Can You Sell Tarot Readings On Etsy

Tarot and psychic readings must be offered for sale as a physical document or a digital file in order to be considered for sale. The format in which the reading will be supplied must be specified in the listings’ titles and descriptions (e.g. PDF).

Listings may not guarantee or imply that the products or readings will lead to any certain results, including physical changes like weight loss (e.g. love, revenge).

The things themselves must be eligible for sale on Etsy as handmade items (including digital products), vintage items, or craft supplies, regardless of any metaphysical qualities they may possess.

Etsy has added the following:

We wish to reassure you that all intangible services are covered by this policy equally (whether spiritual services or any other types of intangible services). We value and respect the diversely cultural and religious members of the Etsy metaphysical community. Please remember that we accept additional categories of metaphysical products into our marketplace as long as they adhere to our handcrafted and services criteria.

Since stories about psychics bilking customers out of hundreds of thousands of dollars have made national headlines, the purpose is ostensibly to safeguard suckers from being gravely scammed. The public offering of the e-commerce site in April of this year may be a more clear, if less noble, motivation for them to tighten up, as it is difficult to believe that anything so extreme was happening on Etsy.

It’s not just Etsy that has prohibited the sale of “magical” goods online.

Similar steps were taken by eBay in 2012. What will happen to the witches now? Maybe Jeff Bezos will be the one to provide them a new home given that Amazon has previously expressed interest in stealing away Etsy sellers to fill out their Handmade Items section?

Tarot readings may be purchased.

If you’re a budding reader, this can be a great method to increase your experience.

Why not make a free service offer to a nearby charity? Could you perform readings at their upcoming event and donate every penny earned to the nonprofit? a great strategy to increase your self-confidence while simultaneously expanding your clientele.

You may need to consider many of the same things that you would if you were reading at a market, depending on the occasion.


This platform is incredibly intriguing. When I need freelancers to complete design or other marketing work, I really use Fiverr.

Although there is a lot of competition and the value of the readings is relatively low, you can sell them there.

Most people charge $5 for readings, but many of them come with extras that raise the cost. You might charge $5 for a single card reading, but if you include add-ons, a whole reading could cost as much as $50.

Explore the website to get a sense of the various price models.

I don’t sell there since I need to focus my energy elsewhere and it takes too much time for me, but I know other readers who have had great success.

Your own Network

It’s important to remember that here is where you should start. To your friends, family, and network, don’t be hesitant to “sell” your services. You might provide a “friends” discount, but this is a great method to solicit recommendations.

You’ll have an extremely rich stream of business from recommendations and returning clients. Customers will return to you if you give them good value, do a fantastic job, and take care of them.

Be vociferous and proud. Who is interested in it might surprise you! I was astonished to learn that my acquaintances who work as doctors and attorneys were the ones who showed the most interest.

My Thoughts

I want you to be really cautious of this since many of these platforms have a very significant con. You must be aware that you are developing your business on someone else’s platform whether you are building it on Facebook, Etsy, Fiverr, etc.

The risk here is that they might suddenly change their business policies and outlaw tarot reading! Although it seems unlikely, it has actually happened.

For many tarot readers, Ebay was a crucial resource. Tarot readers were no longer permitted to provide services on eBay after they abruptly modified their policies. Some eBay users who had been reading for years found themselves without a way to reach their customers!

I want to be in charge of what happens to my business, therefore this truly scares me.

Driving traffic to your own website is my top piece of advice. When they are there, take down their email! Not enough can be said about this! One of the most crucial things you can do for your business is to get email subscribers, which I’ll discuss in more detail later.

Although I love markets and getting recommendations from friends, my main focus is on online reading from my own website.

I sincerely hope you enjoyed this brief tour of the many reading sales strategies. Please share your experience with me. Do I have anything missing? What suits you the best? If you have any remarks, please do so below.

Is it possible to sell tarot cards on eBay?

After August 30, 2012, the sale of a variety of services related to witchcraft and fate reading will be outlawed on eBay. The site is removing “intangible” categories like tarot readings, spells, curses, and blessings.

How can I launch a tarot reading business online?

  • Set up a Tarot reading business plan.
  • Create a legal entity for your tarot reading business.
  • Tax registration for your tarot reading business
  • Open a Business Credit Card and Bank Account
  • Set up your Tarot reading business’s accounting system.
  • Obtain the Required Licenses & Permits for Your Tarot Reading Business
  • Purchase Business Insurance Tarot
  • Establish your Tarot reading company’s brand.
  • Make a website for your tarot reading business.
  • Install the business phone system.

Starting a business involves more than just filing the necessary paperwork with the government. This straightforward manual for launching a tarot reading business has been put together by us. These actions will guarantee that your new company is carefully thought out, legally compliant, and registered.

STEP 1: Plan your business

Success as an entrepreneur depends on having a well-defined plan. You can use it to map out your company’s specifics and identify some unknowns. A few crucial subjects to think about are:

  • How much will the first and ongoing costs be?
  • Who is your intended audience?
  • How much are clients allowed to pay?
  • What will the name of your company be?

How much do tarot readers make a living?

I did my reading at my Connecticut home and a few nearby stores. A basic reading costs $50 for 30 minutes. My readings are entirely present-oriented. The cards serve as a tool to show you the elements that must be taken into account while making a choice. They draw attention to potential advantages, obstacles, supporters, and opponents. A good reading can support previous decisions and direct your future decisions.

How are Tarot readings profitable?

Instead of reading cards for fun, consider using your intuitive abilities to earn money. All you need is a functional computer or mobile device, solid tarot card reading skills, and a functional internet connection. You are prepared to go if you have mastered these concepts.

Create a tarot reading course

The first method of earning money online is this. You can instruct others on how to read tarot cards if you are knowledgeable enough in the subject. Additionally, you can save money by setting up an online class rather of having to build a real one. Applications like Zoom and other videoconferencing tools can be extremely useful in this situation. For your students to read, you can also include some written materials.

Since the profits are high, this strategy has the advantage that it can be a full-time employment. For instance, Tatiana Jones of Tatiana Tarot promises her pupils an income of $359 a day when they master her bestseller course and develop their intuition in 90 days or fewer. She also teaches novices how to start making $300 and more every day performing tarot readings from the comfort of their homes. That sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? That would be fine with me!

Do readings online

As a tarot card reader, you may also earn money online using this strategy. You can offer online readings to clients as a service. This method is appropriate for introverted readers because neither you nor your client need to see each other. You would submit an application as a reader to a psychic hotline to conduct readings online, right?

We highly recommend Master Li, a well-known Chinese psychic and expert in tartology, as a fantastic online tarot reader.

Have a blog or YouTube channel about tarot reading

Another way introverted tarot card readers might generate income is by starting a blog or a YouTube channel. It would need to be integrated with their social media account, though. You can link your social media page, where people can learn more about you as a tarot card reading, to your blog or vlog. On your blog and social media accounts, you can respond to inquiries. However, the funding is unofficial. As with any other popular blogger or YouTuber, you’ll start to monetize your blog or vlog with advertisements.

In-person private card reading via video chats

The most typical technique for a tarot reader to make money is to hold sessions with clients and charge them at the end of each one. You can apply this concept without needing to invite your client over to your house (nor you going to their home). Instead, video calls, Zoom meetings, Skype, and other technologies can be used to organize in-person private card reading sessions. If a video conference makes you uncomfortable, you can also communicate by text.

Write and sell books about tarot reading

In this digital age, selling ebooks is a terrific method to make money. Even now, people read books, especially if the subject matters much to their needs. Write a book about tarot reading if you believe you are capable of doing so. Include information on how to develop intuition, the various kinds of tarot cards, how to interpret them, their history, etc. Even better, you can document your development as a tarot reader so that others might benefit. You can make money by selling the books you’ve written afterward. You may become a reputable tarot reader and a successful writer with this strategy.

Set up an e-commerce store to sell tarot related products

This is an additional method for a tarot reader to earn money online. You can set up an internet store where you can sell tarot-related goods including cards, books, and other things. For people who excel at affiliate marketing or online marketing, this is a highly advised route. SEO techniques would need to be used to guarantee that the website generates revenue. Additionally, you might profit from website advertisements if the website has a good ranking.

Become a freelance writer for tarot-related articles

Finally, writing articles about tarot for others can earn you money online (kinda like this one). Nowadays, producing articles for blogs, websites, businesses, educational institutions, and other sources earns freelance writers a sizable income. You can use your understanding of tarot to benefit others, improve their understanding of tarot reading, and earn money in the process. You may either sign up for freelance platforms like Upwork or Fiverr to begin started, or you can attempt finding clients on your own.


You must excel at what you do in order to earn money as a tarot card reader. Even if you believe that you are competent enough, you should continue to hone your abilities.

You may develop your intuition and increase your online income by taking one of the many courses available online. Enroll in a course right away to expand your prospects for earning money as a tarot card reader online.

Know the Tarot card meanings!

It should be clear by now. But even those annoying court cards must be easily readable by you! without pausing or consulting a book. Your intuition and experience will develop with time, and your individual relationship with the cards will flourish. But first, you must comprehend the subtleties of significance for each card in respect to various topics and positions. The cards do have their own unique meanings, which should be respected even though you are there to interpret them.

You rarely draw a blank when doing a reading.

Hey, sometimes even the smartest among us struggle to link two cards, or we might utilize a card incorrectly. Although you should be past the point where it frequently occurs, it will still happen. When those blanks do happen and you have a client on the phone or in front of you, you need to have your own approaches and strategies ready to go.

You need to have at least three spreads that you can comfortably work with.

Knowing about the Celtic Cross alone is insufficient. I can say from experience that not every circumstance calls for spread. You should have a variety of spreads in your Tarot deck, ranging from intricate designs for in-depth analyses of lengthy readings and challenging queries to quick, three-card spreads for analyses of 15 minutes or less. As the session is just getting started, you also need to determine what spread will be acceptable at that precise moment. People will ask you these kinds of questions, therefore I also advise keeping Yes/No spreads handy.

You must be able to synthesize the cards.

When the reader uses every card in every position to convey the tale of the layout in relation to the question, that is when a reading truly embodies the art of tarot. This goes much beyond simply listing each card’s meaning without connecting them. Not a reading, that A laundry list it is! Your intuition and card-reading experience will combine in the synthesis to help your client see the bigger picture of their inquiry. There are no exceptions; this is true for all spreads!

Know how to do an entire reading.

Again, this sounds like common sense, no? But even the most experienced Tarot reader can overlook the fact that a reading actually starts the moment a potential customer contacts you or sees your website. If you plan to practice this professionally, you must have a system in place for enrolling clients and answering their initial inquiries. The reading comes next. How do you welcome your customers? Do you ensure their comfort? Identify the root of their problem? How do you end a session after reading the cards? Maintain contact? Respond to follow-up inquiries? How do you handle it if your client is upset as they leave? The most prosperous readers approach their work as professional Tarot readers as a business.

Know what kind of Tarot reader you are.

Understanding your underlying relationship with the cards is necessary for this. What sort of readings are your favorites? You might thrive at reading for difficult subjects or at reading quickly and efficiently. Do you believe in fate, free will, a blend of the two, or some other concept that others don’t? Do you wish to discuss particular subjects, such as pregnancy, disease, or demise? You must capitalize on your own reading strengths in order to draw the kinds of customers who are a good fit for you.

Have strategies for difficult and disappointed clients.

Despite our best efforts and sincere desire to please our clients, you will encounter problematic clients in your practice. Tarot readers occasionally draw irate people as well as a fair amount of doubters who enjoy disproving others. You can also find someone who has a vested interest in hearing a particular response. They might lash out at you if they don’t get that response. If there is a volatile person sitting across from you, you must have your own strategies for maintaining composure and controlling situations. Although it won’t happen frequently, you must be prepared to handle it.

Practice with strangers.

It is a significant and crucial step to practice reading aloud to strangers after reading for your friends and family. Find a way to give free readings and record the time you spend doing it for unrelated strangers. You can determine what kind of reader you are (or aren’t) by doing this, and it will also help you build confidence and intuition. This will help you comprehend people’s inquiries and reactions. Try reading aloud at a holiday party, cafe, or street fairjust be sure to acquire permission first!

Professional Tarot reading is fulfilling in ways I can’t adequately put into words. If you heed the advice above, you will get the self-assurance necessary to become a fantastic reader who earns a good living from their work. And without a doubt, spend money on expert readings from others. You will pick up a lot of knowledge regarding reading preferences, your own, and client interaction techniques. Why not consult a Tarot reader today on Keen?