What Is The Gemini Tarot Card

The tarot card that represents *your* zodiac sign will have features in common with your sign and possibly even have imagery specific to your sign. For instance, Gemini is represented by the Tarot card for Lovers. The Twins symbolize Gemini, and the Lovers card features two individuals. What sense!

Which Tarot card best exemplifies Gemini?

Gemini is a sign of duality and hard decisions, therefore it seems sense that this sign is represented by the Lovers tarot card.

Cancers are highly motivated. The desire and might of the Chariot are a reflection of this vivacious personality. Due to the possibility of reckless behavior, take caution.

This relationship is rather evident as they are both represented by lions. Challenges must be met with bravery, according to the Strength card.

Virgos that are sensitive may find life to be draining. The Hermit is a symbol of the need for seclusion and retreat. You can achieve calm and understanding by taking some time for yourself.

A Libra is known for having strict moral standards. According to justice, sometimes people must accept that things will never be perfect in order to achieve equilibrium.

Scorpios, don’t worry too much about this. Scorpios are quite familiar with the concepts of metamorphosis and moving onward in life, which death represents.

Naturally, the card of moderation Temperance is paired with the morally complex Sagittarius. Dealing with your shortcomings honestly will make overcoming them much simpler.

Capricorns frequently feel insecure. The Devil stands for the sinister aspect they’re trying to conceal. The Devil exhorts Capricorns to embrace their unfavorable emotions in order to transform into the person they desire.

The joyful and luminous Star complements the perceptive Aquarius. Like the Star, Aquarius people are meant to be unique and follow their intuition.

The Moon shares Pisces’ idealistic and moody characteristics. The Moon exhorts Pisces to stop second-guessing themselves and to chase their aspirations.

Many claim that astrological indications and tarot cards can provide fascinating insights into your personality. http://bit.ly/2F4ZOfJ

Which zodiac signs are represented by which tarot cards?

The astrological signs that correspond to the major arcana tarot cards are as follows:

  • The Emperor rules Aries. Aries people enjoy taking charge of situations and being in leadership roles.
  • The Hierophant is in Taurus.
  • The lovers sign of Gemini.
  • The Chariot of Cancer
  • The Hermit, or Virgo.

Why is the Gemini sign connected to the Lovers card?

Numerous cards from the suit of swords make excellent matches when selecting the appropriate tarot cards to represent Gemini. The connection between Gemini and the air element and the sword suit can be used to explain this synchronicity.

There are four suits in the Minor Arcana of tarot. Additionally, every suit stands for a particular element:

Coins: Pentacles Earth

The following terms are connected to Gemini, the swords suit, and the air element:

The Lovers card is a symbol of Gemini’s search for equilibrium. It demonstrates their capacity for wise decision-making. The Eight of Swords is a symbol for their desire for independence in their romantic relationships. They require their partner’s trust.

The Queen of Cups is a symbol for Gemini’s tendency to be family-friendly. If they need to vent, they can always count on them to listen to their ideas and worries. The Nine of Swords is a symbol of the joy Gemini may bring to the lives of their companions. Without passing any sort of judgment, they accept individuals for who they are.

The Knight of Swords, the last card, symbolizes how Gemini uses their intellect in their careers. Working through issues at work is a cinch thanks to their sound sense of logic and pragmatic outlook.

The aforementioned cards each stand for a particular facet of a Gemini’s life. They aid in capturing this air sign’s intelligence, wit, and vibrancy.

Do Geminis have a quick love life?

Geminis, symbolized by the twins, are renowned as social beings. Experts say that they are drawn to those who challenge their knowledge and that they only fall in love when their minds are engaged. They also have a propensity to get bored easily. Only when they encounter someone with an IQ that matches their own can they fall in love rapidly. It can be difficult to keep a Gemini in love, and they can lose it just as soon as they found it if they become bored or cease being mentally challenged.

Are Geminis romantics?

The Lovers card has multiple tarot connotations, according to A.E. Waite’s 1910 book Pictorial Key to the Tarot:


Attraction, love, beauty, and overcoming obstacles. Reversed: A failure, stupid plans. Another narrative describes a failed marriage and other inconsistencies.

The Lovers are a representation of relationships and decisions in certain traditions. Its occurrence in a spread denotes a choice between potential lovers, a heart-related temptation, or a decision regarding an existing relationship. It is common for the Querent to have to give up some area of their life; for example, they may have to give up their bachelor(ette) lifestyle in order to have a relationship (or vice versa), or they may have to choose one partner while rejecting another. No matter what decision is made, it should not be taken lightly because the consequences will be long-lasting.

The Lovers, which is sometimes referred to as The Twins in some decks, is connected to the Gemini zodiac sign. Other connections include those with Mercury, Air, and the letter H. (Zayin).

The iconography for this card differs greatly from the conventional representation in the Rider Waite deck. The RiderWaite deck shows Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden rather than a couple receiving a blessing from a noble or cleric. Waite was able to emphasize the card’s link with Gemini by limiting the number of people it depicts from three to two. A serpent is wrapped around the trunk of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil in the Rider-Waite card. This visual would make the symbolism of bad decisions having no second chances and the repercussions of losing innocence more broadly known.

How can I find out which Tarot card I have?

The technique that was created with The Tarot School is the one that I was first exposed to and with which I am most familiar.

  • In order for you to add these two-digit numbers together, we first divide your birthdate into 4 groups of 2 digits each. YY + MM + DD + DD + YY
  • Add the numbers together if the total is a two-digit number. Your first birth certificate is here. To obtain your second birth certificate, reduce this to a single digit.
  • Ex: 11 + 22 + 20 + 00 = 53
  • Strength – First Card: 5 + 3 = 8.
  • The Star – Second Card: 8 = 1 + 7 = 17
  • Add the first two digits to the third digit if the sum is a three-digit number. Your first birth certificate is here. To obtain your second birth certificate, reduce this to a single digit.
  • Ex: 07 + 20 + 19 + 89 = 135
  • Moon – First Card: 13 + 5 = 18.
  • Hermit – Second Card, 1 + 8 = 9.
  • When your total equals 19, there is an exception to all of these laws. Those with this much will have three cards, compared to the average person’s two. This is due to the fact that 1 + 9 = 10 and 1 + 0 = 1, creating your cards. The Magician, The Wheel, and The Sun

What sign represents the hanging man?

In contemporary tarot decks, a guy is seen hanging upside-down by one foot. Most frequently, the figure is hung from a tree or a wooden beam (such as a cross or gallows). Due to the possibility of viewing the card itself upside down, there is ambiguity.

A. E. Waite, the creator of the Rider-Waite tarot deck, described the symbol in his 1910 book The Pictorial Key to the Tarot as follows:

The figure from the location of the legs creates a fylfot cross, and the gallows from which he is hanging forms a Tau cross. The apparent martyr’s head has a nimbus around it. It should be noted that the tree of sacrifice is made of living wood and has leaves on it, that the face conveys intense fascination rather than agony, and that the figure as a whole conjures up the idea of life in suspension rather than death. False names for it include “card of martyrdom,” “card of caution,” “card of the Great Work,” and “card of duty.” It expresses the relationship between the Divine and the Universe in one of its dimensions, I will state simply on my behalf.

According to Waite, the card has the following connotations in divination:


Prudence, insight, sacrifice, testing, prophecy, divination, and wisdom. Reversed: Selfishness, the masses, and the governing body.

The hanging man’s head has a glowing halo around it, denoting a better understanding or enlightenment.

The Hanged Man card is connected to the astrological signs of Pisces and Neptune.

Tarot cards and astrology are they related?

These days, almost everyone you know possesses a tarot deck and regularly receives readings. Tarot is no longer simply for the esoteric. Tarot has evolved over time into an intuitive art that may assist you in planning for both the best and worst scenarios. Tarot cards are filled with symbolism, but you might not be aware of how closely it is related to astrology. For instance: In the Major Arcana, a card corresponds to each sign of the zodiac.

For Gemini, which tattoo is lucky?

An image of the ying-yang symbol is the ideal complement to the dualistic nature of the often chirpy Gemini. Bird tattoos are sufficient and are well-known for their vivacious and vivacious nature. Feathers, wings, and branches are possible additional tattoos suitable for Geminis.