What Decan Is My Sun Sign

Following the Chaldean Order and Elemental triplicities, as well as the Mode/Quality of each Sign, we can assign a Tarot card to each decan (where in the season they fall- beginning for Cardinal Signs, middle for Fixed Signs, or end for Mutable Signs). As a result, if you know the exact degree of your Sun Sign (found in your birth chart), you may figure out your sub-ruler (as well as how you may differ from other people born under your Sun Sign) and your unique Tarot card. Continue reading to find out how!

What do the 36 decans stand for?

The 36 groups of stars (minor constellations) employed in ancient Egyptian astronomy to split the 360 degree ecliptic into 36 sections of 10 degrees each, both for theurgical and helialical horological purposes, are known as bktw or baktiu. During each daily earth rotation, the decans appeared to ascend in order on the horizon, geocentrically. For the ancient Egyptians, the rising of each decan signaled the start of a new decanal “hour” (Greek hra) of the night, and they were employed as a sidereal star clock as early as the 9th or 10th Dynasty (c. 2100 BCE).

What are Aries’ three decans?

Decans of Aries

  • Decan 1: People born between March 21 and March 30.
  • The people born under the influence of Mars are fearless and pioneers in their industries.
  • Decan 2: People born between March 31 and April 9th.
  • Decan 3 is for people born between April 10 and April 19.
  • Jupiter’s impact causes people born under its influence to be exceedingly adventurous.

What are the degrees of my signs?

At a glance, here are the crucial degrees for the signs:

  • Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn): 0, 13, and 26 degrees.
  • 8-9 and 21-22 degrees for fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius).
  • 4 and 17 degrees for mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces).

How do I figure out what decan I’m in?

To comprehend decans, you must first comprehend that each astrological sign occupies 30 degrees of the Zodiac, for a total of 360 degrees, according to Lang (12 signs are each comprised of 30 degrees). The decans are made by splitting each sign’s 30 degrees into 10-degree increments.

Your decan is determined by the position of your birthday inside the 30-degree range. The first decan is approximately the first ten days of your sign, the second decan is around the second ten days, and the third decan is approximately the third ten days.

Each decan has its own distinct footprint. “We attribute planetary sub-rulers to the sign within these decans,” Lang adds, “and those sub-rulers offer us extra levels of symbolism to apply to your birth date within your sign.” “You fully embody your sign if you are born within the first decan, or the first ten degrees (about 10 days) of a sign. Your sign’s ruler will be your planetary sub-ruler.”

Is it true that decans are just for sun signs?

The Decans principle may be used to any of your planets or other points in your horoscope, so take a look around and see how unique your birth chart actually is! Let’s say your Venus is at 12 degrees Virgo. Virgo is an Earth sign, and the degree would fall in the second Decan, which corresponds to Capricorn in the natural zodiac. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, while Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. Suddenly, we can see how this Venus placement contains both attributes, which may explain why, when it comes to love, people with this Venus placement are more conservative and logical than most. With Venus in your financial sign, you could be an exceptionally clever businessperson! As a co-ruler to your Venus in Virgo, the Capricorn flavor provides crucial additional insights.

Based on the degree of the planet or point, the graph below will immediately tell you what Decan each sign belongs to. Have a great time discovering your Decans!

What are the different ways decans are divided?

Each sign is given a triplicity, which consists of three of the four classical elements (air, water, earth, or fire), and is therefore divided into three equal sections of ten degrees each, known as decans or decanates.

What is the meaning of the name decan?

The personal name David was the source of the ancient Anglo-Saxon surname Decan. In the Middle Ages, Daw was a common diminutive of David. The surname is a combination of the words daw and kin, and it literally means “David’s kin.” Changes in pronunciation and spelling over time resulted in numerous variations of the name.

  • The 1st Taurus Decan is controlled by Venus and is born between April 20th and April 29th. The earth lavishes them with all things lovely.
  • People born between April 30 and May 10 are in the 2nd Taurus Decan, which is ruled by Mercury. They are endowed with exceptional communication abilities by the planet.
  • People born between the 11th and the 20th of May are in the 3rd Taurus Decan, which is ruled by Saturn. They are endowed with tenacity and loyalty by the earth.

Are there any differences between March and April Aries?

Although Mars (the planet of passion) is Aries’ governing planet, all April-born Aries are second or third decan Aries, which means they have other co-ruling planets that influence the way their Aries energy emanates. Because Mars rules the first decan Aries (born in March), they frequently come across as the most traditional Aries, embodying the sign’s stereotypical qualities and shortcomings. Consider impulsiveness, bravado, and assertiveness.