When To Sleep With A Leo Man

You undoubtedly want to learn how to seduce a Leo man, turn him on, and fulfill all of his sexual dreams.

Leo guys are attractive and unique from all other males in the zodiac because of their powerful sexual energy and intense thirst for sex.

Here are some great strategies to pique his attention and please your Leo man in bed.

He desires to be worshiped

Genuinely and really flatter him. Do this in an overt and straightforward manner. Let him know you want him and that you think he’s the most incredible man in the universe.

It’s because Leo males radiate powerful masculine energypossibly the strongest of any sign. They thus dig to be revered, especially in private.

Praise and laud him in every respects

his appearance, his achievements, his gait, his breathing, and everything else.

He’ll be more motivated to ravish you if you tempt him and treat his body like a temple.

You need to be prepared for some intense and thrilling body adoration because he believes he’s the greatest for you. Yes, he will also do it to you.

Here’s the most crucial information you should be aware of: Trigger his “a heroic urge

This, you see, will have a profound effect on how males view the women in their lives.

I learned about this little-known facet of male psychology from James Bauer, a relationship guru. This idea of the “hero impulse” refers to what motivates men in relationships and is inherent in their genetic makeup.

after they “Men can become the heroes of their own stories when the hero impulse kicks in. They will improve, love more fiercely, and commit more firmly.

The appeal of having hero instinct is understanding the appropriate things to say to make him understand that he wants you and you alone.

He loves an exciting chase

It indicates that he wants to play a short game of cat and mouse before beginning the main feast. So let him go on the hunt, and enjoy what happens next.

By gently stroking him and whispering in his ear, you can drive him insane. I have no doubt that he will feel tremendously enthusiastic about this.

Unknown fact: Leos are very visual beings. In order to stimulate his desire for sex, dress sensually for him, and attract him with your warm smile and good nature.

Touch him as you please

So, touch him in his erogenous areas if you want your Leo man to feel amazing when you’re making love to him.

Most Leo men enjoy creating an impression before acting. And doing so entails touching them sensually, which may be great foreplay.

Touch him all over his spine, giving them a gentle massage. He’ll feel a powerful feeling and get the chills because Leos have sensitive backs.

He will be yours for sure if you run your fingers through his hair, stroke his shoulders, and his head.

If you want to double and boost the enjoyment while rubbing his back to keep him entirely content, you could also try using scented oil.

Play the submissive role

Leos are dominant, alpha males who want respect and control in their relationships. You have to understand that they have a need to dominate and that they prefer submissive partners.

They want to have control over the bedding in the bed. Therefore, don’t consider overwhelming him.

Instead, give in to his desires if you want to win his approval and for him to win your approval as well.

Be his devoted subordinate and let him take the lead. This man will make you happy since he works extremely hard to look out for you and your relationship.

Be honest with him if he acts as though he can do anything he wants with you but you aren’t into sexual servitude. No matter how much you adore him and want to please him, avoid acting in a way that makes you uncomfortable.

Tell him that you won’t be able to use it. And believe me when I say that if he truly loves you, he will be willing to make this concession to you.

Give him the royal treatment

A Leo man desires to be treated as the “lord of the jungle” by his partner.

He is incited by a woman who reveres him as an all-powerful master and appears to be in a “helpless condition.” When the woman he loves kneels in front of the bed, he is happy.

It won’t be enough to perform two to three typical sexual positions to satisfy a Leo since he demands more from you.

Be prepared to try things you’ve never done before since he craves excitement. In order for you to feel good when you enter the “no limits” kind of zone, he will force you to leave your comfort zone.

Be prepared for a lot of experiments, body fluids, and, most importantly, orgasms since you want to activate your passionate Leo.

Show your wild side

He seeks a mate that shares his passion and exuberance. He seeks a partner who has the same level of sexual arousal, preferences, and stamina as him.

Therefore, don’t be afraid to let him see how naughty you can get while you’re having sex. Prepare to offer him enough of activity to satisfy his desire for intensity.

Follow these instructions to blow him away:

  • In-between kisses, bite him
  • Pet him on the back.
  • Try playing a sinister game (if this is your thing)
  • Talk filthy to make him docile

Never, however, compromise your needs or desires, and never act outside of your comfort zone. Tell him how you would like to be satiated by him.

Authentic guys are Leos. They will always find a method to satisfy both of your demands in bed since they are considerate of their partner’s needs.

Keep exploring to increase excitement

They are unable to remain stationary for very long. They particularly want to vary the unusual when it comes to their sexual lives.

The truth is that they never limit themselves to doing it in the bedroom since they want to make out in different settings. Even public sex turns them on, so they’re game. They enjoy the rush of being discovered.

I’m not saying you have to have a little romp in public because Leos aren’t that stupid to risk everything for sex.

Here’s a tip: There must be something about being in the outdoors surrounded by nature that ignites their drive.

You can begin with the following concepts:

  • Being more daring will help you stay up with him
  • Spend the night in the cabin after going camping and mountain hiking.
  • Play around with several positions at once.
  • Make every effort to spice up your relationship.

The takeaway is to dare to be daring and inventive if you want to win over your Leo boy and make him happier. Set a tense atmosphere to increase his heart rate.

Get him excited with dirty talks

Justin J. Lehmiller, Ph.D. wrote in a Psychology Today article that “91% of participants stated this (dirty language) was something they have dreamt about and 49% said they think about it frequently.

Since Leos are born under the fire sign, they prefer it when their spouse is open to listening to whatever they want to say.

Therefore, delight your Leo man’s intelligence if you want to win him over. When you show off your wild side and start a nasty conversation to liven things up, your Leo man will become enthralled.

Remember: Being as attractive and confident as you possibly can when talking nasty is important.

The goal here is to stroke his ego, so be sure to sprinkle some praises throughout your derogatory remarks.

Would you like him to call your name in bed?

Then compliment him on how good a kisser or in bed he is!

Get down with fantasy play

Being more daring in the bedroom will keep your Leo man interested in you sexually and increase his desire for you.

It’s time to let down your guard and step outside of your comfort zone. When you adore him and have enough information about him, it won’t be too difficult.

Be at ease because it doesn’t always bring odd items into the bed with you. Simply keep things lighthearted and entertaining.

They like to engage in some sexual exhibitionism because they are entertainers by nature.

They want to be in command, so he can get away with acting like the king or another authoritative figure.

Give him an erotic massage

A really heated massage will make our Leo man wildly lustful. Leos enjoy having their backs massaged, therefore an erotic massage will thoroughly delight him.

Here’s a pro tip: Begin with gentle pressure on their upper body’s and shoulders’ sensitive areas. Spend some time on his head as well.

By lightly brushing your nails along his spine, you can induce shivers, excitement, and desire in him.

Giving him a sensuous massage will allow you to activate and stimulate the oxytocina hormone, which will make him more excited than before.

Be forewarned that he might not be able to tolerate the massage for very long, so you might not get to finish it. When he begins to roll over, get ready to straddle him.

Flatter him

Leo males aren’t haughty jerks; they just want compliments because they give them confidence and make them feel in charge.

Encourage your Leo man with compliments. His ego will be boosted, and he will want you in his life and in bed forever.

Start establishing intimacy by complimenting him. Keep in mind that one of the strongest animals on Earththe lionis with you.

They aspire to the limelight and try to command attention. Make him feel unique both inside and outside of the bedroom by finding ways to do so.

The key here is that if you want to develop a strong bond with your Leo man, you must respect him.

The best part is that you may say it at the proper time to make him feel important to you and like the only man in the world.

And if you want to have the finest sex you’ve ever had, use dirty and sexual terms to turn him on while you’re having it.

Match his passion

You have to be able to keep up with his way of life, his wants, and his desires. He’ll adore it if you spend time together outside of the bedroom doing things you both enjoy.

Make sure to match the “king of the jungle’s” passion in the sheets because he has an insatiable desire for spending time in the bedroom. And keep it from overwhelming you.

He would make you more satisfied in the connection if you give him your equally enthusiastic approaches.

You have a better chance of making a man feel needed, worshiped, and revered before bed.

The best part is that summoning his heroic impulse can be as easy as knowing what to say when you’re making love.

James Bauer’s straightforward and sincere video will show you exactly what to do.

Show him that you want him so bad

The most crucial thing to accomplish is to convey your intense desire for your Leo partner in order to thoroughly satisfy him in bed.

Make it clear that you want him more than any other person you have ever wanted. Being sexually desired is his biggest turn-on, so he must feel that way.

He will be more eager to be with you if you let him know how much you want him and how desperate you are to be with him.

He will get really turned on if he senses that you are crazy about him and that you want him badly. It won’t just blow his head; it’ll also increase his desire for you.

Make Lovea whole lot!

Leo males have a great sex drive and a strong thirst for sex, much like Aries men (who are also under the fire sign).

And because he wants to make love a lot, you must be ready to make love whenever you want and even more than once a day.

However, he won’t push you to do anything if you don’t feel enthusiastic about doing it or if you think your partner isn’t up for it. He does this because, before he puts you to bed, he wants to see and feel the desire in your eyes and body.

You can make out with him while screaming, sobbing violently, and being out of breath, and he’ll be completely satisfied.

Whew! It’s worth trying if it feels too hot to handle this. After all, doing something for someone you love feels wonderful.

Tell him how much you love him

Because even modest displays of affection mixed with a little mischief are enough to get his attention.

And sometimes all it takes to pique his interest is a few kind words or a flirtatious message that acts as a romantic expression of your affection.

He will turn on every time you remind him of how much you love him, tell him that he is the only one you want, and describe what it is about him that you want.

Observe these:

  • Fulfill his craving for love and praise.
  • When you’re in bed with him, smile sincere pleasure.
  • Use your words and actions to show off your amorous side.

Being true and genuine is crucial because when you do, you’ll win his heart in bed and beyond.

How can you tell whether a Leo man is sincere about you?

In fact, the way a Leo (those born between July 23 and August 22) treats you will reveal whether or not he is truly into you. Here are some indicators that a Leo man is interested in you seriously:

Without further ado, here are some indicators that you can look for to determine whether a lion man is sincere about you.

He will start to open up to you

Actually, a Leo man is the kind of person that takes things slowly. Even if he may have said he likes you, that doesn’t necessarily mean he will tell you everything about himself.

It will be simple for the two of you to get closer and closer if you are determined to be close to him and you like him as much as he likes you. When that time comes, you’ll be able to develop trust with him, which will improve your relationship.

He will let you wear his things

Perhaps you’ll discover that many couples used to share an apartment, where they would alternate between wearing different outfits or just lending one another clothing items. Leo man, however, will resist this easily. For him to truly trust you and allow you to live with him and wear his clothes, it will take some time.

Don’t worry; over time, you will understand him better because this is one of his methods of getting to know you better. It is an indication that he is serious about you when he starts letting you wear his clothes and opening up to you.

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Shows that he is in love in public

How can you tell whether a Leo man is truly interested in you? He displays his adoration in plain view. When a Leo man is in love with you and committed to the relationship, he will make an effort to publicly demonstrate his affection for you. He will present himself as having the best girlfriend ever, which will normally draw attention to both of you.

He shows his true color

Leo men exhibit their true colors when they are in love, which no one else can see. He will believe you to be aware of both his positive and bad sides. Because he knows that you will always be by his side, he is not scared to tell you the truth.

He wants you around

When they like someone, how do Leos behave? He’s always hoping to see you. He looks up to you and gradually becomes more at ease.

You can see from earlier that a Leo male is usually silent and aloof. As soon as he falls in love, he won’t stop calling and speaking to you.

He will tell his friends

Leo men don’t typically talk about their relationships, but when they are truly smitten, they will express their gratitude to their partners.

He will confess

How can you tell whether a Leo man is truly interested in you? He’ll tell you, and he really did say it. As he demonstrates his actual behaviors, you will come to believe his words. Even when you two are sufficiently connected, Leo may not want you if he doesn’t express his feelings to you. He might simply be trying to be kind to you or feeling lonely.

He still wants his freedom

What is a leo man like when he is in love? The energy and freedom of a leo man are unmatched. He respects and loves you, but you don’t have to let him do whatever he wants. He still want his own personal space, freedom, and control over the entire universe.

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A rebellious side

How does a leo man approach a woman to demonstrate interest? In the relationship, he would demonstrate his rebellious side. He might astound you with his outlandish side. He used to be really conservative, but now he has some wild notions about the life he wants with you.

He will come closer

What are some signs that a Leo man is crushing on you? You won’t need to push yourself to become close to him. Leo men don’t usually approach people, but when they do, it’s because they have a crush on them. He initiates action because he wants it.

Does a Leo man rule the bed?

Vanilla is typically a Leo man’s preferred flavor in sexual situations. Although he has a strong enthusiasm for sex, he has a tendency to evaluate harshly any sexual indulgences that he may view as unethical. He anticipates his spouse feeling the same way.

This fervently moralistic man might be perfect for you if you’re looking for a man with a more traditional, romantic sensibility who enjoys the standard range of mainstream sex practices.

He might even want to play the role of the dominant one, with his partner playing the part of the submissive. Given that Leo has an innate superiority complex and a desire for power, this makes logical. He can enjoy the exhilaration of exerting dominance in an extreme sexual situation.

Some Leo men have a strong desire to play the dominant role and like engaging in it in a variety of ways, from light spanking to the outright master-slave dynamic. He doesn’t need a partner that is completely subservient for this. In fact, he favors those that have a little bit of fighting in them. His ego is fueled by powerful women who play along with being repressed.

Some Leo males might take pleasure in a little sexual display. After all, Leo is a performer by nature. He enjoys the inherent risk, and the thought of getting caught could even drive him on because it might enhance his sense of masculinity.

Leo males might fantasize about having several lovers. Having a harem of women at his disposal or ordering his partner to have sex with other guys are two examples of this. But in reality, he’s one of the males who is least inclined to engage in group sexual dynamics. When it comes to sharing and feeling like the dop-dog, his morality and ego issues might trip him up, causing him to opt out.

How can you woo a Leo into sharing a bed?

According to Weiss, the sign of Leo governs the heart, thus a Leo will be able to tell if your heart is totally invested in any sexual interaction. To reassure your partner that you are present, aroused, and fully into them during sex, make sure to make direct eye contact and use affirmative words.

According to Weiss, the coming months may be particularly fortunate for your relationship if your Leo spouse is also someone you’ve been dating for a while. In Leos born later in August, in particular, she explains, “Jupiter is now back in Aquarius, right opposite the sign of Leo, lighting up the partnership house.