and dramatic. That evening, go see or do something exciting. Go somewhere noisy so that you can make yourself louder.

This Full Moon will also be solar-powered because Leo is ruled by the Sun. Visit the beach during the day or a spot with a lot of light at night. Keep in mind the phrases “heat,” “warmth,” “glow,” “radiance,” and “shine” while describing this Moon. The Sun, which gives us life, is, of course, the Tarot card that represents Leo. For optimal good fortune during this passage, make great use of solar energy.

Astro-physiology is a different viewpoint to take into account while looking at this lunation. Leo is in charge of the back. To energize Leo energy during this Full Moon, practice yoga. Or you could schedule a massage in a spa. Your spine will line up with the cosmic chiropractor if you unwind and stretch like a cat. Having a friend you can call in case you need assistance, or someone who will metaphorically have your back, is a good idea because the Full Moon is also a time to let go of pent-up emotional energy.

The heart is governed by Leo as well. Exercise that increases blood flow will delight the Sun-Cat and make your lunation more cheerful. However, we shouldn’t consider the heart solely in terms of its physicality. current Full Moon, express your affection for your pride. Although the big cat enjoys being the center of attention, it also enjoys having its loved ones close by. The holy heart will be strengthened more profoundly by reaching out to or spending time with those closest to you than by riding your Peloton bike.

Finally, consider working with some additional concurrent transits as you approach the Leo Full Moon. On the same day as this Leo lunation, Venus and Mars, the cosmic lovers, are cuddling in the sky. If your Valentine’s Day wasn’t filled with romance, satin negligees drooping to the floor, chocolates, roses, and/or Nora Ephron’s romantic flicks, it’s possible that the 17th is a more lucky day to start dating (when the fire and passion of Mars, Venus, and Leo intertwine). Our calendars are merely rough estimates of celestial Holidays. This revised Valentine’s Day might be a fantastic time for a long-awaited romantic conclusion because Full Moons denote culminations. On this day, suggest a second date or a first date.

Moon transits last only as long as a girl’s garland. Some astrologers don’t pay much heed to them as a result. However, everyone who has read “The Hobbit” or “Lord of the Rings” knows that moonlight can shine keyholes that open doors to wealth that could support us indefinitely even in these infinitesimally narrow cosmic moments. As a result, tune in to the Leo Full Moon and all Moons during all of their phases to find both internal and outward treasures.

What does the Leo New Moon mean?

LEO (19 July 22 August) You’ll be itching to prove to everyone just how hot, sexy, and popular you really are as the new moon energizes your social life. Get connected and have fun through networking, going to events, or even trying out online dating.

How is Leo’s tomorrow going?

Improve your mental toughness for a happy life. Today, married couples could have to fork up a sizable sum of cash for their kids’ schooling. Do not allow your kids to profit from your kind nature.

During the Moon’s Leo phase, how do you feel?

You probably have an intrinsic sense of dignity and will anticipate being treated with respect and deference from others if the Moon is in Leo. You may have rather opulent preferences as a sign of royalty and will feel most at ease in environments and settings that you feel accurately reflect your inner self.

Where in Leo is the moon?

Leo moon. Moon in Leo occurs when the lunar sky route crosses the fifth sector of the zodiac, which is between 120 and 150 degrees latitude, and where the constellation of Leo is located. Only from February to August does the Waxing Moon transit the Leo zodiac sign, and only from August to February does the Waning Moon transit Leo.

Is the Leo full moon in August?

Beautiful outcomes can be achieved by working hard and being willing to adapt. This new moon begins a lunar cycle that has to be checked in with around the full moons in Leo on February 16, 2022, and Aquarius on August 22, when we’ll receive another Aquarius full moon.

Leo moon is in what house?

Pay close attention! You cannot ignore your sentiments while the moon is in flamboyant Leo or the moon sign’s fifth house. You may be pretty expressive when you’re proud and assured! What is there to say? You have a lot of passion. While carrying that burden can be difficult, it also makes you sympathetic. When you experience other individuals, you could even “become” them by accurately imitating their voices, gestures, and motions. When you reflect other people’s emotions and energy in conversation, you may even unconsciously be doing this, giving them a sense of security and being noticed.

Despite the fact that you are a gentle soul at heart, you can face accusations of being intimidating or confrontational. You don’t simply sob; you have a full-blown tantrum or sob instead. When you laugh, it emanates from your gut and fills the space. You can be the most dependable friend and an inexhaustible source of amusement if you’re brave, kind, generous, protective, and blatantly honest. This moon sign energy leaves others feeling awoken and invigorated in an empowered sense when safely navigated away from ego-driven terrain.

Who’s the boss?

This moon sign enjoys being in command, and you have the capacity to be a great, effective leader. When you are driven by a vision, you dislike giving in. Fortunately, most of the ideas you come up with are silly and enjoyable. It’s simple to forget that not everyone sees the world through such a powerful lens. Yes, there may be times when you need to “tone it down” in order to avoid damaging relationships or crossing ethical or professional boundaries. Yes, this flamboyant moon sign can be difficult to deal with.

When you fall in love, you really go hard!

Nothing is more important to a Leo (or 5th house) moon sign in a relationship than total, unwavering admiration. Yes, even that, you would do for love. Despite the many times your heart has definitely been hurt, you still have faith in love. These encounters merely increase your capacity to love more passionately and intensely the following time you come across someone who makes you swoon.

When you’re not directing your creative energies toward your partners, you might use them to create works of art, poetry, music, or any other kind of performance. It’s not difficult to attract an adoring crowd your way when center stage is what you’re after. Your life can become more vibrant and thrilling by incorporating a small amount of that off-stage drama into your daily activities. But remember where the line is if you’re teetering on the edge between “theatre” and “real life”

What ought Leo to do around the New Moon?

Due to the Moon’s alignment with the Leo Sun at the same degree and the fact that it is Leo Season, the New Moon automatically happens and resets the Leo dial!

On this day of stillness, darkness, and calm, use the stars to really work the celestial weather. Read your horoscope for this lunation here.

Generally speaking, new moons are times to:

  • Set goals, sow seeds, make plans, and look inward,
  • Stay calm and give thanks for what is already there.
  • Use your instincts covertly to determine what else might happen,
  • Release, submit, let go of expectations, and take a deep breath.

Wish Upon A StarThe Sun Is Leo’s Ruler…

Focusing on your own outstanding delights can give you energy and ignite your heart’s fire.

This is a wild moment to wish upon a star (which also happens to be Leo’s ruler), as Leo, a fire sign, is very inventive.

What are your strengths and Star Qualities? Show Yourself! Put the spotlight on your brave heart.

Use Your Inner Strength And Massage Your Backbone…

Leo, who is obviously represented by this Tarot card, has a resilience that results from their enthusiasm and tenacity.

Read these motivational sayings by Shelley Long, who was born with Leo’s Sun, Moon, and Pluto (in the twelfth house).

“I’ve always had the impression that it will succeed. That is what fuels my motivation. A significant factor in why it works is that you enter and maintain a cheerful attitude.

“Head raised and shoulders back, I think. It not only gives you confidence and raises your self-esteem, but it also makes you appear taller and leaner.

“Statistics don’t concern me at all. I probably would have given up early if someone had told me the odds of me being a working actor who gets paid for what she does.

“You can only succeed if you don’t give up, lie, or flee when hardship arises.

“By placing my hand on their forehead or their back, I’ve assisted patients in overcoming headaches and backaches. It’s a potent illustration of love at its most effective.

“When did I understand that I am God? I was actually talking to myself as I was praying.

Romance YourselfAnd Others…

Your dating profile or love life, your sexual expression, and your ability to have children are all ripe ground to sow seeds in right now!