What Is Scorpio’s Tarot Card

One Major Arcana Tarot card governs each zodiac sign! The Death card is in charge of the zodiac sign of Scorpio.

Scorpio and the power of transformation

Scorpio, a passionate Water sign that is frequently linked to death, is symbolized by the scorpion in astrology. But not the kind of death marked by mourning and gravestones; rather, consider resurrection and constructive change!

The tarot card for Scorpio is…

This is the Major Arcana and Zodiac follow-up book for those who have been waiting. There are no single cards that are assigned to a single sign, unlike the Major Arcana. Instead, the Tarot’s suites are separated into the twelve zodiacal components. Despite the generality, knowing the traits associated with particular signs and the Minor Arcana can be quite beneficial when getting a Tarot reading or giving one to others. It’s common to see a lot of cards from a particular suite in your reading that match to your zodiac element, just like some Scorpios will always find the Death card in their Tarot reading and some Geminis will frequently find the Lovers turning up. I recommend reading each part and keeping this knowledge in mind the next time you conduct a reading because we utilize all the cards when we receive Tarot readings and because each of us has a natal chart that represents the entire zodiac. As with the elements, our modern methods of divination are rooted in antiquity and are inseparably tied to one another.

Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio are the zodiac signs associated with water. These signs are represented by the suite of Cups in the Minor Arcana. Each suite consists of 14 cards, with four face cards, one ace, and in this example, a range from the Two of Cups to the Ten of Cups. The typical images of the face cards are a Page, Knight, Queen, and King (although many contemporary decks will vary their interpretation and naming to include non-binary and non-colonial representations). And these are the cards that Tarot readers frequently interpret as a particular individual in the client’s life. For instance, it’s common for a Queen of Cups to represent a Pisces, Cancer, or Scorpio lady who plays a significant role in the reading. The traits most frequently ascribed to water signs, like as emotional receptivity, relational fluidity, intuition, and psychic aptitude, are related with the suite of cups. These characteristics give feelings of loss, friendship, heartbreak, and romantic connection an emotional depth and perspective. In a reading, the Three of Cups, for instance, denotes enduring friendships, the development of a community, imaginative teamwork, and reciprocity from those in your selected circle. The Five of Cups, on the other hand, denotes a person who is full of regret, someone who is mourning, and someone who is unable to see the benefits and offerings before them because the ghost of what was lost and irretrievable is blocking their vision. Although this is less of a rule and more of an affirmation given that water signs are frequently driven into emotional labor and psychic development, it is also frequently the case that water sign dominants tend to find a lot more Cups in their Tarot reading than the other signs. Noteworthy is the analogy between the Tarot’s Cups suite and a deck of playing cards’ Hearts suite (the symbolism is not lost here). It is thought that playing cards are descended from the Tarot and can thus be used, in a pinch, for divination in a manner similar to that of the Tarot.

Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are the zodiac signs associated with fire. These omens are connected to the Tarot’s Wands (or Rods). The suite of Wands largely depicts the same themes of creative drive in one’s daily life because the element of fire is connected to inspiration and generative creativity, primordial energy and ambition, passion, and sexuality. The Six of Wands, for instance, in a Tarot reading, is probably a sign that the inquirer has recently succeeded in their goals and received some type of recognition or reward for their work. It is a card that encourages the seeker to further harness their desires by validating their creative endeavors. The Ten of Wands, on the other hand, may represent a person who has taken on too much responsibility and must now decide what is essential to their success and what can be shed or assigned to others in their team or community. When the King of Wands occurs in a Tarot reading, it is stated that he represents an authoritarian (king) fire sign (Wands) in the querent’s life because face cards are frequently connected to individuals in a querent’s life or the querent themself. The suite of Clubs in a deck of cards stands in for the Wands.

The three Earth signs of the zodiacTaurus, Virgo, and Capricornare connected to the Tarot’s suite of pentacles, often known as coins. These symbols stand for attributes such as realism, sensuality, toughness, service, and outward manifestation. These characteristics are mostly the same in the equivalent suite of Pentacles, and the cards depict the various elements of creating and maintaining one’s surroundings, particularly in regard to prosperity, physical health, the accomplishment of goals, and foundation construction. Earthly matters, or that which grounds, supports, and maintains us, are the focus of the pentacle suit. Additionally, since the Tarot may be used for both divination and introspection, these cards can help us identify areas of ourselves where we have room for improvement. Consider the Four of Pentacles as an example. This card frequently represents someone who is secure in their position and who believes they have built a commendable reputation and skill set. This card serves as a kind of confirmation and assurance. However, seeing this card in a reading can also point to someone who places too much importance on material things and lives by the scarcity paradigm and is hesitant to step outside of their comfort zone for fear of instability or failure. This person’s demand for security can prevent them from fully experiencing the varied sensualities of a broad style of living. A face card from the suite of Pentacles, like the Page of Pentacles, generally denotes a Virgo, Taurus, or Capricorn in the querent’s life, just like with the other components and suites. One can substitute the suite of Diamonds for the suite of Pentacles in a deck of playing cards.

Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are the air signs of the zodiac, and they are represented by the Tarot’s Swords suite, which is also represented by the Spades suite in a standard deck of playing cards. Air signs are renowned for their adept communication, dedication to learning, dissemination of concepts and information, promotion of a sense of community through shared interests and ideals, and the preserving and carrying of stories. The querent’s capacity to uphold agreements, resolve conflicts, remain mindfully present, use introspection as a tool for progress, and accurately identify and react to their social situations are examples of how these qualities and themes appear in the Tarot. In any reading, the Swords suite can be exceptionally difficult. The Three of Swords, for instance, denotes a potential betrayal or separation. Like the other cards in the Swords suite, the Three of Swords is a penalty card and a teaching opportunity. The Three of Swords can be used by the inquirer as a tool for contemplating loss and what is and isn’t inevitable. Is suffering lessened if we anticipate it will happen? The Nine of Swords is a card that similarly denotes agitation, anxiety, and despair. Nine mounted swords are seen behind a sobbing individual in bed who is unable to relax. The seeker is tasked with identifying the swords on the card as being ornamental, mounted, and in the figure’s possession. They no longer pose a direct threat because they are merely symbolic items. The figure instead sobs at their meaning and the reality of their existence. The card challenges the reader to consider how we construct our own reality by clinging to fantasies of what might-have-been rather than what actually exists. Similar to Aquarius, the Swords suite aims to comprehend rather than to react. The wind is what moves the wave from one coast to the next. A face card from the Swords suite in a Tarot reading frequently represents a Libra, Gemini, or Aquarius in the querent’s life.

What do the seven signs of the Scorpio mean?

Scorpio is the only water sign that isn’t truly portrayed as an animal representative of its element, despite being frequently represented as the scorpion.

This adds to the mystery that has always surrounded this sign because things are rarely as they seem.

Scorpio is really associated with seven different symbols, including the following:

Is death a card for Scorpio?

It is unusual for this card to really depict a physical death, according to Eden Gray and other experts on the subject. Instead, it often connotes an end, perhaps of a relationship or interest, and as a result, an enhanced sense of self-awareness.

Of actuality, Gray sees this card as a shift in perspective from an old to a new way of thinking.

A prone king is being crossed by the horse Death is riding, signifying that not even a monarchy can halt change.

According to Gray, the reversed card might represent stagnation and the incapacity to move or change.

The Death card has a number of tarot connotations, according to A. E. Waite’s 1910 book The Pictorial Key to the Tarot:

13. DEATH.

Death, devastation, corruption, as well as the loss of a patron for a man, numerous inconsistencies for a lady, and failed marriage plans for a maid. Reversed: Hope destroyed; inertia, slumber, lethargy, petrification, somnambulism.

In astrology, the Death card is linked to both the zodiac sign of Scorpio and the planet Pluto.

What powers do Scorpios possess?

Scorpios are masters of strategy, which is why they frequently succeed in obtaining their goals without anyone seeing their initial motivations. Despite the potential for manipulation or Machiavellian tactics, their persuasive abilities can be easily employed for good. Scorpios are skilled at persuading others by appealing to their emotions, which aids in their communication. They can convince people to agree to just about whatever they desire because of their strong emotional intelligence and overwhelming appeal.

What occurs once a Scorpio passes away?

You know, you can be a goth on the inside without using a lot of eyeliner or having sex in a cemetery. I’ve been preoccupied with mortality and the futility of life for years, but in a lighthearted way. My life fits me like a loose sweater! I’ll throw open my arms and start spinning and laughing like I’m in a shampoo commercial as the icy hand of death arrives pointing its bony finger at me.

We all have lives and pass away. You will forget everything you’ve ever done, spoken, or worried about. If you forget about yourself now, you might even return as someone else. I’m trying to suggest that the meaninglessness of life is what makes it so humorous. It’s funny, right?

Aries: Jet-Ski Accident

You best believe that when an Aries passes away, they’ll do it quickly. Their death is certain to be a tour de force exit; an Expiration Celebration, if you will, whether it occurs on a jet ski, motorcycle, or in the middle of some very quick rebound sex. They will pass away with the same enthusiasm and carelessness with which they lived.

Taurus: Buried Alive

Taurus individuals all adore their possessions. We are not entirely to fault. With their cherub cheeks, large eyes, and adorable trinkets, they have a really cute appearance. They accumulate things like germs on a first-grader, and to get rid of them, you might need a reality TV team or even an exorcism. Unless, of course, you’re too late and poor Taurus is discovered clutching a dead cat beneath a stack of dusty books & old cooking spoons.

Gemini: Hands Bitten Off

In astrology, each sign is ruled by a certain bodily part. Gemini’s hands are the problem. Geminis are very interested and want to touch objects to show their curiosity. They’ll grasp into the monkey house’s bars and have their hands torn off if you take them on a date to the zoo. You can read this article while they expire. Quickly, before their life support runs out. Due to their propensity for multitasking, Geminis enjoy listening to stories while bleeding heavily. They’ll likely be grateful for the diversion.

Cancer: Falling Of The Roof, Yelling, “I’LL FIX IT MYSELF!

You, Cancer, are far too independent. Although I am aware that you sincerely think no one is as capable as you are, the truth is that quite a few people are. In reality, there are a lot of people who are much better than you.

It’s likely that you’ll pass away while doing a task that you aren’t qualified to complete, such as patching a hole in your roof because “everyone is out to get you,” or taking mood stabilizers on your own prescription because “treatment is too expensive.” On the plus side, you can use the money you saved by playing Mr. Fix-It to cover your own funeral expenses.

Leo: Hair Stuck In Subway Doors, Mid-Flirtatious Gesture

Leo, despite what some people may say, you are not conceited. You just are really attractive, and you are aware of this. Remember how Narcissus drowned while gazing at his own reflection in the water? Beware of those wonderful looks though. It might have even been you. Not that nobody now takes the time to observe nature.

It’s more likely that you will cross an intersection while taking a picture or that you will flip that magnificent mane of yours over your shoulder and straight into the closing subway doors. Messy, yes?

Virgo: Dies of Undiagnosable Stress-Rash

Do you feel restless, Virgo? You are, of course! Nobody would likely be aware of it. You’re not the sort to have an emotional meltdown. Virgos don’t wear their emotions on their sleeves; instead, they manifest physically as rashes, migraines, or digestive problems. Instead of crying like a baby and throwing a fit, act like an adult and hold your feelings in and let them develop into cancer!

Libra: Murder-Suicide Pact

Consider Sid and Nancy, Bonnie and Clyde, and Romeo and Juliet. Despite the fact that they are all lovely, terrible tales of a love too precious for this heartless, heartless world, they all share one trait: everyone involved was crazy and in desperate need of counseling.

Actually, Libra, love is NOT all that you require. To avoid dying like a depressing sack of sh*t in a codependent storybook that only teenagers can identify with, you also need reasoning.

Scorpio: Just Suicide

Actually, nothing here is surprising. Scorpios are not unfamiliar with dying. In fact, throughout their lives, death (in one form or another) appears to follow them wherever they go. Whether it manifests as a loss, a near-death experience, or a personal transformation,

Scorpios aren’t frightened because they understand that dying means reborning. A Scorpio gets irrational waiting for Death to act, so they may have to take matters into their own hands.

Sagittarius: Climbing Everest, Like An Idiot.

There are things you can do without endangering your life, Sagittarius. I know you LOVE to travel and do wild things, so I’m not trying to sour your lemonade. You can travel to locations without fear of contracting typhoid, hemorrhoids in the forest, or cold.

Not that you’ll pay attention to me when you’re in the middle of your upcoming vision quest. No, you won’t be content until you’ve been starved to the brink of cannibalism so that everyone can enjoy the upcoming movie about you dying on a mountain. You bumbling goose. Even my rage with you has worn off.

Capricorn: Faked Death To See Who Shows Up To The Funeral, Results Cause Aneurysm

You need to quit caring what other people think, Capricorn. It will be your demise. Each of us wears a societal mask, but the problem about masks is that they are visible to everyone. You will receive the unwavering affection you need for sooner if you admit to being the acceptance-starved creature you are inside.

Alternately, you may fake your own demise in order to test your idea and live your entire life never believing anyone REALLY loves you. You will die as a result, no matter how many people attend.

Aquarius: Alone

Mother of mine is an Aquarius. After getting divorced, she watched the film “Frida” and decided that if she ever remarried, her future spouse would need to have his own home. That’s not how marriage operates, but who am I to dissuade a forward-thinking revolutionary artist like Nanny Baker from her matrimonial aspirations? I just hope she’s ready to die alone since I’m hoping to pass away before I turn 40.

Attention Aquarians: your prized independence will cause your life to become wild and free, much like that of a stunning stallion. It can also add a little loneliness to your demise.

Pisces: As A Human Sacrifice

It’s been stated that you should get off the floor if you don’t like feeling like a doormat, but it would require you to, like, move and everything. You understand, Pisces, that codependency is motivated by the commitment that you’ll work more than they do to solve someone else’s situation. In some contexts, such as recovery centers or 12-step programs, it may pass for love even though it is not true love. You will accept it! You can pass away in this manner, a massive martyr, just as you have lived.

Step into your power, Pisces, and make excellent use of it. If not, someone else will take ownership of it.

Scorpios and death a connection?

At its lowest vibration, Scorpio, the sign of shadows and extremes, is prone to obsession, vengeance, envy, and well-honed emotional manipulative techniques. By friends, lovers, foes, or rivals, these modalities might be triggered in the Scorpion mind. But for Scorpio, who feels and fears the sting of betrayal more deeply than any other sign in the zodiac, choosing who is an endless process.

Scorpio fights with heightened perception that walks a thin line between and frequently veers wildly into paranoia. Scorpio is tasked with examining their own fears in order to identify the underlying wound that gave rise to them, rather than trying to suppress or ignore these traits. Scorpio uses dark techniques as an expression of their dread, and by understanding the source of that fear, they may take control of it.

Who blends best with Scorpio’s strength and pinch? Scorpio’s deep emotionality is a perfect match for fellow water sign Cancer. Scorpio’s opposite sign, Taurus, encourages excursions into earthly pleasures and frivolous fun, while Virgo scores points for their commitment to service and realistic view of love.

Heartbreak is hellfire for a Scorpio, regardless of chemistry or compatibility. One example is Scorpio singer Ryan Adams, who in 2018 allegedly used drugs to induce a rage on Twitter after learning of his ex-wife Mandy Moore’s new relationship. Adams called Moore the devil and other derogatory terms “revealed he was so high at their wedding that he appears to have no memory of it, and that he was the spiritual equivalent of a soggy piece of cardboard. Moore and the internet reportedly have not forgotten despite his later apology.

The Death card is the tarot’s representation of the sign of Scorpio in the major arcana.

Scorpio’s dominant aesthetic is memento mori, which serves as a fitting reminder that life is fragile and that death is unavoidable in the form of skulls, dimming timepieces, and decayed fruit in old paintings. This energy should not be interpreted as gloomy; rather, it should be seen as an urgent summons to recognize the fleeting nature of time and to live in the present in every moment.

Scorpio is innately aware that the currency that gives life value is death. Thus, it is no accident that celebrations honoring the life cycle, such as Halloween, the old Celtic festival Samhain, and the Mexican holiday Da de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), fall during the Scorpio season. These celebrations and the whole Scorpio season foster a culture of mourning and memory.

This period is essentially a call to cultivate unwavering love for the living, remember our ancestors, and celebrate the suffering we experience as proof of our own fleeing existence.

Scorpio rules the eighth house in astrology, which is associated with energy transmission, sex, literal and symbolic death, psychic skills, rebirth, the unseen, and other people’s money. The competitive spirit of organized crime, which operates below the radar, outside the reach of the law, and solely for the purpose of amassing wealth and consolidating power by shady methods, is the negative manifestation of this house. Billy the Kid and the late, convicted mafia leader John Gotti, both criminals and criminally fashionable Scorpios, represent this evil but unmistakably dynamic spirit.

The force of the eighth house confronts the shadows with courage at its height. An actualized Scorpio, although being the eighth house’s most powerful sign, realizes that integration of our wounded, unpleasant, and humiliating portions is necessary for wholeness. When the evil side of all things and all people is acknowledged, investigated, and revered for the teachings it has to teach us, the energy of the eighth house flows. The force of the eighth house, which mines the unconscious and discovers buried truths, can be positively channeled into research and study.

Scorpio just wants to look for and go toward what is beneath, with no room for the middle ground. Scorpios naturally make great detectives, psychologists, and forensic accountants.

The reproductive system is ruled by Scorpio in terms of the physical body. Scorpio’s character undoubtedly has a strong sexual component, yet this sign never acts carelessly, and sex is rarely sought just for the sake of the physical act alone. In the end, Scorpio is drawn to deep intimacy, the transforming power of surrender, and the disintegration that can happen when two bodies have a heightened energy exchange. However, they have a history of settling for trauma bonding or reaching third base in a cemetery.

Mars was regarded as Scorpio’s governing planet in classical astrology. Mars is the masculine planet of sex and aggressiveness and is named after the god of war. It accomplishes tasks and is motivated by a single, unwavering desire to triumph, as shown by each Scorpio’s cool, competitive streak. Upon Pluto’s discovery in 1930, Scorpio was given its current ruler. Pluto is the mysterious subterranean lord of death and regeneration, bearing the name of the underworld deity.

Scorpio is ruled by two planetary bodies and is symbolized by a variety of animals. Along with its spider namesake, Scorpio is linked to the snake, the eagle, and the splendor of the rising phoenix that was created from ash. Scorpio energy can seem as either regal or reptilian, as shown by the serpent and the eagle, which represent its high and low forms.

Together, these totems stand for the process of discovering our subconscious identities, accepting our shadow selves, and separating them from our potential selves. We are all reminded by the journey from scorpion to phoenix that we must sink before we can soar.

With that trajectory, it’s not surprising that many of our greatest and bravest poets and painters belong to the constellation of Scorpio, including Pablo Picasso, Robert Mapplethorpe, Georgia O’Keeffe, Ana Mendieta, Maxine Hong Kingston, Dylan Thomas, Margaret Atwood, Frank Ocean, and the late great playwright Sam Shepard. Shepard, who wrote in 1997, has a distinctly Scorpion-inspired outlook on life and narrative “The endings that are already turning toward a new beginning are the most genuine.