How To Play With Tarot Cards

Played with tarot decks, or decks having numbered permanent trumps parallel to the suit cards, tarot games are card games. The games and cards that English people refer to by the French term Tarot are known in their original Italian language as Tarocchi, in German as Tarock, and by several other names that sound similar. Before 1425, Martiano da Tortona wrote a text that contained the fundamental guidelines. There are several, primarily cultural and regional, versions of the games.

Most of Europe adopted tarot games once they were invented in Italy, with the major exceptions being the British Isles, the Iberian peninsula, and the Balkans. They are played with decks that have four standard suits and one extended tarot card, which is invariably the trump suit. They are distinguished by the requirement that, if at all feasible, a player must play a trump to the trick in order to follow a trick with a card of the suit led. The idea of trumps was first used in card games in tarot games. A component of more contemporary tarot games, such as bidding from Ombre and winning the last trick with the lowest trump from Trappola, were borrowed from other games.

Tarot decks weren’t created before decks with four identically sized suits, and they were made exclusively for playing games rather than for occult purposes. The first instance of this theory, which Dummett later refuted, was in an essay published in 1781 by Court de Gbelin that connected the cards with ancient wisdom. Tarot cards have since been used for both gambling and cartomancy in addition to divination; however, nowadays, fortune tellers typically use decks that were created specifically for their profession rather than decks that were originally intended for games.

Europeans are becoming more and more accustomed to playing tarot cards, particularly in France where French Tarot is the second most played card game after belote. Tarock games, particularly Knigrufen, are quite popular in Austria, and every year there are a number of significant national and international competitions. Italy, the birthplace of tarot, continues to be a stronghold, and other countries that play the Tarot family of games include Slovenia, Switzerland, Denmark, South Germany, and South Poland. However, neither the Iberian Peninsula nor the British Isles have yet become popular places for tarot games.

These games’ special suit cards are referred to as tarocks, tarocs, taroks, tarocchi, or tarots, among other names.

What should you do initially while using a Tarot deck?

What to Do First:

  • Get out your tarot deck.
  • The cards are in your hand.
  • “Knock or tap the pile of cards numerous times while holding them in your palm to disseminate your energy throughout the deck.
  • Shuffle the cards completely.
  • The cards are divided into three heaps, which are subsequently reassembled into one pile.

What constitutes a proper tarot reading?

Tarot readings typically proceed in the following manner after that:

  • You must first pose a query to the card deck. It ought to be unambiguous and open-ended.
  • It’s time to shuffle once you have the question in your head.
  • Draw a card (s).
  • Lay your chosen card or cards in your spread face down after making your selection.

Can a novice perform tarot?

These cards are just bits of paper in the end, says actress and reader Rachel True. She claims that the tarot cards’ ability to assist you in discovering your own personal power is what gives them their charm, beauty, and strength.

Questions you don’t really want answered

Even though it might seem apparent, it’s advisable to refrain from asking the tarot cards questions that you aren’t prepared to hear the answers to. That’s because answers to these questions can reveal information you’re just not quite ready to hear.

“Tarot can definitely come off as offensive if you’re not willing to hear the truth or consider an opposing opinion. Tarot reading Nicole Fortunaso

According to tarot reader and life coach Nicole Fortunaso, “tarot may truly come out as offensive if you are not willing to hear the truth of the problem or look at an alternate viewpoint.” She advises analyzing why you’re reacting the way you are in order to reflect on how to effectively address the underlying problem if you ask the question and aren’t satisfied with the response.

Do tarot cards need to be purified?

That’s correct

Magdaleno really suggests cleaning your deck before each reading to achieve the most accurate results. She advises starting with a cleansing to make the cards clear for your reading, whether it’s for yourself or someone else.

How are tarot cards purified?

Here are four simple steps to purifying tarot cards.

  • Meditate. Simply unwind for a moment and get rid of all your thoughts.
  • Pass each card through the smoke after burning sage.
  • Place bay leaves within the deck of cards.
  • And for protection, place a crystal on top.

How are Tarot cards charged?

Leave your deck in a sacred location where you can “knead (shuffle) it each hour, giving it your magical power with your hands, for one waking day, much as you would a loaf of rising bread.” The greatest time to use this charge is when you’re taking a day off at home or in a retreat.

What should you be aware of before utilizing tarot cards?

“Ask questions with your card in the middle, then look to see if the cards you draw reveal anything you already know to be true or that appears to be approaching soon.” Keep in mind that reading tarot cards does not include foretelling the future as you choose the card that appeals to you.