Does My Ex Still Love Me Tarot

A breakup in a relationship can be extremely discouraging and painful. How can you tell if a relationship is about to end by looking at the Tarot cards? The following are my top 10 Tarot cards for ending relationships.

The ten of swords

It is immediately apparent from the picture on the Ten of Swords that this card is about a difficult, dramatic, and possibly unexpected conclusion. It will take many months, if not years, for you to recover from this painful experience because you were emotionally injured and misled during this breakup. Nevertheless, have faith because this Ten portends the start of a fresh cycle in life and fresh beginnings.


The Hermit is a lone person who symbolizes a period of seclusion and detachment from society. This, in my opinion, is a sign of being “single” and using the opportunity to consider one’s spiritual and personal aspirations. It therefore implies a period of seclusion and being alone, even though it is not precisely a “break-up” card.

What strong imagery there is in the Tower once more! People are running out of the windows as a lightning strike causes the structure to catch fire. This card represents intense unrest or a significant upheaval that makes you reevaluate how you perceive the world. When you were just beginning to feel secure and at ease in your relationship, something happened that turned everything upside down. You are now dealing with a significant transition, like possibly going through a divorce or ending a long-term relationship.

Swords: Three

Three swords pierce a heart in the card known as the Three of Swords. This card denotes sorrow, heartache, and grief. This card may occur after a relatively recent relationship has ended since, happily, the sun may be seen peeking out from behind the clouds, indicating that you will soon move on to better things.

reversed three of cups

Ah, the reversed Three of Cups! When there is a love triangle or an unfaithful partner, I almost always see this card. Now, if this is not what you agreed upon, it will probably result in the breakup of the partnership. Your relationship’s boundaries and your moral principles must be understood by both parties.

What should I enquire about tarot cards with my ex?

These intelligent inquiries place the emphasis on you and return the power to your hands rather than asking if they will return.

  • How can I go past this breakup?
  • How can I continue on?
  • What can I take away from this connection?
  • What were my relationship blind spots?
  • What problems do I need to concentrate on if I want to get ready for a good relationship in the future?
  • What impact did my own problems have on this relationship?
  • What should I know to find a stable relationship?
  • What can I do to improve my future relationship decisions?

Put yourself in the spotlight rather than them, always. because they may not be a part of your future, but you are.

What are the reconciliation cards?

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Questions you don’t really want answered

Even though it might seem apparent, it’s advisable to refrain from asking the tarot cards questions that you aren’t prepared to hear the answers to. That’s because answers to these questions can reveal information you’re just not quite ready to hear.

“Tarot can definitely come off as offensive if you’re not willing to hear the truth or consider an opposing point of view. Tarot reading Nicole Fortunaso

According to tarot reader and life coach Nicole Fortunaso, “tarot may truly come out as offensive if you are not willing to hear the truth of the problem or look at an alternate viewpoint.” She advises considering why you’re responding the way you are in order to reflect on the best way to address the underlying cause if you ask the question and are unsatisfied with the response.

Does he think I’m cute?

This could entail anything from delivering jokes to general foolishness, depending on his personality. Great if it’s all in good humor! You might have to be honest about how it makes you feel if it crosses any lines or makes you uncomfortable.

It’s a good method to determine whether they have a sense of humor and whether you both find that kind of humor amusing. This can be a flirty and enjoyable method to communicate.

He finds reasons to touch

If he is finding little reasons to touch you, that is a sign of interest. It could be those delicate touches on your shoulder while you are conversing, or it could be that he finds a reason to lightly stroke your hair. Never allow anyone to make you feel uneasy, and be honest if a boundary has been broken.

He is probably really attracted to you if he seeks out physical encounters.

He opens up when its the two of you

Some people find it difficult to be themselves because they become anxious among lots of people. This can occur in sizable groups or even smaller ones, like a gathering of friends. Don’t assume they are uninterested right away; they could just be shy. He might feel more at ease if it’s just the two of you.

Does he seek out calm areas where you two can continue your conversation? He will want to get closer if he opens up and discusses subjects that are more intimate.

He offers to help

A guy likes you if he offers his time, which is a sign. Perhaps you mentioned having automobile trouble, and he offers to drive you somewhere or offers to help you with a task.

He might offer to loan you a book or something else, but it would have to be returned. giving him a justification so that you can see him again.

If someone doesn’t like you, they won’t take the time or effort to simplify your life. He is demonstrating his concern for you and his importance to you. Men like to be needed and to mend things. This demonstrates your ability to rely on him and his willingness to support you.

He pays attention

He will listen to you and take an interest in you if he likes you. It will make you feel special and significant. When someone doesn’t find you attractive, he won’t make you feel valued or recognized.

He may like you if he is concentrating on you more than the people around him.

Can I inquire about a specific person with tarot cards?

So how does one approach a relationship-related Tarot reading question?

Use “Me” and “I” wherever possible; try to avoid saying “he,” “she,” or the other person’s name. What can I do to improve my connection with _____ or what can I do to mend my shattered heart, for example? Things like, “How can I locate the appropriate person for me?”

It just makes sense that the reading will be centered on you since you are paying for it. The reading should be utilized as fully as possible. That is precisely why I am always mentioning what readings CAN and CANNOT do. I put up pages like “what to anticipate from a reading” because I want you to get the most out of your reading dollar. There will soon be a page dedicated to “How to maximize your reading.”

Although the other party is a part of the relationship, they are not a part of the reading (unless they choose to be on a spiritual level, but that is very rare, special thing).

I have hours available to read for parties and individuals if you enjoy what you see here on the site. I try hard to make sure that every reading I do is courteous, professional, reasonably priced, enjoyable, and family-friendly.

Does he think I’m hot?

Typically, a man will prioritize you in his life if he has feelings for you. He will make an extra effort to assist you or spend time with you. In an effort to get to know you better, he will begin to pay attention to your hobbies. Even worse, he might act tense or brag in your presence.

He might be actively participating with you on social media right now, liking, commenting, sharing, and perusing every post you make.