How Did I Die In My Past Life Tarot Spread

One of the features of our former lives that attracts us the most is certainly the one we are asking. You will learn how you passed away in your former life based on the fourth card you select. This does not imply that the card will expressly state how you passed away, but it may make inferences regarding what was happening at the time of your passing, whom it touched, or even whether or not you passed away concurrently. The answer to this question depends on a lot of things, but the tarot cards can at least reveal some of them.

Which Tarot card represents death?

In most conventional Tarot decks, Death (XIII) is the 13th trump or Major Arcana card. Both divination and Tarot card games make use of it. When employed for divination, the cardwhich commonly features the Grim Reaperis frequently taken as portending significant changes in a person’s life.

In tarot cards, what is past life?

Eight cards are chosen for a former life tarot card reading. The reader arranges them in an upside-down pyramid of three lines, counting four, three, and one. Each card is interpreted as if the components it reveals are part of the person’s former existence and can be projected onto the present.

Why do I keep drawing the tarot card for death?

If you’re in the middle of a reading about your relationship, pulling a card about endings could seem scary, but it may not always mean that the relationship is over entirely; it could simply mean that a certain stage has come to an end.

According to Vanderveldt, “There might be many changes and endings inside a partnership that have nothing to do with the relationship itself ending.” “It can indicate a change in your relationship, such as getting married, moving, or having a child, which might put your identity to the test. Alternatively, it might be a call to let go of something in order to move on. In order to create new opportunities for your romantic life and/or relationship, you are being asked to alter something you have been doing.”

Ask yourself, “What needs to change?” The cards come to life through your personal experiences and how you relate them to what you draw. when you obtain this. Additionally, Vanderveldt says, you can draw more cards to get more advice.

Can you interpret your own tarot cards?

It most certainly is. Tarot is a technique that aids in deepening our understanding of the present moment, honoring our intuition, and predicting future possibilities. Although it might seem complicated, the technique is actually quite straightforward.

What does the love tarot card “death” represent?

The Death tarot card love meaning can refer to being locked in emotional dynamics that are no longer effective when it comes to love and relationships. If you are already in a relationship, you must have the ability to accept change if you want the partnership to last. Sometimes, if things haven’t been going well, this card can also suggest that you might wish to call it quits. It’s critical to keep in mind that every door that shuts when the Death tarot card appears, opens a different one. While transformations for one spouse or another may be what is required to help both people grow, Death in a love tarot reading may be difficult to accept. It’s also crucial to keep in mind that the cards are only suggestions and that you have the option of letting your relationship change or accepting it.

Although at first unsettling, the changes that the Death tarot card can bring about in a relationship can also be advantageous. In less stressful words, it could signify the beginning of a new phase, like becoming engaged.

The Death tarot card love meaning may also refer to beliefs, attitudes, or behaviors that you are currently letting go of in order to forge healthier, stronger relationships if you are single.

My Tarot deck needs to be cleaned.

There are occasions when you might want to perform something more particular and ritualized rather than simply shuffling the tarot deck to purify and clear the energy of the cards. Cleaning your deck could seem like a nice place to start if you’re just starting to understand tarot.

You might want to clean your tarot deck for a variety of reasons, including:

  • beginning with a fresh deck
  • readings for other people
  • You think you need to recharge.
  • Your card readings seem a touch “odd” or “disconnected”
  • Your deck hasn’t been used recently.
  • Your deck has been handled by others
  • You think you’ve been utilizing your deck a lot. A LOT, especially for books with strong emotional content

Why should you cleanse or clear your tarot deck?

Tarot deck cleansing helps keep the energy flowing between you and your deck. To keep the link strong and clear, think of it as a little spiritual hygiene. It’s not necessary, but if you have any of the aforementioned symptoms, try a few of the energetic cleansing techniques listed below and note which ones seem to work the best for you.

How often should you cleanse your tarot deck?

This is another way of stating USE YOUR INTUITION: there are no hard and fast laws. Don’t worry about it if you don’t think your deck need it. Alternately, if you like to cleanse them once per week or once per month, that’s great. If it feels appropriate to you, you can even place your favorite crystal on the balcony each night.

If you frequently place crystals on your deck and store it on an altar while not in use, you might not feel the need to cleanse it frequently because this quick ritual will likely be sufficient to keep your deck feeling nice.

There are numerous ways to cleanse your cards, just as there are numerous reasons why you might desire to do so.

Different ways to cleanse your tarot deck

Use holy smoke. Light a dried rosemary, lavender, cedar, sage, or palo santo cleansing wand until it begins to smoke. Hold the smoke a safe distance below the deck while holding the burning herbs in one hand and the deck in the other so that the smoke drifts upward onto the cards. Turn the deck so that the smoke covers it from all angles. Next, safely put your deck to the ground and put out the fire.

On the deck, set a selenite stone (or a black tourmaline or a transparent quartz). Although an hour would suffice, I prefer to let it rest like this for the entire night.

Set them on display during a new moon. The New Moon is energy of a blank slate; you can purify the deck by setting it on a window sill on a new moon night. At this moment, you can also make a brand-new intention for your deck.

Place the cards in a salty dish. A strong and stabilizing cleaner is salt. My preferred choice for a thorough cleansing is this. Allow it to sit anywhere from one to eight hours in a dry area.

Shuffle in chaos. Spread the cards out on the ground, then shuffle them around like a child playing in dirt. This method’s freedom and randomization serve as an excellent reset.

the shuffle and sort. Set up the deck in rows of seven cards across, commencing with the Major Arcana numbers 0 to 22. (see photo above). Next, arrange the cards, Ace through King, one for each suit, as follows: Swords, Pentacles, Cups, and Wands. View the deck in this configuration, then mix everything up (like the chaotic!) and shuffle it thoroughly.

What is my regressive memory?


By gaining access to memories and experiences that are typically hidden in the subconscious mind, past life regression is a benign form of hypnotherapy that allows a person to travel back in time to their former lives or incarnations. These memories are typically hidden beneath the noise of daily thinking because life is so hectic and “noisy” today. It is much simpler to find the memories stored in your subconscious mind when you are in a deeply quiet and serene condition, which is what a PLR session helps you achieve.

You can: through past-life regression:

  • Reconnect with memories of the past.
  • help you comprehend why you have a strong affinity to particular locations.
  • Examine your current and past-life soulmate experiences.
  • Identify any physical conditions you may have that may be a result of previous events.
  • Examine any unresolved feelings that have persisted into this lifetime and led to concerns or beliefs that you have been unable to rationalize.
  • Recognize and appreciate the most important life lessons those people taught you.

To give you a taste of what a Past Life Regression session with me would be like, I’ve included a 20-minute Relaxation Hypnotherapy tape below. This tape does not involve past life regression; instead, I will gently lead you on a serene journey to help you calm your mind, unwind, and rediscover your true self.

You are more than welcome to listen whenever you like. There is no need for an email address, and it is free. Please feel free to distribute it to anyone you believe could need a little downtime to unwind and re-connect.

How can I determine which tarot card I have?

The technique that was created with The Tarot School is the one that I was first exposed to and with which I am most familiar.

  • In order for you to add these two-digit numbers together, we first divide your birthdate into 4 groups of 2 digits each. YY + MM + DD + DD + YY
  • Add them together if the total is a two-digit number. Your first birth certificate is here. To obtain your second birth certificate, reduce this to a single digit.
  • Ex: 11 + 22 + 20 + 00 = 53
  • Strength – First Card: 5 + 3 = 8.
  • The Star – Second Card: 8 = 1 + 7 = 17
  • Add the first two digits to the third digit if the sum is a three-digit number. Your first birth certificate is here. To obtain your second birth certificate, reduce this to a single digit.
  • Ex: 07 + 20 + 19 + 89 = 135
  • Moon – First Card: 13 + 5 = 18.
  • Hermit – Second Card, 1 + 8 = 9.
  • When your total equals 19, all of these rules are suspended. Those with this much will have three cards, compared to the average person’s two. This is due to the fact that 1 + 9 = 10 and 1 + 0 = 1, creating your cards. The Magician, The Wheel, and The Sun

In a career reading, what does the Death card signify?

The word “death” in the context of a career is a caution not to become overly dependant on anything that is not working for you. The only constant in life is that everything will change. Start looking for a new job if you’re unhappy in your current one, or the universe might force you to do so. Death may be telling you to consider starting your own business even if you have been hesitant to leave your current position because to the stability it provides. When the Death card shows up in a situation involving money, you can see a sudden decrease in income or financial loss. If that occurs, don’t let it get you down; this transition will take you in a constructive direction, and you will gain knowledge from it. Don’t bury your head in the sand if you are having financial difficulties; instead, make necessary changes and continue to achieve progress. If money is limited, think about going back to the basics and substituting cozy nights in with close friends for expensive nights out. And keep in mind that if you make the appropriate changes, any financial problems will eventually be resolved.

What does Phasmophobia represent in a tarot card of death?

  • Hanged Man You will be instantaneously killed by this card.
  • The Sun.
  • Your sanity will be entirely recovered thanks to this card.
  • Lunar Node
  • Your sanity will quickly drop to 0% after playing this card.
  • The Evil One
  • A Ghost Event will be started by this card.
  • The Demise
  • A cursed hunt will result from this card.
  • The Fortune Wheel
  • You will either receive + or 25 sanity from this card. Just see whether it glows green (+) or red (-).
  • Its Tower
  • A ghost interaction will be triggered by this card.
  • High Priestesses
  • A comrade who has passed away will be revived by this card. They reappear exactly where their corpse was while they were alive.
  • the recluse
  • Similar to smudge sticks, this card will render the ghost inactive for a while.
  • The FoolThis card will pretend to be another card before tricking you and revealing that it is actually the Fool card. So you can breathe a sigh of relief if you draw a horrible card and later realize it was just the Fool playing a joke on you. However, if you have a strong card and then deal the Fool, you can be really dissatisfied, especially under pressure.