How To Give A Tarot Reading Online

While conducting a live internet reading, if you find yourself losing focus, hold up the card for your client to see and ask her what it means to her. You’ll quickly get back on track if you describe the picture, discuss what the suit and number signify, and then move on. The finest readers occasionally lose their train of thought, but you can always grin and apologize for it.

How do you perform an accurate tarot reading?

You’ll discover as you study more about tarot that each author has a unique interpretation of what each card symbolizes. The majority of specialists will agree on a small number of keywords for each card, but beyond that, there will be a great deal of conflicting information. Additionally, each card will have a distinct meaning based on where and whether it appears in your spread upright or reversed.

That could be a challenge if you value clarity over ambiguity, but consider the tarot a chance to practice accepting uncertainty and building trust in your own intuition. Consider the keywords as boundaries for the meaning of each card, and then start paying closer attention to each name and image to determine what speaks to you individually.

Choosing one card to focus on each day and reflecting on its meaning is one approach to do this. Keep a journal where you can record your personal reflections on each card as well as the conventional interpretations of each.

Is it possible to read tarot cards online?

Source Psychic

Tarot card fans’ first preference when navigating ambiguity in life. 75 percent off for new members and three free minutes.

Kasamba 2.

The best online tarot card reading service for a love tarot reading. (Get a reading for free for 3 minutes and save 70%).

Psychics in California

Tarot card readings on all significant life situations in one location.

4. KeenHighly regarded tarot card reading service for career and financial guidance. 10 mins for $1.99

Here is a thorough evaluation of each of the best websites for tarot card readings. By providing exclusive discounts and FREE tarot online reading trials, these top tarot reading online platforms let you get the most out of your money.

Psychic SourceGet Your Ultimate Dose of Positivity with Accurate Tarot Card Revelations!

Psychic Source is a well-known brand that has been in the psychic reading and tarot card reading business for more than thirty years. The platform is well known for its top-notch customer support, qualified readers, and reasonable costs.

To ensure that you are not left unsatisfied, Psychic Source provides tarot card readers who specialize in a variety of areas, whether you are having financial difficulties or are attempting to deal with other life challenges. You can take advantage of Psychic Source from the convenience of your own home, and you even have the option to select the contact method you prefer. Psychic Source features a wide range of readers to meet all of your needs, including live psychics, chat tarot card readings, and phone tarot card readings.

Herman, a 26-year-old engineer, is the subject of this tale. Herman needed a tarot card reading to help him feel upbeat about life.

“Hello, my name is Herman, and I frequently perform online tarot readings. Initially, I went for physical readings, but after the epidemic, I started to prefer online readings. The issue with online tarot card readings is that there are so many scam sites available that you might spend hundreds of dollars on them without getting anything in return. This issue was resolved as soon as I joined Psychic Source. The portal offers competent and reputable tarot card readers that are good at what they do. They have provided me with six tarot readings, and it is safe to say that they have all been excellent.

My trust in Psychic Source has been restored as a consequence of the outcomes and forecasts being fairly accurate. I was experiencing a lot of stress in my life due to my job and several family issues. Thankfully, the tarot card reader at Psychic Source was gracious enough to assist me and gave some insightful life advise as well as what the cards indicated. I can state with absolute certainty that they are the only online tarot card reader like them after trying my luck with several different service providers. I would strongly advise you to try Psychic Source’s tarot readings if you are going through a difficult moment in your life. Later on, you’ll thank me.”

As was already said, Psychic Source provides a variety of affordable tarot card reading services. If this is your first time using the platform, you may still get high-quality tarot readings at a reasonable price. For your first online tarot reading, you may get started at Psychic Source for as little as $0.66 per minute.

Additionally, the first three minutes of your tarot card reading session are offered to you absolutely FREE. There is no reason why you shouldn’t join the Psychic Source family right away when you have access to such reasonably priced tarot readings.

KasambaEnjoy Expert Tarot Online Readings on Matters of the Heart at Amazing Prices!

The reputable tarot card reading website Kasamba focuses on providing relationship and love guidance. In addition to offering excellent online tarot reading services, Kasamba is renowned for offering a variety of other mystic services, including online psychic reading, spiritual readings, astrological readings, dream analysis, love readings, fortune telling, career forecasts, oracle card readings, numerology readings, past life readings, etc. The site has millions of devoted users from all around the world and has been providing services to the mystic sector for more than 20 years.

There are several tarot card readers on Kasamba that can provide you with individualized readings based on your current life challenges. However, Kasamba wins the prize in this area if you’re specifically seeking for an online tarot card reading on matters of the heart. When it comes to finding comfort in your love life, online tarot readings from a tarot card reading professional at Kasamba can be genuinely life-changing. With their free online love tarot reading, Kasamba has you covered whether you’re wanting to mend a broken heart or find a method to reignite the flame in your existing relationship.

This is the tale of 30-year-old Kasamba user Becky Jones, who was having problems in her love life.

“In a toxic relationship for the previous four years, I was firmly entrenched. No matter how many times I attempted to escape the control of my controlling ex, I would inevitably fall back into his snare. Love forces you to act in that way. You get so damaged by it that even taking care of yourself becomes impossible. God bless Sammy, a friend of mine, who advised me to contact a Kasamba tarot card reader. My initial consultation with my tarot reader was eye-opening. I had the strength to act at this time because I knew what needed to be done.

I’ve been a frequent client at Kasamba ever since I split up with my ex. I’ve tried practically all of their offerings, including tarot readings, psychic readings, astrology readings, readings of numbers, dream analysis, and even online medium reading. You will know you are getting your money’s worth once you receive your first reading because they are by far the best in the category. 10/10 would suggest.”

You are in for a great surprise if you are new to the world of Kasamba’s online tarot card readings.

Free online tarot card readings are available! Yes, that is accurate. All new members of Kasamba can take advantage of unique offers that allow them to enjoy their amazing service for a fraction of the cost.

First off, Kasamba gives all new sign-ups a complimentary 3-minute trial reading, offering you additional incentive to become a member of the Kasamba family. In addition, Kasamba provides a further discount on their tarot card reading of up to 70% off. This implies that you can select a tarot reader who best matches you and get a free sample of a reading using tarot cards.

But there’s more! Customers of Kasamba are likewise entitled to a full refund. This implies that Kasamba will fully refund you if you are unhappy with your tarot card reading for any reason. In terms of customer support, Kasamba is skilled at retaining devoted customers.

California PsychicsFind Answers to All Burning Life Questions with Their Expert Tarot Card Reading!

California Psychics has been a pioneer in the free tarot reading and online psychic reading industries ever since its founding in 1995. They are still viewed as a formidable force. In life, we frequently encounter challenging situations that breed uncertainty and doubt in our minds. You can really change your situation with the aid of a tarot card reading from California Psychics. The portal provides a wide range of qualified tarot card readers that can assist you in getting past the doubts that pervade your thinking.

California Psychics completely looks after its consumers in terms of data security and privacy. You don’t need to be concerned about any online thefts or scams because all of your money and personal information is kept private and secure. You may feel secure knowing that you are in good hands once you choose to receive a tarot card reading online from California Psychics.

Additionally, California Psychics makes sure that only the greatest tarot card readers are available on the platform when it comes to online tarot card readers. To ensure they have the most qualified and respectable tarot card readers on their roster, they employ a very rigorous recruitment process. This stringent hiring procedure guarantees that California Psychics brings on board the most reliable and qualified individuals.

This is the account of Shane Basker, a client of California Psychics who sought help following a breakdown.

“Hello, my name is Shane Basker, and with California Psychics, I recently began my first online tarot card reading. Let’s get to it. My first tarot reading platform was California Psychics, and it will most definitely be my last. I don’t believe I need to try another online tarot reader after this. I had no hope at all as I approached the platform in search of solutions to one of life’s most pressing problems. To my amazement, the first tarot reading turned out to be far more accurate than I had anticipated. It not only gave me back my self-confidence, but it also gave me a lot of mental peace.

One fantastic aspect of California Psychics is that the website focuses on solving problems related to relationships, money, and other aspects of life. This indicates that a tarot card reading online from California Psychics will assist you in overcoming any challenge.”

Come to California Psychics to search through the many qualified and experienced tarot card readers on the platform if you’re looking for trustworthy tarot card readings. California Psychics is a great option if you want to get a tarot reading for a reasonable price. Starting with first readings at just $1 per minute and a further 5-minute FREE reading trial.

If you share the erroneous belief that paying for online tarot reading services will be too expensive. Fortunately, California Psychics is an exception to this rule. The portal makes its services more easily available for everyone by providing high-quality psychic and tarot readings at reasonable pricing.

Join California Psychics and get professional Tarot card readings at your fingertips.

Keen PsychicsFind an Ideal Tarot Card Reading Expert and Get Help on Money Matters, Life Advice and More!

A top-notch and widely popular website for tarot and psychic readings is Keen Psychics. You have access to very skilled tarot card readers thanks to it. At Keen Psychics, a name synonymous with trust and dependability, all of your data and information is kept private and is only given to the tarot card reader. You must go to Keen Psychics if you’re looking for guidance or answers at a challenging time in your life. The tarot card readers on the website have a unique quality: they are enthusiastic about what they do and make honest efforts to provide a client with a genuine experience. Due to the availability of professionals serving various niches, you have access to a wide range of categories. Additionally, you can choose the tools you like most, such as tarot cards or online tarot.

You have access to a wide variety of psychic reading techniques once you join the Keen Psychics. It has a variety of tools on the website that let you choose the kind of psychic reading you want. Any field of endeavor can be the subject of your line of inquiries. You can inquire about your compatibility with your spouse, if you will fall in love or not, whether your zodiac signs match, the meaning of a dream, whether a trip would be beneficial for you, and whether your pet will remain by your side forever. You can ask anything that comes to your mind. Spanish-language psychic readings are also available through Keen Psychics.

Jacob Lewis, a young professional seeking guidance on his career and professional path, shared this evaluation.

“Since I was twelve years old, I have worked in the financial industry and have amassed a sizable fortune. However, the previous month was a difficult one for me because I had to deal with a substantial financial loss of several thousand dollars. My confidence was shaken and I was absolutely broken by this. At that point, my partner advised me to consult a Keen Psychics online tarot specialist. I entered the platform with no preconceived notions and left it content.

Given that it was a phone tarot reading, the tarot card reader was knowledgeable and well trained, and they were able to make the entire procedure appear straightforward. She provided me with some excellent insights that helped me plan my upcoming business movements for the coming months. It has had a good deal of success. This is something I can say from personal experience. Keen Psychics is the best option if you need financial guidance or support and wish to consult an online tarot card expert.”

Reviews of Keen Psychics indicate that users appreciate the user-friendly simplicity of the design. The sign-up procedure only requires a few quick and simple steps. For online tarot readings, the general interface is easy to use and comprehend. You will be able to see your welcome package, which includes free minutes of online tarot readings, after completing the initial sign-up. A 10-minute trial is included in the special offer for just $1.99.

You must upload a payment method before you can utilize your free minutes or activate your account. PayPal, credit cards, and debit cards are available as payment methods. You are currently not being charged anything by the website. Only once you’ve used up all of your free minutes will the charge start. Get online tarot card readings from Keen Psychics to learn about your finances, career, and more.

How can I launch a tarot reading business online?

  • Set up a Tarot reading business plan.
  • Create a legal entity for your tarot reading business.
  • Tax registration for your tarot reading business
  • Open a Business Credit Card and Bank Account
  • Set up your Tarot reading business’s accounting system.
  • Obtain the Required Licenses & Permits for Your Tarot Reading Business
  • Purchase Business Insurance Tarot
  • Establish your Tarot reading company’s brand.
  • Make a website for your tarot reading business.
  • Install the business phone system.

Starting a business involves more than just filing the necessary paperwork with the government. This straightforward manual for launching a tarot reading business has been put together by us. These actions will guarantee that your new company is carefully thought out, legally compliant, and registered.

STEP 1: Plan your business

For an entrepreneur to be successful, they must have a clear plan. You can use it to map out your company’s specifics and identify some unknowns. A few crucial subjects to think about are:

  • How much will the first and ongoing costs be?
  • Who is your intended audience?
  • How much are clients allowed to pay?
  • What will the name of your company be?

How can I market tarot cards?

Tarot business startup can be thrilling, frightening, nerve-wracking, amazing, and many other things all at once.

It doesn’t have to be scary, in all honesty. To launch, you simply need to breakdown each phase of the process.

I’m going to get into one of the issues you’ll have to deal with while starting your business.

You might wish to read this page if you haven’t yet launched your tarot business.

Let’s examine the possibilities so we can talk about the advantages and disadvantages of each. My advice will be provided at the end of the article.

Your Own Website

The best solution is usually to sell on your own website. This implies that you are directing them to your business. One advantage of this is that it gives you the opportunity to promote your most recent offerings if you decide to start selling various goods or services on your website.

The issue of attracting people to visit your website can be one. Setting up a website and then hoping that people will find it is fairly usual. Sadly, the truth is rather different. You must spend a lot of effort into promoting your website and making sure that the information is interesting, valuable, and relevant for your readers. On it, more in a subsequent piece.

Although it can be a little challenging to set up your website, the effort will be worthwhile in the long run.

You’ll also need to figure out how to get paid. Personally, I prefer Shopify buttons, but there are many more possibilities as well. A few of them include Paypal, Square, Stripe, and SamCart.


Marketplaces like Etsy are well known for offering handmade goods. Similar to eBay, it sells handmade goods.

I do list tarot readings there, but I’ve done little to advertise them, thus I’ve had little success.

My Tarot Candles sell quite well on Etsy, where I also sell the majority of my candles.

On Etsy, you may pay to have your listings promoted. It can be very effective at clearing away clutter, but it can also be extremely pricey. Make sure you are paying your charges by conducting some testing to determine what is effective for you.

The selling fees can add up, but you must keep in mind that if you are paying them, you must be profitable. woohoo.

The option to provide shop updates is available. It is actually intended to give your customers a behind-the-scenes look. You can post comments and upload images. I’ve discovered that adding a card image and a little daily reflection can help the listing stand out. I’m not sure if this genuinely helps, but I’ve found it to be an excellent method to boost engagement.

Local Markets

At markets, I adore reading. Although I haven’t done it in a while, it’s a lot of fun and a fantastic way to meet new people.

It can be pretty exhausting to read back-to-back, but you simply need to remember to take a few rests so your psychological batteries can recharge!

In order to prepare for your trip, you should consider the following:

Do you require market insurance? I had to purchase general liability insurance.

A helpful hint is that Square provides a tiny reader that you can plug into your phone to accept credit cards.

You can see that there is a lot to consider, but try not to get discouraged because it can be quite worthwhile. Once everything is set up, you can start working.

Psychic Fairs

Although I’ve never done this, I recently asked about readings at a nearby psychic festival.

Given that the rates are typically fixed and that they handle all marketing and customer acquisition, this would be fantastic.

The day may seem endless. The one I was considering required you to read continuously, with breaks, from 10 am to 8 pm.

It’s not for the faint of heart because, according to them, you would perform 13 to 15 half-hour readings on average each day.

I didn’t want to read for so long, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to be around so much “energy” in the psychic reading room. You might love this, though. Never say never, but at this time, it wasn’t for me.


I’m not sure if you can actually offer tarot readings on Facebook, but you can use your Facebook page or group to promote your website or other places where you sell readings.

It’s a fantastic platform for showcasing your identity to the public. Why not perform some sample readings during a Facebook live? This is a fantastic approach to demonstrate your methods and reading preferences to others.

It all comes down to building up a following on any social media or blogging platform.

Advice: Due to a recent change in Facebook’s algorithm, it is no longer guaranteed that fans of your page will see your material. Facebook groups are an effective tool for increasing engagement, and videos are distributed far more widely than images or text updates.