Can You Use Oracle Cards As Tarot Cards

There are some significant differences between tarot cards and oracle cards, despite the fact that both can offer insight. The Rider-Waite deck, the first tarot deck, is the model for the majority of tarot decks. They probably contain 78 cards, each of which offers comprehensive information about a certain circumstance.

Do oracle cards work the same way as tarot cards?

Oracle cards aren’t constrained by any form of predetermined structure, she points out, in contrast to tarot decks, which always have 78 cards divided into major and minor arcana. According to Herstik, “Oracle cards can be utilized for any kind of research depending on what the artist and author of the deck decide.”

Can any cards be used as tarot cards?

Even yet, if you’re interested in giving readings, a real 78-card tarot deck isn’t entirely necessary. Actually, if you know what you’re doing, you can perform tarot readings using a standard 52-card deck of playing cards.

Can oracle cards be used for divination?

Each oracle deck’s inventor and artist chooses every aspect, including the topic, imagery, quantity of cards, and card meanings. There are card decks with affirmations, angels, spirit animals, and archetypes, like Gabrielle Bernstein’s The Universe Has Your Back deck. The best thing is that these meanings are typically laid out for you right there on the card, which makes extracting wisdom so much simpler, even if the options for artwork and meaning are basically unlimited.

By bringing the user closer to their intuition and a deeper inner understanding, Oracle cards improve emotional and spiritual wellbeing. The Moon Deck’s founder, Aarona Lea Pichinson

Oracle cards can be just as useful as tarot cards for offering direction and clarity, reducing fear and worry, and assisting you in connecting with your intuition and the solutions that already reside within of you. According to Aarona Lea Pichinson, author, ritual wellness teacher, and creator of the oracle card set The Moon Deck, “Oracle decks support emotional and spiritual health by attuning the user to their intuition and a deeper inner knowing that we can sometimes forget during the busyness or transitions of life.”

What are tarot cards from an oracle?

Although they can be used in a spread or in tandem with a Tarot card reading, oracle cards are cards with unique messages intended to be used alone as a daily message for spiritual guidance. The number of cards in a deck might range from 12 to more. The average deck has between 30 and 44 cards.

What do I need to ask the oracle?

  • What about my current situation am I missing?
  • What is preventing me from progressing?
  • How am I putting obstacles in my path?
  • What can I concentrate on?
  • What can I learn from this experience?
  • What must be resolved in order for me to proceed?
  • What could I do to change my viewpoint?
  • What am I in most need of right now?
  • Why can’t I go as quickly as I’d like?
  • What information do I most need right now?
  • Why does it feel difficult?
  • What causes me to feel trapped?
  • Why am I the ideal candidate for this position/job/project?
  • Why is it certain that this will be successful?
  • How can I draw in more cash?
  • How does this relate to my soul’s mission?
  • How can I make sure this works out?
  • Which way can I help today?
  • How can I proceed in the most effective way?
  • How can I simplify this?
  • What fun could this possibly be?
  • How can I maintain my current high vibration?
  • What can I do to change the energy here?
  • Which of my qualities is currently the best support for me?
  • What might prevent me from being successful with this?
  • What could make this process go more quickly?
  • How does it feel to live a life of abundance?
  • What do I fear most in terms of money?
  • What might aid in my obtaining the promotion I desire?
  • What direction will my soul take me next?
  • What about my current circumstance am I missing?
  • What will enable me to reach my objectives?
  • What do I need to concentrate on in order to make the greatest choice possible?
  • What if I took this other course of action?
  • How was it possible for me to accept wealth?
  • How can I influence the world more significantly?
  • How can I be more true to who I am?
  • What fear do I need to let go of right this second?
  • What will make me more content inside?
  • What is currently preventing me from succeeding?
  • What do I actually think about money at the moment?
  • How do I allow myself to be open to countless possibilities?
  • How can I accept myself in my current state?
  • What would make my life more joyful?

What can I anticipate from a reading with oracle cards?

What to anticipate from your initial card reading

  • an encounter with a decent, amiable, and approachable person.
  • You could or might not be questioned about yourself.
  • An exchange is anticipated.
  • Possibility for clarification and follow-up
  • a new viewpoint on your circumstance.

Can regular playing cards be used as tarot cards?

You may have used an oracle deck or heard of tarot cards, but did you know you can perform a reading (for a friend or yourself!) with a standard deck of playing cards? Anyone is welcome to try this method of divination, known as cartomancy.

What kind of tarot deck should I use, and does it matter?

It’s a journey that is ultimately personal. There is “no one accurate deck” to begin with, psychic medium Michael Cardenas tells Oprah Daily. “Each person will have a different deck to bond with. Find the one who will actually speak to you.”

Can playing cards be used to create a tarot deck?

Most likely, you have a deck of poker cards on hand, but you might not be aware that you can also use them as a set of tarot cards. Reuniting the tarot and poker decks makes sense because they have certain historical roots.

How frequently should Oracle cards be used?

Use the cards sparingly. The accuracy rate will drastically decrease if you continuously give yourself readings numerous times every day. Every morning or evening, some people like drawing one card for themselves. Every Sunday afternoon, I normally read to myself.