What Does The Sun Card Mean In A Tarot Reading

The Major Arcana card of brightness, optimism, freedom, and enjoyment is the Sun. Since The Sun is a card that also signifies success and energy, things should be going well for you when it is upright. People will gravitate toward the joy and good feelings you are radiating, and you will spread happiness and light to everyone and everything you come into contact with. You’ll have a carefree, uninhibited, and secure feeling. The Sun is coming to shine its light on the dishonesty to disclose the truth and the liars if you have been the victim of lies or deception because it is also the card of truth. In the Tarot, the upright Sun card also represents luck. The comfort this card gives will make any issues you’ve been having vanish. It might also mean going somewhere with a warm climate.

In a tarot reading, what does the Sun represent?

The majority of people view this card favorably. It is considered to represent success, vitality, self-confidence, and feelings of satisfaction and fulfillment. It represents excellent things and successful resolutions to existing difficulties, earning it the moniker “the finest card in the Tarot” at times.

According to Waite, the card has the following tarot associations:


material success, a happy marriage, and contentment. The same in a lessened meaning when reversed.

What does the astrological Sun card stand for?

The Sun tarot card represents the Leo zodiac sign and is the nineteenth card in the Major Arcana. The closest star to Earth attracts attention to itself just as a Leo does in a crowd due to his captivating nature. The Sun, widely regarded as the finest card in the Major Arcana, represents wealth in all spheres of life.

The abundance, optimism, happiness, health, youth, positive ideas, love, energy, vigor, and manifestation are all represented by the Sun Tarot.

The Sun Tarot from the Rider Waite deck has a young, naked lad (the “son of the sun”) riding a white or gray horse without a saddle to signify mobility, progress, and direction (indicating that correct direction can be given by will and positive thinking alone). The boy is dressed with a red feather and a flower crown that symbolizes life (represents truth and justice). With his left hand, he is holding a big red banner, which represents victory and jubilation.

Sunflowers, the traditional flower signifying fame and riches, are in full bloom on a wall behind the youngster.

The “kid” inside of you is beckoned to come out and play by the enormous, yellow sun that is shining above him in an almost benign manner.

In a broad interpretation, good news is brought by The Sun rising. Since the dark times are behind us, everything is proceeding according to your wishes. Now is the moment to have self-assurance and to be more imaginative. Release the creativity and ingenuity you possess. Celebrate the brightness entering your life by being joyful.

You’ll be in fantastic physical and mental condition, and you’ll have a lucky disposition. Don’t pass up this opportunity to manage your circumstances and make the most of it.

The card may also portend the arrival of someone who will make it easier for you to view things clearly.

When the Sun Tarot card appears in reverse, its meaning is altered. It implies a decline in your inherent self-assurance and self-esteem. You have a negative, pessimistic outlook and question everything.

When The Sun appears in a business reading, it portends that you will be the business’s capable leader and that it will prosper. Those with paid employment will witness a terrific career start. You know exactly what you want to do, and with enough work, you can.

You might even inspire others and encourage them to give their all in their work.

A wonderful card to show up if you’re considering investing or launching a new business.

In a relationship reading, The Sun rising makes you feel secure, pampered, and adored. You two have a lovely rapport, and you feel free to disclose your innermost feelings to each other. You can plainly understand and “see” each other thanks to the sun’s brilliant brightness, which renders you “transparent” to one another. This is how relationships function best.

The presence of other cards, such as the 3 of Cups, 9 of Pentacles, The Empress, or Pages, could also portend the birth of a child.

And for singles, The Sun rising denotes that this is a perfect time to socialize since you will attract your soul mate with your beauty.

When the sun rises in a health reading, it denotes vigor and favorable psychological and physical conditions. In the meanwhile, it advises you to drink plenty of water if you spend too much time in the sun. Health concerns might range from minor ones like a fever or sunburn to major ones like dehydration or even skin cancer.

The Sun is what kind of Tarot card?

Tarot Card No. 19 is The Sun. Although the Sun is the 20th Major Arcana card, it is Tarot card number 19, as the first of the 22 Major Arcana cards is number 0. (The Fool).

The sun tarot card: Is it favorable?

The Sun encourages us to see the silver lining in every situation and to keep in mind that bad times don’t continue forever. The sun is a benevolent force that illuminates its opposite when combined with other tarot cards. It will give the situation hope, life, and clarity.

The Sun and The Empress

Pregnancy is represented by The Sun and The Empress together. This card combination offers relief from infertility to those who have experienced it.

What spiritual meaning does the Sun have?

When the light begins to gather warmth and inspire new creation within the soil, a process that starts to take place in January, the spring season is known in the Western Celtic tradition as the return of the solar energy. Mother Earth must be in contact with either solar energy or the fire element for creation to occur.

In certain religions and cultures, the sun is regarded as a symbol of the highest cosmic energy or God and is frequently depicted as a father figure or male deity. Solar energy is frequently described as a pure masculine energy. Thus, for the new growth to occur, there must be a balance between the masculine and feminine forces.

It is challenging to find a harmonious balance of these two forces in today’s society. Instead, a specific type of masculine energy tends to predominate. This is a world where success and power are attained via effort, busyness, and the collection of information rather than insight. These are the ideals that are frequently emphasized in our consumerist culture. They are frequently viewed as the sign of achievement and the path to happiness, but frequently fleeting. However, what is lacking is the balancing of this predominately masculine energy with the feminine: spirituality, the sense of “beingness,” a connection to one’s inner self, God, and other people.

Those who speak gendered languages will be aware that nature is generally seen as feminine. La nature is the equivalent of nature in French. What can we learn about nature by observing it? We may undoubtedly acquire the skill of calm, persistence, patience, and progress from the natural world. Nature shows us how to simply “be.” Come forth into the light of things, let nature be your teacher, wrote William Wordsworth.

Nature is a wonderful teacher. Perhaps the reason why the feminine is continuously harmed is because the impure masculine energy continues to dominate. This applies to both nature, which has been continuously exploited and pillaged for decades in the name of development, as well as women in communities all over the world.

The primordial nature of the soul, according to the Brahma Kumaris’ teachings, is a perfect harmony of the masculine and feminine qualities. We might easily lose that inner balance in a world where gender is so conditioned and polarized.

When Prajapita Brahma, the organization’s founder, entrusted a group of young women with running the community in the late 1930s, he was ahead of his time. Recognizing the dominance of the masculine in society, he believed that the nurturing and caring energy of the feminine was particularly necessary to redress the balance. Since then, women have been in charge of the organization.

However, the process of reestablishing the world’s equilibrium and a peaceful coexistence with nature begins with each individual, not simply within organizations. The primary spiritual practice advocated by the Brahma Kumaris is meditation, which is said to be the key to connecting with the Divine. We are encouraged to think of the Divine or God as a being of light, similar to the sun, but to also think of it as the Mother and the Father. This makes it possible for every soul to acquire the entire complement of abilities and qualities required to meet the difficulties of the modern world as well as to make the world a better, more harmonious place in the future.

The Brahma Kumaris Environment Initiative Co-ordinator for the UK is Joanna Kitto, and she also oversees BK operations on the British Isle of Man.

What does the Sun card in a love reading mean?

The Sun brings warmth, light, and life. The Sun’s tarot love meaning predicts a lot of continuity in both your romantic life and your partnership. This card represents joy, celebration, and fulfillment. Under this illumination, your connection may be flourishing, bringing you two closer as you take pleasure in life’s blessings. There is probably harmony right now, and you can take advantage of this to strengthen your relationship with your loved one. If you’re single, now is also the moment to come forward and let your true colors show. Your brilliance and positivism can now attract the romantic relationship of your dreams to you.

Why do I keep drawing the tarot card for the sun?

If you are in a relationship, the Sun in a love Tarot spread denotes immense delight and contentment. It can signal a time when your relationship is positive, passionate, and entertaining. In addition, the Sun’s upright position sheds light on everything in its path, including relationships, thus it may also portend that any troubles in your relationship that are hidden will come to light. The Sun will bring an end to any problems it has brought to light for your overall good. The relationship might become more honest and open as a result, or it might dissolve altogether so that you might find a better one. For confirmation, check the supporting cards. Whatever happens, The Sun will bring something wonderful and positive into your romantic life. A celebration, such as an engagement or wedding, can also be predicted by the Sun. If you’re single, The Sun suggests that a wonderful relationship may be in your future. It can also mean that you’ll be enjoying the enjoyable features of being single and feeling carefree. The Sun is one of the major pregnancy markers in the Tarot deck, whether you are dating or single. Take the necessary safeguards if you are not prepared to have kids.

What do the tarot cards for the Sun and Moon mean?

When someone is mourning, disappointed, tense, or depressed, poisonous positivity makes statements that are upbeat. There is nothing wrong with trying to lift someone’s spirits, and encouraging someone positively is not bad. But when you try to brush off someone’s misery or despair with cliches about being optimistic, that becomes a problem. Toxic positivity is all about this, and it can do a lot of harm.

I provided a prime example of poisonous positivity in the opening sentence. This claim invalidates the unpleasant emotions and hardships that someone goes through, no matter what the situation. No matter what you confront, you need to think positively and stop thinking negatively because you need to experience and express your feelings. Negative thinking also causes a lot of harm. In the long term, suppressing negative emotions will only do more harm. Among the toxic positive statements are:

  • There is no bad energy here.
  • Everything occurs for a purpose.
  • All you have to do is keep grinning.
  • You must proceed.
  • It’s considerably worse for some folks than for others.
  • Do not forget to be grateful.
  • You’re not in such a dreadful situation.
  • There are worse possible outcomes.
  • There is never a time to fail.
  • Don’t be so negative anymore.
  • You must endure the suffering.
  • Follow your friend’s example, who handled it so well.
  • Adopt a cheerful outlook.
  • Those who have wronged you should be pardoned.
  • You will never be able to grow by holding all of your rage inside.

The point has been made, but I could go on. The problem is this. Because anything has gone wrong in your life, there is no reason for you to continue to be in a bad mood. You won’t as long as you have the freedom to express all of your feelings.

Once you have worked through the challenging feelings and felt acknowledged by others, you will desire to improve. Toxic positivity ignores the necessity of processing all of your emotions. Accept the situation as it is.

Instead of utilizing toxic positivity, pay attention to the person and provide them support. When the timing is appropriate, you can then gently suggest solutions to their issues. As I mentioned, new age groups are renowned for using poisonous positivity.

No matter how often I talk about living with a mental illness, I always get the advice to stop being so pessimistic. I did, however, be honest about my difficulties and reality. You are doing yourself a spiritual disservice if you don’t perform any of those things. No matter what you are going through, they advised, have a positive outlook and forgive people who have wronged you, whether or not they have expressed regret. This person employed poisonous positivity in that way, which validated my position.

They never replied after I answered. Not surprising at all. This is the reason the Sun and Moon were the tarot card combo for today.

How Does the Sun and Moon Tarot Card Combination Translate into Toxic Positivity?

The tarot cards for the Sun and Moon can be interpreted in a variety of ways. Looking for happiness, success, and all things lovely? Check out the Sun tarot card. Despite being a great card, it occasionally can conceal legitimately incorrect things depending on the cards around it. Trouble is indicated by the Moon card next to the Sun card. However, because it also depends on the other cards in the deck, this isn’t always the case. The Moon can occasionally stand in for intuition, and the Sun can mean that if you have a good feeling about something, it probably is.

Typically, the Sun and the High Priestess make this clear. On the other hand, moons represent delusion, illusion, concealment, and being fake, frequently signifying that something is not what it seems to be. So why are we seeing this “positivity” now? Its fraud is obvious to all. Positive toxicity has been observed, and it is hazardous.

The intention of concealing and masking your unpleasant emotions is a second reason why the Sun and Moon conjunction signifies toxic positivity. Anything hidden is represented by the Moon, while anything above what the Moon conceals is represented by the Sun.

Here is something to think about. I’m going back to Person A as an example, who either lost their job or did not get the position they sought. As a result, Person A is understandably unhappy by this and is unable to conceal their feelings. To put it another way, Person B throws optimism (the Sun) at Person A and instructs them to conceal their negative emotions regarding it (the Moon) and to only act positive (the Sun again). You now have it.

This tarot card combination has numerous possible meanings! Let’s talk about that now.

Besides the Sun and Moon, what else can Sun and Moon Symbolize?

The Sun is the Moon’s counterpart. The Moon masked the reality beneath a smile. Think about someone who pretends to be happy or accepting while they are actually depressed or not OK for another reason.

The issue is that society values optimism above reality, which it perceives as being negative. Raw emotions that are not favorable are therefore frowned upon. As a result, anything considered taboo is concealed under a false face of love, light, and positivity. Sadly, poisonous positivity contributes to this as well. When someone is dealing with raw emotions, forcing them to be positive is harmful.

This mixture might also serve as a metaphor for the wellness market as a whole. But the truth is that some practitioners are fairly dark, especially those who hold onto perilous, anti-scientific conspiracies. They aren’t actually “love and light like the Sun depicts, as evidenced by this. This also has something to do with poisonous positivity.