Should I Sleep With My Tarot Cards

Have you ever read that you can retain knowledge by keeping your textbooks beside your bed as you sleep? Scientific research has been done to support this theory. Recent stories regarding such a study can be found HERE and HERE. Your tarot decks can teach your subconscious mind new things if it can learn from books.

You can do this by using the following five advices:

  • Leave the complete deck on your nightstand or the floor next to your bed rather than tucking it under your pillow, which could make you uncomfortable or give you a stiff neck.
  • You are permitted to keep the deck in your tarot bag. Because of the strength of your psyche, learning will not be hindered by a silk or fabric bag.
  • Sleeping with a tarot card or two underneath your pillow can help you connect with them more deeply and will also make it more comfortable to sleep than utilizing the complete deck.
  • Instead of using the cards, fall asleep with the deck’s instruction manual.
  • Keep a dream journal when you wake up.

Back in the 1990s, I found that sleeping with my first deckthe Clive Barrett Ancient Egyptian Tarothelped me absorb the card meanings much more quickly than Barrett’s companion book. More importantly, I was learning more in-depth meanings for each card, often in addition to those found in his book. Although a tarot guidebook is helpful, each reader has their own own manner of interpreting the cards.

Another advantage of sleeping with your tarot deck is that it might give you crazy dreams! Maybe you’ll dream about lovely tarot cards that seem like a slice of heaven as I did!

Sleeping with your tarot cards, oracle cards, or both might help you have dreams that give you information or more. For instance:

  • Ask your tarot deck for solutions to your troubles before you go to bed. Write down any details from your dreams that might hold a solution as soon as you wake up.
  • Do you require support for your romantic life? Use a relationship-focused deck, make your desired request, and pay attention to the messages your dream contains.
  • Numerous cards make use of deities including Gods, Goddesses, Mother Mary, animal totems, etc. Imagine that you want to learn something or get closer to the Goddess Isis. When it’s time for bed, pull the Isis card from your deck, make your wish known to her, and then fall asleep with it by your heart, in your hand, or anywhere else feels appropriate to you. When you wake up, write down your dream or dreams.

Please be aware that having or remembering your dreams may require several or perhaps more tries. Never give up! The key is intention! Sometimes the information is not intended for you to receive it through dreams and will instead manifest in another way.

Do I need to put my tarot cards under my pillow at night?

It’s crucial to have a deck you identify with because tarot reading is such a very personal experience for each reader.”

Find the deck that resonates with you. Avoid looking at the most well-liked decks. Even if you’re purchasing online, Katelan advises taking a closer look at each deck to see which one appeals to you.” To discover a deck that speaks to you, consider how they are drawn and how they are arranged. She claims that several times she purchased or was given a deck that was lovely but didn’t exactly fit her needs. If you want accurate tarot readings, according to Katelan, you can’t force it.” Finding the deck that works for you is worthwhile.

Make sure you’re attuned to your new tarot deck when you first obtain it. Tarot cards contain a lot of energy, so while you’re getting used to them, you should be sure to clear them of any outside energy. When you receive a fresh deck, Katelan advises taking some time to browse the cards and take in the imagery. “Make careful to thoroughly mix them up, and you can use some incense to clear any energy. I wrap all of my playing cards in scarves and put them under my pillow for three nights. During that period, you’ll have some incredibly bizarre dreams, but it will also attune your energy to the cards.

Katelan advises choosing a location for your tarot card reading based on where you feel most at ease. Her home arrangement is less formal than when she reads cards professionally. She used to practice at the Bronx Botanica, which had a table set up in an altar room. “I frequently sit on the ground. If I’m performing a three-card spread, I prefer to pull cards on these old trays I have. I will either do a big spread on the couch or the floor.

In order to feel more rooted and engaged to the practice, Katelan also advises reading up on the background of tarot reading. She cites its antecedents in Jewish New York tenements throughout the late 19th and early 20th centuries, as well as in Romani society. “When wars broke out or other significant events occurred, there were frequently spikes in interest in fortune telling, card reading, tea reading, and other related practices. People are looking for explanations and purpose in their own life now because of the pandemic.

Do I need to keep my tarot cards out?

Being outside and breathing in some fresh air has a calming effect, and tarot cards can sense it.

Take your cards outside and fan them in the fresh air, advises Magdaleno, “especially if you’re feeling stuck or static with your readings,” to help them move more freely.

Since you don’t want to unintentionally bleach your cards in the sun, it won’t take long.

Is it appropriate to let people handle your tarot cards?

If you have been reading Tarot for years without allowing anybody else to touch your cards and this is how you prefer it to be done, maintain reading in this manner. Do it if it works.

However, if you are new to tarot and unsure about whether you should allow others to touch your cards when reading for them, REST! Others are welcome to touch freely. In fact, I believe that doing this makes a reading seem more genuine. You simply need to believe in the strength of your intention to afterwards purge any negative energy from your Tarot deck.

What are your thoughts on this? I’m interested to know! Therefore, please share your thoughts regarding individuals touching your cards in the comments section below. Do you agree with it? Or do you strictly enforce a no-touch policy?

Is conducting your own tarot reading acceptable?

Is it feasible for a beginner to perform Tarot spreads on themselves? Yes! It most certainly is. Tarot is a technique that aids in deepening our understanding of the present moment, honoring our intuition, and predicting future possibilities.

How do I treat my tarot cards with respect?

Place crystals on the deck’s surface. Treat your cards with the same respect you do your clothes. To prevent them from becoming dusty or damaged, store them in a bag or box.

How should I maintain my Tarot deck?

While rearranging the cards in the tarot deck is a good approach to purify and clear their energy, there are some circumstances in which you might wish to perform a more specialized ritual. If you’re just getting started with tarot, cleaning your deck can be an excellent place to start.

You might want to clean your tarot deck for a variety of reasons, including:

  • beginning with a fresh deck
  • readings for other people
  • You think you need to recharge.
  • Your card readings seem a touch “odd” or “disconnected”
  • Your deck hasn’t been used recently.
  • Your deck has been handled by others
  • You think you’ve been utilizing your deck a lot. A LOT, especially for books with strong emotional content

Why should you cleanse or clear your tarot deck?

Tarot deck cleansing helps keep the energy flowing between you and your deck. Consider it as a little spiritual hygiene to maintain a strong and clear connection. It’s not necessary, but if you have any of the aforementioned symptoms, try a few of the energetic cleansing techniques listed below and note which ones seem to work the best for you.

How often should you cleanse your tarot deck?

This is another way of stating USE YOUR INTUITION: there are no hard and fast laws. Don’t stress if you don’t believe it is necessary for your deck. Alternately, if you like to cleanse them once per week or once per month, that’s great. If it feels appropriate to you, you can even place your favorite crystal on the balcony each night.

If you frequently place crystals on your deck and store it on an altar while not in use, you might not feel the need to cleanse it frequently because this quick ritual will likely be sufficient to keep your deck feeling nice.

There are numerous ways to cleanse your cards, just as there are numerous reasons why you might desire to do so.

Different ways to cleanse your tarot deck

Use holy smoke. Light a dried rosemary, lavender, cedar, sage, or palo santo cleansing wand until it begins to smoke. Hold the smoke a safe distance below the deck while holding the burning herbs in one hand and the deck in the other so that the smoke drifts upward onto the cards. Turn the deck so that the smoke covers it from all angles. Next, safely put your deck to the ground and put out the fire.

On the deck, set a selenite stone (or a black tourmaline or a transparent quartz). It works well to leave it like way for an hour, but I prefer to leave it overnight.

Set them on display during a new moon. The New Moon is energy of a blank slate; you can purify the deck by setting it on a window sill on a new moon night. At this moment, you can also make a brand-new intention for your deck.

Place the cards in a salty dish. A strong and stabilizing cleaner is salt. My preferred choice for a thorough cleansing is this. Allow it to sit anywhere from one to eight hours in a dry area.

Unorderly shuffle. Spread the cards out on the ground, then shuffle them around like a child playing in dirt. This method’s freedom and randomization serve as an excellent reset.

the shuffle and sort. Set up the deck in rows of seven cards across, commencing with the Major Arcana numbers 0 to 22. (see photo above). Next, arrange the cards, Ace through King, one for each suit, as follows: Swords, Pentacles, Cups, and Wands. View the deck in this configuration, then mix everything up (like the chaotic!) and shuffle it thoroughly.

Questions you don’t really want answered

Even though it might seem apparent, it’s advisable to refrain from asking the tarot cards questions that you aren’t prepared to hear the answers to. That’s because answers to these questions can reveal information you’re just not quite ready to hear.

“Tarot can truly come across as offensive if you’re not prepared to hear the truth or consider an other opinion,” says tarot reader Nicole Fortunaso.

Tarot can be offensive if you are unwilling to hear the truth or consider an opposing viewpoint, according to life coach and tarot reader Nicole Fortunaso. If you ask the question and aren’t happy with the answer, she advises examining why you’re reacting as you are so you can reflect on how to best address the underlying cause.

How are fresh tarot cards blessed?

Your playing cards will inevitably take up on any unfavorable energy that gather around you as you employ them. On the other hand, the leftover energy of the people you’ve given readings to can also accumulate.

It’s a good idea to routinely cleanse your cards because of this. The goal is to realign the cards towards their receptive neutral default condition by clearing the opposing and adversarial energies surrounding them.

The full moon charge is a common practice for blessing playing cards. You can achieve this by setting your playing cards beside your window or somewhere else where they can get a lot of moonlight on a full moon night.

Filling your cards with the sun’s radiant energy is an alternative. The procedure is the same as a full moon charge, but you should exercise caution because heat and humidity might warp and harm your cards.

You can choose to bless and purify your cards with a crystal as well. When your cards are not in use, you can continuously purge them of any lingering outside energy and concentrate the cards’ inherent power by placing a piece of clear quartz on them.

Other well-liked gems include black tourmaline, which acts as a grounding agent and can absorb bad energy, and amethyst, which can enhance psychic insight.

Can you take tarot cards on the road?

The Ace of Cups discusses your search for your own particular Holy Grail, or whatever will make you feel most fulfilled or lead to self-actualization. The Eight of Cups indicates the emotional investments you have given up in order to continue your quest for personal development and the potential contribution your journey may make to that development. The Six of Swords reveals the type of mental baggage you are bringing on this journey and how that could influence how you feel while traveling. The Knight of Swords can tell you what kind of adventures are in store for you. The Six of Pentacles also directs you toward any aspects of generosity or compassion you might want to be aware of when traveling.

How can the tarot be useful if I’m in the middle of a journey and need to grasp what’s happening right now?

It’s a good idea to pack a tarot deck for a trip. Pull a card from the deck and examine it when you’re in a fresh setting and have some time for reflection. You can use the card’s visuals and symbolism to provide a framework for thinking about the novel situation or event. That card will convey how you feel about that situation and what lessons you can take away from it. A tarot deck is an excellent tool to guide your writing and reflections if you want to keep a personal journal or take notes while on your trip.

Both James Wanless’ Voyager Tarot and John Holland’s Psychic Tarot for the Heart would make excellent travel companions. Even if you’re a beginner, the thorough guidebooks that come with both decks will help you read the cards. If you’re prepared to spend money on the companion guidebook, I really adore Kim Krans’ The Wild Unknown. Otherwise, you can use any common Rider-Waite-Smith tarot deck without issue. In actuality, that’s what I’d do.

You are not have to use a tarot deck, either. There are several fantastic modern oracle deck options available. There are oracle decks for working with angels or saints, such as the Doreen Virtue cards. Also excellent are the Colette Baron-Reid oracle decks.

How are tarot cards shuffled?

This shuffling method, which is frequently used before regular card games, is merely holding the full deck in one hand and releasing a section of cards into the other hand at a time until the entire deck has been spread and mixed.